Summer Vacation Ch. 02

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The next day, we both headed straight for the garage and the box of “goodies” as Tommy called it. We spent the first part of the day looking at the pictures again. Tommy was getting a little bolder, talking about cocks, tits and pussy. He just had gym shorts on today and I could see his cock sticking up every time he stood to get a different magazine and he made no real effort to hide it. He also left his shirt off and I was getting an eyeful of his muscular chest and defined abs. I had decided to wear a tight belly shirt with no bra and a skirt. I also had on one of the 3 thongs my mom had let me buy underneath. I spent the morning looking at the pictures and Tommy’s cock, plus flashing him a view of my thong every chance I could make it look accidental…then I decided to open one of the Penthouse magazines and turn to the letters.

There was a letter in the forum part about a mom fucking her son’s best friend. It talked about how she seduced him and all the things they did together…it was amazingly hot. I said to Tommy, “You have got to hear this letter.” I began to read him the letter out loud. About half way through, I could see that he had grabbed hold of his cock while I was reading and was gently squeezing it in hi hand. He wasn’t stroking it, just holding and squeezing. I paused for a second to turn bahis firmaları the page and without looking at him asked, “Does that feel good?”

He jumped a little and pulled his hand away. “Sorry…it’s just a really hot story and it’s kind of driving me crazy. I just needed a little relief.” He looked down at himself. “My cock feels like a piece of steel.”

“I know what you mean,” I said. “She makes the things they are doing sound so good.” I started reading again and after the first few sentences, I let my right hand move over my right tit and start to rub my nipple in light, slow circles. Every once in awhile, I’d squeeze it and push it against my other tit. Then I’d go back to holding it and rubbing it.

Tommy’s hand immediately went for his cock. He started that rhythmic squeezing again and started adding long slow strokes to it. He would listen while he kept looking at the pictures in the magazines and stealing glances at me rubbing my tit. I started to get even more turned on from his glances at me which were always followed by a few strokes of his cock. I kept reading, but sort of leaned back against some boxes and let my legs come apart slightly. I finished the letter and began to read the next one.

The reading was really turning me on. Reading out load to Tommy all the graphic action kaçak iddaa from the letters had me so wet, I thought I was going to slide off the box I was sitting on. Between that and the teasing game I was playing, plus catching glimpses of Tommy stroking his cock, I started to wonder how much longer he could last. While I kept reading, I let my right hand lower to the waist band of my skirt. I placed 2 fingers inside the waist band and rubbed back and forth. Tommy was stroking his cock at a steady pace, but still through his sweat pants. He wasn’t looking at the magazines anymore…just watching my fingers slide under the waist band of my skirt. I let my legs open up even further and my skirt fell between them. I let my hand slide down over top of my skirt and pressed hard against my wet pussy.

Tommy sucked his breath in through his teeth and I knew he was cuming. I stopped reading and saw the wet spot spread out over his gray sweat pants.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” he said and kept jerking as the wet spot grew bigger. I don’t know how long it took for him to finally finish; I couldn’t take my eyes of his jerking cock and the growing wet stain. When he finally finished I looked up at his flushed and sweating face. He still had hold of his cock and was breathing through his mouth with his eyes closed. He finally opened kaçak bahis them and looked right at me, but seemed embarrassed…his face actually got even redder than it was.

“That looked like it felt really, really good Tommy,” I said and smiled.

“Sorry about that,” he said and stood up. I could see some stuff run down his leg, though I wasn’t sure if it was cum or sweat.

“Don’t be sorry,” I said. “I never saw a guy do himself and cum like that before. It’s a lot hotter in real life than it looks in the pictures,” I said and grinned at him.

He looked at me and then looked quickly away. “I better get cleaned up….we have a lot of stuff to do yet before your Mom gets home,” he said and almost ran into the house. I knew he was embarrassed, but I wasn’t really sure why. If he wasn’t embarrassed to stroke it in front of me, I’m not sure why he was embarrassed to cum in front of me, but he apparently was. I figured I better not push it and put the rest of the stuff away. When he came back to the garage, he had a different pair of sweats on and was all business, talking about what we had to get done. We worked the rest of the day without talking about it and that night he went to bed early.

The more I thought about it, the more I figured he was embarrassed because I didn’t really do anything at the same time. I mean, I was touching myself a little, but not the same way that he was. I decided that tomorrow, I would break the ice a little so he wouldn’t feel embarrassed about anything around me anymore.

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