Step Daughter Part 2


Step Daughter Part 2Step DaughterPart 2The next morning all seemed normal with my girlfriend and myself. Carrol got up at her usual time and did her normal routine; drink water, a little coffee, exercise, and then bathroom time. I love watching her do her exercises, she does yoga and wears the tightest spandex, no bra and a great camel toe. It’s almost like body paint. Sometimes she goes to the gym for classes and goes the same way. I’ve often wondered who else is there. So anyway she did her routine , she got ready for work and went downstairs, has breakfast, kisses me good bye; boom out the door to work. Today was no different although when she bent down to kiss me good bye, she said, “Be a bit quieter I heard you and Deanna last night.” My mouth fell open. I was shocked. She was walking to enter the garage from the kitchen door she said, “Tomorrow I’m at the gym”. As she was reaching the door Deanna came strolling down in her flimsy tee shirt, nipples poking out. Carol said as she left, “You two have fun!” She stood there with a smile on her face looking at me after her mother left. The tee shirt almost covered her ass. I sat sipping my coffee, watching her. She placed her index finger on the corner of her mouth and she grinned. She stood pigeon toed, her other hand on her hip. She slowly raised the tee upward showing me her naked hip and bald pubic mound. She said, “Daddy could I get fifty dollars from you?” “Of course “, I said “Follow me.” I let her pass me . When we got to the stairs she abruptly stopped , she leaned down slowly and put her hands on the third step. Her tee shirt rose up and I was looking at her naked ass, her puckered brown hole and her naked pussy. Deanna was at such an angle her shirt practically came off her. I reached down and helped slide it the rest of the way off her. She was completely naked. My cock sprang to life under my sweat pants. I pulled it out and began rubbing Deanna’s bald fuck hole with my cock head. Deanna purred. Well I guess you’re going to earn that $50 bucks, you little whore. She looked back at me and stuck her ass out. I knelt on one of the stairs and spread her ass cheeks and licked her tiny brown hole. She rested her head on the stair. I kept this up until she reached between her legs and started to play with her wet snatch. After her brown eye was well lubed I placed my cock at the opening. I was gentle and slid my cock head in, she deeply moaned..ughhh fuck yes. She kept up with the masturbation. I pushed deeper and deeper into her ass until my fat cock was buried. I held it there as she stroked her young cunt. I spit as I started slowly fucking her ass, she was tight and needed lubrication. I reached under and grabbed a handful of tit and played with her nipples. She started moaning loudly, “ohhh fuck my ass”. In no time she was cumming. I buried my fat cock and started pumping my load into her ass. We finished and I pulled out from her, her brown eye was gapped, cum dripping ataşehir escort from it., her pussy swollen, red and also dripping her own juices Deanna turned and slurped the cum juice from my cock with her mouth. She left a puddle of our cum on the stairs. She stood and kissed me passionately. I could taste my cum on her lips and tongue. The relationship started to intensify with lust. Only her mother knew which was a bit scary for me. She wanted her boyfriend to see, and learn. Her boyfriend Dan had no idea. He knew how to fuck her but for his satisfaction. She said she couldn’t get her over the edge. She was a little embarrasses talking to me about it with me. She started to submit to me and she didn’t know it. I just listened and observed Deanna. I started to see her lust for sex, for my cock, Dan’s cock, any cock. She was much like her mother. Carrol and I always enjoyed an open relationship, no questions asked. I think Deanna knew this and actually caught us a time or two with extras in the bedroom. Carrol like her daughter seemed to like big cock. I’m a little over average. Carrol liked BBC. This got my wheels turning. We had to devise a plan to include her boyfriend, Dan. Carrol was gong out with her work friends Friday night. They usually do dinner and then go party. Deanna and I decided that would be that night; we had 4 days to prepare. Dan showed up at the house early. He thought they would go out but little did he know of the plans we had in store. Dan and I sat in the kitchen as Deanna got dressed. Dan and I had a few drinks as I got to know Dan. He was seemed to be a good k**, pretty naïve. After a few minutes he started to loosen up. In a few minutes Deanna came down stairs. She looked stunningly hot. She wore a see through black, mesh top, her nipples poked through, black stockings, a garter belt and the shortest micro skirt revealing her ass cheeks. She also had on spiked heels making her look tall and sleek. She was to die for. Dan’s mouth fell open. Dianna asked do you boys like what you see? I poured her a drink, I couldn’t speak, I just smiled. Deanna poured herself a shot and downed it. Dan and I looked on in awe not of her drinking but how she looked. I wanted to fuck her right there. I’m pretty sure Dan was thinking the same. It was early in the evening; the activities would proceed in the basement. We had a finished basement with a pool table, work out equipment, couch, TV you name it. We brought the bottle and mixers down with us. Deanna asked if Dan wanted to shot pool. He accepted. She asked what the wager was? He didn’t come up with anything. Deanna said if you win you get to do anything you want, if I win I get to do the same. Winner will take on Mark. Then we keep going. She racked them and he broke. He got nothing in on the break. On her turn she leaned down in front of Dan, her skirt rose, she put a hand on her ass, looked back and smiled at him. She sank 3 balls. Dan sucked escort ataşehir at pool and lost the game quickly. Deanna said must be home court advantage. She asked Dan to lay on the bench press for losing. His arms hung down by his sides. She hand cuffed them to the legs, immobilizing him. This was all worked out beforehand. Deanna knew she would beat him. I asked Deanna what she is! Deanna replied “I’m a slut! Say it again, louder; Tell Dan what you are! Deanna looked down at Dan and yelled, I’M A SLUT, DAN!! I’m a fucking slut! I love cock. Yesterday, she pointed to me, fucked my ass. I came like a fountain. Dan, I’m a fucking whore. I love cock!I reached inside her panties and found that her pussy was sopping wet. She is a slut! I thought to myself. I gathered up her pussy juices on my fingers, and went over to Dan. See this, Dan? See what a slut your bitch is? You shouldn’t be deprived and I smeared her juice all over his face. Dan’s trousers’ were bulging at the seams.Dan knew what she is! It didn’t stop him from being so aroused, he opened his mouth and allowed me to push my fingers in as he licked them clean. I dipped his fingers once again in Deanna’s pussy, coating them with her sweet nectar. I again offered my wet fingers to Dan, he greedily opened his mouth and sucked on them like a small dick. It’s time to lose your panties, slut, and expose that hot, dripping pussy of yours. I can tell that Dan can’t wait to see what it looks like. She loves her bald cunt to be spanked. SMACK! SMACK!SMACK! I smacked it over her panties. Oooooooowwwww! I walked behind Deanna and cut her panties off her with a small pocket knife. I tore her thongs from her the rest of the way exposing her naked pussy. Dan’s cock grew rock hard as he saw his Deanna standing over him, wearing just her garter and stockings. Her bald pussy inches from his face. I felt her firm ass checks as my hands roamed all over her body. She got further aroused. Dan you have one hot woman here. It’s amazing how easily she gets aroused. She stood over Dan’s face and shook her ass. Dan was noticeably getting excited as his trousers started to rise. Deanna leaned and grabbed his crotch and said we will take care of that! Dan really had no choice about anything at this point. He didn’t complain just had no idea what we were up to. I also had a surprise for Deanna, that would come very soon. When she was shaking her ass and teasing Dan, she was obviously getting turned on. She turned to me then gave me a wet, open mouth, kiss. Tongues entwined she murmured and softly moaned. I placed my hands on her ass cheeks and spread them apart as we tongue fucked each other., she moaned louder and sucked on my tongue. Dan got the hint and started tonguing her ass hole. Deanna softly purred as she continued tonguing my mouth. Deanna was growing hotter and hotter by the second. We didn’t need to play our pool game we had Dan where we wanted him. I had Deanna where I wanted ataşehir escort bayan her. Deanna unsnapped Dan’s shorts and pulled them off enough so Dan could kick them off. His cock rock hard leaking pre-cum. Deanna touched it and Dan’s cock pulsated.The three of us were getting into the action. I’ve been hearing someone quietly walking around upstairs expecting a friend of mine to appear at any moment. This was Deanna’s surprise. He was very quiet and entered the downstairs. He is a tall well-built black male. He’s 6 “ 3’, with a sculptured body. I work out with him once or twice a week. We became friends outside the gym. I have seen him in the shower and knew how well endowed Dominique is. Besides having a chiseled body, a 6 pack muscles, he had a 10 inch long, thick cock. I wanted to share Carrol with him but it never happened. He stepped through the doorway and had my bathrobe on. It was a bit small for him, certainly too short. Deanna didn’t spot him as yet; she did feel his presence behind her. She broke free from our kiss. She turned, Dan had his tongue in her vagina. Dominque let the bathrobe fall open. His large flaccid cock hung downward. She smiled and said, this is my surprise isn’t it. I answered her yes Deanna this is your surprise. Dominique walked closer and took my spot. His cock hung below the bath-rode. Deanna reached down with both hands to feel his large pole. She wrapped her hands around it as she looked into Dominique’s eyes. She whispered, it’s so big. Dominique smiled and grabbed Deanna’s head with both his large hands and slowly, carefully led her mouth down his chest,, she gently kissed and sucked his nipples continuing over his stomach to his waiting cock. She kissed Dominique’s fuck pole holding it with both hands, feeling the size and weight of the mass of cock. Deanna bent at the waist, giving Dan better access to her dripping pussy. She was a woman possessed with lust. She was flickering her tongues and kissing and licking Dominique’s large cock head. He started to grow, she started to suck his massive head. She tried but couldn’t get much of his giant sized meat stick in her mouth. As he grew large and hard. He moved behind her. Deanna’s wet cunt was directly over Dan’s face. Dominique guided his large head to her opening. I was filming the scene the whole time. He brushed her vagina with his large head, Deanna squealed in excitement. He started to slowly fuck her hot juicy cunt with just his oversized cock head. Deanna started moving in anticipation Dan looked upward at the scene literally in front of his face. On each stab of Dominique’s cock he went deeper and deeper. Deanna was meeting the slow thrust in erotic bliss, murmuring and gasping as he thrust. He was half way home when Deanna’s eyes rolled back and she started to shake in a squirting climax. It drained all over Dan’s face. As this happened Dominique grabbed Deanna by the waist and pushed the remainder of his rod into Deanna’s spasming cunt. Deanna shrieked with ecstasy continuing to climax all over Dan. Dominique ground his rod shooting a load of jis into Deanna’s already soaking pussy. She kept coming and coming. When Dominique pulled out cum fell from Deanna’s gapped pussy onto Dan.

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