Schoolgirl Fantasy III


Schoolgirl Fantasy IIIIt was the sun streaming into Sarah’s bedroom that woke me up. As I wiped sleep from my eyes, I could feel the dampness of my panties. Sarah’s attention to me was still fresh in my mind. But it was even more than that: it was the first time I ever felt wanted. It was not the cheap feel that the boys were after – something only for their pleasure with nothing for me. All those times I was never asked to dance melted into history. My night with Sarah changed all that. She wanted me for what I was – and to make me happy, while expecting nothing from me. All she wanted to show me was that she loved me. As I lay thinking about last night, tears of joy ran down my cheeks.I went off to the bathroom for the obvious and to wipe away my tears. When I returned to Sarah’s bed, she was still sleeping, but what a sight. It had been warm during the night and Sarah had shed her bedcovers. She was spread-eagled on the bed, naked. Her small breasts rose and fell as she zonguldak escort breathed, her nipples were prominently erect. Her teen-aged bush shone in the light of a new day. And that’s how I felt – this was a new day for me.I gently slid into bed between Sarah’s legs. I had decided that I so wanted to show Sarah that I loved her to and was ready to return the love she showed me.I caressed the back of her knees as I worked my way back into bed. I began to kiss the inside of Sarah’s thighs as I worked my way upward. When I reached her pussy, my fingers spread her lips and my tongue slipped between them. Sarah woke “Ellen, you don’t have to do this; I know you aren’t ready.” “You couldn’t be more wrong, Sarah, I want to show you how much I love you. I only wonder why I took so long.” And with that, my tongue went to work. My hands reached around Sarah’s thighs to hole them apart and all I wanted to do was make her come. I found her clit and took it between my zonguldak escort bayan teeth and sucked it in and out between them. I let Sarah’s thighs clamp around my head, it was a sign that I was on the right track. In and out went her clit; I wanted her to come as fast as I could. A slower seduction could come later. I just wanted her to come. The funny thing was that making love to Sarah was just as arousing to me. I could feel myself getting more and more aroused as I realized how aroused I was making Sarah. One hand slid my panties to mid-thigh and I began to finger myself, just flicking my clit. As I began to moan, I realized that my moans were like electric shocks to Sara’s clit. I could hear Sarah now, sharp gasps with each bite on her clit. Her hips started to undulate. I just wanted her to come.As her legs began to shake, she spread them wider. I looked up at her face. She was just lost in desire; eyes were closed, hair matted around her forehead; escort zonguldak her mouth open gasping in lust-filled moans. I could see her small breasts, rising and falling with each breath; nipples rock-hard. I kept sucking on her clit. Her legs opened a bit further as she began to lose control. I sucked her clit between my teeth a bit faster and slipped a finger inside her. I couldn’t believe how wet she was. Curling my finger up inside her, as she did with me, I found Sarah’s button. Flicking it as I sucked on Sarah’s clit caused her whole body to shake. Suddenly, Sarah went stiff; her back came off the bed as a loud almost a roar came from her. Then she began to spasm; she bent at the waist, her head and shoulders off the bed as her orgasm exploded. I kept teasing her clit as she continued to come. Finally, she pushed my head away and covered her pussy with her hands.I looked at her. Her hands were soaked as her juices flowed out over them. The sheet underneath her was soaked with her come. I leaned my head against her thigh and just gently stroked her thigh. As I looked at her, all I felt was a desire to be with her forever. Finally, Sarah lifted her head. A smile told me all I needed to know.“We have to change the sheets.”

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