Tabby, Lana , Tabby’s Dad

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Lana had come to stay for a few days with her good friend Tabby. Unfortunately on that first day the rain had come, it was still hot but the rain spoilt the summer. The two friends were confined within the house.

At the same time Tabby’s Mom had taken Tabby’s three younger sisters away to their Grandmothers house 150 miles away. They were staying away for a whole week. Being 18 Tabby had commitments with a job at a local department store, so she couldn’t join them. This had given the two friends an opportunity to share the weekend together. The only other occupant of the house was Tabby’s 50-year-old father Geoff.

Having woken early the two girls were sitting on Lana’s bed still dressed as they had slept; Tabby in a pair of pink lace panties and a light blue midriff tank top and Lana in a white lace thong and long plain white t-shirt.

They were busy reading magazines, chatting away to each other when Geoff woke. He shook his head and slid out of the big king sized bed. It took a moment to come totally conscious and then he remembered his wife was away with the girls and only tabby and her friend Lana were here.

Not bothering to find his robe he went through to the toilet of the large bedroom. Once finished there he walked out into the hall dressed only in his boxer shorts. Now the sound of rain caught his attention, followed by the giggles and murmurs coming from his eldest daughters room.

He walked on until he came to the open door and stared in. There they sat, cross-legged on Lana’s bed, their eyes focused on the magazines. For a moment he revelled in the site of two beautiful, slim young girls sat there in their skimpy underwear and t- shirts. They looked so beautiful together. Geoff felt his cock start to stir, the image of these two lovely girls made his mind race. A fantasy of them naked, sucking his cock flooded his thoughts.

Just as the thought entered his mind he snapped back to reality as he remembered Tabby was his daughter. He stepped back from the door and willed his cock down. After a moment it had complied enough to allow him to step forward again.

“Hi girls,” he called from the door. “Sleep well? Looks like a miserable day out there.”

“Hi Dad,” Tabby looked up from her magazine. “Yeah it’s been pouring for ages now.”

“Hi Mr Tait,” Lana smiled at Geoff.

“Not summer at all. Can I get you girls some breakfast or something?”

“No, we’re OK thanks Dad, we ate an hour ago.”

“Oh, OK. Well I’m going to take a coffee back to bed if that’s alright,” he said.

“Sure,” Tabby answered.

He plodded off down stairs rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Still he couldn’t get the image of the two teenagers out of his head. The way their white teeth flashed when they laughed or smiled, the pert little breasts pressing against the cotton tops, their tanned skin and long slender legs. Once more he felt his cock stirring. He gave it a gentle rub as he poured a coffee.

With his shorts showing the signs of an ever-increasing erection Geoff made his coffee and climbed the stairs back to his bedroom. As he passed the open doorway of the girl’s room he was careful not to face the opening.

A moment later he was putting the hot coffee down on the bedside table and slipping back into the warmth of the blankets. He took a sip from the mug and then put it down. He slipped out of the bed and walked to his dresser. Opening the third draw down he fossicked in amongst the sweaters and folded clothes before dragging a copy of Hustler from its hiding place.

Back in the bed he began to flick through the images of young women in provocative half dressed and nude posses. His hand dropped to his hard cock, warmly nestled in his boxers under the sheets. He began to tug on it slowly as his mind flicked over the images before him. But the more he looked at the glossy pictures on the page the more his mind wandered to the girls only a couple of doors away down the passage.

Once more the thought that one of the girls was his daughter and the other her friend relaxed his raging cock for a moment. It deflated long enough for him to contemplate these thoughts, as he took some more of the coffee.

Geoff had always had trouble with his faithfulness when it came to Debbie his wife. Occasionally he was known to have slipped away to visit a prostitute, and then there was the time with the blond German exchange student staying at one of the neighbours. He also remembered the large old brown suitcase stored in his shed, full of porno magazines and a dozen or so videos. He had been hoping to play one today, but the rain would keep the girls at home and spoil his fun.

The pendik escort girls. His mind wandered back to that scene. Lana, the blond, sitting cross-legged, the baggy t-shirt falling to the bed from where it hung off her visibly stiffened nipples. Tabby, the crotch of her pink lace panties showing how well her dark bush was trimmed back. Again his cock came to life. He stoked it a couple of times.

Maybe if he took one more peek then he could return to his bed and beat himself off once and for all. The sound of laughter came from the other room, and then it died down. A soft murmuring replaced it, and then silence then a giggle and more murmuring.

Silently he slipped from his bed. Geoff’s cock stood out solid as a soldier under his boxer shorts. His balls were aching. Quietly he crept out of his bedroom and down the passage to the open door. With his cock as hard as it was he couldn’t risk being caught so he stayed out of sight, peeking around the doorjamb.

The girls were still on the bed. Their positions had changed a little so they were not facing so they could see the doorway. It meant that he mainly had views of their backs, even if slightly side on. Still they looked beautiful.

“Look at this pic,” Tabby said, thrusting her magazine toward Lana.

“Wow, Russell Crowe, what a spunk,” Lana said.

“Yeah, he can make love to me any day,” Tabby laughed.

Geoff was rubbing his cock again. Feeling it get harder and fatter in his hand. The boxers were starting to feel uncomfortable so he pulled the waistband down to expose his cock and continue. It was red, the veins standing out. The girls were burbling on.

Suddenly there was silence.

“Is that you Dad?” Tabby called out. “What are you doing there?”

Geoff froze. Could he creep back? Get back undetected, his cock would never deflate in time now.

“It is I can see your reflection in my mirror. What are you doing? Get in here right now.”

Caught, Geoff had little choice. He quickly tucked his cock back in his shorts and stepped into the room. The boxers ballooned out in front of him as his 10-inch hard-on stretched them. He went bright red.

“I was just going to get the paper,” he stuttered after clearing his throat. At least his cock had shrunk a little. He shuffled behind Tabby’s empty bed to shield his embarrassment only to find the bed not high enough.

“You were not!” Tabby exclaimed. “I saw what you were up to, and there is the evidence.” She pointed directly at the hard cock, hidden inside the boxers.

Lana tried to look away, but a smile on her face gave way to a nervous giggle.

“Now Tabby, I am a man,” he started.

“Yeah we can see that can’t we Lana.”

“Well, actually all I can see is a tent pole,” the blond joked, trying to make light of the situation.

“OK, OK so I got caught. I haven’t done that sort of thing before and I promise it won’t happen again. I’m sorry Lana.”

“And I don’t know about the first time. I know about those magazines in the suitcase out in the shed,” Tabby added.

“Tabby!” Geoff exclaimed. His cock was definitely shrinking now, but his balls still ached and the two girls still looked absolutely lovable. “I should give you a good spanking!”

“Oh kinky!” Tabby spat back.

“That’s enough my girl,” Geoff fumed as he walked over to the 18 year old. “You’re not too old discipline you know.”

“And I thought you just wanted to whack off watching two girls in their undies doing nothing,” Tabby provoked.

“Come here young lady, that is enough of that,” Geoff was angry now.

“No you come get me,” Tabby said defiantly, thrusting her breasts out until they strained against the thin blue cotton.

He strode over to the edge of the bed, raising his hand to slap the girl. Lana quivered and slid herself a little to one side. Just as he was about to swing his arm back Tabby reached out and touched the semi hard cock, it responded immediately springing up a little.

Geoff stopped. “Can I Daddy?” Tabby asked putting her hand to the waistband of the boxers. Geoff gasped for breath. “It can be our secret – all three of us.” Geoff looked at Lana, the blond smiled politely back.

Not a word was spoken as Tabby pulled the shorts down to his knees. The cock sprung out, almost at its full strength again. Both girls gasped at its size. Lana crawled over to take a closer look as Tabby bent forward and gently kissed the tip. Geoff let out a moan as his daughter clasped it in her mouth. Soon it was slipping in and out of her pretty little mouth.

Lana sat up and came closer still, she lent into Geoff’s chest, kissing escort pendik his nipples, running her soft hand over his hairy chest. Unable to contain himself any longer Geoff reached out to play with Lana’s breasts through her t-shirt. The young blond moaned as he squeezed the pert mounds of flesh. Then he pinched at her nipples. Finally he slipped a hand up under the t-shirt to feel them, warm and soft, yet firm.

Tabby played with his balls as she slid the big hard cock in and out of her mouth, the pink lace panties raised high in the air. Geoff couldn’t believe it was happening, his own daughter sucking his cock. In and out it slipped, harder and harder. He could feel his orgasm building as Lana lent into his face and began kissing him passionately. His hand slipped down to her lace thong, touching the soft hair of her pubic mound through the sexy lace. Then his finger slipped inside to feel her hot dampness.

As he fingered the blond, a finger deep in her pussy and another playing with her clit he felt his cock start to expand, his balls tighten. “Oh my God, Tabby, I’m going to cum,” he moaned softly.

The dark haired girl quickened her tempo on his cock, tugging at it as well with a free hand, the other hand massaging his balls. Then it hit, a great wad of cum exploded into her mouth. A second hit, followed by a third and fourth. Another and another, then a trickle and a flow. Tabby kept sucking as he kept moaning.

Finally she took her mouth away, cum foaming around the lips, a sticky dribble leaking down her chin. Lana lent over to Tabby and kissed her on the lips, a long passionate kiss, her tongue entering tabby’s mouth and scooping out some hot jism. Then the blond licked the brunette’s lips and chin clean.

Geoff staggered back, red in the face, and collapsed on Tabby’s bed. His cock looked a little deflated, but was still very hard. Geoff was panting a little.

“God that was good,” he said. “But Tabby why?”

“Never mind Dad, I will tell you after.”

“After what?” he asked.

“Just lie back on my bed for a moment and recover,” Tabby smiled lovingly at her father.

She turned to Lana who was still kneeling, smiling very seductively. Tabby cupped Lana’s face in her hands and kissed her again, even more passionately this time. Their mouths appeared to be locked together. Tabby’s hands slipped behind Lana’s, one of them playing with an ear, the other buried in her hair.

Lana raised a hand from the bed and began touching Tabby’s breasts through the tank top. All the time the girls continued to be locked in the kiss. Her other hand wandered up across Tabby’s bare midriff to her other breast. Tabby’s nipples hardened visibly through the blue top. Then Lana began to peel the top up, revealing more young flesh as it lifted. Soon Tabby’s breasts were bare, the nipples hard and red, standing out waiting to be sucked.

The girls broke away from the kiss to let Tabby pull the top the rest of the way. Lana removed her own t-shirt at the same time. As the garments were thrown to one side the girls slipped down to lie on the bed hugging each other close. Their breasts were pressed hard together, Tabby was on top as they kissed again. Then Tabby broke away to find the other girl’s nipple. She sucked it in, feeling her breast with a hand at the same time. Lana moaned softly.

Geoff sat up as the girls removed their tops. He stared in disbelief at the actions of his own daughter. She was making love to another girl. His cock stirred again. It hadn’t completely relaxed from his treatment earlier. Soon he found his hand stroking the sticky cock back to life. The two girls, their perfect smooth skin pressed together, still kissing and sucking at each others breasts.

It was Tabby who moved first, sliding down Lana’s body to kiss her midriff and her belly button. Her fingers hooked the top of Lana’s thong as her lips kissed a little above the white lace. Tabby eased the thong away from her pussy, pulling it a little way down her legs. Lana stretched them apart, the thong providing a taut lace bridge between her legs.

Tabby could smell Lana’s juice already. Her pussy was well wet as the brunette placed her thumb over Lana’s clit and inserted two fingers in the blond. Lana gave a little gasp and yelp as Tabby began finger fucking her. Then tabby started licking as well, playing with the girl’s clit with her thumb and tongue. Lana started playing with her own breasts, squeezing them, pulling at the nipples.

Geoff was stroking his hard cock quite quickly now. It was back to its full length and his balls were hurting again. His lovely daughter was eating out her beautiful pendik escort bayan friend with her butt, clad only in pink lace panties, was thrust in the air.

Again desire took over. Geoff got up off the bed and walked over behind Tabby. He lent forward and kissed her butt through the lace panties. He could smell her pussy juice already. He ran his hand up over the curve of her butt, up across the small of her back and back to her crotch. Gently he parted her legs and buried his face between them. Slowly he ran his tongue along her crack, tasting her damp panties, sucking the lace material into his mouth.

“Oh, Daddy,” tabby moaned, her attention distracted from Lana momentarially. “Yes, suck my pussy.”

“Shhhh, you little slut,” Geoff hissed back. “Daddy wants more than that.”

Slowly he started to ease the damp panties down her legs, revealing her well trimmed, dripping wet hot pussy. He pulled the panties right down to her knees before returning to run his fingers over her exposed pussy. The brunette’s body shivered as he touched her.

Next Geoff climbed on the bed and positioned his hard cock at her entrance.

“Are you ready for this Tabby?” He asked.

“Yes, yes, please fuck me Daddy, please fuck me.”

He gave a moan as he thrust in, Tabby also moaned, almost falling forward on Lana. And then he began thumping in and out of her pussy.

“God you’re so tight baby,” Geoff exclaimed. “Oh, so hot.”

Lana moaned as Tabby returned to fingering her. She looked up as Geoff pumped in and out of his daughter. He was really working her pussy hard. As Geoff’s thrusts got harder so did Tabby’s tongue and fingers on Lana’s clit. Lana felt an orgasm build, then come crashing down on her. Her whole body tensed, she clasped her breasts and squeezed them hard. Tabby lapped at her pussy as Lana moaned.

Then Geoff felt his balls tighten again. He was going to lose a load deep inside this tight pussy. In and out he thrust. Then with one last great push he rammed it home and his sperm flew into her. Tabby let out a cry as her own orgasm hit.

“Yes, yes,” Geoff yelled. “Oh God yes.”

Tabby could feel the cum dribbling out of her as her pulled back and she collapsed on top of Lana. Geoff fell to one side of the two girls, exhausted. They were all breathing heavily as they relaxed. Tabby put her hand between her legs and felt the sticky path which was leaking under her butt.

“I’ll just go and have a shower,” she announced, propping herself up. “I won’t be long.” She grabbed her white silk robe from behind her door and dashed out.

“There’s a shower trough in our room if you want Lana,” Geoff said as he looked at the gorgeous blond.

“It’s alright thanks. I will go and join tabby in a minute.” She seemed a little embarrassed now. She reached down and pulled the lace thong back up, then looked around for the t-shirt.

“Don’t put it on yet,” Geoff asked. “You are too beautiful to put away yet.”

With that he reached out to stroke his hand across her face. Lana smiled back. He edged closer touching her breast now with his hand, feeling the smooth skin and the hard rough nipple. Lana let out a moan.

“I don’t want you to miss out on the fun as well,” Geoff said rolling over onto her.

“Mr Tait!” she exclaimed.

“I think you want my cock as much as Tabby did.” He began pulling the tong aside, stretching the lace as he forced her legs apart. Lana felt his cock, hard and huge at her pussy opening. His lips fell to hers and they kissed. His tongue explored her mouth as he eased his cock into her wet pussy. She moaned as he began to rock back and forth.

“Oh yes Mr Tait, yes,” she moaned as he got harder and faster.

“Oh Lana, you are just as tight as Tabby,” he moaned.

In and out his strokes got deeper and harder. She could feel another orgasm building, it hit like a wave.

“Oh, God yes, oh yes,” she called out. “Oh please fuck me harder, please.”

He obliged, pumping into her harder and harder. There was a tearing sound as the lace thong was stretched to the limit as he pushed her legs back to get deeper into her. His strokes were pumping harder and harder. Lana was yelling out for more as he pushed in.

Tabby walked in, wrapped in her robe. Seeing her father fucking her best friend she pulled up a chair and sat with both legs against the side of the bed, her pussy fully exposed as the robe fell open. She began to play with her clit. Soon her moans joined those of her father and friend.

Geoff was ready. Once more he rammed his cock hard into a youthful pussy and let his cum fill her. Cum leaked out again, staining the sheets and the white thong. He pulled back just as Tabby put her legs down.

All three embraced knowing that it was going to be a great wet weekend, and Tabby knew she would always be welcome in the garden shed.

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