Tailored to Needs

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The story I am about to narrate is about an incident in my life which occurs rarely. I have a readymade outlet at prominent location in the capital. One fine day this girl walked into the showroom and was searching for a jeans and a top. She was able to select a perfect fitting top for herself. The top was a pink one without sleeves and it fitted perfectly well for her 36 D bosoms. In fact it had that capacity of showing just about more than what one can dream for. But the jeans she found were either too short for her 5.9 height or loose enough to be called pajamas.

Here begins the crucial part of the episode. She selected jeans trousers as per her long and slender legs and decided to get them altered. She walked up to the counter and asked for alteration as per her waist. She was a perfect fig at the bottom too. It so happened that the workman had gone for a break due to some work and I had to request her to wait. She did wait for some time and then requested if I could get the measurement taken so that she could collect the dress later.

I had no option but to pick up the tape myself. I started to measure and lo-be-hold; se had perfect 24 at the waist and another 36 at the hips. She requested the trousers to be skin tight. She asked me to be very careful to insure that. I just thought of a little mischief escort kartal and asked her exactly how tight. She just pulled her own trousers tight and said this much. I could see her black panties through her white lower. I said if u could hold it like this I will measure. I put the tape across her thighs and by chance rubbed my hands on her pubic area. She gave a slight moan and looked at me. I continued as if nothing had happened. She said measure that again. I said measure ‘this’ and put my hand right under her pussy which I could feel through the thin fabric.

She said yes and gave a naughty smile. I said that to be sure about the exact measurement I may have to be a bit thorough. To this she said that I could go ahead. I pushed my hand slightly upwards to the pussy and asked if this tight was OK, she said a bit more and my fingers were actually pushing inside her pussy. I said that to measure the inner sides of her thighs it will be better to see them and I started to unbutton her trousers. She did not object. I pulled them down and I could see the loveliest round smooth thighs. I went close and inhaled the aroma of that body. I could feel that she was enjoying too and I could spot a tiny wet spot on the panties. I moved closer and in an attempt to read the tape put my head between those thighs. I maltepe escort could feel her tightening her legs. I just put my mouth at the V spot and inhaled the intoxicating aroma. She closed her eyes and I could just do nothing but pull the fabric down.

I had a beautiful pussy just about wet in front of me. I put my tongue on it and started kissing and licking it. She stared moaning and closed her eyes. She suddenly woke up and said stop. I looked up. She had a smile on her face and said since u are so thorough can u take the measurement for a top also and with this she removed her top also. I just got up picked her in my arms and put her on the sofa. She had her mouth on mine and we were engaged in a deeeeep kiss. She was pulling my clothes apart. I was busy sucking her boobs and exploring her body.

She was getting mad with ecstasy and pulling and sucking at my cock as if enjoying a lollypop. Suddenly she was shuddering probably having an orgasm may be due to unexpected but peculiar situation. Now she said please don’t wait any more u need to finish the measurement and u gott’a start from inside. She just pulled me on top and was throwing her thighs at my cock. Just enter here and fuck me nice and hard. I put my cock and gave a slight push and it slowly went inside her dripping wet cunt. A pendik escort bayan sigh escaped both our mouths. OOOOh OOOOOOhhhh fuck me hard now harder pleaeaesssseee. I increased my tempo.

After about ten minutes of real hard fuck I was about to cum and I said I am Cumming, She was in a world of dreams having cum twice before and said please cum inside me I want u in me. I just blasted off and filled lovely hole with loads of cum. We kept lying like that for a minute or two then I said sorry lady I forgot to note down the measurements. She put her lips on mine and not to worry u can do it again and forget again if u want.

We made love thrice that time. Then she got up, got dressed and came out of the try room. I also reached the counter. She asked When could she get the trousers ready? I said by tomorrow. She said OK I will come again tomorrow and may be u will have to check that the trousers are as per the measurement. I said that they sure will be. But she said that if they are not then may be u will measure them again after I have tried them on this followed a naughty wink. And I said ya for sure I will love to measure them as many times as u want. When she was about to leave. I said “…and lovely lady I don’t mind providing home delivery of the trousers for a beautiful client like you.” She just turned back gave me her card and said I will give you a call tomorrow.

If any beautiful girl or lady wants to get measured. Please do let me know. I still remember that client as I often visit her and another of her friends. Well this is a damn good job isn’t it?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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