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She had always called him Uncle Jack even though they weren’t related. As a child Samantha would often come over and play with his daughter Kaley and the name just sort of stuck. Even back then Jack could tell she was going to be a pretty girl. Just as cute as could be with her long blond hair and green eyes.

The summer that Kaley and Sam graduated high school was going to be a hot one, even for the South. It was only late June but already the temperature had climbed over 100 degrees several times. Kaley came downstairs one Saturday morning and asked if Sam could come over so they could wash their cars. Inside the city where Sam lived water restrictions had already been put in place so car washing there was forbidden. But Jack and Allison lived out in the country where they got their water from a well. When the house was built Jack had been insistent that they dig his well much deeper than need be. He wanted to make sure they never ran out of water and in the ten years they had lived in the house it had never been a problem.

Allison looked at Jack and asked, “Do you care if she comes over?”

“Of course not. Sam is always welcome here.”

It wasn’t long before Jack heard Sam’s car in the driveway. He put aside the morning paper as Sam walked in the door. His jaw dropped when he saw her. Gone was the acne he had seen on her when she was in high school. He had been right. As a grown woman she had turned out to be beautiful. Good heavens she had developed a nice rack. He got up to greet her and she said, “Good morning Uncle Jack” as she hugged him. He felt those soft but firm tits pressing into his chest as they embraced. And God did she ever smell good.

“Dad. Can you help us?” Kaley asked.

“Help you what sweetheart?” he replied.

“Wash our cars silly. Neither one of us have ever done it before.”

“Sure honey,” Jack replied.

“Thank you dad. We’re going to go up to my room and change clothes and we’ll be out there in just a minute,” Kaley told him.

Jack walked out to his storage building and got all his car washing supplies and set them down in the driveway. He was just beginning to unroll the water hose when he thought he was going to have a heart attack. Kaley and Sam had emerged from the house and Jack looked up and saw Sam standing there in just about the tiniest little bikini he had ever seen. The swimsuit left precious little to the imagination. He tried his best not to stare at her. He hoped the instant stiffness he felt in his shorts wasn’t noticeable.

Jack finished getting the hose out and took it to where the cars were parked. They started on Kaley’s car. Jack showed them how to hose it down and how they should start washing the roof of the car and work their way down. Truth be told, Jack did most of the work making sure to point out little tips he had learned over the years.

When they had finished Kaley’s car Jack said, “Now you two are going to have to do all the work on Sam’s car. I’ll just sit over here in the shade and I’ll help you if you need me to.”

The girls had proven to be quick learners as they went about washing Sam’s car as Jack had shown them. Jack was awfully glad he had put on his dark sunglasses. As the girls went about their work he could pretty much stare at Sam’s sexy body without too much fear of being detected. He loved the way her bikini bottom would work its way up into her ass crack and leave her cheeks somewhat exposed. She had a beautiful ass too. Tight and firm. It was, well, perfect.

He tried his best to look at her pubic area to determine whether or not she kept her pussy shaved. He had always thought a shaved pussy was a beautiful thing. He had seen women in magazines and on the internet that shaved their pubic area. But he had never seen one in person. Allison would never do such a thing, even though he asked her to many times over the years. She had always fussed that she thought it would be all itchy and uncomfortable when it grew back. She would occasionally agree to let Jack trim it back a little, but even that was rare. Most of the time she just walked around with full grown Amazon rain forest thick bush. After years of trying with no success he had simply given up on it and didn’t ask anymore.

Once Sam bent over directly in front of Jack to get soapy water on the cloth. Her could see all the way down her cleavage. They gotta be at least C cups Jack thought to himself. Maybe even D’s. Either way they looked huge to him and he imagined what it would be like to have her beautiful tits in his mouth.

Good heavens Jack thought to himself. She is Playboy material. Beautiful face. Big tits. Tight ass. He had no doubt whatsoever that if Sam was inclined to pose she could easily be Playmate of the Month in an upcoming issue. That stiffness he had felt in his shorts earlier had now swelled to a raging hard-on. And now he had a dilemma. He didn’t want to the girls to see his erection. And God knows he didn’t want to walk back in the house where Allison was and have her notice bursa escort his aroused state. He mumbled something to the girls about needing to check on something and headed back to the storage building trying his best to not let them see his condition.

The girls were soon finished with Sam’s car and Jack noticed through the window they had both gone back inside the house. His cock was still aching uncomfortably. He stood where he could see the house in case anyone came outside and he unzipped his pants. He grabbed a couple of paper towels off the shelf. He took his cock out and started to jack off right there in the storage shed. He could still smell Sam’s lovely scent from his hug earlier. He imagined what her big tits would look like bare. He imagined how beautiful Sam’s little shaved snatch would be. He tried his best to catch all his cum with the paper towels but that load was so big and so forceful he ended up splattering some onto his toolbox. He quickly cleaned up his sticky mess before anyone came outside. Erection relieved, he could go back in the house himself.

The next year quickly passed. Kaley loved her first year of college. But Jack got laid off from his job in the spring. Corporate downsizing. Or right sizing. Or whatever damned buzzwords they used these days. But before Jack knew it summer was here again. Depressed and lonely he spent his days searching all the job sites. He applied for several. Even got a couple of interviews. But nothing seemed to go his way.

One morning the phone rang. He didn’t recognize the number on caller ID so he thought he should answer in case it was one the jobs he had applied for.

“Hey Uncle Jack,” said the voice on the line.

Jack didn’t recognize the voice at first, but no one called him Uncle Jack except for Sam. Just hearing her sweet voice brightened his day.

“Hey Sam. How are ya this morning?” he asked.

“I’m fine. Is Kaley there?”

“No. She got a job this summer at the water park. She won’t be home until probably 7 or so.”

“Oh. That’s right. I forgot. It’s just that I’ve got the clothes I borrowed from her and I’m only about 5 minutes away and I wanted to give them back to her. Is it all right if I come by and drop them off?”

Never wanting to miss an opportunity to see Sam, Jack quickly answered, “Of course it is. Allison’s at work and there’s nobody here but me and the dog but we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.”

“OK. I’ll be there in about 5 minutes. Bye Uncle Jack.”

Thankfully Jack had showered and shaved that morning. These days he didn’t often shave. He just didn’t see the need to shave to sit at the computer and try to find a job. But when he stood in the bathroom this morning and looked at his face something just told him it was time for a shave.

He was glad he would at least look presentable for Sam.

In a few minutes Sam’s car pulled up. Jack greeted her at the door. He thought it odd when he saw her and all she had in her hand was an old t-shirt Jack bought for Kaley on a business trip a couple of years ago, but he didn’t say anything. He was just glad to see her.

Once again Sam threw her arms around Jack and gave him a big hug. She smelled wonderful, as always. As they embraced Jack noticed that Sam was wearing her bikini top under her little t-shirt.

He invited her inside and offered her a cup of coffee. “It’s too hot already for coffee,” Sam replied as she laid Kaley’s t-shirt on the kitchen table.

“Uncle Jack. The air conditioning in my car has gone out and I’d really like to cool off. Do you mind if I jump in the pool for a bit?” she asked.

“Sure. Go ahead sweetheart.”

“Will you come out there with me?” she asked. “It’s no fun by yourself.”

What the hell he thought. Watching this gorgeous young woman frolic around the pool was far better than staring at a computer screen.

“OK,” Jack answered. “Let me go get on some swim trunks and I’ll be right there. You go ahead and I’ll be there in a minute.”

Sam headed towards the door leading to the pool. Jack walked back to the bedroom to get his swim suit on. As he stood at the dresser he thought to himself there’s no way that Sam was trying to seduce him. Or was she? He didn’t know and at that minute he really didn’t care. What he did know, however, was that if she was trying to seduce him he wanted to be ready. He reached in the drawer and quickly popped a Viagra from the bottle.

Jack got his trunks on and headed towards the pool. As he walked through the kitchen he saw the bottle of bourbon sitting on the counter. Why not he asked himself. Even though it was only 11 o’clock in the morning he wanted a drink. He got a large glass out of the cabinet and mixed himself a nice, strong drink. He grabbed his shades and headed out to the pool.

Sam was already in the pool when he got there. God she looked even better than last summer Jack thought to himself. He sat down at the shallow end of the pool and dangled his legs in the water.

“What ya drinking?” bursa escort bayan Sam asked him.

“Bourbon and coke. I know it’s still early but I just felt like having a drink.”

Sam swam towards the edge of the pool where Jack was sitting. “Can I have a sip?” she asked.

He thought for a second about her only being 19. She wasn’t old enough to legally drink.

“Sure. But just a sip. I already lost my job. I don’t need to go to jail too,” he laughed. He handed her the glass. Jack saw her wince as she took her sip knowing that the liquor was strong and she wasn’t ready for it.

“It’s tasty,” she said.

Jack chuckled and asked, “Really? I thought it might be a bit too strong for you.”

“No. I like it. Can I have one more sip?”

“OK. But just one more. I can’t have you coming over here and getting drunk.”

Knowing it was the last sip Jack was going to let her have Sam turned the drink up and took two or three swallows.

“Hey. Go easy there,” Jack told her.

Sam sat the drink on the pool deck next to Jack. Jack couldn’t help but notice how fantastic Sam’s breasts looked. He was certain there was just barely enough material in her bikini top to cover her areolas. He almost regretted taking the Viagra now because he could feel his cock beginning to stiffen and he didn’t want to embarrass Sam by having a hard dick staring her in the face.

“Come on and get in,” Sam asked. Jack thought the cool water of the pool would help his current condition. And even if it didn’t at least it would hide it.

Jack carefully slid down the side of the wall and into the pool. The water felt warmer than he thought it would. At least now Sam couldn’t easily see his ever-growing cock.

“Any luck with any job prospects?” Sam asked.

“No honey. Nobody wants to hire an old man like me,” he replied.

“You’re not old! Not at all,” she protested.

“Well thank you sweetie. That’s nice of you to say.”

“Uncle Jack,” she started, “I’ve always thought you were the most handsome man I’ve ever seen. Even when Kaley and I were kids I used to dream about what it would be like if I could your wife instead of Allison.”

Jack struggled to think of the right thing to say here. Before he could come up with anything Sam stepped closer towards him.

“I see the way you look at me. You think I don’t notice but I do.”

All Jack could do was to reach for the glass and take a drink. He had no idea what to say. She was right. He did want her badly. As he sat the glass back on the deck Sam reached up and untied her bikini top. She let the straps fall into the water as she reached behind her back and undid the clasp.

And there they were. Those magnificent breasts that Jack had fantasized about. They looked even better than he had imagined. Her areolas were huge but so lightly colored you almost couldn’t tell where they began. The cool water had made her nipples nice and stiff. Of course they weren’t the only things that were stiff. Jack could feel his cock throbbing.

Sam came even closer. Close enough to press her perfect tits into Jack’s chest. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him in for a kiss. Jack resisted. At first. A little anyway. Those old pervy feelings rushed back. He felt a little scared. A little nervous.

But hell. She was 19. Legal. And she wanted him. He wrapped his arms around her and they kissed deeply. As their tongues lashed at one another Sam reached down and pressed the palm of her hand against Jack’s cock and slid her hand up towards his belly.

She pulled back slightly from the kiss and Jack saw Sam’s eyes had widened.

“My God Uncle Jack. You cock is huge!”

Jack had never thought of himself as well hung. He thought he was pretty average. Six, maybe seven inches at most. Then he realized Sam probably didn’t have much experience and maybe his WAS larger than any cocks she had seen before. Either way he didn’t care. It made him feel good for Sam to say such a thing.

“It’s not huge honey. Just normal sized,” he told her. Sam slid her hands inside the waistband of his swim trunks and pulled them down onto Jack thighs. Jack stepped out of the shorts and threw them on the side of the pool.

Sam took his cock in her hand and lightly stroked the length of it. She reached down and gently rubbed his balls. Jack reached down and put a hand on each of Sam’s breasts. They felt so perfect. Big and firm without a hint of sag. He turned Sam around so that her back was now against the pool wall. He bent down and put his mouth on her left nipple. It tasted so heavenly. He slowly flicked his tongue back and forth over her nipple. He glanced up at Sam’s face and saw she had her eyes closed and was smiling ever so slightly. He reached over with his left hand and cupped the other breast. He lightly pinched her nipple between his thumb and index finger.

Sam’s head was thrown back and Jack knew she was enjoying this. Maybe even as much as he was if that was possible.

Jack switched his mouth escort bursa over to her other breast. He put both hands around her waist and pulled her tightly to him. When he could stand it no longer he reached down and pulled down her bikini bottom. Sam helped him get it completely off and again they kissed each other deeply as Jack’s erection pressed into Sam’s belly.

As their mouths parted Jack reached down and grabbed Sam’s ass cheeks with both hands. She was so small and light that he easily lifted her onto the side of the pool. He motioned for Sam to lay on her back and he lightly pushed at her thighs to open them wide. She pulled her feet out of the water and put them on the edge of the pool as she opened her legs as far as she could. She scooted her hips towards the pool and put her pussy right in Jack’s face.

It was the most beautiful thing Jack had ever seen. Young and delightfully pink. And completely bald. Not a single hair to be seen. Jack thought for a moment perhaps he had died and gone to heaven.

He reached both arms underneath Sam’s thighs. He longed to taste her pussy. But not yet. He licked the inside of her thigh. Kissed it. Bit it ever so gently. Slowly he worked his mouth up her thigh towards her pussy.

As bad as he wanted it, he still wanted to tease her a bit. He put his mouth on her bare skin where her pubic hair would have been. As he flicked his tongue across her tender flesh he could hear Sam suck in her breath. One quick flick of the tongue across her clit and Jack began kissing and licking Sam’s other thigh.

“No Uncle Jack! Please! Please lick my pussy,” Sam begged.

“Not yet sweetie. In due time,” Jack told her although he did slip a couple of fingers inside her in hopes of placating her for now.

Jack continued to nibble on Sam’s thigh. He worked his way up her thigh to her knee and then started down again. By then Sam’s ass was wriggling on the concrete and neither of them could stand it for much longer.

He finally got his face near her pussy again. At first he started simply kissing her pussy. Short, light kisses around her clit. Jack stuck his tongue out and ran it down the length of her pussy. As he worked his way back towards Sam’s clit he flicked his tongue back and forth across her pussy lips. At one point he stuck his tongue out as far as he could and slid it in her pussy as far as it would go.

Jack could feel Sam’s body tensing up as she placed a hand on the back of his head and tried to push his head as deeply into her pussy as she could.

Jack moved back over her clit and opened his mouth, sucking on her clit area. He gently nibbled on Sam’s now swollen lips and then put his tongue directly on her clit. Back and forth, side to side, and up and down her worked her clit for all he was worth.

Sam’s hips were bucking now as though she was trying to meet every flick of the tongue with a thrust of her own.

“Please don’t stop. Lick me. Lick my puss-ssy,” Sam implored.

Jack was doing his best to meet her demands. Although by now Sam’s hips were bucking so wildly Jack was having trouble keeping his mouth on her pussy.




Sam’s hips suddenly stopped bucking as she raised them high in the air.

“Ahhhhhhhhh,” she moaned as she lowered herself back to the ground. Her other hand reached up and she began to stroke Jack’s hair as he continued to plant little love kisses all over Sam’s swollen pussy.

Sam pulled herself up and leaned back on her hands on the concrete behind her. Jack’s heart was racing. As he rubbed the side of his face he noticed it was slick. He must be some sight, he thought, as he stood there with his face covered in a combination of his saliva and Sam’s sweet pussy juice.

“Uncle Jack. Come sit beside me,” Sam asked.

Jack pulled himself out of the pool and sat on the edge beside Sam. Sam leaned over to kiss him and as she did she reached down and wrapped her hand around his throbbing cock. Jack was glad he had taken the Viagra after all as his cock felt as large and as thick and as hard as he could ever remember it feeling.

“Its your turn,” she said. “I want to try to take you in my mouth.”

Jack glanced over and saw that someone had left a couple of large beach towels on the table in the grass area. He stood up and took Sam’s hand and led her towards the table.

Jack spread the towels out next to each other on the grass and laid down on them.

“You’re so huge I don’t know if I can do this. But I want to try.”

“It’ll be OK honey. Just take what you can and don’t worry about it,” Jack told her.

Sam knelt down on the ground facing Jack between his legs. She held his cock in her right hand and started off just running her tongue around the head of his cock. Jack looked down and saw her position didn’t look too comfortable with one hand on his cock and resting her weight on her other hand.

“Wait a second,” Jack said. He stood up and got one of the lawn chairs nearby and sat it on one of the towels. He sat down in it and scooted forward a bit. It was perfect. Sam could now rest her arms on his thighs and do whatever she wanted with his cock. Sam opened her mouth and then lowered it onto Jack’s cock.

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