SHORT PIECES (Lesbian Tales) – vol.9 – catfights


SHORT PIECES (Lesbian Tales) – vol.9 – catfightsSHORT PIECES (Lesbian Tales)- vol. 9 – catfightsNote: the last pieces (vol.8) contained stories with watersports as the connecting theme. These pieces will contain stories which involve at different degrees …catfighting which is common amongst lesbians. Many men also like to watch. If that is not your thing, I suggest you skip this volume and stay tune for vol. 10 which should be regular lesbian stories.—————————————————————————————————-MEETING THE WRONG PEOPLE (takes place in London around 1900)Marion had invited Lolly for a walk in Kensington Gardens but it was quite late at night and Lolly was a little queasy about the people they would meet. The two women had met only a few days ago in a social event and knew each other by name, since most high society lesbians knew at least of each other. Marion was nearing 60 and Lolly was much younger at 40ish but it was a common age difference in those days between lesbian couples who were not living together. Lolly was wearing a white frilly chiffon dress with a very low neck line which showed the top of her pear-shaped tits. Sometimes, the fabric would move for some reason and her nipple should show. Marion was wearing a simple skirt and blouse covered by a thin woolen overcoat since the evenings were getting chilly. Marion was very wealthy and younger single or divorced women like Lolly, especially if they were of the higher classes, flocked to the likes of Marion. The competition was fierce in both groups as relationships were started and stopped over small squabbles or different sexual practices. “It is quite chilly isn’t it ?”, whispered Lolly as she hugged Marion’s arm, their rather wide hats preventing them from getting their face close enough to brush cheeks or kiss, which would have been a daring move in a crowded park. Lolly had long blond hair which contrasted with Marion’s rather short black hair she wore in what was called the “Joan of Arc” style. Lolly carried an umbrella more as a fashionable style than an instrument against rain showers. Couples of all ages were frequenting Kensington Gardens during the day but they decreased tremendously in number after dinner. As night fell, same sex couples were a more common sight. Grey-haired barons or earls were seen with 20-year-old feminine-looking men while masculine-looking working women walked together holding each other by the waist. Bushes and fountains were natural obstacles which allowed couples to have more privacy for intimate behavior. Confrontations were not uncommon either between men or between women and when people came to blows they usually used the area between the high row poplar trees and the wrought iron fence which delimitated the park. About 50 feet ahead of the lesbian couple, appeared a woman in her 40s walking alone and seeming rather upset. She made a beeline towards Marion and Lolly.“So that’s the company you waste your time with rather than being with me ?”, yelled the dark- haired lady addressing herself to Marion. She was dressed in simple clothes and wore a straw hat which was a sign of a working woman.“Calm down and walk with us”, suggested Marion who, at the same time led the two women towards the row of poplar trees.“Who is this lowlife ?”, asked Lolly in a loud voice“This lowlife usually bangs cunts with the woman you are walking with”, answered Rosa (that was her name), “you stuck-up bitch”. Both women were toe to toe spitting in each other’s face as they yelled obscenities at each other. “Now ladies, why don’t you settle this behind the trees so that you won’t make fools of yourselves”, pleaded Marion, visibly enjoying the spectacle.Lolly gave her umbrella and coat to Marion and peeled off her white gloves. Both women took off their hats and hair pins so that their black and blond hair fell on their shoulders. Alerted by the screaming, a few men and couples discreetly watched the scene hidden behind rocks or shrubs. Neither woman was new to this but, especially women of the higher classes rarely fought against working women. The truth was (and Marion knew that) that Rosa and Lolly knew each other and had clashed before. Everyone who was watching, many were connoisseur’s of female fights, agreed that this would be a vicious fight. The ladies didn’t waste any time and both middle-age lesbians were swinging at each other, often connecting with cheekbones, nose or jaw. Lolly had the worst of the punches and Rosa grabbed her long blond hair while Lolly reached out and pulled on the working woman’s black locks. Rosa had the fingers of one hand wrapped around Lolly’s hair while she ripped the top of the blonde’s dress with the other. Lolly’s large tits bounced out of her dress which drew appreciative remarks from the hidden spectators. sivas escort Rosa, who seemed stronger, pushed Lolly against a tree and rushed her biting one of her tits in the process. The women let go of their hair and went back to hitting each other with their fists. Both lesbians had kept their boots and Lolly initiated an exchange of rather stiff kicks to the stomach and thighs which left both women reeling. Rosa kneed Lolly in the groin which made her bend over holding her stomach. Rosa hit her behind the head with both fists and Lolly fell to the ground in a lump.Quickly Marion threw the umbrella and coat over Lolly’s inert body and took Rosa by the arm and ran to the nearest gate.“My carriage is near here”, said Marion“Give me my hanky so I can put it over my eye”, asked RosaBoth women got into Marion’s private carriage and galloped away. Marion lay Rosa on her back on the leather seat, opened her legs. The older woman pushed up Rosa’s skirt and buried her head between her naked and bruised thighs. Rosa closed her eyes and a very sexually excited Marion sucked her hairy cunt. Back in the park, Lolly got back on her feet with the help of a few people. About 50 feet from the scene of the fight, the Earl of Hutchins and Baron James, both gentlemen in the late 60s, were talking as they walked to the Earl’s apartments a few minutes away.“I did give Marion a good sum which she said she would share with the maid”, said the Earl arm in arm with the Baron“ I can’t wait to be naked with you under the sheets and talk about that one”, said the Baron as the Earl turned to him to accept his kiss. THE NIECES (scene takes place in another London park around 1900)Adrian loved his walks in the park, especially when it was getting dark. That is where he would meet older men like himself (he was early 60’) who enjoyed sex with other men behind the numerous bushes lining the main path. Adrian had been single all his life but had been discreet with his family about his tastes. Only his favorite niece Lilly, who was herself in her 40s, knew his secret. She sometimes accompanied him in his walks but made sure he stayed on the path and didn’t engage in any frolicking with other men. Laura, on the other hand, also walked with her uncle Samuel but Laura was a lesbian herself and understood that Samuel needed his release when he met a man he liked in the park. If the man her uncle met was accompanied by a woman, Laura would also make advances to the other woman (which were sometimes successful).That evening both couples walked towards each other. Adrian and Samuel were used to looking at other men at a distance to see if they were possibilities. It was obvious to both that the attraction was strong. They passed each other on the path and bowed. Lilly sensed trouble and tugged on her uncle’s arm to move him away. Once past the couple, Laura let go of her uncle’s arm and let him join up with Adrian. “Leave me alone for once,” cried Adrian as Lilly was tugging at his arm“Would you like to meet me near the tree ? “ asked Samuel“I’ll be right there”, assured AdrianThe two men walked briskly towards the bushes while Lilly decided to run after her uncle to try to convince him not to go with this man. Laura blocked her way.“Why don’t you let them have their fun ?” said Laura“Because it’s not proper for him to go with other men, “cried Lilly trying to circle around LauraLaura took off her hat and threw it on the ground and undid the few buttons at the top of her blouse. “While they are having their fun, maybe you and I can play together”, whispered Laura“Oh my God, you want me to do things with another woman ?” screamed LillyBy that time, both uncles had taken down their pants and underwear and were kissing on the ground and grabbing each other’s erect cock. When they looked up at the argument, they saw Lilly and Laura with their hands in each other’s hair and rolling on the ground. The two men looked at each other and laughed.“The women are in a fight. Let’s get into position as we watch”,said Samuel who was the top man.Lilly had ripped the top of Laura’s blouse and the woman’s tits were hanging out in the cool air. Laura who was older and stronger yanked at Lilly waist with her fingers and snapped the linen belt which held up her skirt. Lilly screamed as she was only in her knickers. Laura slipped out of her skirt. Both women were nearly naked and engaged in a face-scratching, tit-biting, hair pulling nasty fight. Samuel and Adrian were about 20 feet from the fight. Samuel mounted his partner from the rear and both men, not missing one second of the girl fight, started to fuck like ponies. Laura was having the better of Lilly who was not an experienced fighter. Laura tore off her opponent’s knickers and slipped off hers. Laura then punched Lilly’s face and knocked her out cold. She took advantage escort sivas of the situation and rubbed her hairy cunt against Lilly’s until she came. Samuel and Adrian had a complete fuck. Adrian gathered Lilly’s clothing as Samuel and Laura ran off into the bushes to get dressed. Lilly never again accompanied her uncle Adrian on walks in the park. Actually, Adrian was quite happy to walk alone.THE PONIES (scene takes place in Paris around 1900)The name “Plaisirs saphiques” was not very subtle for a lesbian brothel but then nobody was very discreet in those days. The establishment was rather high-class as far as the customers were concerned but less so when you walked through the halls and rooms and looked at the hookers. It was quite common in Paris at that time, if you were a wealthy lesbian or at least a beautiful lesbian, to marry a baron, an earl or a count but continue to have your lesbian sex life much to the pleasure of your husband who either had his own pleasures or enjoyed watching your antics. That afternoon there were about a dozen ladies of the higher society sitting in the main boudoir. Most were in their 30s and 40s with some as young as 25 or as old as 65. Most were attractive and all were stark naked except for a shawl over their shoulder. Some were regular lovers, others hated each other. Quarrels were common, especially over lovers or even hookers. Since these women were always seen in the social world, they could not afford to show signs of having been in a brawl. Even a scratch had to be explained. Since duels were now i*****l, the upper-class lesbians settled their jealousies and differences by paying hookers who fought their battles for them. This scheme also had the added pleasure of enjoying the sight of two women brawling in the privacy of the brothel or sometimes your own home. Husbands regularly attended such private catfights. That morning a strong sexual disagreement had to be settled between two of these women whom we will call Louise and Marianne (without their official titles). Each had chosen a “pony”, a brothel hooker who represented the lady and fought against her hooker opponent. The pony variant was getting more and more popular. It went something like this. Louise and Marianne wore a strapon which they introduced in the hooker’s cunt from behind. All the women were all on all fours on the floor. The butches manoeuvred their ponies so that they faced each other. The ladies were not allowed to hit and scratch each other but the ponies, naked and usually heavy set and kneeling only inches from each other, attacked each other with nails, fists, and teeth. At the same time, they were sexually excited by the strapon which was rammed inside them by their lady. That day the pony fight between Louise and Marianne was watched by many women, most of them standing, and a few men. The two heavy-set ponies ripped each other apart, digging nails into flesh, locking jaws in biting kisses, and tearing each other’s hair off by the roots. The fight lasted about 5 minutes before Louise’s pony fell to the ground after nearly being strangled by her opponent. The consequence of the fight was two-fold, first that Marianne won over a young lesbian conquest who was not present but who would change beds in the next few days and secondly Marianne used her strapon on Louise and fucked her in the ass from behind until both women had had an orgasm. This last part was acted out in front of the whole crowd of spectators at the brothel. A fight like this one often led to other fights between friends of the two opponents. That day two women had exchanged their calling card for a future fight and two other women had done the same exchange but it was rather for a meeting of a sexual nature. ————————————————————————————————THE LESBO CLUB (a scene set in the 1950s)The Manchester Club didn’t have a name which you could readily identify with the lesbian crowd. It was named after the birthplace of the first owner, some 30 years ago, and was now well-known as a lesbian club catering mainly to older women, divorcees, retired or working women in their 50s. It was nevertheless a pretty boisterous crowd. Some ladies were not as attractive as they used to be and had trouble getting someone to go home with them. Others had a younger lover whom they enjoyed showing their rivals. Because there were always several horny women who would go home alone, the place attracted a few younger lesbian hookers. These tough girls would grind against an older woman in their car or hotel room for cash. They were busy. Rose was a chubby white girl in her 30s who was often found sitting on a bar stool looking at the crowd and crossing her legs so that as much of her thighs showed under her mini. No hooker was attached to a club and sivas escort bayan there were about 5 clubs in the downtown area. They roamed looking for a Jane and sometimes that led to clashes.Leslie was also a well-known dyke hooker. She was a bit older but slimmer and prettier than Rose. It was a well-known fact that the two hookers hated each other and had come to blows in the past over clients. That night Leslie knew that Rose was inside the Manchester so she hung out in the alley which had an entrance to the club for women who wanted their presence to be discreet. Leslie smoked as she leaned against the brick wall in the long alley which was only lit by a street light at both ends. It was wide enough so that cars could go through slowly, the driver sometimes having to get out to push a garbage can to the side or a drunk. Leslie saw a familiar car turn into the alley, turning her lights off. A grey-haired woman at the wheel pulled down her window. ‘ Hey Ma’am, looking for a little fun ?”, asked Leslie‘Yes I am. Get into the back seat’, answered the lady smiling.Another well-dressed woman was already sitting in the back seat. She kissed Leslie on the mouth and pushed a rolled $20 bill in her bra cup ‘just as an account” said the lady. The trio drove out of the downtown area towards the industrial area. Leslie and the lady groped at each other’s tits and thighs. Another bill was slipped, this time into Leslie’s thong. In the meantime, Rose had been told by the bartender that someone wanted to see her in the alley. Rose got into a car just as Leslie had and the same scenario was followed. Neither of the hookers was worried since they had seen the ladies before and as long as the bills were produced, they were happy. When the first car arrived, the two older women escorted Leslie into a deserted warehouse, the main room being always clean as it was often used for union meetings. Leslie was beginning to feel a little queezy as she saw about a dozen men and women milling around in the room. They clapped when Leslie walked in. She kept being reassured by the two older women, but she sensed something was up. About 10 minutes later, Rose walked in also escorted by two older women. The crowd clapped again. It was obvious that the crowd was made up of couples, mem with men and women with women. When Leslie and Rose saw each other, both knew what they were there for. The floor was covered by a thin carpet. The couples in the crowd were naked under their coats which they took off. Rose and Leslie knew they were in for a fight and that these people were there to watch it. They kept their clothes but their heels came off and they were made to wear short leather boots . It took two large women to keep the two hookers apart. In the crowd, men were kissing men and a few couples were already in position on all fours. Women had brought strapons which they plan to use from behind as both lesbians would want to watch the fight at the same time as having their fuck.The two hookers were getting paid and the cash went directly into their secret money pocket. Once they knew why they were there, Leslie and Rose were happy and glad to have a chance to tear each other apart. They could have had a scrap in the alley but then nobody would have given them money. As soon as the two women were let loose, they ran towards each other and started swinging and kicking. Sounds of fists hitting flesh and bone were heard throughout the room and the excited voyeur couples began to fuck. The four older women who had brought the hookers to the warehouse were naked and fucking in two couples, one had chosen a regular strapon and the other a much thinner, older one which fitted well in the bitch’s ass. The men also fucked hard knowing the fight would not last more than 10 or 15 minutes at most. The two hookers were toe to toe and it was hard to see who had the advantage. Faces were showing signs of the fight and both had light nose bleeds. For a few minutes the brawl went from a fist fight to a kicking fight. The leather booths were making both girl’s thighs black and blue. Finally, Leslie connected with Rose’s stomach and followed with a left to the jaw. The voyeurs humped even faster thinking the fight was over. Rose rubbed her eyes but stood up nevertheless. Leslie was just waiting for the kill. The older slimmer hooker took another swing at the fat hooker who fell backwards while Leslie jumped her. Rose had enough strength to hold her own in the final minutes during which the women attacked each other’s scraggly hair and bit each other’s tits. It was a dirty fight and deserved the name as the girls scratched, bit and tore handful of each other’s hair. Rose was definitely getting the worst of it and two women separated the fighters. In the audience the men had finished fucking and the four women with the cars had also finished the strapon fuck. Two large women were attending the fighters. The women who had picked up Leslie promised her a ride back. The strapon was thrown on the back seat. Leslie’s evening was not quite over yet.THE END

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