Taboo for Two Ch. 02

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In Taboo for Two Ch. 01, 33 year old Michael and his mother-in-law’s cousin, the 60 year old Ally, finally hooked up in the privacy of her home for two hand jobs and some powerful cunnilingus, with hot fucking to follow in Ch. 02.


Ally’s on top. She slowly sits her Hot Slot over my uberhard cock and rests her torso on my chest. Her face is on my neck.

Finally, after a year of wondering and fantasizing and taking matters in my own hands, finally, I’m fucking Ally.

“Finally, Ally, we’re fucking. Oh, how I’ve looked forward to this day, babe!”

“Finally, Michael. After all your hard-on knots I witnessed in your Levi’s, after all your red-faced embarrassments when I’d straddle your thigh – “

“You were humping me, dear woman.”

“Maybe,” she says. “But, you were red-faced. That’s for sure. Anyway, my Gentleman Caller, you’ve finally found your way to my Hot Slot. Welcome. And, enjoy!”

Ally is incredibly wet, like dipping my dick into a jar of warm Edge shaving gel, I would pat myself on the back for that except that both my hands are on Ally’s little round ass and my back is dug into her living room sofa.

“Don’t move those hands, Michael!” Ally exclaims. “I’m going to need you to guide my ass as I fuck your hot rod. Damn, man, where did you learn to fuck like this? Hooooo…My God I’m going to come! Fuckfuckfuckfuck! Oh, pump my ass, Michael! Ohh…That’s it! Oh, my man, my delicious man! I’ve fallen in love with you. Oh, fuck that. I didn’t say that. It’s just sexual heat of the moment! Let’s say I love you as a friend. So, fuck your friend! Fuck me hard and fuck me fast. Oh, Michael, fuck this old lady friend of yours. Oh, hell’s bells! That’s it! Oh, damn! Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s two orgasms. I’ve come twice, wrapped around your awesome cock! Don’t you have anything to say for yourself?”

“Yes, I do, Ally, my lover friend,” I say. “But, you’re talking so well. And, just to let you know, I’m like steel bridge cable hard with no ejaculation in sight. Sooo, that means I get to fuck you until we pass out.”

Ally’s sitting up now and riding me slowly. She’s French, dark hair, dark eyes, dark mons pubis hair, and she’s gorgeous with the loooong legs wrapped around my muscular legs. Her hands are massaging my big pectorals. The hairs on my chest are between her fingers. My hands are on her tits. They must be sensitive; Ally’s eyes are rolling into her head and pendik escort her breathing has picked up pace.


“Yes, darling?”

“I’m – darling my ass! If I’m anything I’m your Fuck Babe. So, fuck your Fuck Babe!”

Ally dives into my chest. I cup her ass cheeks in the palms of my hands, holding her down as she thrusts her pelvis into mine over and over again.

“Oh,” says Ally. “I remember what I was going to tell you.”

“What’s that?” I ask. Our fucking continues, hot and heavy.

“You know what I did before I got married to Claude and raised our children?”

Interesting conversation during steamy sex. “You were a supermodel?”

“That could have happened, Michael. But, it didn’t. Well – whew my God, you and your sexiness – anyway, I’ll tell you because you’ll never guess…I was an electronics engineer. Surprised? Oh, keep fucking, Michael. Are you surprised?”

“No,” I say immediately. “Your what you call your Hot Slot is firing electrical charges on the head of my dick. So, just keep fucking, you electronics engineer, you.” I pull her hips down on mine. We just can’t seem to stop.

I just love it when that happens!

“Anyway – Jeez Louise, man! Oh. My. God. You’ve coaxed another one out of me, My Stud! Oh. Oh. Oh. Ohhh! My man! Making me come! Fuckfuckfuckfuck! Yes! Yes! Oh, yes! Oh, my Hot Slot is rumbling! Wow…whew. Wow…okay, Michael, I told you – you never stop fucking, do you. – wow – anyway, I told you I was an engineer because I quantify things and that’s why I’ve kept a running total of the number of times you’ve made me come. That number is three. Congratulations! You’re my stud!”

“So, that’s five, counting the two times I sucked your Hot Spot a half hour ago,” I say.

“Let’s not forget those,” Ally replies.

The air conditioner can’t keep up on this late July broiling afternoon. The living room is hot. I’m sweating underneath Ally, and Ally is damp all over as she occasionally drips her dampness from her chin onto my chest. Beads of sweat form on her face. Her black hair is matted on her neck. Still, the fucking has not stopped. Ally’s running and my CrossFit have brought us to this point where other lovers would have to take a break and take a shower. We, however…continue fucking for several minutes, quietly, steadily, sexy.

“Ally – “

“Shh, Michael. Silent, hot fucking.”


“I mean hot,” Ally whispers. escort pendik “Superheated hot.”

We trade soft thrusts during this time of silence.

Minutes pass. The thrusts are calm and steady, but have no doubt. We are fucking, indeed!

Suddenly, Ally looks up to my face.

“Three miles a day, Michael,” she says. “Three miles. And, don’t stop fucking me while I tell you these three miles a day are paying handsomely to you, handsome. Great. I tell you to keep fucking me and you do. Such the obedient lover you are – and here we are again! Ohhhhh…damn! Such the obedient lover…fuck…fuck…fuckfuck…Michael! That’s it! I’m going to be quiet and just come…”

Ally’s eyes are closed. Her lips are pursed. She’s slowly moving her hips to the beat of mine. Ally is so sexy, so beautiful, so much so. As I keep my hips going, Ally dives into my chest again. I hold her ass to keep it from bouncing up into the ceiling fan. We’re sweating, big time.

“Say something, Michael,” Ally hisses out. “Say something dirty.”

“We’ve been talking dirty all day,” I say.

“Michael! Say something dirty!”

“Okay, Ally, I’ll talk, you fuck me, and don’t be surprised if I stand up, pick you up, and fuck you vertical, while standing, as my cock remains in your – “

“Pussy, Michael. Talk dirty. And, pick me up. I’m light. You’re strong. Fuck me while standing. Fuck me vertical.”

I make the stand in one fell swoop. Even though we’re greasy sweaty, everything held on, and everything stayed in.

“Pussy, Ally,” I say while pounding her pussy. “Pussy. I’m fucking you while standing. The action is vertical. But the real action is in your pussy, Ally. But, really, Ally? I like Hot Slot much better. That describes it all better. I’m fucking you, but even better, my cock is fucking your Hot Slot. Don’t you love it?”

“Ohhh…fuckfuck! Michael. You’re a pussy.”

I laugh like I’ve never laughed before. The fucking picks up the pace.

“You got me, my dear Ally!”

“Just kidding, Babe. You’re a real man. You’re all man, and all mine. And, you’ve drawn another one out of me! Man, this cock pussy action is…Jeez Louise! God, we’re sweaty! God, we’re hot! What’s this? Six? I’ve lost count.”

I’m still pounding. All the wet skin is slapping together like we’re fucking in mud. Ally’s face is in mine. We kiss, the suck face variety a couple would kiss before sex. But, hey! We’re deep pendik escort bayan into the middle of hard sex right now. I’m holding Ally up by her ass and fucking her fast. She’s helping out by wrapping her long legs around my waist and pulling her Hot Slot to me in time with my thrusts.

“Oh, Ally! Get another one when you can. This sweat and vertical fucking and your legs…and all this is giving me that giddy feeling like…come, Ally, my lover, come!”

“Oh, you got it, Michael! So, just…how do I say…oh, fuck it, stud! I love you! I do, Michael! I…oh, oh, oh, Jeez! Fuck me vertical, Lover! Here it is! Oh…fuckfuck! I’m going to…to…you get yours, Michael! You get yours, too!”

“Ally, these are my last strokes…before…I…Oh, God. This is the best ever! I love you, Ally. I know. I know. But, fuck it.”

Our romantic admissions just implore me to take it home. Old sweat is lubed all over new sweat. Our eyes are locked. Our hips are pistons.

“God, you’re gorgeous, Ally.” More strokes…

“Michael?” Still stroking.

“Yes, darling?” We’re fucking.

“Michael, shut up and come.”

“Oh, God,” I say. “Here it is! You, too, Ally!”

“I did. A minute ago. Come, Michael. Come for your sweet Ally.”

I think my cock exploded. Waves and waves of spasms overcome me. Ally and I fall back into the sofa. Our breathing is rapid and heavy. And, our eyes are still locked. Is it love?

Is it truly love?

We’re unable to speak. Unable to move.

Ally raises her head and looks into my eyes. “Okay, Michael. That was a capital fuck. I’ve never been fucked like that. That vertical fucking? You’re the maestro! Okay, Michael, I have a proposition for you.”

Cock and Hot Slot. We’re still connected.

“Yes, Ally.”

“In twenty years, I’ll be 80 years of age. You know what that means?” The sweat is pouring out of our skin.

“What, Ally?” I’m not really flaccid right now. Can I go again?

“Fuck 80. Let’s take this one day at a time.”

“That depends on two things.” Still not flaccid, but my crotch is sticky.

“And, what are those two things, Lover?”

“One, what if we vertical fuck twice in one day? That’s like taking it an hour at a time. And, two?”


“Out in the lawn, in your lawn, Ally? Three of your female contemporaries have gathered around, maybe twenty feet from the living room. They saw the vertical fucking. I know they did. And, they must be waiting for an encore. Can we do that?”

Ally smiles. “Well, you’re about half hard right now. So, yeah, we can do an encore. The question is: this time, should we charge for admission?”

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