Samantha’s embarrassing and painful ordeal


Samantha’s embarrassing and painful ordealSamantha was almost done with her morning shower when she heard the doorbell. She was expecting an Amazon delivery, a new pair of shoes, so she quickly squeezed the water from her long brown hair and grabbed a towel to cover herself. Knowing she was home alone, she rushed downstairs wrapping the towel around her curvy body as she went. She opened the door to find a young man, no older than 20, staring at her half nakedness. “I’m here to see the car”, he said. Samantha remembered her dad mentioning something about someone coming to look at his old work car today. “Go ahead”, she said, pointing out the car parked on the roadside. The man thoroughly inspected the car before returning to Samantha, who was now shielding herself behind the half closed door, with only her head visible. “Can I take a look inside?”, he asked, “Sure, hang on, I’ll get the keys”, she responded. As she fetched the car keys from the kitchen table, the man returned to the car. Samantha, looking around to make sure nobody else could see her, hurried to the man on her tiptoes and handed him the keys. She was eager to return indoors, but the man kept asking her questions about the car. He seemed happy with it and asked to take it on a quick test drive, to which Samantha agreed. He started bornova escort bayan the engine, “I won’t be long”, he said before closing the car door. Samantha noticed her towel was caught in the door but before she could react, the car sped away, ripping it clean off, leaving her naked and exposed. Samantha, trying desperately to cover her large boobs with one hand, and her freshly shaven pussy with the other, ran back across her garden to the front door. Pushing against it, desperate to get in, she realized she had locked herself out. She heard a car pull up into the driveway behind her, she was briefly relieved, thinking the man had returned with her towel, but to her horror, it was her father! “Samantha! What in god’s name are you doing out here like that!”, he yelled. Samantha couldn’t string a sentence together, just stuttering, “I…I…”. Dad unlocked the front door and she hurried inside, just as the man returned with the car, catching a glimpse of the fully naked young girl. “You wait for me in the living room young lady, I’ll be inside to deal with you shortly”, dad said, closing the door behind her. He apologized to the man and finished doing business with him. Samantha, who was now wearing a pair of pajamas, sat on the sofa waiting for dad. As he entered the room, escort bornova she immediately tried to explain herself, but before she could utter more than a few words, he started talking over her, “quiet girl, I don’t want to hear it, I saw enough to know what happened, how dare you disgrace this family like that?”. Again she tried to explain herself, but he ordered her to not speak another word, and she knew better than to try and argue with him. “I’m going to have to punish you for this young lady, and the punishment will fit the crime, remove your clothing and stand in the corner, with your hands on your head”, he ordered. She obediently followed his instructions, slowly removing her pajamas and folding them neatly. She faced the corner of the room and placed her hands on her head. “No young lady, turn and face me”, dad said as he sat on the sofa directly opposite her, “if you’re willing to expose yourself to strange men, you’re obviously happy for me to see as well”. “Yes daddy”, she said as she turned to face him, revealing every inch of her young plump body. She stared down at her feet, feeling ashamed and humiliated, as she waited for the embarrassing corner time to end. Finally, after half an hour, dad said, “Right young lady, I want you to head upstairs and fetch the bornova escort hairbrush from your mother’s bedside table”. Samantha fetched the hairbrush, it was big and old fashioned, more like a thick wooden paddle with bristles on one side. She handed it to her father, who was now sitting on a footstool which he had placed in the middle of the room. Guiding her across his lap, he rested his left hand on her back, and rubbed her big bottom with the smooth side of the brush. After a brief lecture and expressing his disappointment in her, he raised the hairbrush high into the air and brought it down on her bottom with his full strength. He spanked her with it hard and fast. After only the first six, tears began to roll down her face. By the tenth she was blubbering and howling, and after the twelfth, she was kicking her legs uncontrollably, revealing her most intimate areas. Dad took full advantage of this, landing the occasional blow on her tender inner thighs, which made her really yell out. No matter how much fuss she made, he didn’t stop, keeping to his rhythm, alternating between her cheeks and thighs. He continued striking her until she was bright red and dotted with bruises. She laid limp across his lap, and after she had finally calmed down, he asked, “have you learned your lesson young lady?”, “Yes sir”, she sobbed. He told her return to the corner, this time facing the wall so her burning bottom was on display. “Please may I rub my bum?” she asked, to which he responded, “of course, in half an after you have finished your corner time”.

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