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She had seen him a few times before in the local Swimming/Sauna, and was hoping to maybe bump into him today.

In the communal changing rooms Lucy was changing into her black bikini, having to rearrange her top so that her ample breast would fit snug into her bikini, once Lucy was comfortable she pulled the curtain of her changing room to one side, stepped out and proceeded towards the lockers.

Lucy’s long legs was on tiptoes reaching the vacant locker, when she felt a hand rest on her back, thus startling her, she turned her head to see it was him. Lucy smiled and whispered a thank you. A fluttering sensation she felt in her tummy as he proceeded to help her place her clothes away, with that, he then stroked her back as he walked away without saying a word.

She then proceeds to the pool and dived in, her elegant frame shimmered through the water after a few lengths of the pool she decided to relax in the Jacuzzi.

Whilst walking to the Jacuzzi she was aware she was being watched, she wasn’t sure if it was just the usual people ogling at her ample bust or if it was him. Her long leg glided so elegantly towards the Jacuzzi, holding onto the handrail she placed one foot on the step and stepped into the bubbling hot water, a few people moved up to accommodate for her.

Whilst in the Jacuzzi she noticed that he was in there also, no words was said, just looks, he seemed mesmerised by her, so Lucy couldn’t help but tease him, she began to play with her bikini strap, her fingers run up and down her strap, she was careful as to what she was doing because of the other people in the Jacuzzi. Whilst sitting in the bubbling water, her breasts was at an even level with the water, so sensing this her nipples began to make an outline in her bikini she couldn’t help but push herself backwards so he could make out her poking nipples.

A pendik escort couple of people left the Jacuzzi just leaving herself, him and another old man, who eyes was firmly shut resting in the hot water.

Knowing now she was semi ok, both of her hands moved towards her chest, without making eye contact, still aware she was being watched by him, she cupped her breast and began to feel her nipples, just gently placing her fingers on them and moving her long nails very slowly. She felt her nipples begging to really increase in size as she began to feel turned on.

In one short moment conscious of the old man she stood up left the Jacuzzi and walked towards the Sauna, she opened the door; it was completely empty the moist hot air hit her face as she breathed in the menthol air. Shutting the door and allowing herself to accommodate to the new warm feeling around her, she sat in the room her legs slightly ajar and her arms resting on the ledge, and once comfortable she closed her eyes lent back and relaxed.

After a few moments a swift cold air was felt where the door was opened and someone joined the room. Lucy looked and smiled and shut her eyes again, the man who joined the room came straight towards her and knelt down, he ran his fingers up Lucy’s leg to her knee and parted them slightly more. Lucy was fully relaxed and let the man continue.

He begin to kiss on her knee, nice gentle kisses followed by licking on her legs, he could taste all the chlorine from the Jacuzzi, gradually he made his was towards her vagina, he had one of his hands behind her waist his fingers spread towards her bottom, and his other hand was stroking her inner thigh towards groin he began to move closer to her bikini pants and touched the outer garment with his fingers, Lucy murmured. After some little stroking on her clit over the bikini pants, escort pendik he pulled the panties to one side and began to feel her moist clit between his fingers, putting initially one finger inside her clit and gently rubbing it.

Using his other hand he moved Lucy towards him a little, his mouth moving slowly towards her pussy soon his tongue touched the lips of her clit, his tongue felt some of her pubes before teasing his tongue on her clit lips. Lucy who was so turned on by now lifted a leg and rested it on the seat she where she was sitting on.

Using his fingers he was holding her panties to one side he parted her lips so his tongue could lick the whole length of her clit, his tongue went from the just touching the inside of her clit to a deeper licking sensation, his tongue probing inside her.

Beans the panties was restricting his access using both hands he pulled at her panties, Lucy lifted her bottom slightly whilst his head was still buried in her pussy, he stopped for a second for the panties to pulled further down past her knees, thus just dropping to the floor. His tongue quickly begins to explore her hole and tasting some of her juices, his tongue flicking inside her hole, the pinkness of her pussy begins to colours up in excitement.

His head deeply buried inside her, his tongue deep inside her hole, his hands cup at her bottom pushing her towards him, whilst with one hand his fingers begins feeling her ass hole, with just gentle movements trying to place a finger inside her ass.

Lucy completely turned on, leans slightly forward her breathing becoming more intense her moans echo through the room, her fingers are running through the dark haired mans hair and grabbing hold of some strands.

The man obliviously to this, continues to explore deep in side her pussy, her moist pussy is really beginning pendik escort bayan to expel some pussy juice now his tongue quickly darts between her hole tasting her juice, senses and hearing how turned on she is, his tongue moves onto her clit and begins to twirl on her, teasing her, before a strong licking movement deep on the spot where it turns her on the most, up and down with a fast but gently movement, constantly licking and sucking his tongue darts back inside her hole capturing the pussy juice, Pussy juice seeping from her hole, and his mouth dribbles saliva and pussy juice, knowing she is about to cum any second, he can feel the throbbing of her clit inside his mouth the intense grabbing of his head pushing him deeper inside her clit. His tongue flicks at her clit and brings her off with a really intense orgasms, her moans echo in the room and the moisture in the air she inhales as she moans, he continues to lick and flick on her clit and drinks the pussy juices whilst her clit throbs on his tongue.

She relaxes her grip on his hair and leans back, her hands rest again on the side, he continues to lick her clit really gently slow movements now, before removing his head from her pussy. He stops probing her asshole with his fingers, wipes his mouth and begins to stand up and moves towards Lucy’s ear and speak for the first time and says, ‘I see you back at home within the hour” Lucy smiles and say “Of course darling”.

With that, the man (her fiancé) leaves the sauna, cold air enters the room once again, Lucy quickly pulls on her bikini panties and leaves the sauna, her skin feeling extremely smooth from the intense sauna she has experienced. She tries to walk normally towards the changing rooms; her cheeks are glowing, her body only just simmering down from her orgasm. Once in the changing rooms she quickly changes into her regular clothes and leaves for home, knowing she has an extremely turned on man waiting for her to return home, on the way home she begins to think of her experience in the sauna and how turned on she was and is becoming again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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