Sister in Law I want to fuck


Sister in Law I want to fuckThis is a fantasy.only part true. I leave you to decide.My sister in law (Jane) I always fancied. I learned that her husband (Rod) couldn’t get it up, so she had now had a good (correction any fuck for about 10 years). When we got together, I always took the opportunity to press my chest tight against her tits. Even when her Rod was standing behind her, correction especially when her Rod was standing behind her.Unfortunately, I never got the chance to be alone with her. That changed before one Christmas when I phoned her and asked her “Would you come with me to buy my wife a bra and a pair of panties. When she agreed I was over the moon.Even more so when, on the day before the chosen day she told me she asked her man if he wanted to come to the city shopping but he declined saying “I’d rather bowl.”. SO she was keeping our meeting a secret.We agreed to go to a town 35 miles from where she lived and 10 from where I love in the hope of avoiding meeting anupne who knows us.On the appointed day I met her at the bus station and we started our journey. Feeling brave I asked her “What is your bra size?” To which, after a slight hesitation, she replied 34 b or a. this I didn’t believe but I didn’t know my wife’s bra size. Jane asked “What is Sara’s size?” “I have no idea.” “Why don’t we go and get a bra?” which we did.When we got to the store the assistant asked what we were looking for. Jane produced the bra and said “We want one this size.” “What colour?” I said “Bright red.” After we got the bra chosen the assistant suggested we should get matching panties. “Good idea I said. We would like them to be a lace thong.” Just as the assistant returned with the thong, a man and woman appeared. “Alo Alo nudge nudge wink wink.” they said. Quickly Jane said “We are buying Joe’s present for his wife.” With a laugh they said “Likely story but don’t worry we won’t tell Rod.” Standing behind Jane I winked at the couple.The following day I got a call from Jane to advise me that the couple who had stumbled across us buying undies had asked us to visit them in their home the following Friday evening. It seemed that is was more than a polite invite but rather one we would be advised to comply with.As it happened I had nothing to prevent me from attending and I was curious about the purpose of the visit. Jane was lucky too as Rod bowls on a Friday night, as in fact he does most nights. So Jane advised that we would both attend. We agreed to arrive separately and walk the length of their cul de sac having parked the cars well away from each others.I arranged it that I would arrive first and Jane 15 minutes later. I had a quick chat with the couple and it turned out that they were swingers and he fancied fucking Jane while she wanted me to fuck her. No problem there but how to manage it. I suggested blackmailing Jane.How to do it? Turns out they had mini webcams for each of their laptops. So it was agreed that they would be set up in separate bedrooms. Jane would be persuaded to let DAvey photograph her stripping down to her undies at least and further if he could persuade her. So as to make it less threatening the wife would remain in the room. The photographs would not show the face of the model and Jane could look at them and delete any that showed her face.At the appointed time Jane arrived and was shown into the lounge where I was sitting with DAvey. Coffee, tea, water, orange or something stronger was offered to us all. Jane chose orange and commented on how delicious the orange was, which prompted the host to top up her glass and keep it topped up. My coffee was likewise refilled frequently. The others trabzon escort had tea and coffee.After a few minutes of small talk Jane asked “Nice as it is to see you again, why did you want to meet us and why were you so insistent?” “DAvey is in the local camera club and this months entry is due on Friday. The title of the competition is “The human form both seen and unseen, with the prize of an overnight stay in a 5* hotel with a spa and massage for two as the league prize.. DAvey is leading the league table for the years competions, but the next two in the league are close. We had the idea that since we met you two shopping for undies you would either want to help him or could be persuaded. What do you think?”Instantly, Jane said “I couldn’t possibly help with that but even if I could what would I have to do?” “I’d give it a go.” I said. “Well that’s a good start one out of two isn’t bad though I had hoped for two.” “To answer the question. I want to do something no one else will do. In the camera club we have nude nights where beautiful models pose for us. Thats the sort of shots the others will use – ones everyone has seen. I need to be different. So I was hoping that you two would remove your outer layers so that you are both visible from the neck down. Of course, your bodies would not be touching just close together.”“Oh I couldn’t do that. What if Rod saw the pics – he might divorce me.” “How would he know it was you in the pics if you wear undies he has never seen. Angela will go with you to choose some and she will pay for them. You could go with her tomorrow. Ok?” “I need to think about it.” “What do you need to think about? Do you not trust us? Joe does don’t you Joe?” “I do besides Jane if these two are the gossips you say they are in a small town, what if the minister heard of our secret visit to buy undies, or someone else. I don’t want a divorce either.” The couple showed their displeasure by facial gestures and whispering together.“Oh I never thought of that. By the way I didn’t mean you are gossips. I guess as long as faces are not shown there would be no harm in posing. But no touching or body contact. AND no nudity.” “That’s agreed unless everyone is in agreement.”“Right then lets make a start with a practice run tonight. I’ll get the camera. Thank you for being so cooperative. You will not be disappointed. Do have another glass of that orange.” The pitcher of orange had had a quantity of vodka added.“Angela you must tell me where you get your orange juice it is delicious.”We were arranged so that Jane’s tits were prominent in the picture and because a telephoto lens was used they appeared to be very close to Joe’s chest. DAvey whispered in Jane’s ear. “She said “If Joe and I are taking off clothes we expect you two to take off the same. Joe you start with your top and I will go last.” So Joe took off his top, then DAvey took off his and Angela followed. Last of all Jane took off her top revealing a lace half cup bra that showed nice cleavage.The effect on Joe was instant – he got a hard on that showed as a bulge in his jeans. DAvey was similarly effected. Angela was wearing an almost see through half cup bra that did nothing to hide her hard nipples.DAvey kept complimenting Jane “Oh that is perfect, are you sure you have never modelled before? You are like a professional and you have such a beautiful expression are you sure I cannot include your face. Or could I take some of your face only? I could take it in profile? Rod couldn’t object to that could he?” “I suppose not.” “We will take them last of all ok?” “Ok”So when DAvey had taken lots of bra pictures from all angles including escort trabzon from above and really close up to the cleavage and nipples showing through the bra. Once again he whispered into Jane’s ear as he gave her another glass of orange which she gulped down as it was quite hot in the room with the modelling lights heating the room.“Joe its time for the next stage, lose the jeans and the rest of you do the same.” Joe complied showing that he was wearing bright red boxer shorts that were struggling to contain a large cock. Angela’s removal of her skirt revealed a thong that was the mate of her bra. It did little to disguise her jet black bush covering her pussy. DAvey’s trousers drop revealed his grey Tommy Hilfiger briefs that failed to keep his big cock completely contained. The head had worked its way out the top of the waistband. A fact not missed by either Jane or Angela who commented “I hope that was because of me and not mrs not so perfect.” That comment drew a gasp from Jane, followed by “Maybe I’m just as sexy as you Angela.”More pics followed this time Joe’s cock was taken in apparently close proximity to Janes crotch. As it happened, her blonde bush shone through her lace panties. It surprised us all that her panties were tight into the slit between her pussy lips. After he had taken lots of pictures from all side angles he asked “Guys would you please stand over me so I can take some pics upwards as I lie on the floor, that would be an unusual angle.” We agreed and stood over him.DAvey changed the lens so that he could get up close to Jane’s pussy and my cock. I guessed in the picture they would appear big and close together. Again he whispered in Jane’s ear and she asked me “Joe would you object to taking your briefs off?” Without a word I complied. DAvey and Angela did likewise. Jane made no move. So I said “Jane we agreed that it would be one for all and all for one, so its your turn.” “Oh I didn’t agree.” “Then why did you ask me to lose the boxers?” “Oh I see what you mean but I’m not comfortable.” “This is just a practice so these pics can be deleted. Ok no one will see them.” “Ok in that case I will.”When she removed her briefs they were soaking wet and juice was running down her leg. Angela commented “Oh I see how mrs not so perfect is getting worked up just like the rest of us, though she won’t admit it.” Jane went beetroot red. “I see I have hit a nerve, maybe you aren’t as goodie goodie as you like to admit. Am I right?” Jane said “I must admit I haven’t got wet like that since I was a teen.” “How boring, maybe we could change that, what you think?.” was Angela’s comment. “I don’t know. Probably not.” “Enough of the chat lets get on with the shoot. Ladies would you lose your bras.” So they did. DAvey and I shifted our gaze from one set of tits to the other and back again taking in the differences.Jane’s definitely were not a or b cup but rather c or d. looked like a nice fit in the hand. Her areolas were about two inches in diameter and a dark pink. Her nipples were standing proud and a slightly lighter shade of pink. The tits were standing out and nicely curved. I thought, I’d love to stroke them and play with and suck those nipples. Bet they haven’t been sucked in years. DAvey expressed my thoughts “Oh my what lovely tits and those proud nipples surrounded by those big areolas. I have to capture those in pics. Would that be ok? None of the professional models that pose in the club look as beautiful as yours. Please let me photograph them, I think they would win the prize. What do you say?” Jane was obviously delighted but hesitated. “I I don’t know.” “Ah I can take them so your trabzon escort bayan face isn’t shown, you will be unknown. Please would you like to be the winning image in the competition? Would you do it if I let you and Rod have the hotel stay?” “I I did you say 5* in the city with Diner B&B, spa and massage for both?” “I did.” “Ok then I will pose.”Mean while I, Joe, was examining Angela’s tits closely. They were 34 g they sagged and I could see she was jealous of Jane, so I whispered in her ear I like your tits better and I bet so does your DAvey. Angela’s nipples were not as long as Jane’s but they were twice as big in diameter. In her ear I whispered “Your nipples may not be as long but they are twice as wide and will fill my mouth better.” The areolas were dark brown and about three inches in diameter. “When the photo shoot is over id love to suck your nipples and tit fuck you would that be ok with your man? Or would you like to ride me cowgirl style while I play with your tits, nipples and your clit.” “Both would be good.”DAvey photographed Jane’s tits from all angles and using all lenses. Close ups of nipples, over head shots of both tits, and singly. Similarly upward shots of the tits, nipples and areolas. “You know what, it would be great if we could get a cock right in between the cleavage. What do you think? That would definitely be a shot no one else would have and I know the judges like the unusual angles and shots. Your tits look so good.” He whispered in her ear “Angela’s would never win the prize like your’s will.”To my surprise Jane said “Joe would you put your cock in the valley between my tits so DAvey can photograph it?” I thought will I? It’s what I have been waiting for since I first met you. I thought I shouldn’t seem too eager, so I said “Not sure we should do that. Are you certain you want to?” “Yes I want to help DAvey win the prize, oh and get to take Rod to the hotel. Please do it.” “Ok but if I start to cum will you let me finish?” “Ah thats a problem but I suppose it’s only right I don’t leave you with blue balls.” “Ok then I will do it.”DAvey had Jane sit in a chair and I straddled her so my hard cock was between her tits. I made sure it was pressed in hard and I made sure to move up and down. Shots were taken from all angles and with telephoto, wide angle and fish eye lenses. DAvey surprised us both when he told Jane to squeeze her tits together so my cock was being gripped by them. She did so. I could feel the sap rising and knew I was going to cum soon, so I winked to DAvey and he knew what was about to happen so he switched the camera to video. He did it without stopping the running commentary complimenting Jane and while still appearing to be taking stills. When I came the stream of jizz shot out and covered her face. Some of it went into her mouth. “Oh my. Are you all right? Have you ever had cum in your mouth before? Have you ever had a cock in your mouth?” I said. To which she replied “Yes. No. No.” “Do you like the taste?” “Haven’t had enough to form a judgement.” “Want to try?” Must have been the vodka because she said “In for a penny in for a pound.” So I put my cock gently into her mouth and encouraged her to suck and lick it.” DAvey mean time was filming away. She seemed to have forgotten that.Just then the clock chimed 22.30 hrs and Jane came back to the real world. “I have to go Rod will be home from bowls soon.” “With all that you have drunk I don’t think you should drive.” That orange was specially chosen. “It was orange true enough but it is also called a screwdriver. You were enjoying it so much we didn’t want to spoil your fun. I suggest you get home before Rod and get to be and pretend to be asleep when he comes in.”Jane was so anxious to get home that she didn’t insist on the deleting of the pics.To be continued.Please let me know what you think. I’m open to suggestions. Should I continue the saga?

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