SEX STUDENT THERA TEASE VIDEOSEX STUDENT SEEKS SEX PROFESSOR TO BREED BABIES: BEST DARLING DEAR DAUGHTERSTHERA van Mansveld at beach of Cap d’Agde shows her AA-titiies slender love lips smile above as aburning beautiful bare beach beauty who looks for a man to breed her babies – Best at AMSTERDAM Thera is psychologist so she selects a man by looks & character as well sufficient DOMINANT as manThera is already thirty so her UTERUS SCREAMS for fresh fertile SPERM SHOWERS by any able Prof!Thera tries to talk her best girlfriend blonde beach beauty BARBARA to share her search for a FATHERThera is very romantic She imagines a proper Professor can breed both in a steamy sexy SEX SUMMERThera is as slender as smart which are her main womanly attractions to her nice neighbour Prof PETERTHERA WILL RECEIVE AN INVITATION FOR TWO AS SOON AS SHE & BARBARA yozgat escort are back in Amsterdam!THERA READS HER LONG LOVE LETTER WITH DETAILS OF PROFESSOR PETERS PROCEDURES:Thera is first to be Intimately Inspected & Interviewed’ while she should share her manual orgasmThera fillS in the application app at A’dam ‘EXPETRIMENTAL EROTICS INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTEThera scared from his demand to subjugate completely during their LONG LOVE WARM WEEKEND!Thera ticks the boxes: practically still VIRGIN EROTIC EXPERIENCE some SOLO-SEX & LEZZIE LOVEThera is awefully afraid of ANAL PENISTRATION which women experience as a PAINAL PUNISHMENTTHERA LACKS ANY REAL EXPERIENCE ESPECIALLY IN BDSM — She imagines she is SUBMISSIVEThera longs her BOYISH BOTTOM to be warmed well before Prof. PETER will take her HOLY HYMEN!Thera imagines she’ll escort yozgat make meals with BARBARA with lots of mediterrainean hot herbs & aphrodisiacsTHEMA imagines Prof-PETER will put pins on her LOVE LIPS after breeding her with legs tied high upTHERA HOPES HE WILL TEACH HER BEST BLOW-JOB APPROACH TO GET HIS MANHOOD WOODENTHERA is getting hot by the INTERESTING INVENTIVE IDEA OF A THREESOME WITH blushing BABS!Thera giggles with BARBARA when she shares her SEXY SURPRISE with blonde beauty BARBARAThera wonders whether she can see how wet her fanny gets from the sun & her hot sexy suggestions?THERA TURNS HERSELF ON INCREDABLY by her imagination of her SCHOOLING as SEX STUDENTThera starts to see herself as a COURTISANE even after she’S mother of two timid tasty twins by him!Thera is my most beautiful brunette girl next door – yozgat escort bayan I gave her the roses in her street garden at #41-HSThera doesn’t know how often Professor Peter watched her busy in the kitchen Pity not in her showerTHERA SOON AGREES HE INSTALLS CAMERAS IN HER BEDROOM TO BE IN COMPLETE CONTROLBARBARA sees blushes at the cute cheeks of her best friend & She understands well why so excited!———————————————————————————————————————————————-COPYRIGHT by Prof-PETER at ‘EXPERIMENTAL EROTICS INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE’ — 08–03–20All applicatations from age f******n only by phone at their two lines: +31 206 848 256 & 651 603 793Also by ‘snail-mail’ to ‘EEII’ TASMANSTRAAT 43-HA or write your E-MAIL to peterdijkema.go@gmailAs our twin elder Prof PETE Petdyke lives upstrairs at 43-IA we can host up to eight live-in students!DEAR READER PLEASE VOTE ‘THUMB UP’ NO weak dickies at me ONLY COMING CLITS COMMENTDEAR READER READ COMMENTS AS WELL — FROM LOWEST UP TO MOST RECENT I’LL do 1st few

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