Str8 to Bitch Ch. 02


My names Drew and this is the second part of my story, how I went from normal straight dude, to everyone’s bitch. God help me.

I woke up the next morning remembering very little. All that weed, what ever was in those pills, I greeted the morning in a hazy fog. My asshole was sore for some reason, and it also felt… weird. Eh, why worry about it? I had some vague memory of doing something Mark, but whatever it was it was probably just guy stuff, nothing to worry about. I can trust Mark, I thought.

Still in Mark’s house I go to take a shower, he was nowhere to be found. Disrobing I find I am wearing… what the fuck?.. a feminine red thong, must be his sisters. That was some strong weed, what was I thinking? I hide the thong in the bottom of a laundry basket on the way to the shower, if Mark finds out I was wearing it he’ll think I’m a pervert. Showering, all this cum was washing down my leg, man I must have really drained the lizard. I hope Mark didn’t catch me jacking off, weed makes me horny. I probably just squeezed one off in the bathroom. But all this cum, so much of it, sliding down with the foamy soap, Jesus Christ. I even got some in my ass crack somehow. Don’t worry about it, I told myself.

Its Sunday I realize, Mark’s a big deal catholic, he’s probably in Church. BIG… what does BIG remind me of? Still in a haze I remember Mark saying something to me very early this morning, I was only half awake. He said he was sorry, but it was my fault. I provoked him, I must have wanted it.

What did I want?

He said some other stuff I can’t remember. We must have had a fight, he must of kicked me in the butt, that’s why its sore. I’ll apologize on Monday. Thinking about it I feel a buzz in my pants, but not just on my dick, somewhere else maybe, somewhere deeper? I must of jacked off a lot last night, I won’t worry about it.

The next day at school Mark is nowhere to be found. He’s in none of our shared classes. I see him briefly talking to the guys at our lunch table from across the room. He sees me, turns around and leaves. I go to sit at the table and the guys leave to. What did I say last night? I must of been a real bitch… wait I mean asshole! Why did I call myself a bitch?

The cold shoulder Mark gave me on Monday made Tuesday seem even weirder. Suddenly not only is Mark back in all of his classes, but he’s treating me like a princess… no, I mean prince! He’s treating me like royalty. My head must still be foggy.

In our trig class I ask Mark what’s up. “I can’t remember anything from Saturday night. Did we get into a fight?” Mark gets this devilish grin on his face, I’ve known Mark a long time and that smile always means trouble.

Through a huge grin Mark says, “Don’t worry about, little buddy.”

“Seriously though, did I say something jerky?”

“Oh… you were just being a little bitch.”

Bitch? Why would he use THAT word? Well if he forgives me then there’s nothing to worry about. Mark leans over and lowers his voice.

“Hey Drew, Tyrese just got this new video game system, first one in the whole county. After school, you in?

“You bet!”

Tyrese makes me nervous, but this sounded too good to be true. According to Mark, Tyrese found it in the back of his step dad’s electronic store. He swiped it, and a week latter he’ll return the system, no harm done.

“Now we can’t use it in any of our houses, our parents would find out, so me and Ty put our money together and rented a hotel room for the whole week. On the south side.” Did he say the SOUTH SIDE!?

Now let me tell you why Ty made me nervous. Ty was from the south side, originally. And the south side is bad news. We only went down there to buy weed, and even then only if we couldn’t find it anywhere else. Ty lived on the north side now, ever since his hot ass M-I-L-F of a mom married some rich guy and moved them all up. He had all the best shit now, shoes, clothes, electronics (of course), but Ty was still ghetto as fuck. He even did Betturkey steroids, we all knew about it. He was built like a super-hero, scratch that, a super-villain. If Mark was a guerrilla, then Ty was King Kong. That being said he was my friend, and fuck it, I gotta play this new system.

“Maybe if I throw in a few bucks we could get a room in a better neighborhood?”

“We already paid in advance, so don’t worry about a thing. All you have to bring is… yourself.”

There’s that devil’s smile again. This game must be good.

So it’s 4:20 PM after school, I’m at the address at the time Mark told me to get there. This place looks like a motel but dingier, also there’s no sign out front advertising it. And instead of a check-in area there’s just a tough guy sitting on a milk crate, holding a base ball bat. I see Marks car in front of one of the rooms, I walk past the scary guy to it and knock. Mark opens the door and smiles. Ty is sitting on the bed, he looks frustrated till he sees me he smiles to.

“Hey guys, so where’s this fancy new game?”

They grin at each other. “One second Drew, Ty hasn’t paid me yet… for his share of the room. You look thirsty, suck on this. There’s weed in it.”

As they walk outside Mark hands me a red popsicle. I put it in my mouth and I can taste the weed, it hits me fast. Ty hands Mark what must be at least a couple hundred bucks, how much could this shitty room cost? I notice the TV is an older model, 15 years old maybe. How could it play the latest game system? The machine hooked up to it just looks like an old VHS VCR, the game system must be in the backpack near corner of the room.

Ty enters the room and Mark shuts the door behind him, I hear a click from the outside.

“Where’s Mark going?” I ask.

“Don’t worry about him, baby. Boy got shit to do, he’ll be right back. I left the game in the bathroom, I’m gonna go get it. Put these in your mouth, it’s some wireless shit.” He hands me some kind of mouth guards, like what boxers wear only spongier, softer. I put them in, this game must be straight from Japan, Japanese games are so weird. On his way to the bathroom Ty pops a tape into the VHS, it’s just static at first.

I look in the mirror, I’d finished the popsicle, it stained my lips, looks like I’m wearing lipstick. The mouth guards are stuck in pretty good, I’m high, then Ty opens the bathroom door. He’s stark naked. Shaved to show off his massive rippling sweaty muscles. He’s got a patch of hair, trimmed around his cock. His cock is even bigger then Mark’s, way bigger, and uncut. Wait… Marks cock! I remember everything! The TV starts playing the same big tit porno. He’s moving towards me, his huge black cock swaying back and forth.

“This is just what I’ve missed ever since I got out of juvenile detention.”

“You don’t want to do this Ty! I’m your friend!”

That just makes him laugh. “I’m not friends with faggots, now open wide. The game is ready for you.”

I try to run and he pushes me back on to the bed, his massive arms rip my shirt off like a pro wrestler. He pushes my pants and underwear down with one pull, breaking my belt. Ty sits on my chest, pinning me to the bed with his naked ass. He drapes his insane monster cock over my face and over my left eye. Its so warm, and it’s growing. His balls are wresting on my lips, they’re huge, the steroids must not of shrunken them. He rubs his balls back and forth against my lips, they’re almost tangerine size. My screams are turned into a warble by his huge sweaty balls. I try to bite them but I can’t even fit them into my mouth, I’m gumming them with my lips and spongy mouth guards, sucking them in to try to hurt them but only getting them far enough inside to massage them. His sweat keeps dripping from his sack into my mouth. Its so salty, so masculine.

“Oh baby, you are worth every penny! Mark is a genius!”

Mark, he didn’t forgive me, he pimped me out! The head of Ty ‘s dick is Betturkey Giriş on my left eye while I try to push his balls away with my tong, He’s holding my head so I can’t move my neck. That massive chocolate dong keeps growing, past my eye leaving a slimy trail of pre-cum from my eye lid to my forehead, and then into my hair and past it. Ty is squealing above me in pleasure, he’s so sweaty I am able to squirm out from under him and I run for the door. Very slowly Ty starts walking towards me, his thirteen inch monster pointing at me like a divining rod.

“Now where you going, baby? You not done working yet.”

I turn the nob but the door won’t open, I try the locks but still nothing happens. Jesus-Christ, the door must be locked from the other side! What kind of hotel is this? I bang on the door as hard as I can. I turn around and Ty is right there. I try to hit him but he grabs both my arms and pulls them apart like I’m on the cross. His huge dick head is resting just against the side of my sack.

“Please Ty…”

“Now this game is called Whack- A-Balls, I hope you like it.” Ty turns his hips to the side, then turns them back, whacking the side of my balls with his massive bell of a cock head. It hurts so much I scream.

“My balls!”

“Wrong, bitch. For the next hour everything you got is mine!”

He turns this hips again and slaps my balls with his dick, it hurts so bad I fall to my knees. He let’s go of my arms and grabs the back of my hair. He pulls my face up against his dick, I clench my lips and he rubs the head of his cock against them. Back and forth on my full red stained lips, smearing pre-cum all over them. Some of it gets in, drips past my teeth and onto my tongue. Its salty, I open my mouth to gag and that’s when he pushes that monster inside me. Oh god, his dick is in my mouth!

He’s breathing hard now. “This game is called, Milk-The-Snake.” His big bell cock head slides onto my tongue, I can’t help but taste it. I can feel the soft skin of his swollen organ push past deeper, dripping its slimy liquid down my throat. My mouth is straining to open wide enough for the massive chocolate snake. As he pushes it further into me the veins of his cock rub against my tongue, the skin is so soft. I try to bit down but the mouth guards just squeeze his dick, he moans so loud I can feel it in his cock. He’s got it about half way in, gagging me with every push, but somehow managing to get more of his tool into my mouth. I can taste every sweaty inch.

He puts his other hand on my nose, I can’t breath! I try to suck in air with my mouth but just end up slurping on his cock. I try to pull off, he lets me go just a little then pulls my head hard back on it. He keeps doing this, forcing me to slurp and bob on his cock. He lets go of my nose, allowing me to breath, but just for a few seconds until he’s back to forcing me to bob and slurp on his elephant cock. He keeps this up until I start sucking and bouncing on my own, just on instinct. I suck as hard as I can, feel his veins with my wet tongue, his chocolate tool gliding forward and backward through my ruby red lips until I feel his balls tighten under my chin. Oh god no!

I try to protest but it just comes out as, “Gargle, gargle, gargle, GAG!” His dick swells ever bigger, he grabs by head again and pulls me away until just the head is resting on my tongue, then it explodes. A tsunami of cum, a wild storm of semen splashes into my mouth. He hold’s my nose again.

“Eat it all, bitch-faggot!” Its salty but also kind of sweet. As more and more cum flows into my mouth I try to swallow as much as I can just to breathe. Its gross, all this cum in my mouth, but it also tastes kind of good. That weed popsicle made me so hungry, and this sweet/salty cum tastes so good, I must be higher then I think. As fast as I gulp it down, he keeps shooting, and big streams of cum start flowing down the side of my mouth. I wonder what I’ve become as I gulp and gulp and gulp huge mouth full after mouth full of hot, sweet, slimy cum.

Finally he pulls his dick out, shoots two large gushers covering half my face, then he lets go of my head. I try to swallow the rest of his cum that was in my mouth, why didn’t I just spit it out? Weed makes everything taste good, right?

“Damn hooker, I never had a bitch who could swallow that much, Mark was right. You are the queen of the faggots.”

I have to spit out some cum to speak, “I’m not gay!” Ty just laughs. This was horrible but at least its over, I thought.

“Please Ty, just open the door.”

“Check it again ho, its unlocked.” I pick up my tattered clothes and turn to the door. That’s when I feel his cock poke my ass, still slimy from his own cum and my spit, still hard.

“Oh please no, please! Not again!” He pushes me against the window and I drop my clothes. Holding my hips in place with his strong hands, he pokes it at my hole. He reaches over and sticks his hand in my mouth, pulling out a glob of cum. He whips it up and down the crack of my ass then grabs my hips and pushes the first few inches of his slimy monster inside me. I scream.

“Oh yeah, I love this. See you may be a little fag boy, ugh…” He pushes in another two inches, “But me, I’m not gay. I get off on the power. Forcing a little fag like you on my dick, making you my whore, its such a rush. You sicken me, you little fruit, oh fuck yeah. ” Five inches slip in quickly, my clenched ass cheeks rubbing against his huge veiny cock while it slides in, inch by inch, into my ass hole.

Flailing my arms, trying to grab something to defend my self, I accidentally pull down the curtains. He’s all the way inside me now. Someone outside will see this and stop it, they have to. “I forgot to tell you, this game is called Hide-The-Bone.” He starts drilling me with all this force. Shaking my cheeks with each hard slam. It hurts so much, I have to stop this before he makes me cum.

Oh god, I’m feeling it. The pain is being replaced with pleasure and my dick is rising like the sun, all on its own. Outside I see a man walk past our window. I yell for help, he turns around and walks towards the window, he heard me! I recognize him, that’s Mr. Dennis, our school choir teacher. As Ty slams his sausage in and out of my I yell.

“Mr. Dennis, ugh, Mr. Dennis. Help me! Ty is raping me!” But he doesn’t help, instead he reaches into his pants and pulls out his cock, 5 inches already hard. What the hell kind of motel is this!?

Ty pushes my head against the glass. “Please Mr. Dennis, ugh, oh its so big, get some help.”

Mr. Dennis starts whacking his dick as Ty keeps slamming his monster in and out of me, Dennis whispers. “Get that faggot, ooh, get that faggot.” I yell.

“I’m not a faggot! Oh god, please don’t cum in me, I’ll suck your dick, just don’t cum in my ass! I’m not a whore!”

“Wrong boy, this is still my ass!” With that Mr. Dennis shoots his load on the window, I can feel the heat against the glass. He walks away and enters a room two doors down. A whole bus load load of people drives down the street and they all see me, they look disgusted but not surprised, they know what kind of hotel this is. Just then I can’t hold back any longer and I shoot my own load so high it lands on the glass splashing my chin. Ty moans again, and shoots a few bursts up my ass, then pulls out.

“Well boy, you asked so nicely, so here it is, suck it!”

Sitting on the bed he pulls my mouth onto his cock, I don’t even fight him this time. I just swallow his cum as he bursts and bursts down my throat. I taste the bitterness of my own asshole on his cock. When he let’s go of my head his cock pops out of my mouth and I fall to the floor. Broken and naked I don’t even try to stand. He puts his clothes on in-front of me and I hear a knock on the door.

“Come on in, I’m finished with it.”

Mark enters, Ty hands him a few more bills, “You weren’t kidding about this bitch, put me down for the same time next week.” Ty leaves and I crawl to my clothes, Mark kicks them away. “Not so fast,” He unzips his jeans and pulls out his dick, “This isn’t over yet.”

And he was right, this wouldn’t be over, not any time soon.

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