Sandi’s Erotic Interludes Ch. 01

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Chapter 1. Brian. (May 2002.)

Encouraged by hubby I have decided to share some of my experiences with any readers who may be interested in them. Mostly factual, but with minor embellishments to enhance the flow of the story, the experiences will be related randomly as the mood takes me, rather than in any chronological sequence. Despite the passage of time even the early experiences remain reasonably clear because hubby, particularly if he wasn’t present at the time, loves to hear me relate all the juicy details and which I’m happy to do, grateful that he allows me full rein to explore my sexuality.

Perhaps my experiences with Brian would be a good place to begin. He was a guy who hubby didn’t meet but because of his fetish for hearing all the spicy details about my encounters and wanting frequent reruns, the details remain fresh in my mind despite it happening 10 years ago.

At that time I travelled a lot in my work, still do but to a lesser degree, useful for meeting guys! I had completed my assignment in this particular town quite early and decided to have a quick snack before heading for home. I found a suitable looking café but had no sooner given my order to a waitress when a guy holding a coffee appeared.

“Is this seat taken?” he indicated the chair on the opposite side of my table.

When I told him no the guy quickly sat down.

“I hope you don’t mind me asking but I’m intrigued to know if you’re wearing stockings,” he said with a smile.

Well I’ve encountered many chat up lines over the years but this guy was nothing if not direct! Anyway I answered in the affirmative and asked how he knew.

“Oh, I watched you walking across the room and thought there bursa escort was a definite hint of suspender visible through your skirt. Stockings are far sexier than tights don’t you think?”

I told the guy I always wear stockings and didn’t even possess any tights, all the while sizing him up. He was about 30, some 8 or 9 years younger than I. Decidedly good looking and clearly very self confident, the guy after introducing himself as Brian, was now asking what type of panties I favour!

“I don’t think I should discuss my underwear in such a public place and with a total stranger,” I smiled.

Of course he seized on my words to suggest going back to his hotel room for a more private discussion.

Well, cutting to the chase as it were, some 30 minutes later I found myself in Brian’s hotel room watching him slipping out of his jacket. He hung it over a chair back before removing his tie and undoing a few shirt buttons.

“So, to continue our discussion, what colour panties are you wearing?” he asked.

Smiling, Brian finished unbuttoning his shirt and slipping it off began undoing his trousers. We both knew where this conversation was heading!

“I’ll give you three guesses and if you’re right let you take my panties off.” I told him, probably a bit corny.

Actually the panties I had on were a sort of lavender colour and I doubted he’d guess right anyway! I was right Brian’s 3 guesses were rather predictably black, white and red.

“No you’re way out.” I told him, lifting my skirt to prove it. “So you don’t get to take them off.”

“Well hardly fair, I would never have guessed correctly. I don’t even know how to describe the colour now I can see them,” he complained.

By this bursa escort bayan time Brian was wearing only his socks and y-fronts, the latter with a promisingly large bulge in the front.

“Seems to me you’re something of a tease,” he said as I continued to hold my skirt high for his inspection. “Two can play at that game.”

So saying Brian whipped his y-fronts off and his cock sprang to attention.

“It’s magnificent!” I exclaimed, almost drooling as I stared at his cock.

“I’ve never had any complaints.” Brian said complacently before placing his hands on my shoulders to push me down onto my knees.

Well I wasted no time in grabbing his lovely cock and running my tongue up and down it. Next I licked Brian’s balls, my hands kneading his bum cheeks, fingers searching for and quickly locating his anus. Then, as I sucked his cock into my mouth I simultaneously eased a finger inside Brian’s bum hole.

“You dirty bitch!” he gasped, seizing my hair and forcing his cock down my throat.

He was literally fucking my mouth then, over excited by my finger pushing in and out of his anus. I very quickly tasted pre-cum soon followed by jets of hot semen spurting down my throat. I did my best to swallow it all but it was an impossible job and some escaped from the corners of my mouth.

“That was bloody good!” the heavy breathing Brian gasped while I licked the final drops of cream from his throbbing cock.

Standing, I undressed watched eagerly by Brian. When my bra came off he cupped my breasts in his hands, stroking the nipples while kissing me. Eventually breaking free I slipped my panties off, Brian saying to leave the stockings and suspender belt.

“I want to fuck you still wearing escort bursa them.”

“So you shall, but first I want to feel your tongue on my cunt.”

So saying I sat down on the end of the bed and laying back spread my legs wide. I heard a sharp intake of breath before Brian dropped to his knees at my feet. With his hands on my thighs, fingers entwined in the suspenders, Brian pressed his mouth to my cunt.

“Oh yes.” I groaned feeling his tongue probing inside.

It was heavenly, Brian clearly knew what he was doing, licking and sucking my clit while his fingers slid in and out of my cunt. My moans became cries of joy and I writhed on the bed while Brian’s experienced tongue continued to do its work.

“I’m coming, coming!” I yelled and the orgasm hit me.

I was squeezing Brian’s face between my thighs, aware of his tongue deep inside my cunt, and wailing uncontrollably.

“That was out of this world.” I gasped when a smiling and wet faced Brian rose to his feet.

He was fully erect again so I wriggled backwards until I was laying full length on the bed. Brian quickly mounted me, his cock sliding easily inside my very wet cunt. I flung my arms around him as Brian began fucking me, his cock driving in and out of my cunt quite slowly to begin with. I gripped his bottom as his thrusts speeded up, digging my fingers into the fleshy cheeks while writhing ecstatically beneath him.

Brian fucked me for what seemed an age. It was brilliant! Eventually though, his grunts and groans almost lost in my own excited yells, he came, emptying his balls for a second time but deep inside my cunt rather than my mouth this time.

I was really late by the time I arrived home but hubby’s annoyance quickly turned to excitement when I told him the reason. While I told him the full story, pretty much as it’s written here, I masturbated hubby and thought how lucky I am to be able to do as I want without recriminations!

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