Sharing a road trip with Carl


Sharing a road trip with CarlAna was happy. She had been for a long time planning a road trip to Denver; we would visit a couple of friends we had not seen in many time.The day before, our mutual friend Carl called me, saying he had known about our trip; so he would be glad to come with us and split the motel and gas…Ana said it was fine for her. We had known Carl for years. He was a good man; a black one. My wife had told me she had flirted with him, but he had never fucked her. Anyway, she was sure he would be very well endowed; since his body was really huge…That morning, as I was enjoying a shower, Ana packed all our stuff.She had put out clothes for me to wear. I noticed that she had bought some baggy style shorts for me. We had agreed to pick up Carl on the way. As we loaded his stuff; Carl sat down at the back seat; but, before starting the drive, Ana told me she would be more comfortable by travelling in the back seat too.My wife was wearing a loose skirt, which she used to wear very often to take a long road trip.We hit the highway, and not long after, I heard some strange noises in the back seat.I adjusted the rear mirror and could see Carl had his eyes closed and he was moaning very softly. I also could see Ana’s curly hair head bobbing up and down the black guy’s lap.She was giving him a very wet blowjob…Carl suddenly grunted and I knew he had filled my wife’s mouth with his black seed. I noticed also his dark hand had been under Anita’s skirt the whole time. The bastard had been fingering her as she sucked on him…After coming in Ana’s mouth, he asked me to pull over somewhere; he aksaray escort needed to pee. I soon found a logging road not far away. I pulled in and Carl got out of the car; but he was not looking to take a leak. He just reached over and slid my wife to the edge of the seat; so her long legs were hanging out the back side door…He ordered Ana to spread her thighs; she did it with no hesitation.He pushed up her skirt to reveal Ana’s dripping wet pussy, as she was not wearing any panties. I saw her pussy lips were already red and swollen. The black bastard had fingered my wife real hard.He looked at me and shoved his hard cock in her cunt very slowly.Once he was all the way in, he started to pump Ana faster. I could hear his balls slapping against her puffy lips, while she screamed and cried in anticipation for her own orgasm. I watched Ana arching her back and she came on the black cock.She screamed loud and her body shuddered in climax.Carl kept pumping her with a steady pace; but just a minute after, he also grunted and took two more long deep strokes.He pulled out and came all over my wife’s mound. He smeared the sticky cum between Ana’s swollen pussy lips with his cockhead.Carl stepped back and nodded his head for me to come over. I got out of the car as he slapped the last glob of cum off his cock over my wife’s pussy lips.Anita looked at me, saying she wanted me to lick her cunt clean.I bent over and licked off the massive load of black cum from her belly. I was hard as a rock; but Ana noticed it, saying I should wait for later, since her stretched cum filled vagina was a bit sore escort aksaray now.She ordered me to lick her lover’s cock clean. So I knelt in front of Carl and sucked his massive black dick until it was shiny and clean. The nigger bastard smiled and he said I was a good cock sucker.We all got back in the car and I hit again the highway; just talking as if nothing had happened. We finally arrived at Denver and checked in the hotel that Ana had hired for the three of us…Carl told us he would visit one of his buddies living not so far; we would meet again late evening.Ana and I went to meet our friends. We all were very happy with the gathering after so many years. We shared a very nice dinner with them and later we came back to our hotel room. Carl was not there yet.I suggested Anita to share a nice relaxing shower. Once there under the warm rain, I pushed my wife against the wall and invaded her wet cunt from behind. Anita moaned and shivered, matching my hard thrusts with her hips. She screamed loud as she came…I was starting to feel my own climax getting closer, when suddenly Carl entered the bathroom. He smiled and ordered Ana to get out of the shower. I protested, but it was useless.Ana dried her curvy body with a large towel and our black friend pushed her onto the bed. He handcuffed Ana to the headboard.He straddled my wife and shoved his huge black cock down her throat, making her drool all over this massive piece of hard meat.I sat back at a corner in silence and started to jerk off, as Carl started to fuck my delicate wife really hard. Anita started to scream loud and I knew aksaraya escort bayan she was close to orgasm.Her long toned legs were wrapped around Carl’s back; she was not allowing him to pull out. Ana wanted him to cum inside of her cunt. Carl pumped her in a brutal way and he eventually came.When he pulled out, cum started to ooze out as she pushed her vaginal muscles. Ana smiled at me, saying I knew my duty…I bent over her belly and licked her well used cunt clean. Our friend ordered me to clean his cock off as well. I took most of it in my mouth; but this time, as I sucked him, I noticed he was getting hard again…Carl suddenly pulled out of my mouth and he slapped my face.He looked at my wife, nodding his head to his hard dick, pointing to the ceiling. Ana begged for mercy, saying her cunt felt really sore after the wild fucking he had given to her…But Carl laughed, making my wife to turn over on her stomach.He placed a couple pillows under her belly; so her nice round as was stuck in the air. I realized he was going to butt fuck her…Ana smiled, but he suddenly straddled her back and pushed her face against the mattress.Carl looked at me and he gave me an evil grin in his eyes.He then spat on Ana’s ass crack and he smeared his saliva around my wife’s tight rear entrance.Ana protested, but he then pushed his cockhead against her tiny ring. My wife screamed onto the mattress, while this massive black dick was finally buried up to the hilt inside of her tight anus.I watched in awe as this nigger bastard sodomized my sweet wife so brutally; just in front of my eyes.Luckily for Ana, her anal torture lasted no too long; since the black guy came very soon in her very tiny anus…Carl pulled out and he smiled at me, signaling his dripping pipe…I went again down on my knees, knowing it would be a very long and pleasant week end there at Denver…

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