Talking to Strangers

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Paul smiled at the irony of it all. For so many years his parents had warned him away from talking to strangers, and now he wanted nothing more than to talk to a stranger. More than that, he ached to talk to her.

He had seen her every night, sitting in the same chair by the fireplace at the hotel. Every night he came down for dinner, she was there, reading a book. Every night when he stopped into the bar after dinner, she was still in her seat, still reading the book. He guessed she was here for the same convention as he was and was also here alone, like he was. He didn’t want to guess anything about her though—he wanted to know for sure.

Tonight he’d had an early dinner and was already sitting at the bar, looking over at her in her usual spot. She wore a blue skirt that her beautifully curved legs emerged from and led down to a pair of casual shoes she had hanging off the end of her feet, relaxing. Tonight she was wearing a plain cream blouse that fit wonderfully around the ample mounds of her chest and tapered down to her slim waist. She was blonde, but far from platinum, her hair was a little longer than shoulder length and hung down to frame her face with the lines her natural wave created. Her features were clear, well defined and had a definite European look to them—her slim nose, high cheekbones and gentle, full, lips that carried only a hint of red lipstick. Paul was yet to get a good look at her eyes.

As he watched her silently turn the pages and occasionally sip at her drink, he increasingly found something incredibly sensual in her solitary figure. As he put down his empty glass on the bar he stood up and decided he just had to go against his parents’ wishes and talk to this stranger.

“Hi.” His heart was pounding as he arrived at her side and looked down at her.

She looked up at him with powerful, blue, eyes that shone out an inquisitive smile.

“I, er… I’ve seen you here all week, like me, alone. I don’t want you to think I’m coming on to you or anything, I promise I’m not, but I was just er… well, wondering if you’d like to get out of here for a little while. There’s a movie theatre across the parking lot, I wondered if you’d like to share some popcorn and watch a movie with me?”

Her eyes widened as Paul stood there, almost stammering. Her expression didn’t change much, if anything it softened a little as she took in his words.

“That’s a nice offer,” she flashed twin rows of incredibly white teeth as she started to answer, “but I’ve been really happy sitting here with my book. So I won’t accept, if that’s okay. I do hope you have a good time though.”

Paul, nodded, wished her a good night also and left her hoping his disappointment hadn’t shown too much. He hadn’t expected any more than he got, but he knew he had to try. He had no intention of going to see a movie on his own, and sitting at the bar had lost its appeal, so Paul turned the corner and headed to the elevators and a night alone in his room.

He had pressed the call button and heard the elevator start down towards him when she came around the corner. “Excuse me.” Paul looked up to see her coming towards him with her book in one hand and her hair bouncing on her shoulders.

“I’m sorry. I was a little taken aback. That must’ve taken a lot of nerve. And you know, I’ve read enough this week, so if you’re still game for a movie, I’d love to come. Is your offer still open?”

“Well, yes, of course.” Paul beamed as the elevator arrived and he made no move to get in. “I er, I’m Paul.” He held out a hand to her.

“Stacey.” She shook it. “Let me get a coat and I’ll be with you in a minute.”

Paul watched as she got into the elevator, smiled widely at him and disappeared behind the woosh of the doors. Paul kicked his heels a little while he waited near the reception desk. In one way he couldn’t believe his luck, but in another he knew he’d promised he wasn’t coming on to Stacey and he was an honorable guy, so he wouldn’t. Still, the company of a beautiful woman for the evening was never something to be sniffed at.

Stacey was in no rush when she walked into her room and threw her book on the bed but there was nothing to detain her longer than grabbing a light cotton jacket and heading back downstairs. It had been a surprise when Paul approached her and her initial reaction was that he was just another stranger away from home looking to get laid. She had replied before she’d had time to weigh him up more thoroughly though and when she came to the conclusion that he seemed sincere enough, she was now glad that she’d caught up with him. Much as she really didn’t want any male attentions right now, he was cute and where was the harm in enjoying a movie with a cute guy?

She sized Paul up as she walked towards him. He was tall, at least six feet, slim and had boyish good ataşehir escort looks, even though she was sure he was in his late twenties. When he smiled he reminded her a little of Mathew Broderick, with longer hair. “So,” she arrived in front of him, “what shall we go see?”

They settled on a comedy, both thinking that was “safe” ground for two strangers to be on at the movies. Paul insisted he buy the tickets, so Stacey loaded up with a huge bag of popcorn and a soft drink each. They chatted a little before the program started and when the movie was on their only communication was a couple of shared looks at the funniest moments

As they emerged with the crowd into the warm summer night and walked slowly towards the hotel Stacey thanked Paul for the evening, and his thoughtfulness at asking her to join him. Paul smiled at her calm, kind words.

“You want to get an ice cream?” He pointed to a store in the strip mall that ran between the hotel and the theatre.

With that same, considered, smile she gave when she agreed to see the movie with him, Stacey nodded. “Yes. I would.”

They sat outside the store and talked some more while they ate their ice creams. He learned that she was married but currently living apart from her husband. He was an attorney in a small town and she had accepted a career move two states away. The split was happy enough and they still spent most weekends together. He told her about his wife without giving too many details.

“What would she say if she knew you’d just seen a movie with another woman? A stranger no less.” Stacey laughed at the notion as she licked up the last of her vanilla and strawberry.

Paul thought for a few seconds. “I dare say she wouldn’t be too pleased. It’s not like I’ve done anything wrong though.” He looked again at Stacey’s beautiful face and thought of how much he would actually like to do something wrong with her.

“We miss them though, don’t we?” Stacey looked a little wistful now. “We’re out here alone, doing what we do, but we miss them.” Then she stood up. “I guess we’d better go.”

Sad as he was to let the evening end, Paul was determined to remain true to his honor, so he also stood up and they both ambled towards the hotel. They had almost reached the entrance when Stacey slowed up. “You know,” she turned to Paul, “you were brave enough to ask me to go to a movie. Maybe that means I can be brave enough to ask you for something?”

Paul didn’t dare think what it might be, but his pulse was suddenly racing. “Sure.”

“I know that it’s dark, but my room looks out over a small lake. I’ve been thinking all week how nice it would be to walk around it. You think you’d like to stroll with me?”

As they started out along the path that skirted the lake it felt like the most natural thing in the world when Stacey slipped her arm through his and they fell into stride. After a couple of deep breaths while she calmed from the boldness of her move, Stacey’s breathing settled. Paul felt honored by her trust more than anything, but there was no denying the proximity of her divine body was having on his.

The closest Stacey got to working out her own feelings was that because Paul had been so honorable all evening, she had come around to actually being attracted to him. Whenever she’d been alone in a hotel before the only men who’d ever approached her were usually drunk, Neanderthal idiots who only wanted one thing. Quite suddenly she had gone from quietly enjoying his company to desperately wanting to feel his arms around her.

Paul wanted to hold her close. He could feel her arm inside his and he wanted so much more, to feel her breathing on his chest, to run his hands around her curves, to kiss those sweet lips. He wondered if her offering her arm was a sign of something more, but didn’t dare think that it might be, anxious not to break his promise to her but desperate to break it all the same.

“It’s so nice out here. Don’t you just love a warm evening in the summer?”

Stacey couldn’t stand it any longer. She spun her arm out from his and moved to face him. Looking up into his eyes, she slipped both of her arms around his back and slowly pulled him into an embrace. “I hope you don’t mind.” She swallowed. “I kinda needed a hug.”

“Me too.” Paul smiled at her as he returned the embrace. “I could definitely use a hug right about now. It’s real nice to share the evening with someone.”

As their arms folded around each other and drew the comfortable warmth of their bodies together they both seemed to exhale a sigh of relief. Stacey’s cheek came to rest at the top of Paul’s chest and he eased his face down towards her, first to smell her hair, then to very gently kiss the top of her head. When she looked up at him all he saw in her eyes was invitation, so he pressed his lips against kadıköy escort bayan hers and they started a long slow kiss that accelerated his excitement and made the red hot hard on in his pants unmistakable as it throbbed against Stacey’s thigh.

It didn’t appear that she minded, especially as she pressed back hard into him, her own fire beginning to build now. When their mouths parted Paul swallowed while Stacey looked slightly startled. There was a moment’s silence before she spoke. “We shouldn’t do this. But I think I need to.”

Paul nodded and kissed her again as the relief ran through him. “I need to, and want to.” He looked down at the passion-ridden features of the gorgeous creature he held in his arms. “God, you’re beautiful.”

Stacey smiled, ran her hands over the front of his shirt and took his hand. She led him to a small bench that overlooked the lake and sat down with him. They began kissing and caressing each other like hungry teenagers, taking the moment and throwing off the cares of anything beyond their closeness.

Stacey managed to undo one of the buttons on his shirt and slip her hand inside, exploring his chest and pulling on his nipples as they responded to her touch. With her other hand she stroked his thigh, close enough to his erection to make it twitch wildly under his pants, but not close enough to deny the tease and build the tension. Paul used one hand to hold her cheek while he kissed her lips and neck. His other hand had made good progress to hold her breasts outside her shirt, feeling their ample weight and the pleasure she seemed to be getting from his rubbing them.

Stacey was almost moaning by the time her hand finally found the throbbing bulge. After a few delicate traces along its length, she pressed her fingers firmly around it and began massaging through the denim. They were still basically side-by-side on the bench and Paul eased a hand along her thigh, then back up under her skirt. He decided that the passion had overcome the tease now and plunged his fingers deep between her legs. Stacey’s legs opened willingly and Paul began pushing hard against the front of her panties, hot and moist already.

He could easily feel the contours of her pussy lips and even the bud of her clit as he worked his hand to press against her and trace a single finger along the length of her opening. As he ran his fingers along the skin at the sides of her panties she was easing her legs further apart in encouragement. All the time Stacey was using her own hand to pull on his cock through his jeans. Paul could already feel the wet sensation of a large amount of pre-come gathering at the tip.

“Do you mind if I take it out?” Stacey asked him as she pulled on him. Paul nodded and even though he’d answered her question inaccurately, she understood. His hand didn’t move from her pussy as she quickly undid his belt and fished him out of his pants. He looked down to see his cock larger than normal as it stood upright through his zipper in the moonlight. “That’s nice.” she cooed, wrapping her fingers around his length and tugging on him. “God, it’s been so long since I had a new cock. This is so nice.”

Without any further warning Stacey slid away from his hand to kneel in front of him. Still with his cock covered by both of her hands she looked up and smiled at him before dipping her head to lick him. At first she sucked hard and licked him like a lollipop, but as her hands started to wander up and down his length, her tongue started to lick all over the head of his cock, soaking him in her saliva and forcing Paul to close his eyes and enjoy the pleasure.

“You like that?” She looked up at him from her work, a knowing smile covering her face. “How’d you like me to climb on there for a little while?”

Paul nodded, words were difficult while she continued stroking him. He watched as she stood up and slipped off her panties without removing her skirt. Paul quickly pulled away his jeans a little, giving his hard on a little more freedom to reach for the sky, glistening with the results of her warm and wet mouth.

Facing away from him, Stacey hitched her skirt up over his lap, reached down to take hold of his cock, and began easing herself down onto him. Paul held her sides as she descended, her hot and silky pussy slipping over him easily. Once fully inside her he reached around and pulled her close to him. Into her ear he breathed, “You feel awesome. God, you are so sexy.”

Stacey felt it too. The release of giving in to her instincts and feeling Paul’s thick cock filling her was enough to make her smile as she sat there, squirming every last sensation from him being inside her.

When his hands reached up under her blouse and began rubbing her excited nipples through her bra, Stacey started to ease herself up and down on his escort maltepe hard on. As slow as she made those first few strokes, he could feel her breathing deepen already. Paul fumbled to pull her bra out of the way and start to twist her nipple in his fingers. Stacey responded with a few faster strokes. Then he reached one hand down to play with her pussy. Even though he couldn’t see it, he could feel his cock sliding in and out of her from everywhere he touched in her pubic area. Stacey almost stopped her movements when he found her clit, but after a momentary pause, she slammed back down on him with a renewed thrust, squelching down on him with her now dripping pussy.

As he rubbed her with his fingertips she felt as wet as anyone he had ever known. Every time she thrust down on him she ground her clit into his fingers. It wasn’t long before he knew she was going to come.

Her thrusts increased in speed slightly but what Paul noticed most was the increased pressure her pussy walls exerted on him as she squeezed him in the midst of her own pleasure. He alternately rubbed her clit slowly and fast as her breathing got less and less steady with the approaching moment. Rather than gasp repeatedly, Stacey gave one final grunt, a barely audible “Oh my God” and then slumped hard down onto his cock for the final time.

Paul held her tight with both hands, his fingers on her soaked pussy as she shuddered and came for several seconds. When her climax finally subsided, he eased his chin onto her shoulder and kissed her cheek.

“That was so good. I needed that so much.” she panted. Paul gave a little laugh as his cock throbbed deep inside her. Craning her neck around, Stacey kissed him deeply and said, “You’ve been so good to me. That was awesome. Now it’s my turn. Are you ready to give me your cum Paul?

Again, all Paul could do was nod as Stacey got off his cock and stood up. Reaching down to take him in her hand, she gripped and pulled him to stand up. Then, still holding his hard on, she led him around the back of the bench where she held the backrest and invited him to do what he wished with her very ready pussy.

First he pulled up her skirt to have a good look at her perfectly rounded ass cheeks then he felt between her legs. She was still soaking. For the first time he noticed that she was perfectly shaven and as his fingers probed her, those pussy lips felt large and excited. Stacey was eager for him though and she reached between her legs to take hold of his hard on again, pulling him towards her pussy.

Bumping the head of his cock up against her entrance, Paul savored the moment for a second or two before he thrust deeper than ever into her. “God that feels so good.” She looked over her shoulder at him as he gripped her hips and started his rhythm. “Do it hard. Come for me boy, come for me.” She reached back and let the side of his balls rub against her fingers as he worked harder and faster into her.

As he thrust time after time into her tight but perfectly lubricated pussy Paul glanced down, loving the sight of his cock sliding into her. Stacey looked back at him again, smiling in encouragement as he built to the point of no return. She felt the size of his cock increase and his strokes become slower and longer as he neared climax. Moving her hand between her legs, Stacey looked back to see Paul’s balls slam against her rhythmically. When she touched them she felt how far they had retracted and knew he was about to let go

Paul’s climax arrived with a slow, warm, rush and infused every muscle in his body with pleasure before his cock started to twitch inside Stacey and his balls pumped stream after stream of white, hot come into her. She smiled as she felt him fill her, feeling his hands pull on her hips to get as deep as he could for her.

Paul slipped out of her, his cock still solid, as she stood up and turned around to hold him. The intensity of his orgasm was still making him shake as he pulled her close. “Man, that was quite an experience.” he managed between catching his breath.

“Yes,” Stacey giggled, “It was. It was a wonderful experience, very, very good.”

Stacey helped him pull up his jeans and zipped them for him, laughing as his cock tried to escape several times. They walked back to the hotel slowly, arm in arm, calming from the intensity of the sex and enjoying the warmth of the night.

“What are you laughing at?” She playfully punched him in the arm.

“I was just thinking about what my mother used to tell me… never to talk to strangers.”

This time they both laughed. They shared an embrace and one last fondle in the elevator, then slipped quietly back into their own lives. Once back in his room, Paul emptied his pockets and found Stacey’s panties tightly rolled up into one pocket. He wondered how they got there as he unraveled them. Then he smiled widely and wondered what he should do. The thought to keep them as a souvenir was an idea, but not a very practical one, so he lifted the phone and asked to be connected to Stacey’s room.

Maybe there was a reward for returning lost property?

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