Sun, Sand, Sex and Starshadows

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Hainora took a deep breath, inhaling the rich scent of the sea, and exhaled before she opened her eyes again. Her toes curled in the fine white sand of the beach, the radiant warmth soaking into her feet while the bright sun warmed the rest of her through her loose white cotton clothing. It felt good to be out of the carriage, taking the air and feeling the sun again. It hadn’t been her idea, and at first she’d resisted, but she was already beginning to be glad she’d listened to her wife’s suggestion. She turned to look back at the others as they wandered into view across the dune, raised a hand to wave.

The first over were two of her daughters. It was impossible to mistake them for anything but. All three of them stood tall – in Hainora’s case, a full two heads above the norm – and statuesque, strongly built with long blonde hair, prominent noses, and unusually long ears for a Quel’dorei. Melos was the shortest, born of Hainora’s voluptuous wife Bliss, her features softened slightly by her mother’s blood along with her hips, the modest swell of her bust, and her thighs. Tifereth, the younger of the two, was however the spitting image of her sire at her age – tall, flat-chested, well-endowed (favouring nakedness in the sea over a swimsuit, Tifereth’s fat uncut cock was freely swaying between her legs as she walked) and with a decidedly sharp, predatory look to her face. She bore little of her mother, Anwen, about her. Even in temperament, she resembled Hainora the most strongly of both her parents.

After them came a third daughter, Nala, and her wife, a curvy half-elf named Maitreya. They were a stark contrast together. Nala (not born of Hainora’s own blood, but of two of her wives’ union together) was a peach-skinned, somewhat tall elf with raven-black hair and a body best described as toned and firm, marred by vicious scars from an animal mauling along her right flank. Her features were playful, angular, typically Elven in their precise beauty if lacking the preternatural predator aspect of the true Starshadow line. Maitreya stood a head shorter than her wife, but what she lacked in height on her she more than made up with curves. Immense breasts jostled in her tight white swimming top, her hips carried an enticing sway, and there was the slightest pad of fat over the sturdy muscle of her core. And of course, between her legs, packed into a too-small bikini bottom, there was a handsomely large cock, too large by most standards, bulging out the fabric.

Bringing up the rear (save of course for Kayla, a short elf who endeavoured to avoid notice as a good slave, simply serving without drawing attention to herself. She, at the time, was lugging a large heavy basket up over the dune behind all of them, having already set out the large expanse of towels and rugs to spare her employer’s from the indignity of lying on bare sand while wet) was one of Hainora’s wives, Bliss, with her half-sister Ariana and her wife Letalya, Maitreya’s parents. Ariana laughed and danced ahead of them on the sand, gleeful at the prospect of frolicking in the water, an innocent even at her age. Her auburn hair was tied tightly back, and she wore a simple one-piece suit in black. Her build was unremarkable – not especially skinny, but not fat – but the way she moved was graceful, lithe. She had a dancer’s instincts.

Just as Maitreya stood in stark contrast to her wife, Letalya stood to her’s. She was human, a rarity in the north, but more than just human, she was a vision of confident beauty. She might be described as heavy quite accurately, but her movement bore sensual grace and certain confidence, echoed in the warm depths of brown eyes set over a strong aquiline nose. Immense breasts, broad hips, a soft belly, thick thighs. It wasn’t to Hainora’s taste – she favoured the extreme hourglass of her wife, Bliss, whose immense bust nearly challenged Letalya but who (with the aid of extensive years of corsetry) stood considerably thinner. Her ass and thighs lacked the same fullness, but she was nonetheless pleasingly thick everywhere but her carefully cultivated waist. Artistically, when she had dabbled as a painter, such proportions would have been regarded as stylized and impossible. But the two had crafted them together, painstakingly, in real flesh. It contributed in no small respect to Bliss’s continuing career as a porn starlet – a unique look, just slightly grotesque enough at first glance to draw the viewer in, but possessing a carefully sculpted beauty on closer examination. Her body was a breast fetishist’s dream come to living flesh.

“Come on! Let’s get in the water!” Ariana cried, met with a cheer by Tifereth and a soft laugh by Letalya. The curvy woman pressed a kiss to her wife’s cheek, shaking her head softly.

“In a little while, baby. I’m going to get some sun with Bliss. You go on ahead with Mai.” She said, kissing Ariana’s cheek again before turning away to move over to the towels with her friend and casual lover.

It canlı bahis was a ritual for the two of them, whenever they went to the beach together – both would laze in the sun for a while, oiled and gleaming, simply to enjoy the warmth before taking a swim. If, that is, they dipped into the water at all. Melos and Hainora joined them (the younger finding her beach entertainment with a novel, the elder with a bottle of rum) while the rest raced each other over the small crest between them and the sea.


Lying there, a bottle of rum in one hand and a fistful of her wife’s silky blonde hair in the other, Hainora was quite perfectly content. The trip to the beach had taken hours on the road, but with Bliss’s lips wrapped around her throbbing cock, suckling it with expert skill and teasing it with flickering strokes of her tongue, it was worth it. It was hard to begrudge a few hours in a carriage with the skills of an expert fellatrice making up for it. With another pull from the bottle, she lay her head back, shut her eyes, and melted into the attentions of her wife. She’d been unable to resist temptation, and had ordered Bliss over to attend to the erection created watching Kayla massage first Letalya, then her with olive oil for their sunbathing.

Leaning back on her elbow in the shade of a towel rigged to a pole and line, Melos couldn’t help but lick her lips at the sight of her two mothers. They were as shameless as beasts, and in truth so was she. She might wear conservative clothes – even here at the beach, she favoured loose trousers down to her ankles and a comfortable blouse, sleeves rolled up only to her mid-forearm, in part to hide the countless healing cuts and small scars from her love of the knife – but the sight stirred hunger in her, stirred fire between her legs, made the scars on her thigh tingle with memory, anticipation, and need. Her book was already forgotten only moments into the display. The hand turning pages had slid down between her muscular thighs instead, and the other had cast the slim volume down. That arm was now employed in propping her up for a better view of her curvaceous mother fellating the muscled gangster who had sired her, her sun-kissed cheeks hollowing around the impossibly thick cock.

As fingers found her clit, already drawing shyly back into its prominent hood, she shuddered with delight. Her breath hitched in her chest a moment, and her cheeks burned with their flush, heightened by the warmth of the midsummer sun. It wasn’t quite as good as Tifereth or Hainora doing it, but Melos knew just how to coax her swelling nub back from its hiding place, stroking just right at its base to tease it back, sighing in delight as slicked fingers lightly capture it, rolling it slowly, delicately before gliding down over velvety lips, gathering beads of her own nectar.

The small whimpers and sighs of pleasure were impossible to ignore for Bliss, for all she might try and focus on Hainora’s cock, on the slight press down at the back of her head urging her to take more and more of the jaw-achingly thick member between her plump lips. Her own wetness grows, vulva throbbing with need, neglected. The knowledge their daughter is watching, delighting, thrills her. Shame and shameful pleasure course through her body, curl around her stomach and slide like electric snakes sinuously down to the throbbing centre of her being. In front of the camera, it’s never a problem, but here, so intimate, it’s distracting to be watched, to hear the sighs and the small sounds of fingers moving over wet flesh.

Her distraction in turn does not go unnoticed. Hainora’s eyes flicker open and she looks down over her nearly flat chest to the sight of her wife trying to ignore the source, to focus on her task. Her hand pressed down harder, forcing Bliss to suddenly take her into her throat without warning. A less experienced woman might have gagged, might have retched, but Bliss’s years of practice near instinctively relaxed her throat instead, letting the cock slide in smoothly, without trouble, its path on full display in the obscene bulge pressing out.

“That’s it…” Hainora growls out, pressing harder, relentless in her hunger. “Deeper.” That hand only tightens in Bliss’s hair as she pushes, the curvy blonde’s suppressed gags turning to shivering as more and more cock plunges into her throat. It takes only moments until Bliss’s lips press to its base, her nose buried in Hainora’s pubic mound, tongue still slowly massaging the underside of her cock, eyes closed tight against tears.

“And as for you…” Melos shuddered as her mother’s attention turned her way, as glowing green eyes took in the sight of her so openly masturbating to their crude display. Her tongue slid out over her lips. “…get over here and help your mother.” Hainora said, no question of disobedience permitted in her tone. Just the words send an electric tingle through Melos, bahis siteleri and biting at her lower lip, she obeys without hesitation, sliding onto her knees to crawl over and lean in close to Bliss’s head, hands coming to rest on one of Hainora’s muscular thighs. The second Bliss drew back slowly for air, Melos leaned in to eagerly take her place, wrapping her lips around her mother’s crown and suckling lustily at it, savouring the sour tang of Bliss’s spit and the musky undertones of Hainora’s cock.

Looking down at them was electric for Hainora, raw physical pleasure heightened by taboo. The resemblance between Bliss and Melos was impossible to miss. They shared the same turn of the nose, the same shape of eye, the same inviting and enticing lips, even if Melos’s athletic build owed more to Hainora’s own blood than Bliss’s. It could only heighten the experience, and it made her shiver, enhanced each stroke along her shaft by Bliss’s soft hand, each swirl of the tongue around the ridge of her tip. For a brief moment, she even forgot her words, struggling for a moment before managing to growl out a simple “Good girl.”

Muscles tensed in her body under the sensations rolling through her, and reluctantly, Hainora tore her eyes away from the intoxicating sight. So much easier, she thought, to focus when the physical is all there is. She leaned her head back again into the towel while her hips rose of their own accord, thrusting her cock at her daughter’s eager mouth. The coiling serpent at the base of her cock slowed its movements, relaxed, even with Melos redoubling her efforts with greedy glee, bobbing her head up and down the red hot cock spearing her lips, here and there bumping against Bliss as the older elf suckled at Hainora’s left ball, bathing it lovingly with her tongue, cheeks burning with sublime humiliation at cavorting so openly on the beach.

Bliss’s trembling moan of denied need – her cunt was near dripping with arousal at it all, throbbing and begging for any touch at all but given only the grind of her own thick thighs together – vibrated through the heavy nut in her mouth, and stirred a shivering sigh from Hainora in turn. The sound of that sigh was high praise, exquisite compliment, and even in her shame Bliss felt pride blossom in her chest, and quickened her strokes along her Mistress’s cock, putting aside her own needy cunt again in the service of Hainora’s own lusts.

In their heated lusts, the three had forgotten the others. It was a natural thing with Kayla. Slaves are, afterall, property. They are noticed only when they are wanted or when they have failed in some way. It was far rarer to forget Letalya, who stirred with the sound of their moans, their sighs, their shuddering tremulous gasps, raised from her peaceful nap basking in the sun’s light only a few feet away. The gleam of the oil on her rich olive-toned skin had faded to a supple and luxurious sheen, and with feline pleasure she stretched out before rising to her knees.

“I doze off for five minutes and you three start going at it.” She said with a laugh in her voice. Kneeling there, her bare breasts brushed against her thick thighs when she leaned towards them, broad dusky areolae tightening and raising in small bumps at the incestuous display. Her eyes lingered not on the greedy oral, the slight struggle for dominance in the two submissive elves, but on Bliss’s ample body. The curvaceous elf was the only member of the household who could rival Letalya’s own lush curves, though she lacked the exaggerated hourglass Bliss had created by years of corsetry. The sight never failed to stir softness in her, mixing with raw and naked arousal, a peculiar and romantic wistfulness.

The recollection of long nights spent in bed with Bliss were jarred from her thoughts at Hainora’s laugh. “Why don’t you come join us then, eh?” The muscular blonde said – not a trace of a slur despite the not insignificant amount of rum now missing from the bottle.

Letalya shook her head, smiled back again and stretched as she spoke. “No,” she said, “I think I might just watch for now. The others should be done with the swimming soon, and this is going to get out of control when they come back to see all this.” Another stretch, smoothly extending her legs into the air and then drawing them back to her breasts, followed. An afternoon with the family could be a tiring affair without adequate preparation.

“Kayla,” she said, “Will you pass me the oil again?” She favoured the quiet slave with a smile, and took the bottle, spreading some of the olive oil onto her hand. It wasn’t quite their usual lube, but it would serve nicely for the warm-up. Sliding onto her side on the towel, perched to watch the display, Letalya dipped two of her fingers into the palmful of oil and reached back to begin.

Hainora’s attention had already returned to the greedy pair of cocksuckers so busily earning her approval and her cum, and she groaned as Melos made a slow retreat bahis şirketleri along the length of her cock while suckling firmly, cheeks hollowing around the fleshy shaft until she reached her mother’s crown, sucking just a little harder for the brief moment before it slipped free with a slick pop. Bliss was quick to seize the advantage, quickly releasing Hainora’s balls from her warm mouth to run her tongue up along the underside of her mistress’s cock, to capture the head and dance her tongue under the foreskin.

As she watched, heart quickening, Letalya’s fingers slowly stroked over her well-trained asshole, over the slightly puffy pucker, oiling it and teasing it, calling it to life. While not as much a devotee of sodomy as the rest of the family, it was all but a foregone conclusion that when the other four returned she would inevitably wind up sandwiched between at least two of them at some point. With a gentle sigh, her fingers eased past her ring with a fresh coat of oil, stretching and soothing her hole in anticipation of the hours to come.


As much fun as the sea had been, Maitreya was glad to be under the stream of fresh water diverted from the creek mouth. It was vanity, mostly – the salt water played havoc with her long auburn hair, frayed it and dried it. That, and a desire to see her mother and aunt sunning themselves, as they invariably did on the warm sand. They were over a dune from the shore, out of sight, and so the only hope of watching them glisten naked in the hot sun was to come out from the sea. Just the thought was enough to make her cock, heavy and flaccid, twitch a little and begin to firm between her lush thighs.

This wouldn’t have been at all a problem if she hadn’t been sharing the slow waterfall with three other women, one of whom immediately laughed and grabbed a hold of it with both hands and squeezed, grinning at her. Nala had the infuriating gift of knowing exactly what her wife was thinking – literally. The telepath gave another squeeze and a wink before releasing her cock and oh-so-casually bending over with the pretext of washing her hair more thoroughly. Her ass, toned and tight, swayed back and forth in front of her wife’s swelling cock, tempting her all the more.

The youngest of the four made no attempt to hide her own arousal. Tifereth’s cock had scarcely softened more than halfway since the others had stripped, a gorgeous slab of wrist-thick meat throbbing with hunger and need as the blonde pumped her fist along its impressive length, grinning at the sight of the other three. Youth and hormones together made Hainora’s bastard a veritable sexual hurricane, a wild storm barely constrained under the most formal of circumstances, let alone when bathing naked with three gorgeous women and anticipating an inevitable spiral into debauchery.

Ariana alone was simply enjoying the water washing over her body, and the uniquely clean sensation of the salt coating washing away. She delighted in that sensation, in the way it made her skin feel fresh and clean and new, and ran her hands over her body. Other times, the way she cupped her breasts would have been deliberate, a tease for the others, but though it made Maitreya only stiffen further and groan, the happy-go-lucky elf was in her own world of flowing water, warm sun, and the glow of a day at the beach.


Melos threw her head back with a soft, wavering cry as Hainora entered her, thrust her thick cock into her in a single smooth stroke. Even after so many times, it was so thick it hurt a little, tickling her masochistic urges even as it sent waves of rippling pleasure from her inner walls through her hips to curl in her belly. If her hands weren’t being held above her head by one of her mother’s own, she’d have reached up to grab at the muscular blonde and pull her deeper. As it was, she had no choice but to settle for pressing her hips up and staring at the scarred woman penetrating her, begging her for more with her eyes, flushing under her attention.

It was an exquisite torment for Bliss, who sat beside them and watched at her mistress’s order, biting her lower lip. Forbidden to touch herself but wanting to do nothing more, forbidden to touch either of them, all she could do was sit there jealous and needy. These games of denial never failed to have the desired effect. She hated them, and loved them in the same breath. Her chest rose heavy with her breath, fast and ragged from raw and untouched desire, only heightened by her inability to bring the slightest relief to herself save for the slow grinding of her thighs together.

This was the sight that greeted the rest of their party on their return from the creek. Hainora, fucking deep and slow into her own daughter. Bliss a whimpering mess next to them. Letalya casually watching, masturbating, preparing for their return. Maitreya bit her lip at it, shivered and felt her cock pulse and swell again. Ariana launched herself at Letalya with a laugh, landing on the blanket next to her wife and leaning to kiss her with playful familiarity.

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