Surprises in Life…

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Double Penetration

Life is full of surprises.

Very occasionally it can deliver delightful shocks. Winning the pools perhaps?

Just sometimes a blissful ‘this just cannot be happening comes along’.

When it does of course it is to relish; for its not like buses; two wonderful surprises don’t come together. You’ve not even been anticipating one.

You never even dreamt one would come along.

And the least expected is the greatest surprise; the not even dared dream, the impossible dream, a fantasy that’s way beyond unexpected.

But, just sometimes the wonderful, wonderful comes along, just when you least expect it too…

A normal office full of several shapes and sizes of people mostly absorbed in the minutiae of day to day business. He’d noticed her of course; he’d even tried a little flirting – just as he tried with all those he considered eligible. But to no apparent effect. Never mind; there are plenty more fish in the sea, and available in better circumstances too. For sexual matters the office was never private of course, but occasionally a quick fondle of oneself in the loo was the best he managed when business didn’t distract such adventures.

Everyone in the office worked late dependent on the deadlines they were personally working to. It looked like being his turn tonight. Still no matter, he’d nothing else planned, his bachelor pad could manage without him for a couple more hours. One or two people floated still around but he couldn’t get his spreadsheet to work. He had #REF#’s all over the place. It was a big spreadsheet so this wasn’t likely to be quick.

It didn’t matter who was last out the security guys locked up at midnight; 5 hours away yet.

As time went on it simply didn’t cross his mind as to whether he was alone or not; he was so engrossed.

It mattered not; no rush just steady methodical work eliminating each error in turn. The minutes ticked away…

“Joe?” The soft female voice startled him to the core.

“Sorry” she said. “But I’ve an idea I want to pass by you as its quiet.”

They weren’t working on anything together so Joe’s brow ruffled softly, he would really like to concentrate on kartal escort this spreadsheet. He hoped she didn’t just want to chat. She could have sensed his irritation.

But she knew she had the killer blow; the conversation stopper; the ‘what can you say to a guy that will take his brain onto another plain no matter what?’ kind of question.

She was utterly in control and she was intending on enjoying every moment, her heart pounded but she loved these utterly outrageous moments she created. Her ‘I am in total control moments’. Heaven forbid that she ever became a torturer.

Sex for her was all about control and though she was well aware of Joe’s flirtations towards her she was going to exploit him her way. She fancied him like crazy but just like a spider she was going to get him just where she wanted him and then have her way with him. It was just that her methods were a little unconventional.

“I going to give you a blow job, you look like a man who needs one, I think you deserve one. I’m going to give you a sucking you’ll never forget”. All said utterly confidently, matter-of-factly. It was just the subject that stunned him.

Shock, a quick look round, stunned, silence.

He had no idea what to say, his world had just lurched to a different place.

He could only say “why?” His sexual brain hadn’t caught up yet.

“Just because I want to, and you would like me to, any man would, and you’re not any man”.

His sexual brain kicked in he looked at her differently now of course. She had a devastating smile; an ‘I’m in total control’ smile. God, she was enjoying this. But she was a pretty face and who wouldn’t like a blow job especially off her?

He hadn’t fallen to sleep had he; this is real, isn’t it?

He looked around again, no one. Quiet. Except her, the woman who had shattered his world, he had no idea what to say or do, he really had no idea.

She sensed the moment he hesitated. She put her hand in his, was he shaking slightly? And led him off to the spot she had decided on, long before she stunned him. A quiet common room where people gathered over coffee at breaks, a sofa or two. It maltepe escort bayan was only a few steps away.

As he sat down he still hadn’t come to his senses. What was really happening, he was totally out of control. People must feel like this when they are confronted by a gunman – well not quite. But reality had surely disappeared.

She sat him down, she eyed his crotch. Good there was a stirring. She put her hands on his rising bulge and she gently caressed him. She wanted him calmer now. She had turned down the lights to soften the mood.

She knelt down in front of him and lowered her head towards his bulge.

She looked into his eyes and smiled, “just enjoy the moments; I don’t want you to do anything, just relax”.

He smiled; it seemed the best thing to do, and anyway his cock was way ahead of him. Even if he didn’t want to, his cock did; and he was rapidly deciding that perhaps this could be his very lucky moment. Sod the spreadsheet.

He lay back as she undid his belt and unzipped his flies. She pulled down his pants and trousers as he lifted his buttocks. God she was beautiful and she was in control, what could she do? Was this really going to happen?

She knew he would go through a million doubts; she took her time, did everything gently, carefully – letting his lust grow.

His doubts were subsiding his desire was growing as his cock was.

One of her moments was unveiling his cock. What would it be like – circumcised or not, fat or long or both? Circumcised, more than fat enough, plenty long enough and it looked increasingly ready for what she was going to do. Her mouth moved closer to his cock; she looked into his eyes, smiled greedily and put his stiffening cock in her mouth and murmured sheer pleasure as best she could.

Almost all cocks were a mouthful; but how lovely they felt. She loved her mouth full to overflowing, rolling her head round the end of his cock. She thought about the taste. He’d been at work all day, maybe a shower this morning; but he tasted how she wanted him to taste – manly and musky.

With his cock in her mouth he was melting fast he had that little boy escort pendik lost look; the cat has got the cream look. The cat will have the cream but not too soon, she hoped.

Why she liked cocks in her mouth she had no idea. They were just, well, beguiling! Soft and warm; above all responsive. She pushed down on his stiffening, loving the idea of swallowing him whole. Velvety, stiff, warm – delicious.

She pulled him out until she could sense her lips around his knob, and let her lips settle in the valley between knob and shaft. She let her tongue just wander around his the taut thread that traced from his knob to his shaft that leads to his point of maximum pleasure. She knew that just the right amount of occasional flicks of her tongue would take him there.

And so she enjoyed herself, lost in her private dance upon his cock. Coaxing and teasing, stimulating and withdrawing. Of course, his cock was leaking clear lubricant now too. Sweet tasting and luscious, joining the party. Withdrawing him almost completely she squeezed up his shaft to extract the maximum quantity of liquor and licked it luxuriously from his hole, shaping her tongue deliberately to tease as far into his hole for her early reward.

She never gagged on a cock, she felt it was just for porn stars but she was happy to try to get as much as possible of him into herself.

So, she visited his paradise spot a little more often and a little more earnestly each time. She revelled in her own cunt now contracting and spasming and thoroughly wet. She hoped he’d fuck her later, but for now – a little more; he was completely gone to her sucking mouth.

He lusted and moaned deliciously; he was so close now.

She could stop and he would go wild having been taken so far, but she had no intention of doing that she wanted control of him; she had total control of him; she just let her teeth catch the rounded edge of his knob, he winced; she returned to her tonguing dance to ecstasy for him.

With a sharp vocal outflow of breath his cock spurted warm and creamily into her mouth; she just licked greedily at his pleasure spot and his cock squirted as it throbbed and she enjoyed his pleasure.

Control; total control. It made her feel very good. Fully entwined in her web.

He opened his eyes and looked at her and smiled.

“I didn’t see that coming”

“Oh, I did” she purred.

“Now I need your prick to fuck me?”

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