Surreptitious Love Ch. 78

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Chapter 78 — Another Lunch at Thanh’s

Even though Thanh was ovulating this week, we still wanted to see each other. However, she didn’t really seem to know what exactly she wanted to do. Once she proposed to meet at her house, then again at a coffee shop. At last, she almost sounded like she wanted to wait another week, until we could have unprotected sex again. I would have been fine with anything, but the perennial see-sawing got a bit on my nerves.

But, then, Thanh did have some rousing ideas what we could do. For instance, she asked me—since she was good with the needle—if she shouldn’t cut an elongated hole in the crotch of a pair of stockings, so that she could sit across from me in a café and semi-surreptitiously present me her snatch. I liked the idea, especially since no one else had ever offered that kind of ruse. The ‘danger’ was, however, that we prearranged things too much and then everything would only be half as sexy as when we would just give in to our individual fantasies and the momentum of the day.

Thanh was young, very sensible, but also somewhat open to exploration. So, I didn’t want her to stop fantasizing about what we could do, but I still hinted to her that sharing too much of our fantasies would kinda spoil the outcome and render everything only semi-hot. Instead, I asked her to trust the dynamics of the moment: obviously, we liked each other and would find a way to satisfy each other’s urges once the moment arose.

One problem that solved itself was that her dad was going to eat lunch at a restaurant next Thursday, since the Tet Holiday was nearing. So, from about half past ten on we would have the whole house to ourselves, which didn’t seem to be enough for Thanh, though, as she insisted that we should meet at a coffee shop before. Perhaps she had modified a pair of stockings that she now wanted to parade around? On the other hand, I also liked it better to warm-up at a café, since coming to her house once her father was gone sounded a lot like ‘just getting naked and fucking somewhere’, without any kind of cultural, cultured foreplay whatsoever.

As usual, I had gotten to ‘our’ coffee house first, but this time I sat down at a different table. Thanh arrived maybe ten minutes later, wearing a black T-shirt and an almost white denim skirt, which came down to four inches above her knees. Above her skirt’s waistband was an inch-wide ‘collar’ in which the hem of her T-Shirt was resting, which looked a bit odd, but her wavy, long, full hair looked stunning again. I believed I could see the contours of her bra under the black fabric of her T-shirt. Thanh’s beautiful mouth was lined with dark-red lipstick again. She sort of looked like a young opera diva. I liked her simple black-and-white outfit. Obviously, she wasn’t wearing the modified stockings, which was fine. I still liked the idea, though.

I had proposed that Thanh get some condoms as she was ovulating today but didn’t know if she had done so. I was kinda torn here: I didn’t like rubbers and knew a bunch of rousing things we could do without putting my dick inside her at all. But then, on the other hand, once we got carried away, we might like the idea of fucking a little. And she did look hot with her denim skirt and strapping legs. She spread her fingers and ‘combed’ her hair a bit, before she shook her head and smiled at me full of expectations.

It was a shame that she was ovulating today, I thought to myself, but then quietly developed alternative ideas what we could do: obviously, she could blow me or jerk me off, if she wanted to see how that worked. Looking at her beautiful intelligent face, I imagined coming on it. Well, but only if that was okay with her. And there was still the project to wallow in her lap and lick and suck her fat inner labia, until they protruded an inch. Or two. And she could pee on me. Definitely.

“And we sure will be alone at your house?” I asked.

“Yeah, yeah. 100 per cent. You know how much local men like to drink over lunch. My dad is no exception …” she assured me.

Yes, that was one thing to get used to in Vietnam: People gathered as early as ten o’clock in the morning to drink, mostly beer, but sometimes also rice wine, which was a challenge in the tropical midday heat. At least, our local brewery put out a fine, light lager that tasted great and was cheap: 20 cents a bottle at the stores and 30 in cheap restaurants.

As much as I didn’t want to plan our sexual adventure today, I liked talking about sex, as it was a nice foreplay, in many ways. And I simply didn’t feel like talking about college or other mundane matters. And so I felt her out a bit:

“What do you wanna do at the house?”

“Well …” she hesitated. “You’ve said several times that you wanted to lick my pussy profusely …”

Ok, apparently, she wasn’t too sheepish about that, and I immediately saw myself kneeling over her, with my face between her legs. And my dick dangling close to her wide-open kartal escort mouth.

“I could also blow you if you want …” she added now, like she could read my thoughts.

With the just conceived image in mind, I suggested to combine the two activities and, possibly, do it in front of the mirror in her parents’ bedroom. She nodded hesitatingly but seemed to be unsure if we should defile her parents’ bed again.

“Did you wash the bed spread last time?” I asked to harken back to our glorious afternoon a week ago.

Our juices had left quite a big mark, when I had fucked her from behind on her parents’ bed for at least half-an-hour.

Thanh nodded: “Yeah, but my mother asked why, of course. I told her that I wanted to wash some of my clothes but that the load wasn’t big enough.”

“Do you think she bought that? Anyway, I can’t think of anything better to say, either …”

When I lit a cigarette, she changed the topic:

“Anyway, tell me some more about what you do with your affairs … I liked that the last time you did it …” she requested.

I was torn where to start, but then I told her about the titillating role-plays I had done with Tina and Nguyet.

“Well, two of my girlfriends wanted to know what it feels like to offer your body like a hooker. One of them—Khanh, but I always call her ‘Tina’—wanted to earn some extra money in Saigon. She’s a student there, like you … with ‘nice tourists, one or twice a month, she said. But, Thanh, to make that clear from the get-go, I don’t want you to start doing that …” I added.

She nodded and told me that she didn’t have any financial worries, which was nice to hear. But she still seemed to like the idea, like a thought experiment. She demanded to know more and crossed her legs, like she was readying herself for a longer talk. After I had given her the gist of the two or three afternoons with Tina and Nguyet, she asked whether Tina had been successful with her project.

“About half-way, I would say … one of her suitors didn’t pay, another one had been drunk and didn’t get it up, and once she contracted an STD, which was embarrassing and not cheap to fix. But since the borders are closed right now because of corona, I guess she mostly stopped doing that.”

“Well, I don’t think I would want to do that,” Thanh said, thank God, but she didn’t seem disgusted by what Tina and countless other young women around the world were doing.

Not to lose momentum, I told Thanh now how Tina was crazy about role-plays in general. Once she had put on her old high school dress and presented me her riddled-with-mistakes homework, for which I then punished her, which had escalated nicely.

“Now that’s more to my liking …” Thanh laughed. “Can we do that?” she instantly asked. “Or you seduce me while helping me with an assignment … you know how hot things can get when you’re huddled together … I gotta ask you about one term paper anyway,” she added.

“Sure, but Tina is kinda extrovert and neurotic. Once in a while, she likes to demean herself and being punished: Once, I caught her stealing at the supermarket and then blackmailed her into letting me fuck her at a nearby hotel. That was hot … but, yeah, still, let’s work on a term paper together, sure.”

Thanh just listened and took a sip of her coffee once in a while. At some point, we ordered one more round, and I lit another cigarette. I assumed she had a small, saucy detail prepared. The last time we had been here, she had taken one of her breasts out of her bra and presented it to me like a fruit. Or we could just wait with all things sexual until we would get to her house. Either way was fine with me.

“Tina is kinda kinky anyway,” I continued. “Six weeks ago, she sent me a long email, introducing herself a sex doll. When we met, she talked and acted like a robot for the whole time. Role-play-wise, that was the most awesome idea anyone ever had. Sexually, though, that teacher-student thing with the ever-escalating punishment was hotter …”

“Well, I still have my dress from high school,” Thanh giggled. “But perhaps it’s too tight now,” she mused. “But I could try it on and then alter it … and I also still have my checked skirt and the white blouse from middle school,” she cracked up, possibly since she realized the depravity of what she had just proposed.

“Well, let’s not get carried away,” I cautioned her, thinking to myself however: ‘Admittedly, that would be kinda hot.’

When the drinks arrived, she told me that for the time after her ovulation, she had another rousing idea. She licked her lips lasciviously but didn’t seem to want to divulge what exactly she had in mind. Anyway, I loved that we were ratcheting up our foreplay without explicitly doing anything sexual. She had put her legs next to each other again and was holding her knees together, like a ‘proper young woman’ was supposed to. She wasn’t wearing any make-up, apart from the lipstick, and wasn’t maltepe escort bayan enticing me with her tits or pussy. No, it was just her youthful freshness and beauty, plus our sensible unreasonableness that slowly made our blood boil.

As I was curious, I tried to get out of her what her idea about the next time was.

“Well, do you know the hot springs, west of town? Where they built that little amusement park, slash botanical garden?”

I nodded. Two of my colleagues had been there.

“There, you can rent private hot water pools. There’s a tall fence around each. We would be undisturbed …I went there in the fall with a bunch of girlfriends,” she added.

“That sounds like paradise … we could be naked there the whole time,” I realized.

“Well, maybe not that but, yes, we could lie at the pool and drink sparkling wine. There’s also a small room with a large bed …” she divulged with raised eyebrows. “Obviously, everything would be great for sex …”

“Oh, yes, we’ll do that,” I agreed immediately. “How long were you there with your girlfriends?” I asked for some reason. “The whole afternoon?”

“Maybe not quite. Three hours or so…”

“And what did you do? Did you get in the water?”

“Sure. We all had bathing suits on. We sat around, chatted, drank some wine, laughed … one of the girls showed us her breasts,” she added, giggling. “But I don’t even know if she did that deliberately…”

“How does one inadvertently show one’s breast?” I was curious, as that was almost an art.

“I think she wanted to adjust her bikini but then it fell off … but when it happened, she wasn’t in a hurry to put it back on. She just squinted in the sun and exposed her breasts. They’re beautiful and, I guess, she knows that. She’s a little extrovert anyway, perhaps like Tina. After a minute, she fixed her top and put it back on …”

“Thanh, be honest: Did you want to touch her boobs?” I was curious again.

Thanh blushed but then nodded. “Yes. If it had just been the two of us, I would have done it …”

“What do her breasts look like?” I kept asking, since I didn’t want to drop the subject.

“Bigger than mine, with darker nipples, though.”

Thanh’s were dark-red, like her lips.

“Do you want to ask her if she wants to come with us next week?”

Thanh thought about it but then shook her head.

“No, I’d rather be alone with you … next week, when I’m not ovulating, I want to experience the ultimate fuck, the whole nine yards,” she told me after a brief break.

Wow. I didn’t know what the ‘ultimate fuck’ would entail for her but was still impressed. Thanh was quickly emancipating herself from the stale and rigid role expectations of her culture. She said rather clearly what she wanted. I immediately thought of Nguyet, who had told me recently that she wanted to do it with two guys once: her young beau Vu and me. Of course, I instantly realized that those hot springs would be ideal for that, but I would go there with Thanh first to check it out before I would suggest it to Nguyet. But once we, Thanh and I, were there, I’d probably tell her about Nguyet’s plan.

Now, we were looking at each other but neither of us was saying anything. I lit another ciggie before we would take off. We had finished our drinks, too. Thanh was, obviously, not really into a threesome but maybe she would put on her school uniform this afternoon. I couldn’t wait to get my dick out at her house and then push up her skirt and rip her panties off her strapping young ass. Then I would suck all the aromatic molecules from her bush and perineum, like a vacuum-cleaner …

We went to the bathroom before we paid up. Since she had wished once that I got my dick out of my pants without taking them off, I took off my underwear and stuffed it in my pocket. When we met again in the bathroom lobby, where the sinks were, we kissed profusely. Thanh put her hand on my crotch and could feel my dick pump through the thin fabric of my dress pants. She smiled knowingly and licked her lips, while I reached under her T-shirt and realized that she wasn’t wearing her bra anymore. Impishly, she opened her purse, and I saw a lacy cup.

We kissed again, so that I had the opportunity to let my hands travel under her T-shirt. When I took her nipples between my thumbs and index fingers, I felt how long and hard they were.

“Are you already wet again?” I asked, since that was what she hold told me exactly a week earlier in exactly the same spot.

She only laughed and said: “A bit.”

From where we were standing, we could see three quarters of the pretty much empty café. There hadn’t been many customers to begin with but now that it was lunch-time, almost everyone was gone. I still had my hands under her T-shirt, and we looked at each other in the mirror. Should we have a rousing little session right here? The lobby was nicely decorated and didn’t smell or feel like a bathroom at all. Thanh escort pendik slowly pulled her skirt up and invited me to reach under the harmonica. Of course, I did so and felt greasy stickiness on her labia. I pulled some tufts of her pubic hair and asked myself again if we shouldn’t get it on right then.

“You haven’t been wearing underwear all morning?”

Thanh pulled her hair back in her neck with both hands and shook her head.

“No, I just took them off a minute ago. I wanna ride my bike without underwear once.”

“Do you want to blow me quickly, here?” I whispered.

She thought about it, but then, right that moment, we could hear pebble-crunching steps outside, approaching the bathroom. Thanh let her skirt go, and the forces of gravity covered her thighs again. I took my hands out from under her shirt, and a good-looking and well-dressed young man entered the lobby. He passed us and went into the men’s room, and Thanh combed her hair again with her fingers, as if she wanted to wait until he would be gone. Or join in? Eventually, she just took my hand and pulled me outside.

“Ben, we’ll have the whole house to ourselves, remember? So, let’s just drive back,” she said.

I licked her pussy juice off my fingers, and we got on our bikes. I asked myself who was hornier: Thanh or I? Once we were at the house, we would certainly rip our clothes off and try to instantly relieve our sexual tension. I couldn’t wait to kneel in front of her and push her skirt back up again. And then eat her. Properly. Or make her kneel in front of me and shove my dick between her beautiful lips.

When we got to her house, however, her dad’s motorcycle was still in the front yard. The metal harmonica front door was open, and I could see him sitting at his desk to the right, doing some calculations, it seemed. Shit! What were we going to do?! Thanh looked at me puzzled and shrugged her shoulders. We went inside and were now standing near his desk. I was wondering if he could smell his daughter’s pussy aroma when I noticed her stiff nipples under her T-shirt. I hope she was clever enough not to step closer.

We had to come up with something. Neither of us was in the mood to bottle up our lust and spend another hour with her dad, distracted and agitated, until he would finally leave.

“Aren’t you going to have lunch with your colleagues?” Thanh asked, which sounded a little like ‘aren’t you leaving any time soon?’.

So that she didn’t sound too suspicious, she asked him politely if she should fix lunch for him here at the house. He looked at her over the rim of his glasses but shook his head. He looked at his wrist watch and said calmly:

“I’m almost done.”

That had sounded a little bit like ‘so that you are alone’ but I didn’t care. I, obviously, wanted him to leave. And I was sure Thanh did, too. We stepped aside a bit, and I asked her if we couldn’t go upstairs quickly, like the last time I had been here, but she replied that that would be too obvious and rude. She nodded at me, and we sat down on the sofa. My hard-on hurt in my pants, especially now that I was looking at her erect nipples under her T-shirt. As horny as she was, she turned towards me, away from her father, and put one thigh on the seat. Her left foot was touching her right knee now, and it was very quiet, until her dad’s phone rang. He answered but, thank God, remained seated, looking outside, away from us.

Well, that could last for a while, I thought but at least he was distracted. Either, we went upstairs—which would have been rude, Thanh was right about that—or we waited a few more minutes, until he would be gone. Since Thanh had moved a bit, her skirt had snapped up, and I was looking at pretty much her whole strapping left thigh. I couldn’t contain myself and massaged the young flesh here in front of me. Her dad was sitting at least seven yards away, and it didn’t seem like he would turn ’round, towards us.

Oh, her thigh was heavenly: firm, yet soft, with incredibly smooth, slightly yellowish skin. Of course, she spread her legs a little, and so I was able to reach almost all the way up without bending forward too much, which I still did after one a minute or so, keeping one eye on her dad. Then, I lowered my head a bit and saw the dense ball of wool around her clit. I loved the chaos and clutter of dark, moist hair and the lighter flesh of her protruding labia. Everything under her skirt was glistening and steaming like a tropical rainforest. If I wasn’t completely mistaken, her aroma was now wafting up towards my face.

Thanh pointed at her crotch with her chin and nodded. Since I wasn’t wearing underpants anymore, it was easy to whip my dick out, while Thanh reached in her purse, possibly to get her bra or panties out so she could catch my cum. Then she found a more comfortable position and handed me a pillow to cover my dick, should her father turn around. The way she was seated now, I could easily caress her snatch and did so with relish. She, in turn, stroked my dick with one hand and then held the left-hand side of her T-shirt up, so that I could massage her breast with the other hand. She looked like a mother who wanted to breastfeed her baby and, in a sense, that was just what it was.

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