Sasha’s Adventures Ch. 05

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Sasha had recently graduated from law school and had not yet figured out her next move. One summer morning, a call came from a former fling asking her about her job plans. She had met Ted while she was interning at the state capitol. The older man was married and powerful, and she had not been able to turn down his advances at the time. They had not hooked up for awhile, but had stayed on good terms. He had become involved in a presidential campaign, and wanted to see if she was interested in a job for the next few months. She went in for an interview, and started her new temporary job the next day. As an event planner, she would be traveling around the state coordinating various speaking engagements featuring high profile politicians.

The job kept her very busy, traveling almost constantly with stops at home just long enough time to do her laundry and hit the office before heading out again. At many locations she didn’t know anyone there, so she spent many quiet evenings alone in her hotel room.

One particular trip had proven to be brutal. The city was small and not a great place to be. The local staff she worked with were rude and cranky, and this particular event was proving especially challenging. She was staying at the only halfway decent hotel in town, and on her second night there decided to stop at the lobby bar for a drink. She sat at a small table alone and worked on her laptop while she waited for her vodka cranberry. She noticed a table of men next to her that didn’t seem to fit in. They were dressed in dark clothes, and once she noticed their similar short haircuts she suspected they were with the secret service. She didn’t pay much attention, but hoped maybe she might end up with some people to actually talk to on this trip.

She made it a short night, and after finishing two drinks she packed up to go to her room. It was then she made eye contact with one of the men next to her, and he greeted her and engaged a conversation. Once she explained what she was doing at the hotel, they confirmed she was correct and they were indeed with the secret service doing advance work before their protected person arrived in town. They talked her into another drink, and soon she had enjoyed several cocktails with them.

One in particular had caught her attention. Tom was the quietest of the group, and also the youngest. He was muscular with chiseled features and short blond hair. Not traditionally handsome, but definitely nice to look at. Based on his attire she surmised he might have a more physically demanding job, and wondered how he looked under his baggy clothing.

She decided it was time to leave and wished her companions a good night. She walked out the door, and soon Tom was at her side. He said it didn’t seem right having her walk to her room by herself, and she certainly didn’t mind the company. The hotel was under remodeling and for her to get to her room she had to walk outside in the dark parking lot.

Once they arrived at her room, she didn’t stop at the door but just walked in and he followed her. She kicked off her heels and dropped her computer bag on a chair, and turned to him to say thank you. He stood near the door, and it had automatically closed behind him. He asked if she was tired, and she admitted that she wasn’t really but didn’t want to have a terrible morning by staying out too late. He asked if she wanted to hang out for a while and she agreed. This guy was seriously a man of few words and Sasha wasn’t sure how to bridge the silence. She clicked on the tv, and relaxed on the bed. The sad hotel room didn’t actually offer any other real seating to speak of, so Tom sat next to her. She asked him questions about his life, and as he talked a little more she laid on her side looking up at him.

He had gotten himself into her hotel room, so she assumed he was into her, but he wasn’t really making any moves. She wasn’t sure what to make of this quiet stranger, and then he abruptly moved down and started kissing her. His actions were intense and his body language was dominant. He pulled his face back.

“Do you want me here?”

Slightly surprised, she hesitantly said yes.

” I want to hear you say that you want me here.”

She raised her eyebrows and looked him in the eyes. “I want you here, in my room, with me.”

She put her hands on his hips and began trailing them up his sides, ready to check out his muscular torso. He abruptly sat up and stopped her. “Wait.”

Confused, she looked up at him. Then as he pulled off his jacket, she understood why. He took his gun off his hip and placed it on the bedside table. Well this was certainly a first for Sasha.

“Any more of those I should be aware of?”

Unsmiling, he assured her that was the only one on his body and that he was not allowed to be without a weapon at any time. He resumed his position over her, the pressure of his large frame weighing on her body. He continued kissing her roughly and pulled his hips away unbuckling his belt. She was a little intimidated by bursa escort him and didn’t reciprocate as she normally would have. She was a little shocked by his assertiveness and that there was a gun right next to them.

He leaned up and pulled off his shirt. His chest was gorgeous and ripped. His skin was smooth and unblemished, and his arms were strong. He looked down and began unbuttoning her blouse, exposing her lacy white bra and small firm tits. She loved to wear her white bra under a white shirt as you could see the lace through but it still left her fully covered. She wore a knee length skirt and he located the side zipper and pulled it down, exposing the side of the thin lace thong underneath. He pulled the fitted skirt down over her hips and off of her, tossing it aside. He went after her breasts hungrily, pulling her breast out from the cup of her bra and pulling on her nipple with his mouth. She leaned up slightly to reach back and unhook her bra, and he pulled it off as cast it aside. He continued manipulating her nipples with his mouth, pulling them in with his lips, lavishing attention from his tongue and lightly grazing his teeth across them when he pulled back. He mainly focused on her right side, occasionally going back and forth. Every time he sucked hard or she felt his teeth, she could feel a twinge between her legs and soon her pussy craved the same level of attention from his mouth. She had started to run her hands up his torso and around to his back, but he grabbed her arms and held them down as he teased her nipples.

She was so conflicted. She felt a little hesitant about how forceful he was, but she also had to admit that she loved him dominating over her. He certainly wasn’t inflicting any pain on her, and she felt foolish for her reservations about a man who seemed to want nothing but to lavish attention on her body. She closed her eyes and just absorbed the sensations across her body, from his hands wrapped around her wrists holding them down against the bed, to his mouth that was pulling on her nipples with increasing pressure.

Soon he leaned up and began tugging on her panties. She moved her hips up so he could pull them off. Then she was lying completely naked before him. He looked over her body, pausing to look at her trimmed pussy. The dark blond hair formed a neat strip over her slit. He sat there shirtless, belt undone and pants and combat boots still on. Quietly, he told her to turn around. As she turned over, he grabbed her hips and held her ass in front of his hips. He looked down at her firm ass as she kneeled before him on all fours. With one hand holding her left hip, he gently smacked her ass with his right hand. It didn’t hurt but surprised her and she jumped. His left hand tensed around her hip bone, and then he pulled his hand away and grabbed her long hair. Holding it firmly but not pulling, he slapped her ass again.

She then heard the metallic noise of his belt being moved and felt his movement behind her. He dropped his grasp on her hair, and pressed his hand between her shoulders lowering the upper half of her body onto the bed. Her ass remained in the air, and she felt his knees pressing her legs further apart. She heard noises behind her and thought it was the unwrapping of a condom but wasn’t sure. Soon she felt his hands on both her hips and his cock pressing against her pussy. She was wet but still tight, so he wrapped his hand around his hard cock and pressed it harder against her entrance. He removed his hand once he had pushed the head inside her and slid the rest of the way inside of her.

She tensed, nervous of him rushing inside of her. But he pulled out slowly and reentered her over and over again, until her pussy was accustomed to his cock. Even then he continued to slowly fuck her and smacked her ass periodically. She loved the sensation of his hard cock coupled with the unexpected slap of his hand on her ass. Finally he began fucking her more rapidly, slamming his hips against her ass. She spread her legs further so she could feel his balls against her clit.

Suddenly he pulled out. She was so disappointed to have him no longer inside of her. But then he told her to turn around and he maneuvered her lower on the bed. She was surprised to see him kneeling with his pants bunched at his calves and boots still on. He stood up and finished undressing, and pulled off his condom. He got back on the bed and straddled her upper body, pushing his cock to her lips. She began licking him and pulling him inside of her mouth. Soon she was pulling him in further, and he began moving his hips. As he built up, he was soon fucking her mouth. She strained to take his full length down her throat, not being at the best angle to do so. He looked down at her as she tried to manage him inside her mouth. He pulled back and climbed off her and she sat up and leaned toward him. She kneeled between his legs going after his cock with her mouth. He sat back, leaning on his hands and let the blond go after him.

To her dismay, she bursa escort bayan kept sucking and deep throating him and he seemed no closer to coming. She felt like she was letting him down and continued licking and sucking him. She tried every trick in her arsenal to coax him to ejaculate in her mouth and it just wasn’t happening. He was amused, knowing she was getting tired and frustrated. He sat up and pulled her up. He pushed her back down to the bed on her back, not roughly but firm enough to remind her he was still in control. He stroked his bare cock and got between her legs. He pushed inside of her effortlessly, then grabbed around her knees and pulled her toward him. He was fucking her hard, so hard she could feel him hitting her cervix with every stroke. He released his grip on her knees and leaned his body over hers, effectively pushing her legs back and spreading her pussy wide for his taking. He was fucking her roughly, not like anyone ever had before. In some respects it hurt a little, but something about his control over her made it all worth it.

He fucked her pussy long and hard, and then he pulled out without warning, shooting streams of come on her chest and her face. He walked to the bathroom while she lie there with his come puddled on her. When he came out he dressed, patted her thigh, said maybe he would see her tomorrow and left.

No one had ever treated her like that before. She knew it was wrong and she shouldn’t let him treat her body that way, but she was intrigued by his domination of her. She wasn’t sure she would ever see him again and was disappointed by the thought that she likely would not have that kind of experience again.

The next day she overslept and spent the day distracted by the night before. She was frustrated and tired at the end of the long day and didn’t make it back to the hotel until after nine o’clock. She briefly contemplated going for a drink, but decided she would rather sleep. She had mixed feelings about seeing Tom again anyway and thought it best just to let what happened be a one-night stand.

After ten o’clock, there was a loud knock at the door. She was watching tv in her underwear, mesh boyshorts and a matching push-up bra that her nipples peeked over. She figured if she ignored it whoever it was would go away, assuming someone had the wrong room. But the firm knock came again, so she got up to see who was there. Tom stood outside her door, his face serious but calm.

She opened the door a few inches so no one passing by would see her in her underwear and said hello. Once the door was open, he calmly pushed it open further and entered without her inviting him. He looked her in the eyes, not even appearing to take in her scant attire, and asked if she was expecting him.

She told him nervously that she wasn’t really, after the night before she didn’t think she would see him again and she was ready to sleep off the crappy day. He stepped closer to her and cupped his hands around her ass. “Are you really ready to go to sleep?”

She waivered a little bit, and said maybe not. He backed her up a little until she was against the wall. He pushed her hands over her head and held her wrists over her head with one hand and kissed her hard. He used one foot to nudge her legs further apart, and began trailing his free hand across her body. He paused caressing her swelling pussy through her panties. He lightly pressed her arms down and walked her over to the bed. She stood next to it facing away from him. He appraised her mesh see-through panties. The lace edge cut across her ass, leaving the bottoms of her round cheeks bared below. He stood behind her fully clothed, and she felt his firm body behind her. He then asked why her day had been so bad.

She explained that she was late waking up and was the only one with keys, so when she got to the office everyone was waiting on her and that they already didn’t seem to like her much. She had been tired and distracted and had made several silly mistakes throughout the day. “How many mistakes do you think you made today?” he asked as he traced his finger across the lace barely covering her ass.

Thrown by the question, she said she had no idea. Then he bent her at the waist before him, and gave her ass a firm smack. “Think harder.”

She scrambled for an answer, “I don’t know, maybe five?”

Smack. “Is that a question?”

“Um, no, really I think it was five.”

“Do you think you should be punished for so many mistakes?”

She breathed harder, not being sure how to answer the question or what he had in mind. Thinking fast, she confidently answered “Yes, sir.”

He debated pulling down her panties and fully exposing her ass. But the fabric was so thin it seemed pointless, and he liked seeing her ass this way. He pressed on her back and lowered her head so while she was still standing, her ass was raised more prominently.

Smack. “How many times.”

“As many as you think I deserve, sir.”

He smiled behind her, expecting that sort escort bursa of answer from her. Last night he thought he might just get some head from the cute blond. But after he started to figure her personality out he knew there was much more there. And seeing how she responded to his dominant behavior the night before, he felt he could push her further. He directed her to go take a shower, and once she closed the bathroom door he grabbed her room card off the table and left to pick up a few things.

As Sasha turned on the water she thought she heard the door but dared not peek out. She pinned up her hair, not wanting to get it wet, and slipped out of her underwear and into the hot shower. She hoped he would join her in the steamy room and maybe fuck her in the shower. She took an especially long time, hoping he would get impatient and come in. Then she wondered if he was going to be unhappy with her for taking too long, and still wasn’t sure what to expect from him. They seemed to be playing a bit of a game and it was working for her, so she went with it.

Finally she finished showering, her body red from the hot water, and wrapped herself in a towel. She let her hair down and stepped out of the bathroom and didn’t see him. Disappointed, she walked toward the bed wondering if he was playing a game with her. The she heard the click of her door and he entered the room carrying a small bag from a nearby drug store.

She was confused but intrigued nonetheless. He was so quiet but so in control. He asked if she had thought he was gone for the night, and she answered honestly that she wasn’t sure. He undid the loose knot of the short towel that wrapped around her and pulled it off her body. He leaned down and breathed in the perfumed scent her body wash left on her skin. He ran his hands up her sides, over the curve of her hips, across her flat stomach, and along the sides of her firm breasts. He moved her arms up over her head as he caressed his hands up her body. She felt one hand pull away, and without warning he had produced a zip tie and bound her wrists together. He turned her around and moved her onto the bed so she was lying angled across the king sized bed, nude with her wrists tied over her head. He saw a look flash across her eyes, maybe fear, maybe wanting. He knew however she felt now he would bring out a side of her that was waiting to be developed.

He stripped down, again leaving his firearm on a table, and she took in his muscular form. He was broad shouldered and toned all over. She was torn with anticipation and anxiety. She was not fearful of him, but was nervous. She knew she liked to be dominated, but was uncertain how far she wanted it to go and what he had in mind. She didn’t care for any real pain, but had enjoyed his corrective smacks to her behind. Now that her hands were tied she knew her decisions would be limited and felt anxious by her loss of control.

He kneeled down on the bed and pushed his body between her legs. He leaned his face down closer to hers and explained his plans. “I think I have figured out the best way to punish you. You are used to getting what you want and men giving it to you. You know how to suck a cock and tease men with your pussy. Even when you are on your knees you are always in control. I am taking away your control tonight and I am going to bring you close to as many orgasms as I see fit but you will never come until I decide to let you. You know how to say what men want to hear but tonight you will be begging for me to let you come, and for the first time really mean it.”

He had a cloth of some kind and tied it over her eyes so she could no longer see what was happening. He pushed her legs wide apart and settled himself in between. He gently spread her pussy lips with his fingers. His tongue began flicking at her clit and teasing over the edges of her lips. She squirmed trying to get him to work on other areas. But he unrelentingly focused all of his attention on her clit and held her legs firmly. She knew she was reaching her limit and then he abruptly plunged several fingers into her soaked pussy. She sighed in relief, looking for the satisfaction of being filled. But as quickly as he had started, he pulled his hands away and watched her shift in discomfort. This was going to be way too easy.

She knew he was right, this was the worst torture for her. She never apologized for being as sexual as she was because she felt empowered in her relationships with men. She knew how to work them and get the satisfaction she craved. She felt helpless being at his will, and as frustrating as it was, she could not wait to see what he would do next.

He pulled at her hips, urging her body up. He positioned her kneeling on the bed on her knees and elbows. She rest her head on her bound hands and hoped he was going to cave and fuck her. He used his knee to push hers further apart. She was fully exposed to him. He looked at her moist pussy and tight pucker. Her skin was flawless and he drew his face closer to her most private of regions. She could feel his breath on her pussy as it hit her like cold air. He ran his tongue across her slit and lightly blew on her. She shivered in anticipation, feeling him so close and yet not feeling his touch was torture.

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