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It was senior year and Sara was still a virgin. She had gone on a few dates here and there but never anything serious. Most of the guys at school though Sara was shy, and that’s why they never asked her out, they thought they wouldn’t get anywhere with her. But boy were they wrong about her. After school every day Sara would go upstairs into her room and masturbate. she had become quite good at pleasuring herself. She dreamed every night of a real guy fucking her.

In the middle of the school year a new student entered Sara’s class. His name was Brent, he was tall, and light brown hair and blue eyes. Sara was attracted to him instantly. He sat next to her in English class and she had to do everything she could to pay attention to the teacher. Sara went home that day, ran upstairs and undressed her 5’10, 36 c, 130 pound body. She laid down on her bed and caressed her breasts, and fingered herself until she came. She new that she would have to ask out Brent before any of the sluts at school got to him.

the next day she wore her flirtiest outfit to school. The guys had never seen her in a skirt before, and she got a lot of looks, staring at her long bursa escort legs, and breasts. In English she walked in slowly and made sure Brent noticed her. She looked him in the eyes, and just smiled. After class she went up to him at his locker. He got a nervous smile on his face, and covered is crotch with a notebook to hide his growing erection. Sara was glad that she was making him like this. She introduced herself, and they made small talk for a few minutes before she asked him out. He said sure and they made plans for Friday night.

Sara couldn’t wait, she was going to bring him home after their date because her parents were away for the weekend. They went to see a movie, and made out during most of it. Sara was pleased that Brent was a good kisser, he would suck on her lower lip, and she would trace the outline of him mouth with her tongue. The movie theatre was dark but she could tell that Brent was getting excited. Even with his baggy pants on she could see his erection, she wanted to touch it so badly, but decided it would be better to wait.

As Brent drove her home, and turned down the road that lead to her house she asked if he bursa escort bayan would like to come in for a cup of coffee. He accepted the invitation. AS she opened the front door to the house and walked in, Brent’s hand lightly touched Sara’s ass. She got all warm, and showed his to the living room. He sat down on the couch, and she joined him. “I thought you were getting us some coffee?”

“In a little while,” she said. Brent just smiled and leaned in to kiss Sara. His warm tongue penetrated he willing mouth. A small moan slipped through her mouth, and Brent took this as a sing to go further. His slightly trembling hands slid up Sara’s chest to her round breasts. Her nipples grew hard from excitement and the cold touch of Brent’s had on her bare breast. Sara ran her hands down his back to his ass where she squeezed lightly. Brent had managed to take of his own and Sara’s shits, and Sara was working on his belt. He looked up at her for a moment, then went back to her breasts.

Sara was now naked, and Brent was standing in his boxers. His erection was poking through, and Sara knelt down to pull the boxers off. His penis was about 8 inches escort bursa long, and Sara just stared. She was breathing heavy and her hand went up to touch it. He jerked back, but then relaxed as Sara wrapped her mouth around it. Brent was in heaven, he was running his hands through Sara’s long brown hair, and quickly came. Within five minutes his penis was standing tall again. Sara whispered in his ear that she was wet and ready. Brent ran his cock along from her belly button to her ass, teasing her. She was laying on her back on the floor and he was kneeling before her.

She spread her legs open farther and Brent slowing stared to shove in cock inside of her. He felt the tension, and asked if she was a virgin. She said yes, and he pulled back. She said she still wanted to do it, so they continued. This time Sara got on top, and slowly placed herself on top of his hot cock. She waited a few minutes until her was comfortable. She started to raise herself up and down his cock, but Brent flipped her over do he was in control. He picked up the pace and Sara started to moan. He ran his finger on her clit, and pumped harder.

They were both reaching climax and came at the same time. He rolled off of her, but she was ready for more. Brent was tired, but willing so they went at it four more times that night. The next week they tried anal sex, and all sorts of toys. But that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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