She Controlled Me More Than I Thought – 8


She Controlled Me More Than I Thought – 8Friends HouseI entered her house which started to seem like a second home to me by now. I mean I am always naked in it, and it still feels comfortable most of the time. Today was a comfortable one, feeling great after my last visit. Having her fuck my ass was not traditional sex in any means, but it felt great with her doing it. Plus I spent the night with her in the same bed. I slept so good that night.I walked into the living room to see her standing there in jeans and a blouse nothing really revealing, but nicer that staying at home clothes. The high heels she had on gave it away, I think we are not staying home tonight.She greeted me with a smile saying. “We have been invited to a friends house for dinner.” Isn’t that exciting.”Another embarrassing night out I thought, I hated leaving the house.“We need to get you fitted with something on.”What a relief, I’m not going to be naked. Maybe we are going to act normal outside the house, kinda’ like a couple. I excitedly thought to myself.“Come here” She pointed in front of where she was sitting.I stood in front of her as she lifted a metal object up.“What is that Mistress?” I asked.“Its to keep your cock under control.” I can’t have you just getting hard like you do at my friends house.”She took the metal ring and pulled my balls through it and clamped it over the top of my dick. It was so cold my dick didn’t even get hard from her touch. She then pushed a metal cage over the head of my penis and shoved it back until she could attach it to the ring. She hooked a lock through the top securing the whole thing together. She let go of it leaning back in the chair to get a good look at it. I could feel the weight of it just hanging there pulling down my junk.“Alright turn around and bend over, “spread those cheeks.” She pushed in a butt plug.“There you go, “now you are ready.” As she got up and walk to the door. “Come on, we don’t want to be late.”This is all I get to wear I thought to myself. My hopes of normal vanished.“Come on, hurry up.”I could tell she was excited and eager to get this night started. I just lowered my head and headed out the door.We drove for about thirty minutes or so, I’m not really sure I was just dreading what was going to happen when we got there. We pulled into a drive way off a country road. You could see the house but it was set back in the woods a bit. Mistress pulled up and parked. We got out and I started looking around to see if anyone was watching.Mistress opened the trunk. “I’ll get the dessert, “you go on and knock on the door so it will be open when I get there.”What! I thought how can I knock on the door by myself, a strangers house at that. I just turned and looked at the front door, but did not move. Suddenly I heard and felt a big smack on my ass, which just about sent me out of my skin.“Don’t you start acting up today, get or ass up there.” Mistress said.I slowly started walking forward, heading up the steps. I was getting closer and closer to a panic attack. yozgat escort I reached the door and was trying to get my hand to knock on the door, when it opened. I just froze and stood still, as I realized it was the lady from the park we met last mouth.“We have been eagerly expecting you.” She said.I hated this girl, she was such a bitch to me at the park.“Where’s your Keeper.” She asked. “Or are you here all by your self.”“I’m Here, “Sheila.” Mistress said as she was walking up the steps.“Well come in, “ my husband is eager to meet you.” Sheila said. “Hunny, “are guest have arrived. “Come in.” She motioned.Mistress put her hand on my back and pushed me forward into the house. Sheila closed the door and we then followed her in to the living room. She introduced her husband who took the dessert from Mistress. He was and average looking guy maybe taller than normal. Sheila said. “Have a seat, “ your pet can sit over there.” Pointing to a wooden stool in front of the fire place.Mistress nodded at me to go sit. I walk over and when I sat down my chastity devise made a load clunking noice when it hit the stool. Everyone looked and Sheila Smiled.“I see you have him contained today.” “Yes, “He is becoming more and more of a perv. “If I didn’t, he would walk around with a hardon all the time.”All three of them laughed and continued to chat for awhile. I heard Shiela say she was retired and that her husband still had his practice as some sort of hormonal Doctor. It was strange how they just talked, and then we went to eat dinner like everything was normal. It was like they didn’t even notice I was naked. Though on one ever talked to me, which was fine will me. I had calmed down some but still wasn’t comfortable.After dinner we went back to the living room. Her husband started talking about his practice, and some of the things he does. I really didn’t listen until I realized the conversation turned towards sex. He continued to talk about how certain hormones can trigger the body to change or turn on other thing. It really wasn’t making any sense to me. Mistress seemed very interested in it though. Then I noticed Sheila whispering something into Mistress ear, and Mistress started smiling.Sheila took Mistresses hand and led her up the stairs to where the bedroom was. Her husband got up and gave me a smirk, to let me know he’s the one going with them not me. What and asshole, he gets to go with them when I’m the one devoted to her. After a while I started to here some soft moans, but could not tell who it was from. Then I heard a female voice scream out and some laughter. It got quiet again then I could here some commotion, like people rustling around. Some louder moans started to emanate from upstairs, I could tell it was from a female, but couldn’t tell if it was Mistress or her friend. I just knew someone was getting pounded. I was jealous and angry thinking that dude was fucking my Mistress, but hearing the excited noises coming from the room was also getting me horny. I escort yozgat reached down to grab my cock, but I had on this damn metal chastity devise restricting my excitement. The moans started getting louder and louder, but I couldn’t get at my cock. It was restricting my erection no mater how horny my cock got. I wished I was in that room so bad. I close my eyes and imagined I was that guy fucking Mistress, but no matter how I grabbed myself I couldn’t get at my cock. So I reached back and started pushing and playing with the butt plug Mistress put in my ass earlier. It started to feel good as I got into a rhythm with the screams of pleasure that came down stairs. I would try and pull the plug out then forceable ram it back in, which reminded me of how mistress reamed my ass the other night. As I was getting lost in my own experience I heard a load “yes yess!” then a deeper moan more like a grunt. I started to imagine what it must be like to blow your load into Mistress… When the light came on. I instantly stoped what I was doing and opened my eyes to see Mistress standing at the bottom of the stairs.She was only in her bra and panties, but I was so surprised and worried that I had been caught playing with myself I didn’t even care. “On your knees you little slut.” She pointed to the floor.I got on my knees as she walked up to me grabbed my throat pushing my head back.“Open your mouth.” She ordered. “Stick out your tongue.”I instantly obeyed with out thought, as she poured something into my mouth. Instantly I knew what it was.“Don’t you dare swallow until I tell you.”It was so much, a lot more that I have even produced at my most excited. It tasted so badly, I thought I had gotten use to the taste, but this was another mans cum and it was disgusting let alone humiliating. The thought of the cum sitting in my mouth started to sink in. Any dignity I had, or excitement was now comply gone.“Close your mouth.” Mistress said walking behind me. I closed my mouth straightening my head. I could see Mistresses friend and her husband looking at me from the stairwell. She had on a robe, but he was still completely naked. I looked at his Hairy huge cock still half hard knowing that was where the substance that filled my mouth came from. I just sank into a feeling of nothing as they just stared at me with no expressions on their faces.Mistress whispered into the back of my ear. “You love that taste of a real man in your mouth don’t you.” I shook my head no, trying to regain some from of self worth. “So if I take off your chastity device, your cock isn’t going to get instantly hard.” As she lightly laughed.I started getting nervous as she reached down to unlock the device. How fucked up has she made me, I’m not even sure whats going to happen. She pulled it off and I looked down to see my cock rock hard pointing right at the audience watching me.“See what a true pervert he is.” Mistress told her two friends.He just stood there watching, but a smile came over Sheila’s face as she looked yozgat escort bayan at my hard cock knowing my mouth was full of her husbands cum.Mistress place the cup on the floor in front of me saying, “fill it up again.”I reached forward and grabbed my cock, why was it so hard. I started jerking it, and trying to fight back my bodies urge to swallow the load in my mouth. Mistress started rubbing my back and shoulders as I stroked. I was so mortified at my predicament I didn’t even like her touch.“He just loves another mans jizz in his mouth.” Mistress blissfuly announced.I did nothing but kept jerking.“Don’t try and deny it, “your hard cock gives you away.” She laughed. “Next time I will let you take it straight from the source.”I couldn’t believe what she was saying, and what I was doing. I mean I’m not gay, right.“You like that idea. “I can tell, because your getting close.” She said. “Pick up the glass.”I was hoping I wouldn’t get off, because in some way it would mean I didn’t like his cum in my mouth. She was right though, it was going to happen and it was happening so quickly. I picked up the glass and with everyone watching I shot a stream into the glass. On my second shot I even let out a little grunt though my cum filled mouth.“Thats it, “ show us how much you like it.” Mistress laughed before taking the glass from me.I looked over at her friend to see her smiling at my situation, and playing with her husbands balls. She had them cupped in the palm of her hands juggling them. It was making his massive cock bounce around, it was so huge and I don’t even think it was fully erect yet. I just looked at his thick pubic hair which made him look so manly, unlike me.Mistress caught me staring at his cock, I tried to look away before she noticed, but she grabbed my hair and yanked my head back.“You like that huge cock don’t you. ”She said. “You’ll get first hand knowledge soon enough.” Open your mouth!”I opened my mouth and she slowly started pouring in the cum.“Such a mouth full you have, ”can you feel them swimming around in there.” She laughed.It was so disgusting, my mouth was so full. I wanted to spit it out, but my body’s reaction was wanting to swallow it down. Either way I had to get this wad at of my mouth, but knew I had to wait for a command.Mistress let go of my hair. “Go ahead take a gulp,” she said. I closed my eyes and took a swallow, I got half of it down before I started to gag. I was just able to keep my mouth shut so none of the remaining cum escaped. “Look his cock is getting hard again,” Mistresses friend said.“Of corse it is.” Mistress replied. “He’s such a cum slut,” I can never seem to give him enough.”As I took another swallow to finish what was in my mouth, I felt my cock jump and spit out another steam of cum across the floor.Mistress grabbed my hair hard again and got in my face. “How dare you soil her floor like that.” She then pushed my face to the floor. “Clean it up, “Now!”As I was licking the cum off the floor I could hear Mistress apologize for my behavior.“I’m sorry for his disgusting behavior. “I should have not taken him out of chastity yet, “he’s so inconsiderate”. “For this he will be put back in chastity and remain in chastity for a month, or until he has leaned to behave himself.”

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