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She ran out of the car, as the first drops of rain started to pour. Her chest bounced as she ran to the train station to drop her kid off for a 30 day holiday with his dad. She heard a whistle and some comments behind her. She didn’t even turn to look. “Men are such idiots sometimes” she muttered to herself. “Do they really think I’m so desperate that I’ll take pleasure in being picked up from the street? And with my kid around?”

Ever since she had gotten divorced it was the same thing. Sometimes she felt she had a sign over her head saying: Need to get laid, haven’t got a ‘steady’ man in my bed.

Sometimes it happened at work, or even at parent meetings where other women avoided her like the plague, pulling along their smiling husbands.

It’s always been like this for Stella. Ever since she could remember, it was either a drunk uncle yelling obscenities at her, or an elderly grandpa trying to feel her thighs, or a fat horny taxi driver sticking out his tongue. Then she grew up and things got worse.

An acquaintance would tell her out of the blue he jerked off thinking of her—like she cared—or some guy she actually liked and was interested in, would tell her she had a raunchy dirty face and that she must give great head.

Or she would fall in love with prudes who would be shocked at the idea she’d want to touch herself while making love.

She was 36 now and in her prime. She had no false modesty or fears, she knew what she liked in bed and she didn’t want to be an idiot like when she was younger. She didn’t want to be groped and pity-fuck some guy or fuck with someone in exchange for a little bit of tenderness. She saw herself as a fine food or wine, she wanted to be savored, not devoured by an ignorant burger swallower.

It was hard though. After she hit 30, her body woke abruptly. Many nights she felt passion, tenderness and love in excess radiating from every pore of her body, and she had no one to give all that energy to.

The best years of my life, and they go to waste, she thought many times.

She had tried to sleep with some random guys but her heart wasn’t into it. So the sex was bad. She’d laugh secretly at some guy calling her a slut while asking her if his tiny cock was hurting her.

I mean..seriously? she thought to herself.

Or another one squeezing her tits hard, neglecting the nipples and her clitoris, making little panting noises like a dog, completely oblivious that she was in the room—that it wasn’t an apple pie he was riding.

Or that other one who made a face when he saw she wasn’t shaved Brazilian style.

“Oh I’m sorry, does hair disgust you?” she laughed.

“Well a woman should take care of herself” he said, then checked her round ass and noted “you haven’t been going to the gym lately, right?”

Stella sighed. No it wasn’t easy to have GOOD satisfying sex. And she paid her dues. She had made pimply teenagers happy when she was in her teens, she had had her share of bad fucks, and now she wanted the real thing.

One afternoon she was reading an article about how women are self conscious about their pussy and she had an idea. She prepared a camera and put a towel on the bed. She spread her legs open and checked the view of the camera. Her face could not be seen. Good.

She zoomed in at her bush and put shaving foam all over it. It was cool and light and it had a good sensation. She took the bowl of lukewarm water close to her and started to shave closely each lip, uncovering the darker flesh underneath. She rinsed her razor many times and drops of water dripped down between her full lips and onto her clitoris. She was turned on.

Once she was done there was not a single hair on her pussy and her anus.

This is going to itch tomorrow, she thought to herself.

She then took the camera and switched it to “photo”. She took pictures of her cunt swelling more and more, till it was as big as a fleshy rose. Her clitoris was huge and soft under her fingers and her juices had given a shine to the whole area. She got up and put the camera on the table, then bent over and opened her ass-cheeks. Then she started masturbating as close as possible to the lens. She took a single cigar case and started inserting it inside her, clicking like crazy, taking pictures. Then she took a magic marker and put it in her ass. She took so many pictures she lost count.

She stopped at some point and put them on her computer while she made herself comfortable on the bed. She was pleasantly surprised to see her pussy was beautiful. She was surprised she could actually tell the difference, but she had seen enough porn to have something to compare it with. And that was a good looking pussy.

She got hot doing this little indiscretion, and she thought she must get herself a dildo.

As she was masturbating at the sight of herself and the naughty little adventure she created, she saw movement from the window opposite her house.

“Can he see me?” she wondered and froze.

That’s all I need now, some idiot thinking he can get fresh, just because kartal escort I’m sexually active, she thought as she got up to draw the curtains.

She returned to bed but the mood was gone. She made herself a sandwich and made a CD of her pictures before deleting them from her computer and camera.

You never know, she thought to herself, and put the CD somewhere safe.

A week or so had passed and she was busy going out, dating, working and living her life as usual. One night she met this guy…or should she say boy, since he was in his early twenties?

He looked awfully young, but the way he came on to her was what moved her.

As they were sitting around the table chit chatting casually, his hand reached hers and he stroked it gently. His eyes didn’t plunge at her bust line, they didn’t linger at her lips. He was just…happy with a huge smile on his face, because he was holding her hand.

She felt her heart bouncing in her chest. That young girl she once was had never had that kind of treatment. She felt torn. He looked so young…

All night their eyes would meet and lock, but she wouldn’t take the plunge.

This was wrong. People were staring.

She looked young for her age, she looked 25 at most, but so did he unfortunately, he looked 17.

She couldn’t decide what to do, so she just enjoyed the butterflies in her stomach and the giggles he was bringing to her.

He drove her home and as she was ready to exit, he reached and kissed her softly on the lips. She felt she would faint. All the bottled-up passion and sensuality she had put on the back burner had come forth with the sensation of his wet tongue on her lips. She turned, moaning, and allowed him to kiss her deeply.

Three hours later, they were still kissing, in his car. They had parked outside her house and they did that for the next 10 days. She never once asked him in, she was enjoying this pace too much.

The sucking of fingers, the squeezing of his cock on top of his jeans, the awkward licking of her nipple…

On day ten, she asked him to come in.

She opened the door as they kissed and came into her apartment.

He immediately took his shirt off and she was immediately attracted to his wide shoulders that gave him a manlier look. His stomach and chest had hair and she was amazed at herself, watching her hands rubbing him and touching him with a frenzy as she sat on the bed, meaning to take her boots off.

He kneeled down and before she could do or say a thing, he lifted her skirt, pulled her panties to the side and inserted his tongue between the swollen lubricated lips. She had a moment of dizziness.

She could see his head between her legs and his hand reaching out for his cock. Not to rub it, but to squeeze it hard enough to stop the orgasm that was coming over him.

She opened her legs a little bit, allowing him to go a bit further down, but it still wasn’t good enough so he pushed her shoulders while he pulled her by the waist to the edge of the bed. Half her ass was hanging out, and she was still fully dressed. She whispered “hold on,” and lifted her legs up (thank God for years of ballet lessons) while she started peeling off her panties.

The sight under his eyes almost gave him a heart attack. She had her ankles next to her face, legs straight and this beautiful round bottom was open and exposed, while her pussy was trapped between the flesh of her thighs, looking at him with impertinence.

He thrust his mouth to the inviting island in the middle of the pool to restrain himself from putting his cock as deep as possible inside of her. She smelled so good, and her taste was slightly sour.

He licked her and she started moaning from pleasure.

His tongue was hard and fast and she felt waves of pleasure coming and coming. She was never a fan of sucking dicks but in this guys case she felt differently. She had never felt that horny, and now that she did, she wanted to suck him, she wanted him to take her, degrade her by coming on her face and mouth.

She felt a twinge of panic at her own thoughts.

She reached out and grabbed him by the hair.

“Fuck me” she pleaded.

He didn’t need an extra invitation, he quickly put on a rubber and inserted his cock inside of her. He was wide and big and she hadn’t felt that sensation of fullness in a while, so when he got inside her she started coming.

He heard her scream while she threw her head back. He tried to hold on but at the crucial moment she opened her eyes and looked at him. That was enough to send him to heaven and he felt his cock shooting far and strong in the rubber prison it was in.

She lay there, eyes semi-closed, in a state of nirvana and bliss. It had been so long, and this was perfect. She was infatuated with that guy, he was cute and sweet and the kind of guy she would have dated in her twenties. He was patient and giving in bed, and very sensual.

It was just perfect.

She got up and finished undressing while he went to the bathroom to clean up.

She got under maltepe escort bayan the covers, switched on the tv, expecting him to find an excuse to leave.

Instead he climbed into bed with her and pretended to watch the movie.

His cock was still hard and stiff.

Ah! being twenty, she thought…I remember now, how could I have forgotten?

Her mind drifted to her past lovers, the all-nighters, how much in love they were, how youth is wasted on the young really.

She could appreciate it now, now that most of her encounters were dull, unimaginative and short. Not that all her lovers were good, but being in love helps.

It seemed to her that her youth had disappeared in a blink of an eye. Eight years ago she was still in her late twenties. Then she had a child, a divorce, and suddenly she was over the hill.

When exactly did that happened? she thought with a sigh.

She looked at his jaw line, the full lips, the beautiful gorgeous face and wished she could tell him that his best days are now…but he would find out soon enough, like she did.

This one is a keeper, she thought, if I was his age.

She didn’t have time to finish her thoughts as the young man, too anxious to wait for her to make the next move, climbed on top of her while shoving his tongue in her mouth.

“God you are so fucking hot,” he moaned. His breathing was irregular and heavy, his manhood was a spear searching frantically for an opening between her legs.

She felt a gulp of lubrication falling down.

She immediately opened her legs.

His cock was so hard it couldn’t get in, it would bend.

She reached down to help, but as she grabbed the warm flesh in her hand she felt torn. She wanted him in her, but she also wanted to suck him. She wished he had two cocks for a split second.

She didn’t spend much time debating with herself, she saw the expression on his face as her fleshy hand enveloped him. She pulled him gently up by the cock as she was lowering herself and licked his balls. She helped him sit on her face, and she started licking his balls and teasing his asshole with the tip of her tongue. He smelled of cleanliness and soap. His asshole was soft and surprisingly hairless. She sensed him tensing and she shushed him while gently stroking his shaft up and down. Soon he was putty in her hands.

She turned and put him underneath her. She pushed the back of his thighs and started licking his ass, balls, and shaft. She would then put the whole length in her mouth, as deep as possible, while her tongue would stay at the head and go back and forth and in circles as fast as possible. Her lips would cover her teeth and apply pressure just at the end of the head. Up and down then out of her mouth, then she’d slide down, go to his balls, lick them and suck on them gently, then roam his asshole and then the same again.

Little drops of precum had filled her mouth so she lifted herself and spat. The saliva started dropping slowly from her mouth and he guided his cock in position to receive it. This was turning him on incredibly. This beautiful woman—not a girl—with her full breasts in plain view, her tiny waist and her round bottom was giving him pleasures in ways he couldn’t imagine.

He wanted to explode in her face but he didn’t dare ask.

He didn’t want to do anything to ruin the mood. Besides, he didn’t think he could utter a word.

She then asked him to close his eyes. He obeyed. She took his hand and guided it to his cock.

“Keep it busy, I’ll be right back” she said.

He felt her leaving the bed, then coming back real fast.

He heard a metallic noise and then her weight on the bed, followed by the warmth and wetness of her mouth.

She then stopped and asked him to open his eyes.

He didn’t understand at first. Nothing was different. She still had her black bra around her waist, her unbuttoned shirt on. She looked to her right, towards the television.

The sight made him ejaculate a bit in her mouth.

She wasn’t sure if he would enjoy it or be indifferent about it, but seeing his reaction to the sight of her pussy pictures gave her tremendous pleasure.

She started sucking again on that dick, milking it with passion. She grabbed his numb hand and guided it to her clitoris that had grown so big it almost touched the covers. She knelt before him, legs spread open, his dick in her mouth and his hand on her clit.

He started playing frantically with it, applying pressure and doing long wide circles, massaging clit and labia together. As the pictures on the screen changed, revealing the stages of a an orgasmic pussy, he felt her finger inserting itself in his rear end, gently, smoothly. He didn’t have the courage to speak, the sucking of his dick was out of this world and the pressure on his rear intensified that feeling.

He was trying hard not to come in her mouth, and as if she sensed it, she put more fervor in her actions.

She lifted her head up. Her lips were swollen, bruised by the friction, and she whispered

“Baby, escort pendik I really need to taste you.”

She didn’t have time to say more, he felt himself losing control.

Stella realizing she would miss it, covered the little geyser with her mouth and making noises of pleasure as she applied pressure to his rear.

His mind went blank, he felt his heart stopping, as the pleasure was coming from two different areas, two different sensations, fucking her head and getting fucked.

She hesitated for a second deciding what to do with his load, opting to swallow it. He let out a groan and pinched her clitoris, which made her come with open mouth, uncovering part of his semen on her tongue and teeth while covering his hand with her juices.

They laid there, breathless for a moment.

First she got up to clean up.

She was hungry. She never felt better. She felt desired and sexy and fulfilled. Boy, was she full and filled.

He stood there, unable to move, watching her long hair reaching the middle of her back. He still wanted to fuck her hard but his body didn’t obey him. He drifted off to sleep.

He had a medley of dreams, ass, nipple, cock sucking, and he woke up seeing her face. God she was beautiful. He looked at her body. Voluptuous feminine curves, non athletic body, soft skin and sexy gracious movements. He looked down. Her nipples were not too dark, not too small, and when he touched them they would react instantly by pointing upwards, retracting the soft areola.

His cock was semi-hard but what was really turning him on was her face. She was so beautiful, and she didn’t even seem to know it. She thought men just wanted to shove it anywhere, she didn’t take credit for that face of hers that was inspiring some to masturbate and others to write poems about it.

And she was here, with him. Giving herself to him, giving him head!

The memory of that head made him moan a bit. He reached out and started kissing her gently.

Stella woke up to the feeling of him sliding inside of her.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. “You looked so beautiful.”

She responded immediately to his kiss and his manhood inside of her with waves of juices rolling down his shaft.

Does he have a condom on? she wondered. Part of her prayed he didn’t and he could feel her, but part of her panicked. At this day and age it’s not wise to risk everything like this.

“Do you wear protection?” she asked.

He paused.

Fear gotten hold of her. She was a mother, she had to be responsible.

“Look…” he said. “I know you are OK, since you got tested and showed me the results, ok?”

“Ok,” she nodded.

“And you don’t have to fear me… trust me.”

“Did you get tested?” she asked. She trusted him but she couldn’t trust her judgment.

He was still inside of her and she wanted him to pound her hard, it was hard to have a conversation with a non clear head. It took her all her strength not to throw caution to the wind and tell him to shut up and fuck her.

“I’m clean..cause…you are my first.”


She felt as if a bullet exploded in her head.

She had mixed emotions about this. The responsibility, why he was actually there (to get laid, not to get laid with her), and she was amazed at how good he really was.

“Look, I had opportunities but I never took advantage of them, the girls my age always seemed immature in… in comparison…”

He continued. “When I got to meet you, I couldn’t believe it, I’ve had this crush on you forever.”

He was inside of her and wasn’t moving now.

She was receiving these waves of information, trying her best to let them sink in.

But at his declaration of love, her heart started pounding fast in her chest and she thought everyone in the room could hear it.

“I live on the other side of the block, but my bathroom window looks directly down into your bedroom,” he continued.

Her jaw dropped. He had started to move now, becoming as big as he’d ever been.

“I started watching you when you slept or got undressed, like every horny guy would do, and played with myself, but as days and months passed, I got to know you,” he said. I know, for instance, that you hate it when people wake you in the morning and you get cranky for the whole day and I know you cry when you see reruns of Little House on the Prarie, and I know you are as beautiful inside as you are outside…”

She kissed him passionately.

This guy had seen her at her worst, in her bathrobe, when she was crying or yelling at her kid to do his homework, or even when she was picking her nose… and he wanted HER, to be with her and be inside of her. She felt in love. Suddenly, the thought of him watching her shave and take pictures of herself hit her. Her vagina walls retracted on his cock at the thought.

She felt about to orgasm.

“I need you to come inside of me now!” she moaned and looked at him straight in the eyes while grabbing him by the love handles of his waist, pulling him inside with force, covering every possible inch of her pussy with him.

She felt him tense, then waves rolling out of his cock, pressuring rhythmically her walls, and hitting her womb with sticky hot sperm. God that sperm, how she wanted it, to taste it, eat it, have it spread all over her.

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