Sedona Heat Ch. 04

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Big Dicks

We arrived at the resort, I checked in and we made for my suite walking passed the gorgeous pool and spa.

“Man does that look good!”

“Yes it sure does.” You said only you were looking at my rump in those shorts and chaps. I could feel the heat from your gaze and I added a few extra inches to the sway of my hips, I couldn’t resist.

Luggage in and squared away I plop down on the bed opposite the one you were sitting on. Our eyes meet and again we were lost in that ephemeral connection that is tangible and almost visual between us.

“Thanks for dinner, that place was great.”

“It was my pleasure, you saved my life, remember?” one side of your face rose in a crooked smile.

“Yes, as a matter of fact I do. So I guess that means we’re even, right? I saved your life and you bought me dinner… seems fair enough.” The glint in my eyes had your hair on end.

“Hardly seems fair… you saved a life… and all I gave you was a dead chicken with some rice.”

“Hmm.” I said thoughtfully “You’re right… I think you still owe me… something.” I stood and paced across the room towards the bath. “What do you say we hit that pool? It was hot as hell today and to be quite frank I could use a cool down. You in?”

“Well I…” you hesitated as I unbuckled the chaps and slip them free of my legs and when I bent to remove my shoes you noticed the tribal tattoo along the back of my shorts and then those that adorn my ankles and said quickly “Hell yeah, tuzla escort if you don’t mind me swimming in my skivvies.”

“Skivvies? Only a military man calls ’em Skivvies. Name, Rank, and Serial Number, soldier!” You almost stood to attention and I collapsed in a laughing heap on the bed. You threw a pillow at me and said

“Yeah, well only a military brat knows what skivvies are!” then another pillow flew passed my head.

“I am not a military brat, I’m a NAVY BRAT!” I giggled….you stopped and nodded

“Hoo-YAH… Navy all the way!”

“Ok, soldier drop and show me your skivvies!” you stood and reached for your belt buckle slowly; your eyes dark and mine smoky; they followed your hands as you pulled off your boots; then your tank top revealing that toned chest covered in golden skin; and finally your jeans released a beast coiled in black cotton boxer briefs. I swallowed and sat up my face staring right at the waist band of your shorts, where the V drops down and narrows. I leaned forward and kissed just below your belly button, I heard your breath catch and saw your cock jump. You lifted your hands to my face turning me up to face you.

“Get your suit on wild woman or are you swimming in YOUR skivvies?” I had a feeling this was going to be a long night and I was thrilled!

“Give me 15 seconds.” I scurried through my suit case and pulled out my black and red bikini and hit the bathroom for a quick change. Before long we were basking in the cool water, tuzla escort bayan sitting at the water bar, icy cold coronas in hand, and the strains of a live band filtering from the other side of the pool area. We took turns singing; between the two of us we knew the lyrics to every song they played. We laughed and drank and talked and sang… I was so lost in you that I never wanted the night to end. I pushed away from the bar and went head first down into the deep end; my butt and legs rising out of the water like the fluke of a whale, only a lot smaller and sexier, I hoped. I swam towards the far corner where it was darker and that led to the Jacuzzi. I knew you would follow so I kept swimming under water until I reached the passage way to the spa. I leaned back against the jets letting their pulsations ease the muscles in my back. You swam through the passage way and up between my thighs, breaking the water and rising up for a kiss.

The kiss was deep; we wrapped ourselves around one another tilting our faces, searching lips, tongues meeting like swords of flame. You covered my face with soft but urgent kisses, I could hardly breath while my hands slid up and down your strong back, my legs pulling you closer until I can feel your rock hard cock pressed against my mound and my crystal. My arms found their way around your neck and I pulled you even closer my hips pressing against yours; my breaths came in short spurts; our mouths meeting again, tongues writhing, moans escort tuzla rising with the steam of the water. You pull back slightly and with our eyes joined you began sliding your hand down between us; pulled the crotch of my bikini aside and slid that beautiful cock all the way in with one stroke. We were both so filled in that moment with the need to get that first raging climax over to relieve the sexual tension that had been building throughout the course of the day; so the slow, all night long kind of love making could begin. You pulled your upper body away from me and your hips up so that we were locked together and yet seem far apart enough to appear above suspicion. I rolled my hips around causing your rod to swirl inside of me then lifted my hips rising all the way up your shaft then all the way back down; within a few strokes we both exploded silently, then wrapped around each other, the whole of my body contracting and pulsing around you.

We floated there for a few minutes letting the bubbles gurgle around us as we remained lost in our own world. The sky was an amazing dark blue and filled with a million shimmering diamonds one never sees near city lights. You tugged at my arm and pulled me back over to the bar and sitting there I realized that no one had a clue that we’d just fucked in the hot tub or they all had really good poker faces. I was sure the bartender had seen that a time or two and it turned me on to think that he might have seen us, too.

Then there we were again belly up to the water bar, cold beers, beautiful star lit sky, singing the lyrics to “Muskrat Love” by Captain and Tanille laughing and wondering how the hell we knew the lyrics to that song.

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