Sutton Family Stories 12

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It was the best wedding I’d ever been to. I’d fucked the bride, my sister, outside the back of the hotel on her wedding night, with my brother George also joining in. Then later, George had found me on the dancefloor and told me Mum was upstairs in her room, horny and wanting me to go and fuck her, like he just had. It was such a rush quietly sliding in and out of her well fucked pussy only a few feet away from my Dad, who was asleep in a drunken stupor.

We all stayed overnight at the hotel and I woke-up with a stonking morning glory. It was time to seal the deal with Sarah and make sure she’d carry on our affair in married life. I WhatsApp messaged her. She was awake, bright and breezy but her new husband, George’s idiot mate Jack, was suffering from having had so much to drink last night and was puking in the bathroom. Time to do something useful with my morning horn. I threw some shorts and a t-shirt on and messaged George. A few minutes later we were knocking gently on the bridal suite door.

Sarah answered the door wearing a sexy nightie. “What do you two want?”

“Where’s Jack?” I asked.

“In the bathroom, I think he’s finished puking and he’s about to shower.”

“Have you guys consummated the marriage yet?” George asked.

“Piss off,” Sarah replied.

“Not quite the wedding night you had in mind, eh sis? New husband has left you all horny,” I said. She looked longingly at her two brothers then stepped back into the room. We followed.

“Maybe he has, but he’s in the shower in the next room, so what can you do about it?”

“We can give you two nice dicks to suck on like the sister slut you are,” I replied, while pushing down my shorts. My dick had never fully gone soft since the morning glory and now jutted out in front of me, demanding attention. George giggled and pushed his shorts down too, revealing a rapidly hardening semi.

“Are you mad? My new husband is in the bathroom,” Sarah hissed and pointed to the bathroom door just the other side of the bedroom we were in.

“Better be quick then. On your knees.” I ordered. I wasn’t sure it would work but it was time to see if Sarah could be convinced to continue this incestual filth into her married life. I shouldn’t have worried; my sister had the same high sex drive as both her brothers. Before I knew it, Sarah was on her knees in front of us, on wrapping one hand round my dick and her other hand around George’s equally rampant erection. I knew then the deal was sealed: we’d be having more sex.

“Shit, this is so hot, you’re wanking your brothers while your new husband is in the next room taking a shower,” George whispered, incredulously.

“We don’t have much time,” Sarah replied, sliding her hands up and down our shafts faster.

“Better use your mouth then,” I told her. Within a second my sister was wrapping her lips round my dick, working her tongue over my cock head while her lips slid down my shaft. It felt hot but it wasn’t the time for a long, slow suck. I started thrusting in and out of her mouth, holding her head, her long ginger hair in my fingers.

After a minute, I pulled out then directed her face towards George’s crotch and soon he was fucking her face while she went back to wanking me. The whole thing was crazy hot. After a few minutes of Sarah alternating between sucking and wanking us both, George was getting deepthroated when he announced he was close.

“Pull out mate, we’re going to paint her face,” I said. George grinned and slid his wet cock out of Sarah’s mouth.

“What?” Sarah asked.

“You’re our fuck toy now sis, sucking off your brothers while your new husband is in the shower, it’s really slutty. And we’re going to give you a facial, like the naughty little cum rag you are so you won’t forget your role.” The words were nasty, but the fact Sarah was now using her free hand to rub herself showed me it was getting horny. I started wanking furiously, as did George.

“Open you mouth and stick your tongue out, get ready to taste your brothers’ cum,” I barked at Sarah. Just then George bucked his dick between his fist, cried out and a long ribbon of cum sprayed out of his pisshole. It looked so hot seeing jets of semen splatter out my brother’s dick and land on my sister’s face. I felt my own orgasm overtake me and I started shooting my own load before he’d finished. We both shot out about four or five times each, with cum landing on Sarah’s extended tongue but also all over her face, ribbons of jizz trailing all across her beautiful face.

“Fuck yeah, you’re covered in our cum, we’re marking our territory,” George said as we both finished spraying out jizz. Just then the shower stopped.

“Sarah, babe, there’s no fresh towels in here, can you bring one,” Jack shouted out from the bathroom. I quickly pulled up my shorts. George looked worried but I wasn’t bothered. Sarah also kept her cool.

“OK babe, stay there, I’ll be right in,” she shouted back.

I looked round the room and noticed her wedding dress lying over the nearby chair. I learned forward so my mouth was close to her ear. “Wipe your bahis firmaları two brothers’ loads off your face with your wedding dress then go kiss your new husband with the taste of our cum still on your tongue.” Sarah seemed to shudder in enjoyment at the idea and I watched as she rubbed the large amount of semen from me and George off her face with her wedding dress before picking up a towel and heading towards the bathroom. George and I quietly left the room.

Later that day, we had all had lunch in the hotel and people were hanging round before heading off the afternoon. Mum was still on babysitting duty. Sarah was sitting with Jack in the main bar. She looked bored. He’d apparently decided to go for hair of the dog and was sinking the pints various footie friends were buying him. My eyes met Sarah’s across the bar. She looked so sexy, with her beautiful long red hair and a low-cut top showing off her magnificent breasts. I was starting to feel horny again already and when I made eye contact, the way she looked at me with those beautiful green eyes, I was rock hard again. I nodded my head towards the door out to the corridor and she walked over.

“Having fun?” I asked.

“His mates have got good banter, but he’s almost pissed again already. At least he finally shagged me before we came down after lunch though.”

“Did you cum?”


“And you’re still horny after sucking me and George off this morning?”

“God yes. Jack is always so polite; he’d never just paint my face in cum like that. It felt so warm, so wicked.”

“I want you.”

“I need it. But we can’t be long.”

“Come on then, your room or mine?”

“Mine,” she replied, and we headed towards the stairs. We bumped into George coming out of the gents.

“Going somewhere?”

“Yes and yes you can join,” I replied.

“Don’t I get a choice?” asked Sarah.

“Nah, you’re cum bucket for your brothers now, and you’re horny for two cocks right now, I can smell it on you,” I said. She giggled in response and the three of us quickly made our way upstairs to the bridal suite.

“We don’t have much time, Jack can’t notice I’m gone,” Sarah said, taking off her own top and jeans. I noticed George had already stripped and was hard. I ripped my own clothes off.

George had moved in quick and was snogging Sarah while his hand roamed down to her panties. “You’re so wet sis,” he said.

“Yeah, and I want to ride this,” she replied, grasping his dick and pushing him back to the bed. George was laying back on the bridal suite bed, which was still messed up from Sarah’s consummation of her marriage earlier this afternoon. George’s dick was rock solid and waving in the air. Sarah slid her panties down her shapely thighs, showing off her beautiful snatch. It was such a pretty pussy, trimmed ginger pubes framing some shapely lips which were just begging for a dick to be slid in between them. I watched from the side of the bed as my sister climbed astride my brother, took hold of his hard cock and then directed it to her pussy, her beautiful cunt lips spreading around as she sank all the way down his pole. They both sighed.

“Fuck I need a good shag after Jack’s three pumps and done effort earlier,” Sarah moaned.

I was conscious of time and not wanting to be left out, so I climbed onto the bed. I got between George’s legs and behind Sarah, who was now learning forward, facing George, who was sucking her tits as she bounced up and down on his dick.

“Get off there a moment,” I said, grabbing Sarah’s thighs and pulling her up off George’s dick, before sliding into her cunt myself. It was so hot and wet in there, and after a couple of strokes I pulled out, my dick completely slick with my sister’s juices.

Sarah then slid back down onto George’s erection. I took my still wet cock and pushed against Sarah’s arsehole.

“Oh fuck, it’ll never fit in there Aiden!” she cried out.

“It will. Ever fancied being DP’d sis?” I asked.

“Oh that’s so fucking naughty. A brother in each hole,” she replied. Game on. I slowly pushed further forward, feeling Sarah’s really tight arsehole open up around me. Soon I was in balls deep. It was such an intense feeling. A hot, tight arse clamped round my invading dick but also being able to feel my own brother in her pussy, only a thin membrane separating us. We got into a rhythm, one of us sliding in as the other slide out. All three of us were just groaning and moaning.

Sarah started crying out. “Uggh, fuck me boys, fuck me, fuck me.” I could tell she was getting close and I picked up the pace, reaming her arse while George pounded up into her pussy as fast and hard as he could. The bed was really creaking. It was hot – I’d never felt so close to my two siblings and I couldn’t hold back.

“Shit, sis, I’m cumming in your arse,” I shouted as I shot my load. The seemed to trigger Sarah’s orgasm.

“Ah sis, your cunt is clamping me, feels so good, I’m gunna cum too,” George bellowed.

We collapsed onto the bed into a sweaty mess but there was no time for sweettalk. People might notice kaçak iddaa we were gone before too long. I rolled off Sarah, who stood up on shaky legs, cum dribbling down out both her well fucked holes and down her thighs as she headed to the bathroom.

“You guys better get back to the bar,” she said before shutting the bathroom door. I turned to George and grinned.

“Our sister is a slut,” he whispered, then got up and put his clothes back on. She was. She’d got both her brothers off, twice, within 24 hours of getting married.

Sarah and Jack went off on their honeymoon that evening and George returned to uni while they were away. I kept messaging Sarah and it wasn’t long before we got into sexting. Turns out she’d always wanted to try a DP and just feel really used by guys to get off and the memory kept getting her hot.

The next weekend, she’d been messaging me how much she loved my thick cock and kept thinking of it whenever Jack was with her and it had got me horny while I was watching rugby on the TV with my Dad. After the game, he went out to mow the lawn. I went upstairs, planning to knock one out in my room, but as I went in there was my Mum, bent over in front of my window, with a duster in hand, cleaning. She heard me coming and looked back over her shoulder.

“Hey Aiden. Looks like something’s got you going,” she said, laughing as she saw the very visible bulge at the front of my trackie bottoms. I couldn’t tell her it was from sexting my own sister, her daughter, but maybe I’d found a better option to take care of my horn than wanking.

“Yeah, the sight of you bent over, you’re so hot and sexy Mum,” I replied, while closing the distance between us.

“Well thanks, but your Dad is home, you know my rule.”

I was now standing right behind her and reached round to cup her breasts through her top with my big hands, while leaning forward so my mouth was near her ear. “The rugby finished and he’s outside mowing the lawn right now,” I told her, while grinding my bulge into her arse.

“We can’t risk it,” she replied.

“But I’m really horny for you Mum, and I know you like my dick,” I said, rubbing my hard cock between her arse cheeks through our clothes. I slid my right hand down from her breast to the top of her trousers, sliding it determinedly down under her waistband and cupping her vulva gently. Heat was pouring out of her.

“Aiden, no,” she gasped.

“Come on Mum, you get me so horny, you know I make you feel good and it’s been a week since the wedding, when you let me fuck you not three feet away from Dad,” I told her, then pushed my index finger into her. She was dripping wet.

“I got carried away at the wedding. Your Dad can’t catch us,” she replied. It wasn’t a no.

I started slowly sliding my finger in and out of her steaming cunt, while cupping her vulva with the rest of my hand. “He won’t, look to your left and you can see him mowing the lawn, you can keep an eye on him.”

“Aiden!” Mum shrieked in response. “He might see us.”

“Don’t worry,” I replied, “with the angle of the sun he can’t see in this window, but we can see him,” and carried on fingering her.

“Mmm looks like that A-level Geography was good for something then,” she giggled, “but we shouldn’t hang round.”

“You want my dick inside you Mum?” I asked.

“Yes son, fuck your Mummy right now,” she replied.

I took my hand out of her trousers, then roughly pulled her panties and trousers down and put a hand on her back to make her bend forward more. She braced herself against the windowsill. I quickly shoved my trackie bottoms and boxers down my thighs and lined up my throbbing dick with her pussy lips from behind. Mum was so wet I slid in easily and slid in all the way in one go.

“Ahhhh yeah,” she groaned. “You feel so hard and good inside me, son.”

“Mmm your pussy is always so wet for me, it’s like a swamp, wet and hot. It feels amazing. I can’t believe Dad isn’t fucking this every chance he gets,” I told her while starting to thrust into her from behind.

“Mmm, he’s not a young virile stud like you, now fuck Mummy. Give me that thick, hard young cock.”

“Oh yeah, I will, and you can watch Dad while I do. Watch your husband out the window while his son uses your hungry pussy and gives it what it needs better than he does.”

Mum just groaned in response and gripped the windowsill while starting out towards her husband who was mowing the lawn. This wasn’t going to be a slow, gentle love making but a quick, hard fuck. We both needed it and I started sliding in and out of her hard and fast, feeling her pussy clenching my dick as I did so. I looked down at my Mum’s shapely, curvaceous arse, all seven inches of my meat buried insider her, and then looked up out of the window to see my Dad mowing the lawn, oblivious his wife was getting fucked by his son. I was turned on, and so was Mum. I was gabbing her tits as I ploughed her, but then I moved one hand down and started rubbing her clit as I continued to thrust in and out of her.

“Ahh fuck, Aiden, that’s it, you’re getting Mummy kaçak bahis close. I feel so naughty letting you do this while your Dad is just outside.”

“Oh yeah Mum, you like your son fucking you like this.”

“You know I do. Give it to me.” She started bouncing back, meeting my thrusts. I wasn’t going to last much longer, then Mum cried out and it was too much.

“Shit, you feel so good, I’m going to cum.”

“Yeah, fill Mummy up.” That was it, soon I was spraying into Mum’s grasping pussy. The combination of the sexting with my sister earlier and now fucking my Mum in my room while we could see my Dad outside was so hot, I felt myself spraying what felt like a gallon of cum into her. I collapsed onto her back, us both breathing heavily. “Mmm you really filled me up son, it feels so warm in there,” Mum sighed contentedly.

I slowly slid my dick out and a load of cum came gushing out onto the floor. Mum giggled. Just then I noticed I couldn’t see Dad outside in the back garden anymore.

“Sally, you want a cuppa?” I heard my Dad shout up from downstairs. Shit. He was in the house. Mum stood up and pulled her panties and trousers up.

“Yes, please darling. I’m just upstairs cleaning Aiden’s room,” she shouted back.

“At his age he should take care of that himself.” Dad replied.

“Yes, I’ll leave him to clear the rest of the mess up himself,” Mum hollered. Then she turned to me, as I was busy pulling up my boxers and trackie bottoms and whispered, “you heard your Dad, you can clean up the mess in here. I’m off to have a cup of tea with him. I’ll sit in the kitchen like a good little wife making small talk and all the while I’ll be feeling my son’s load dripping out of me into my panties.” With that Mum walked out, leaving me looking at the wet patch of our combined juices which had dripped onto my carpet thinking how I’d clean it up before Dad ventured upstairs.

I’d like to say that after that I had free access to Mum, but things continued mainly on her terms. She’d decide when to avoid me and when to find me, sometimes pushing the line but never putting us in a position where Dad would actually catch us or realise we were fucking. My sister, however, was a different story. We were sexting each other all the time on her honeymoon and as soon as she got back, she wanted to meet.

Luckily Jack played football at slightly different times to when I played rugby so there was always the chance to go round and see Sarah uninterrupted for a couple of hours on a Wednesday night. The first time I’d seen her since the day after her wedding and Jack had barely left their flat before I went round, and we’d barely closed the front door before Sarah and I were tearing each other’s clothes off.

“Oh Aiden, I want you so bad,” she was saying to me between snogging passionately.

“I’ve been so horny for you, your messages have been driving me wild,” I replied. Within minutes we were both stark naked, me dick buried deep inside her pussy, her legs spread round me and pulling me into her as she lay back on her marital bed moaning and begging for me. She felt amazing and I never tired of looking down and seeing her cunt lips spread round my invading prick or feeling her short ginger pubes rubbing against me as we rutted wildly. Our hands were roaming all over each other’s bodies while our tongues intertwined in her mouth. As much as I tried to hold off, all too soon I had a toe-curling orgasm. We just both really needed to get off and we did.

Afterwards, lying there, catching our breath, Sarah told me how every time Jack had had sex with her on their honeymoon, she’d found herself thinking of me, thinking how much more she was turned on by her own brother than by her husband.

I’ve shagged married women before and the sneaking around, the naughtiness always makes the sex even hotter and this was no exception, but it was magnified by the fact it was sister and brother having the affair. We fucked any chance we could, and Sarah was more willing to take risks than Mum.

I remember one night in the pub, I was there with a group of my mates and she was there on a different table with Jack and some of his mates. Our eyes met and I winked. She smiled. I nodded my head towards the toilet, and she shook her head. I got my phone out and texted her. “Come on, you know you want it.” I saw her read the message then get up from the table and head towards the disabled toilet, which was tucked away at the back of the pub. I could barely stand-up, I was rock hard in my jeans.

I opened the door to the disabled toilet and my sister was already on her knees, waiting for me. I locked the door, walked up to her and immediately she was unzipping the flies on my jeans and wrapping her mouth round my dick, even though it was still in my boxers at this point. I could still the warm coming from her mouth.

I looked down at her. “You didn’t take much persuading,” I said. Sarah shook her head then tugged my boxers down, my rock-hard dick bouncing out and slapping her cheek. She wrapped her lips round my shaft and took me deep in her warm, wet mouth, slowly working her mouth up and down my dick, working my foreskin. I felt her tongue swirl round my cockhead as she did that, and she reached up and used one hand to gently caress my balls as well. I was in heaven.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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