Surprise Visit

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It was late and I was out on the porch looking at the night sky. It was beautiful: midnight blue, bright white stars and a full moon. I was so engrossed in the beauty that I didn’t hear you pull up. I didn’t know you were there until I heard you say “hello Baby”. I turn with a smile on my face and catch my breath at the sight of you. I don’t move, afraid that you are a figment of my imagination. You walk slowly to me, not saying a word, your eyes doing the talking for you. They are lit by an inner fire that I have seen before and have dreamed about often. You stop in front of me, draw me to you and kiss me passionately. I melt into you. Without saying a word you take me inside to the bedroom.

You undress me slowly, kissing the skin as it is freed from the clothes. Your mouth is warm and soft, your tongue wet and wonderful. By the time you are done I am on fire. You shed your clothes and lay me down on the bed and tell me to lie back and enjoy you are going to feast on me as only you can.

I have dreamt of this often since our last parting but my memories don’t live up to the wonder of your soft lips and tongue and fingers. In moments I am wiggling on your tongue, doing a dance that you bring out of me. I am moaning my pleasure, wanting more and yet not wanting this to end. I lose track of time as you continue to enjoy.

Your tongue laps at my pussy, tasting my juices. You suck my bright pink pussy lips into your mouth, teasing my clit. I want you there, on it and kartal escort you know it so you make me wait, teasing me, increasing my desire for what you alone can give. You increase your pressure and I cum all over that dancing tongue of yours. It is powerful and satisfying. But you aren’t done with me yet. As this one starts to diminish your mouth clamps down over my pussy and kicks into high gear. I didn’t know that a tongue could be that active but once again you prove me wrong. This orgasm is intense and l-o-n-g. I scream your name as I cum in your mouth and I hear you moan your pleasure. You are making these wonderful sounds that excite me even further.

I reach for your legs, pulling your body towards me. Turn about is fair play. I pull you into a 69 and start licking your wonderful cock. It is already hard and the balls are full. I lick them, getting them nice and wet. Feeling the weight of them, imagining how wonderful those juices are going to taste going down my throat. There is nothing like it. MMMMMMMmmmmm

I lick the head, getting it wet, dipping the tip of my tongue into the slit, tasting any precum that might be there. I work my tongue around the ridge, loving the feel of it. I then go down to the base and lick up to the tip, around the tip and then back down the shaft and continue this until your shaft is nice and wet and ready for my mouth. I start with the head, taking it in my mouth to just below the ridge. I then slowly take more, inch maltepe escort bayan by tasty inch, into my mouth moaning my pleasure around your cock. I love the feel of you, the smoothness of your shaft and the heat of it in my mouth. I wanna feel it grow in my mouth so I start to stroke it in and out of my mouth, my head bobbing up and down. Some strokes are slow and others are fast. You moan your pleasure as I worship your cock.

I want to taste your cum. Your very essence. I want it to coat my tongue and throat and I want to share it with you when we kiss. I increase my strokes and I feel your body tense just before you climax. As your orgasm starts you yell “oh yeah baby, take it all”. I milk your cock of every drop. As I release it from my mouth I kiss the tip. I so enjoy the pleasure it gives me.

We rearrange ourselves on the pillows and turn to each other. We kiss deeply, sharing each others tastes and fluids. The kisses go on and on, our hands roaming each others’ bodies. We think that we are spent but as I reach over to stroke your cock I find it hard and throbbing and as you reach my pussy you find it soaking wet. You smile your pleasure and go around to insert your lovely hard throbbing cock into my tight wet pussy. And as always when you enter me you take my breath.

I feel you start to stroke in and out of me. Slow, deep strokes. I look up at you and smile. There is a look of utter enjoyment on your face and it mirrors my look of escort pendik contentment. I could stay like this for hours and never tire of the feel of you in me. Whether it be stroking slow and deep, or fast and furious or a combination of the two, you are fantastic. I love to feel your deep thrusts into my pussy. Love the sounds that our bodies make as they are joined together. The wetness of my body sheathing the hardness of yours. Some things are just too perfect for words.

Then the need for words is gone as the need for fulfillment overtakes us. Your thrusts become faster, our breathing becomes more shallow. I look at you and you at me and the intensity there ignites our passion and we cum together. Your cock is buried deep in me and my pussy lips grab at your cock, wanting to milk every drop from you. As you catch your breath you lean against me and we kiss deeply. Words aren’t necessary.

I love the way you love me. The feel of you, the taste of you, the way you make me feel about myself are all a part of that. I have never had it before and probably never will again. When you are close I feel as if everything is right with the world. We are home here together. Doing what we want to be doing. No one can take this from us. No matter how frequently or infrequently we can be together we are where we want to be. In each others arms, enjoying the pleasures that we can give one another.

You once said that you needed to find an adventurous spirit and I needed the freedom to spread my wings. I am truly beginning to see that. Other people look for a lifetime and never find what we have found. I thank God every day for bringing you into my life and for allowing me to bring you whatever pleasures I can for as long as I can.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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