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Chapter 1

When Jenna Grubber (18) was four months into her first year at university in civic engineering studies, she’d become fascinated with her developing ability to turn a guy, from being an over-sexed male missile on heat and on target, into a near-writhing mess of shaking sexual confusion with a collapsed erection, simply achieved by snapping her legs closed.

However, Frankie, a best-friend and student of molecular science, warned Jenna that any guy temporarily half-insane from believing he was the victim of, say, unjustified malevolent treatment, could attack her long-time blonde and leggy Jenna, perhaps brutally.

“Probably I would be fine,” Jenna told her roommate and lover. “If physically attacked or severely threatened, I could then unleash, after almost nine years of Martial Arts training as a fitness and self-improvement discipline, into counter-attacking in real life.”

* * *

Early in Jenna’s life, her father Claude Grubber had claimed more than once that their daughter could wheedle better than anyone he knew, including her mother.

That claim was practically a boast, and he was about to lean that his daughter’s wheedling could really bite.

Then as the Little Miss Jenna progressively discovered the enchantment of Toyland, and with her developing skills of allurement, she possessed the power to change Bad Daddy into Good Daddy. When worn down, he’d add the current object of desire to her toy collection.

Now, almost two decades later, sweet Little Daddy’s Girl had become not so sweet Jenna who officially was a university student while dabbling in not witchcraft or the occult or becoming in idiot inciting civilian unrest without just cause, thank god.

Rather, grown up Little Darling was following the well-trodden pathway that young people have traversed over the centuries. They seek to fill the large gaps in their knowledge about sex due to parents and formal teachers only passing across incomplete and appalling sanitised information, though these days many young people can find all the facts and mis-facts that they can wish to absorb on the Internet.

Their underperforming or misinformed parents and grandparents have access to those same resources, too.

Jenna had become aware that when was tired of being limited to the physicality of mouth and finger, toe and even an entire fist, in female-on-female sex.

She decided to move to experience sex with a guy, to extend beyond passionate activity that so far had always ended with her snapping her legs closed before the fast-approaching dripping cock of the day could….

Omigod, to think of what experiences lay ahead for her if, or rather when, why she cried, ‘Give it to me my hot hunk.’

* * *

Jenna had thought long and hard about possible sex with a male, sufficiently at times to make herself excite into wetness down below and to almost start dribbling at the corner of her mouth.

Eventually, she decided her father should be the man to symbolically deflower her.

Yes, what better choice, she nodded err devoutly, when beginning planning to drag him into the darkest secret he’d ever imagined, much to his shame.

Her choice was partly about timing as well. Her parents had been rowing lately, and that was unusual for them.

She was in the kitchen with her mum Marlene and they’d just finished clearing away after breakfast when she triggered her campaign to activate daddy, sexually.

Jenna said, “Mum, are you and dad okay, I mean relation-wise?”

Marlene adopted the expression of a woman desperate to unburden.

“Darling, if I tell you, would you keep that info to yourself?”

“Of course, mum. I mean, you are my mum,” Jenna said persuasively, wondering what the heck?

Marlene patted her hair in place.

“Well I really don’t know,” she choked.

“That’s fine mum. I don’t need to know. I’m off.”

Marlene blurted, “I’ve been having an affair.”

Jenna’s mouth fell open and she sucked in air.

She drew on Australian slang: “Mum, you little beauty. I’d never guessed you had it in you, with your being a church warden and all that stuff.”

“These sorts of things just happen.”

“I guess they do, mum. And I must remember that. How did it happen?”

Her mother flushed a little as she wrung her hands as she recalled her betrayal.

Pitching in with genuine support, Jenna said sounding rather detached, “It’s okay mum. Probably you feel you must tell someone you can trust, and you know you won’t risk facing lop-sided judgement from me.”

“Yes, that’s true.”

Marlene sighed and walked to the sofa as the far corner of the lounge, away from the open doors leading on to the terrace, followed by her daughter. They both were aware that Jenna was rather light on deep moral feelings. Right at that moment her daughter was wondering if that area should be called confession corner of the family home.

Claude was well out of earshot as he was away trimming grandma Sarah’s hedge around her vegetable garden and would stay güvenilir bahis on for Saturday lunch.

Still cutting her teeth in passing into adulthood, Jenna knew next to nothing about adultery. She knew in the case of an unattached ‘he and a she’, one of them would call the shot and they would fall into each other’s arms and just do it. She was about to learn that what happens does not necessarily occur spontaneously.

In confessing her ‘waywardness’ (her choice of word), Marlene described how it began so innocently. In summary, she said each Sunday when she emerged from church. she would notice the slightly plump and smiling Neville Baker standing with wife and some of his family engaging in social after-church chatter.

Eventually, Marlene realized that the sod, err the friendly architect, was glancing at her longer than simply admiring her dress of the day as she walked down the exit steps. He was watching her body, well her thighs moving her dress and that his gaze appeared to linger longer each Sunday on her breasts.

Weeks later, on that infamous Sunday, Neville winked at her and she winked back, impulsively.

Marlene attempted to confirm to herself that she hadn’t meant to respond in any way at all but within a few hours of occasional reflection admitted to herself that her wink was intended and she would welcome knowing Neville more, err, yes, more intimately.

Neville called Marlene that afternoon when she was resting after late lunch with him launching with the line that he just had to say how splendid she’d looked that morning in that new dress.

She’d laughed and said the inevitable, what that old thing, and away they chatted, finishing with her accepting his invitation to meet after work on Wednesday at the Caprice Coffee Bar on the river embankment.

Marlene confessed to her daughter that eventually such occasional meetings ended with a kiss goodbye and then a bit of body pressing occurred and then about 11 weeks ago they began doing it, and that’s all she wished to say.

But Jenna’s mind was filled with the concept of her mother partaking in body pressing with any guy who was not her husband, and the need to know more raged.

“Mum, for goodness sake, don’t leave me hanging in a void.”

“What on earth can you wish to hear me say?”

“Mum, you’re a modern woman, not one of those dried up prunes of similar age looking back and dreaming of the past. What was he like to fuck?”

“For goodness sake, Jenna. I’m your mother, not some off the street whore.”

“I know that as well as you do mother. Omigod, sorry, I traditionally only use the word mother when I’m telling you off. I just need to know more of the nitty-gritty. We are both women and it’s natural for us to think of and admire our bodies and at times to think about sex and touch ourselves.”

Marlene sighed.

“Yes, that’s a reasonable request and I will respond but first, you answer this. Omigod, now you have me using the word: Do you and Frankie actually try to fuck?”

“Yeah mum, and we sometimes use a strap-on imitation penis and that’s how I technically lost my virginity.”

“What, just one of you straps-on thingies one sometimes sees hanging on the wall of stockings for sale of back-street dress shops?”

Jenna said yes, those thingies. And either she or Frankie straps it on and they both occasionally also take it anally.


“Yes mum, and with it up my arse and her fingers working deep in my pussy, I feel so exhilarated and soaring that my tongue at point of climax feels as if it’s hanging out half-way down to my chest.”

“Good for you darling, sex is supposed to be fully enjoyable like a nice hot shower in mid-winter. Just one more question before I tell you more: Are you always likely to have a female as your lover?”

“No, both Frankie and I have been talking about ending our sexual relationship and switching to men, perhaps using a weaning process rather than an abrupt closure.”

“Good to hear darling. Now, the thing that appeals to me about Neville is his dick is long but slim. Your father’s dick is rather too big for me as I age.”

“What how big when erect?”

“When on our honeymoon, I purchased a dressmaker’s tape and measured it with pride, but I can’t remember those measurements. It’s almost as thick as my wrist.”

Wide-hipped Jenna gurgled.

“What was that dear?”

“Nothing, just clearing my throat.”

Jenna described her increasing relationship with Neville in detail, including how she remembered dealing with things emotionally and gradually the fear of being caught out subsided but they remain cautious.

“Have you ever brought him here?”

“Yes, a few times when you and your father were away on fishing or hiking weekends.”

“But you didn’t use the matrimonial bed, did you? I mean…?”

“No dear, we used your bed.”

“What a filthy bitch!” Jenna giggled.

Her mother was horrified and began apologising.

“Mum, mum. Stop it. I think that’s hilarious and I had no idea that türkçe bahis you and your boyfriend fucked on my bed, repeatedly. Mum you are soaring as a person. I love it and may this new you continue for a long time.”

Marlene said softly, “I really have appreciated having this chat with you, darling. It’s true, I do have this more liberated feeling. I suspect your father might know something about me and Neville, but he’s said nothing, not even hinted and he still bangs away with me with all the old enthusiasm that I’m his favourite whore.”

“Mum, you don’t mean that.”

“Oh, but I do. We two have always been like that ever since they first time we had sex. And in startling contrast, Neville still treats me as if I were a lady.”

Chapter 2

That evening, aware that her heart was beating up-tempo, Jenna calmly and openly studied huge dick Daddy. She beamed in pride.

They were in the small TV room and Claude looked at her and asked. “What?”

“I was just admiring how fit and trim you look for your age.”

He beamed while Marlene, on the sofa beside him, lifted her head from his shoulder and, bitting her bottom lip, narrowed her gaze at her daughter as if she were thinking assassination.

“It’s okay daddy, I’m passing through the brief transition that every Daddy’s Girl experience on her way to becoming an independent woman.

He leered.

“Yeah, now womanhood is a thought. I’ve noticed that your tits have jump up a size recently.”

Marlene’s eyes bulged, and Jenna nipped in to cut off trouble.

“Daddy, if you feel you must comment about my chest please call them breasts. You know how mum detests vulgarity in her house.”

He ignored that mild rebuke.

“Have you had a guy between your legs yet, honey?” he said provocatively.

For a moment, Marlene appeared about to intervene, but she relaxed as if she wanted to see how the nosey parker would be handled, while Claude pulled her back on to his shoulder by her hair, albeit gently because there was no complaint.

Jenna said in the same tone as she would announce the day was sunny again.

“No guy has yet penetrated me, but it’s become very close recently. You know dad, each time that happened, my nipples felt as though they were about to pop off my breasts.”

Both females eyed him, waiting for his response. But he chickened out and said weren’t they supposed to be watching the Saturday Night Film?”

Jenna watched Marlene’s eyes roll to the ceiling and thought omigod, her mum often demonstrated the half-decent ability of a potential actress. There obviously were still much half-decent things she should learn from her mum.

Next day, Jenna took her father’s pre-lunch beer to home under the shade-cover on the deck where he lay surrounded by sections of the two Sunday newspapers.

She handed him the beer and reached down and squeezed the sizeable bulge at his groin.

He slopped beer over himself and whispered fiercely, “Christ, what are you doing?”

“Just feeling how big you are down there. The guys I play around with have dicks much like pea-sticks.”

Claude grinned and said when she was confronted by her first manly one, she’d probably faint.

“That’s why I’m pressing for you for, err, education. Flip it out for me to examine.”

“Fuck, girl. What’s up with you?” he croaked, looking behind them as if expecting to see Marlene bearing down on them.

“Show me daddy and in return I’ll show you my tits and you can lick them, if you wish.”

Claude relaxed and released supressed breath and began behaving just as she wished.

He roughed up her hair, knowing anyone else who attempted to do that would have his hand smacked away and Claude had even seen her girlfriends suffer that instant reaction.

“Daddy, you could even go farther; you could allow me to suck your dick.”

“Your mother,” he blurted.

“You can quickly show me your dick any old time like now, but if we get down to sucking, we’d have to wait until she’s out shopping or is somewhere gossiping with friends.”

She lied, “I often think of sucking you, daddy?”

“Now is not a good time to be chatting like this. Back off,” he choked.

“Jenna, come and carry lunch things to the deck,” Marlene called.

“Get rid of that hard-on you are probably developing while I’m with mum. I’ll tell mum you were asking me about my upcoming fieldwork activities that count toward my degree according to how well I report on them.”

“Great, and don’t even think sex.”

“What, with mum?”

“Christ!” he squawked like a threatened wild parrot.

Marlene said, “You were longer with your father than I expected, considering he insulted you over the name he called your breasts.”

“I don’t mind males talking roughly to me mum. Actually, I regard it merely as a form of legitimate conversation.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes, mum and did or did I not hear even you use the word fuck when talking to me earlier today?”

“I — I was under duress.”

“Good one, mum. güvenilir bahis siteleri I must remember that handy cop out.”

“What did you and Claude talk about.

Jenna licked her lips, daring herself to tell Marlene all but good sense prevailed. She then appreciated the cunning bugger had prepared her for such an eventuality without warning so if his wife later asked him when alone the same question, she would receive virtually matching replies.

“Oh, he just wanted to know what investigatory field trips I had ahead of me this semester and I told him and the level of marking I received on my field trip reports would equate to the quality of the reportage.”

“Oh, if that all. It’s a wonder that he didn’t talk about…”

Jenna waited and then said, “Come on mum, say what you almost said.

“Talk to you about your tits. They already look larger than mine.”

They laughed, and Jenna began ferrying out lunch dishes to avoid further conversation on that topic.

Chapter 3

Claude Grubber returned from taking Marlene to the airport joining five female friends to travel to Adelaide for three days for a floral conference plus tour of notable gardens.

He lay on his favourite lounger on the upstairs deck under a shade canopy and was relaxed, thinking about going off to fetch beer, although it was only 10 a.m. when Jenna arrived at his side and handed him a beer.

“Err, thanks. It’s a wee bit early.”

“Really, dad. Is any time too early for you for a beer?”

He beamed and said it was lovely having a daughter with a mature mind and understanding moral outlook.

“Is it okay for me to unzip you?”

“Yes. What? No of course not, and what the hell?”

Jenna knew from experience that one way to get one over her father was to pounce quickly and out-fox him.

Another way was to wheedle when time wasn’t of the essence, to use legalese.

“We discussed this three weeks ago that you’d show me your dick erect and you said you’d think about allowing me to suck it.”

“I did not, I definitely said no such thing.”

“Dad, are you accusing me of lying?”

“No, of course not.”

“Of having a faulty memory?”

“No, of course not. You have a fabulous memory.”

“Well, dad. You’ve had three weeks to think about inducting me into the thrill of sucking a big cock and…”

“Inducting you into the thrill; are you really hopeful that would give you a thrill?”

“Yes, dad,” Jenna said, unzipping him and telling him to behave and drink his beer. His token objections were really old school and he needed to modernize to catch up with the leaders of his generation.”


“I know, sorry dad. It’s like extricating a snake from its hiding hole, I imagine.”

Jenna flicked efficiently open his belt buckle and had begun pulling down his pants and underpants simultaneously when he cried what the hell was she doing. He began choking when gulping down some beer.

“It’s nothing dad, it’s just something every right-thinking father and daughter in this situation would do.”

“Oh yeah, and how many duos would that be, half a million?”

“Possibly 1.5 billion worldwide, but then how would I know; I’m only a female.”

“Nevertheless, Jenna you’re okay. I apologize, but my dick appears too scared to go stiff in this situation.”

“Then may I use my tits?”

He frowned and muttered her tits.

“Christ, Jenna. You know how to use them like that? But you’re only eighteen.

She ignored that slur and jumped into doing what she had to do, flipping them both out and wrapping them around his lifeless piece of meat and massaging gently.

Claude’s eyes popped watching this enlightening display from his daughter while his dick began to inflate. He had difficult that his young daughter, still in her late teens, could achieve such a feat at that age. Obviously, a dick was oblivious to age, he sighed.

Initially, Claude saw his daughter smile, and then when twice she halted the massaging to check out progress, eyeing his expanding erection in awe. He beamed in pleasure when he heard her mutter, “Awesome.”

Minutes later it was Claude’s turn to mutter “Awesome” when he felt her cool lips slide over the heated head of his dick and her surprisingly powerful tongue begin internally massaging the sensitive and lower circumference of the shaft where it meets the mushroom-shaped helmet. How the hell had the youngster learned to do that? He reasoned it was unlikely the tutor had been a seasoned instructor of a Red-Light District prostitute collective.

His eyelids were just beginning to flutter, and his balls were tightening and his breathing rate increasing when Jenna stopped her oral stimulation and straightened and whipped her lips.

“What is it, are you not up to it?”

“No, it’s good, May I sit on your cock?”

Claude groaned, realizing he was in a quandary.

On one hand, he was only a minute or two from erupting over his daughter or even into her mouth while on the other hand, this was his chance of turning her away for life from big, fat dicks with their risk of internal injury.

He believed his wife would agree he should take the later course.

“Yes, sure but remove your panties before you mount me.”

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