Sunrise Sunset Ch. 02

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The days and weeks following my afternoon with Jennifer at her house were like my rebirth as a man. The middle age funk that had plagued me for the past several years melted away and I was a new person. I felt like I was 18 again. Hell, I even started having spontaneous erections simply thinking about the time spent with her. I had believed that those “thought boners” were truly a thing of the past for me. I assumed that they were basically something for the youngsters, but now I found myself at work with a bulge in my pants that made me afraid that someone would ask me to come to a quick meeting and I would have to say, “In a minute.” Things would get even crazier as the days progressed towards Christmas and beyond. I would soon learn that Jenny was like no other woman I had ever known.

Arriving back in the office after leaving her house, I was expecting a lot of questions and a third degree from my secretary as to where I’d been all day. She only asked how my meeting went. I answered that the meeting moved into lunch, and that I was sorry I was getting back later than expected. I figured she’d never back-check my comments, and even if my client from the morning said anything in passing, I’d just say that lunch part of the meeting was with a second client. Actually, I was a bit surprised at how easy it had been to disappear for several hours of bedroom joy with Jennifer. Was that a good thing? Not being missed that badly? I wasn’t going to dwell on it. I was just walking on pillows and had a hard time containing myself. It almost felt like the night I lost my virginity the summer before I left for college.

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel walking into the house that evening. There’s a long standing Hollywood cliché that after an encounter such as mine with Jenny, somebody can just look at you and say, “Hey, you’ve been having sex haven’t you?” That obviously didn’t happen. I walked in, poured my usual Chivas over two ice cubes, and started to glance through the paper before dinner. Part of me hated myself for what I had done, but another felt like maybe this was what I had needed to make me feel alive again. The thing that surprised me, and perhaps frightened me a little, was how easy it had all been. Nobody from my secretary to Ellen seemed to have a clue.

It wasn’t long into Thursday morning at the office when the phone rang. It was Jenny. “Good morning, Uncle Mike. How are you doing? Was everything OK yesterday when you got back and went home?”

I told her that all was well, and that I was dancing on cloud nine just thinking about it. “Me too,” she said. “It was so fantastic. I keep thinking about how sexy it was when you licked my pussy on the kitchen table; how much I loved feeling you inside me and smelling your cum all over me; how good you tasted. I had been thinking about you all morning yesterday, and couldn’t wait to see how it would feel to have you penetrate me. Last night, I could smell us when I got in bed. I got out my vibrator and pretended you were with me again. I spread my legs and played with myself till I came. I put my vibrator in me, and remembered you on top of me fucking me like an animal. I remembered how you fucked me on my hands and knees had fucked me in both my holes. It made me feel so good to know you wanted me so much. I was starting to feel like I couldn’t make a man need me like that anymore.”

God knows that I’m no prude, but frankly, I was tad shocked to hear her talking dirty to me like this on the phone at ten in the morning. I mean, I had known girls in college who would get a little heated up while you were having sex and could let out a few “Fuck me, that feels so good,” type comments. Ellen used to be able to lay out some interesting remarks when she’d get a little heated up and say things to me like, “Lick my pussy. I love it when you lick my pussy. Stick it in me.” But I’ve never had a woman just talking like this in on the phone in broad daylight, at least not one that you didn’t have to pay $4 a minute. My cock was so damned hard I thought it would break my zipper. I kept looking out the door of the office at my secretary while she typed orders and invoices into her computer oblivious to the conversation I was having. Thank God she didn’t pick up my extension.

“Uncle Mike,” she asked. “I want you to tell me what made you the most happy? What more can I do to really turn you on and satisfy you?”

I asked her to wait while I closed the door to the office. When I got up to slink to the door, I prayed that my secretary didn’t look in and see the bulge in my pants. I picked the phone back up again and told her, “Jenny, the whole time was so fucking hot and everything we did just keeps playing through my head and making me hard constantly. I thought I was going to have a heart attack when you just dropped your panties in the kitchen to show me your trimmed pussy. Then, when you came and gushed all over my legs, I was fucking amazed. I had never been with anyone that illegal bahis did that. I just loved it, not to mention when you got up on the bed, spread open and told me I could do anything I wanted to you. I didn’t tell you, but that spread open crotch pose with you offering yourself up to me is something that just drove me wild.”

“Ummmm, I love hearing that Uncle Mike. I can’t wait to be with you again. When can we do it again? Soon?”

“I wish I could come over all the time,” I said, “but it’s only a little over two weeks till Christmas, and it might be tough with all the work here and stuff at home.”

“Yeah,” she replied. “I don’t think Keith has any multi-night trips scheduled before Christmas. He just said he’d be in town pulling a lot of stuff together in the office before the holiday. I really can’t wait to see you again. I hope it’s not too long.”

I agreed with her and told her that I hoped that Keith’s job activities wouldn’t prevent them from coming to our house on Christmas Day. She told me there was no way that at least she wouldn’t be there. Then I told her I’d have to talk to her later because I had someone coming for a meeting in about ten minutes. We hung up and I just sat there thinking about the things she had said on the phone. I had always wished Ellen could do that, talk about sexy erotic things just for fun. It would be so great if she could call me at work with that sort of thing, but it’s never happened in a score of years. The thing that amazed me is that Jenny could do it like it was second nature. She was so relaxed and uninhibited that it didn’t seem at all “slutty”. It just sounded like two people talking about their sexual feelings and needs like it was no big deal. The difference I suppose was that the topics and language were so graphic and a bit “improper” on my office phone that it made it so fucking erotic.

Jenny called again the next day to talk. There was a moment of panic when my secretary interrupted in the middle of it to tell me my boss needed to see me ASAP. Fortunately, we weren’t saying anything really hot at the time, but still it made me nervous. That’s when I suggest that we might have to watch our phone conversations. She asked if she could e-mail, but I didn’t want that sort of mail coming to my company account. She agreed that it wouldn’t be good to have it in her mail box at home either. We decided to get anonymous accounts with one of the free services. That way, we could control who might have direct access to our electronic banter. Over the next couple of weeks, our e-mail would have made a horny sailor in a whore house blush. She’d go on about what we had done together that first time and the sorts of things she couldn’t wait to do with me; how she couldn’t help to wrap her mouth around my hot hard cock or to wash my face with her soaking cunt. I’d tell her that all I’d been able to think of all morning was burying my face in her fragrant crotch or slide my cock into her welcoming cunt hole. The dirty talk was giving my middle-aged dick a wake-up call.

One day about three days before Christmas, I got a message from her with the title, “open when alone”. I closed the office door before double clicking on her mail. The message simply read, “An early Christmas present for my Uncle Mike. Enjoy.” There were two attached .jpg files. The first was titled, “My Gift for Uncle Mike”. The second was called, “Wish You Were Here”. I clicked on the first. It was a picture of Jenny, stark naked, with her legs open and knees up in what I had told her was my favorite “beaver shot” pose. She had on one of those Venetian style masks used at the pre-Lent “Carnevale” masquerade balls. It looked like a doll’s face with a plume of feathers out of the top. She was also wearing a red Santa Clause hat. However, there was no question that it was Jenny even though I had only seen her sweet trimmed pussy up close and personal that one day. Besides, I could see that she had used a mirror to take the picture because part of her bedroom was reflected in the background. Her left hand was disappearing off the image, and it was pretty clear that she was using it to hold the camera since was also a bit of a flash aura in the corner. Rather than distracting from the image, its authenticity made it that much more sexy. This was no professional model set up to appear like an amateur. This indeed was an amateur, and one that I had the joy of knowing in the biblical sense. My growing erection made it necessary to adjust it in my pants so it was pointed up and not all bent backwards. I clicked on the second attachment. It was basically the same pose with her penis-shaped vibrator halfway into her lady-hole. My erection was in full hard-on mode and I couldn’t help rubbing a little through my pants. I felt like I wanted to jerk off right there, but knew that was an absolute no-no. The in-office taboo made me extra horny.

I quickly closed the image in case someone barged in. There was another message illegal bahis siteleri from her in the queue and I clicked to open it. “Dear Uncle Mike. Hope you liked seeing my Christmas presents as much as I enjoyed making them. It made me so hot while I was doing them to think that when you saw them, your hand would be in your pants. Please tell me I’m right. When I was finished taking them and sending them off to you, I had to use the apparatus in the second picture to get myself off. Too bad it wasn’t the real you. xoxo J. PS Call me so I can hear you panting. LOL!”

I picked up the phone and dialed her number. When she answered, all I said was, “The answer is ‘yes’, you had me putting my hands where they shouldn’t be during office hours. However, I don’t think playing with myself in my office is a good idea. I won’t say what might happen later. Jenny, your pictures were so fucking sexy. I can’t believe you did that.”

She giggled, “I LOVED doing them for you because I loved thinking about what they would do to you. You told me how you love looking at women posed like that. Now I know why women become strippers or post pictures like that on the internet. It’s one super rush to think that some guy is out there looking at you and wanting you.”

I told her that I would e-mail later with more detailed comments, but had better let it go for now. Besides, I might have to go off to the men’s room, lock myself in a cubicle, and take matters into my own hands. She giggled again. Before hanging up, I reconfirmed that she, Keith and the kids would be coming over on Christmas.

Christmas Day was the usual mob of family. I my parents and Ellen’s parents arrived early to help Ellen set up. Ellen’s sister and brother arrived next. Jenny and Keith, along with her two, Tim and Lisa, were late, and I was getting a little worried that something might have come up and they had to cancel. I was happy when the doorbell rang, and I looked out to see them all on the porch, looking cold but festive, carrying wrapped boxes. As they crowded in, there were greetings, kisses, and hugs all around. I was glad that Jenny just gave me the usual innocent hug, and didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. I carried coats upstairs while they carried presents into the living room and set them around the tree with the others.

The script for our family Christmas gatherings evolved over the years and became pretty standard. Generally, everybody started with a drink or two along with some snacks. Afterwards, everyone gathered to exchange presents and express wonder how in the world everybody came up with whatever gift they gave. Following the clean-up of wrapping paper, the afternoon moved on to more serious eating and drinking. Ellen had covered the dining room table with food she had prepared as well as with dishes brought by others. The buffet format let everyone eat whatever they wanted at their own pace. Most of the guys took food and beer into the TV room to watch football or basketball while the women tended to stay in the living room and dining room. At one point during the afternoon when things seemed a little quiet, I was able to catch Jennifer’s eye from the kitchen, and motion for her to come see me. As she came into the kitchen, I quickly secreted her through the door to our garage.

“What are you doing?” she asked as I maneuvered her to my SUV, opened the back door and urged her inside. I had purposely backed the car into the garage the day before so that the dark tinted rear windows faced the door to the kitchen. I pulled a small box from my pocket and handed it to her. “It’s not much,” I said, “but I wanted to get you a little something just from me.” She looked at me a little surprised, but a smile came to her face. “Uncle Mike, what’s this? You didn’t need to do this. You and Aunt Ellen already got us something.”

“I know, but that’s for both of you from both of us. This is just from me to you. It’s not much. I’m sure you have dozens.” She opened it to see the pair small gold hoop ear rings. She looked up smiling, and gave me a innocent kiss on the cheek saying, “That’s so sweet. I girl can never have too many gold ear rings. Now I feel bad because I didn’t get you something.”

“No problem,” I said. “I didn’t expect you to do anything like that. Besides, you can still give me one hell of a great Christmas present if you really want to. Do you know how a couple of weeks ago at your house you said that you might like to meet me in my car somewhere just to give a blowjob? Well…… we are in my car. It’s been all I could think about for the past week.” I hoped my grin didn’t make me look too much like a leering dirty old man.

She looked at me. “You’re asking me to blow you right here in your garage?”

“If you think it’s too crazy just say no. I don’t want you to think I’m out of my mind, but I have to admit that it’s all I’ve been able to think about for days; ever since you sent those pictures. canlı bahis siteleri I was so afraid that something would happen that you guys would have to cancel and not be here today. I backed the car in so that even on the one in a million chance that somebody opens the door, they won’t see anything through the dark windows, especially if we stay low and keep quiet. Damn, Jenny, I’ve been so fucking horny thinking about this, it would probably only take ten seconds to get me off. But, if you don’t want to……”

“Oh wow,” she interrupted. “Look at my sweet shy Uncle Mike, actually asking me for a blowjob, and right here practically under everybody’s nose. I love it. It’s so fucking hot. You’re so cute all hot and horny for me. You’re grinning like a dirty old elf.”

With that, I lay back against the door, and we both started unbuckling and unzipping my pants. I wriggled them down to my knees. I was already hard, and she bent over to take me into her mouth. There was no wasting of time with a lot of preliminaries. No nibbling or kissing or licking. She just went right down on it and started mouth fucking me. Her right hand masturbated me and her left hand cupped my balls. This wasn’t one of those “loving and erotic” oral sex sessions. This was like the $50 hooker giving me a quickie in the back alley. I didn’t care. I just wanted and needed to get off in her mouth more than anything I’ve felt for a long time. I stifled my moans, but couldn’t help moving my hips to fuck her mouth with the rhythm of her head bobbing up and down. I’m sure it was only a few minutes, but it seemed to go on forever because I couldn’t help worrying that somebody would open that damned door to come into the garage looking for something. This was the craziest fucking thing I had ever done, but I had been telling myself for days how much I had to go for it. It was now or never. It wasn’t long till I reached the “point of no return” and knew it was only seconds before I would erupt. Jenny knew it too. I figured she could feel my balls contracting as my cock got super hard. She probably tasted my pre-cum because she gave a little, “ummmm” sound. Then the flood gates opened. I felt the release of pleasure rocket through me as the first surge of my semen spurt from me. She didn’t pull away or balk, but continued her mouth-fucking and hand action as my fluid filled her mouth. I could tell that she was swallowing it all.

As my heart rate slowed, I began to come down from my orgasmic high, and our eyes met. “Well my dear sweet Uncle Mike…..and a very Merry Christmas to you too.”

“Let me do you,” I said huskily, “right here.”

“She looked a little surprised. “Right here? I’d have to take everything off and what if somebody comes out? I’d never be able to get dressed in time.’

“Just let me pull everything down to your ankles. It can work.” I pulled her jeans and panties down around her ankles, pushed her legs up so I could get to her pussy with my tongue. I set right to it licking her from hole to her clit and all around her entire crotch. I savored her scent and taste like the best of Christmas sugar plums. I pushed my thumb into her and fucked her with it while I licked her wet slit and clit. She was circling her hips to help and she seemed like it was really good for her, but after a couple of minutes, she pushed me away gently. “I’m sorry Uncle Mike. I just don’t think I’m going to get there, not here. Not like this. I’m too nervous being totally exposed like this. I’m sorry. It’s not you. Please understand. I want a rain check, and don’t doubt that I won’t collect from you when I can relax more and not feel all strung up like this.”

Disappointed as I was, I did understand and helped her get her panties and jeans back in place. “I mean it,” she said, “a rain check, redeemable for one tongue-job to be collected at the holder’s convenience.” We both laughed out loud. The next trick was getting back into the house. I told her to go in first. If anybody saw her, she was to tell them that she wanted to check out my SUV because she’d been thinking about getting one. She could tell them that I told her that she could come out and sit in it to check it out. I would wait for a few minutes and come in with a few extra six-packs to add to the cooler. If anybody saw both of us, I could say I had taken you out to see the car.

She agreed and added, “You’d better head right to the powder room and wash your face and hands. You wouldn’t want to be sitting next to somebody who might think you were using aftershave that smelled like pussy.” God, I loved this woman’s mind and her ability to tell it like it is. Then she asked if she could use the upstairs bathroom, and of course I said it would be fine.

All my worrying was for naught because nobody saw us or nobody cared. Once again, I was amazed at how all of this could play out so easily. I did wash up and went into the TV room with the guys. About ten minutes later, Jennifer caught my eye from the hallway and motioned for me to come over. She held her hand under my nose and then put her fingers into my mouth. “What do you taste?” she asked. I had no doubts. “Pussy,” I said, “and for sure it’s your sweet pussy.”

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