S is for Slippery

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Patricia sat inside the tub. She had turned on the shower to scalding hot, letting it run for several minutes before turning it off once again, stepping in, then lying down. As was usually the case, she actually blushed when thinking about her private little ritual, her perhaps thought of ‘perverted’ or even ‘kinky’ little session.

Her live in boyfriend Craig had left for work leaving her alone. And though they certainly had an active satisfying sex-life, there were some things Patricia, or ‘Patti’ as her friends called her, enjoyed doing alone.

The once cold tile of the tub was now toasty warm as she settled down inside. She had awoken feeling particularly amorous anyway, but Craig had gotten up late for work as it was, and had no time to extinguish the fire that had spread between her legs. Not that she minded, Patti enjoyed masturbating, did it often in fact as it was usually the best way she could think of to start out her day.

Patti knew this was going to be a long private little session. There were times when she was plain and simply extremely aroused for no apparent reason, and this was one of those. She had already taken out one of her favorite toys from the nightstand, but that was for later. Lying in the tub, she took the bottle of baby-oil she had also retrieved from the cabinet, pouring a liberal amount of it over her breasts as well as her pussy, which she had just finished shaving a short time ago. She had lit a couple of candles, turned out the bathroom light, and even though it was early morning, there were no windows in her bathroom, so it was naturally dark. The subdued lighting made her feel even sexier, hornier as she began to softly, slowly caress her breasts, massaging in the warm sensual oil into her aroused flesh.

“Hmm, Scott,” she moaned softly to herself as she felt her nipples stiffen even more than they already were. She sat, leaning against the back of the tub, legs now bent at the knee, parted slightly. But it wasn’t time for that yet, far from it. Just the thought of being so openly displayed to his appreciative eyes was enough for the moment. Patti placed each of her hands over a breast, just the tips of her fingers touching, twirling, dancing ever so lightly atop each nipple much like the flick of a soft feathery tongue.

“Oh yeah baby, lick them,” she sat fantasizing. “Make them feel good,” she purred contentedly.


Scott was a good friend and co-worker. He’d come over a few times to share a beer and shoot the shit with her. And though he got along well enough with Craig whenever he’d been there, he was definitely her friend as opposed to Craig’s. Scott had no idea that she often fantasized about him either, something she had kept to herself though they’d occasionally flirted with one another, especially at work. But it had never gone beyond that.

Patti didn’t know why she was so attracted to him, only that she was. He wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous or anything like that. He wore his hair long, nearly as long as her own, and like her, usually kept it in a neat tidy little braid. About as intimate as they ever got was in her redoing his braid for him from time to time during breaks or lunches. Something she found privately stimulating, though she had her secret little suspicion that Scott found it arousing as well. She had once taken note of a particularly interesting bulge in his jeans as she’d stood behind him first brushing, then re-braiding his hair.

“Oh baby,” she moaned softly once again. Now Patti cupped her full breasts, caressing them softly imagining it was his hands upon her doing just that. She palmed the nipples, allowing her hands to slide easily across them, the oil paving the way for such a tender gentle caress. She lifted them, pressing her fingers lightly into her supersensitive skin, then released them, once again feathering her nipples, though adding now the first of several ‘tweaks’ of each with her pinching fingers.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned becoming increasingly more aroused. She felt her face blushing as she imagined him standing there looking down at her.

“Spread your legs a part a little more for me,” he said. “Let me see that wet slippery pussy.”

Patti spread herself even more fully, imagining Scott as he stood wetting his lips with his tongue in eager anticipation.

There were times when she felt really decadent, “slutty” as she called it, something she wished Craig would understand and join her in being far more often than he did. She had asked him previously to merely masturbate himself for her while she watched. Which he had, but never, ever to climax. His reasoning being that he “couldn’t help himself” couldn’t just stand or sit there jerking off with her so easily and readily available.

“Take it out and play with it for me,” she told Scott. “Let me see you stroke it while I touch myself.”

In her mind, he did, as she did. She smiled knowing that he was enjoying every bit as much the tease of her clit as she rolled the smooth tiny surface with her fingertip. The baby-oil not really necessary as aroused bursa escort and as wet as she was, but the pearly coating made the caress of her fingers all the more enjoyable as she almost daintily caressed the hard outstanding little nubbin of desire between the folds of her wet glistening pussy.

“Hmm, squeeze it, let me see some of that juice,” she said to herself, imagining him doing so, imagining the droplet of precum suddenly appearing as Scott stood, swiping it up with his fingers, then smearing it over and around the thick bulbous head of his prick.

“Wider,” he told her. “Let me see that pink delicious looking slit that I’ll soon be licking and sucking,” he groaned pleasurably while pumping his prick up and down for her. “Play with your clit the way you do when you’re all alone,” he added.

Patti was only happy to do just that for him.

She sat strumming her clit as though it was the strings on a guitar, fast initially, then slowing, slower still until the intensity need and desire had a chance to build towards even greater heights before patting it, slapping it with a slight little sting, just enough to increase the climatic buildup even more.

“I want to see you squirt, I want to see all that white creamy fuck juice spurting on me,” she told him. “Will you come all over my tits for me while I cum?” she asked.

She saw him smile, nodding his head in agreement for her. “Yes, yes of course I will…for you baby,” he’d said.

Now it was time. The urgency between her legs had approached the point of no return far quicker than she’d anticipated. Fast-forwarding her fantasy to some degree, Patti stood from the tub stepping out. Already her prior preparations set, waiting for the next portion of her now rapidly moving fantasy.

She actually chastised herself that she’d prolonged her adventure of self-pleasuring longer than she had planned. Forcing herself to speed things up more than she wanted or she too would be late for work as well. The thought of actually seeing Scott sending an electrical charge down her spine.

She had already placed a fresh full roll of toilet paper down on the seat. Taking up her slim vibrator, she turned it on to the lowest setting, felt it come alive in her hand vibrating softly. She then stuck it down inside the roll of paper, already her eyes closing, Scott’s image once again reappearing inside her mind as she lowered herself over the roll.

Patti applied a little more of the baby-oil to her breasts for they had already absorbed much of the original application. And since she was already hurrying things along, she needed to feel the warmth of his cream which she now imagined he’d already splashed upon her breasts as she finished lowering herself over the toy, feeling it as it slid easily inside her. She giggled briefly, back to the present as she considered that at least in fantasy, Scott could have just cum, yet still be as hard as a rock for her as she impaled herself upon his shaft, which she now returned to, seeing and feeling the soft humming toy inside her as just that.

She felt the touch of his hands reaching around to massage her breasts, rubbing in his own spent cream into each as she sat fucking him, facing away. The feel of his long thick cock caressing the opening of her womb, the mixture of his fluid as well as hers telling her in a millisecond that this was going to be one of ‘those’ orgasms. She didn’t have them often, but she knew the feeling, knew the difference when she was going to.

Patti sat twisting, pulling, pinching her nipples much harder now. The sweetness already forming, the pulsating quiver already beginning as she felt the sudden gush of her female nectar oozing from the lips of her pussy. She fucked, rocking back and forth, up and down, squatting over the vibrating toy, Scott’s hard delicious prick as she felt his own climax begin, now triggering hers. She sensed his seed as it exploded from his cock, felt the spray of it bathe the inside of her cunt, then felt her own glorious release, crying out as she began to spurt, her own mini ejaculation squirting in perfect harmonic rhythm to the beat of orgasmic drums going off inside her head.


Spent, she took a few moments to compose herself, as well as wipe herself down. She had truly saturated the toilet paper roll as well as herself, along with thoroughly soaking the cover of the seat. She laughed, still feeling naughtily wicked. She removed the near empty roll of paper from the holder, replacing it with the half-ruined roll she now held. She was grinning evilly as she imagined Craig’s frustration when attempting to use it later.

“Payback’s a bitch!” she said aloud. “That will teach you for rushing off to work instead of playing with me!” she grinned in satisfaction. Only then did she glance at the clock in the bathroom.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” she said now hurrying to put everything away, dress and head off to work before she really was late.


Patti loved Fridays. Not because it was the end of the workweek, though she looked forward to that bursa escort bayan too, but because only she and Scott stayed until closing on Friday. Not only were they friends and co-workers. But equals as well. It was their job to see to it that things were straightened, organized, and prepared for Saturday’s opening. But even more importantly, she looked forward to that time afterwards when they would often remain just bull shitting for nearly an hour after closing. All alone in the store, Scott had occasionally smuggled in a couple of beers for them to sit and share together before heading home. It was for that reason that she truly looked forward to Fridays.


It had been warmer than normal. As such, they had allowed the air conditioning to run longer that day. By the time evening approached, and as there were far fewer customers in the store, the air inside was now far colder than actually comfortable. Patti made her rounds as Scott began closing up, locking the doors. She checked each and every dressing room for any dropped or lost items. Glancing at herself in one of the mirrors, she smiled. She had worn a very tight-fitting knit tee-shirt. And though she had certainly worn a bra, her nipples poked hard, almost obscenely against the white stretched material of her shirt. She grinned, already feeling the renewed moisture and excitement gather between her legs.

“Oh hell why not?” she stood speaking to herself in the mirror. “Time for a little extra tease today,” she allowed, then actually pinched each of her nipples through her shirt making them even harder if that were possible, than they already were. She emerged from the dressing room spotting Scott over by the counter as he finished counting out the day’s receipts.

“All’s well,” she announced sauntering over towards him. And as she expected, and as he usually did, he looked up in her direction. She got the look she had hoped for. It would have been impossible not to by her way of thinking, and she secretly enjoyed his momentary loss of concentration and discomfort as he made a feeble attempt in trying not to be too obvious about where he had quickly looked.

His gaze had indeed started on her breasts. No more than a second, perhaps two before he looked directly towards her face, but it had been just enough time that she had seen his hesitation. She had also caught his second, and then third quick looks as though he was busily concerned about some article of clothing, or some rack that wasn’t hanging just perfectly for the next days opening.

“So, any plans for the weekend?” he’d asked as Patti jumped up onto the counter sitting beside him where he stood. He’d had to start over on counting out the change which she’d seen him allow to fall back into their designated slots all over again as he began.

“Not really, you?”

She was the perfect height as she sat. She actually arched her back some, perfecting her posture, which she knew, would place a little additional strain against the front of her shirt. As Scott stood, it was far easier now for him to glance towards her, seeing her rock-hard nipples and still maintain a sense of ‘not really looking’ as he continued counting out the till.

“Nope, nada,” he replied, one of the quarters he held spilling from his hand, landing perfectly on edge and began rolling in a crazy half-assed circle as it ran away from him. He reached for it just as it took a sudden left turn, wedging itself perfectly between Patti’s legs.

Like a viper pit, Scott withdrew his hand just a fraction of a second before making contact with her, his subconscious attempt to snare the wayward quarter not really registering until it had parked itself perfectly against Patti’s groin. Seeing it, and as excited as she was anyway, she couldn’t let the moment slip away.

“Go on, I dare ya,” she said grinning at him, then closed her legs just slightly, further imprisoning the very lucky piece of coinage.

“Don’t tempt me,” he challenged her back. “You don’t scare me you know,” he warned grinning back.

“Oh? I don’t?” she stated with a pouty hurt-full expression. Then opened her legs ever so slightly again.

She had worn a pair of loose-fitting mid-thigh shorts. Something they were allowed to wear to work as long as they were still considered “decent”. Sitting as she was however, with her legs now partially spread, she knew without any doubt she was far from being “decent”. Though she could not see herself, she knew in her minds eye that there was just enough room running up the opening of her shorts to at least reveal a little bit of the very black lace panties she was wearing.

The coin fell flat between her legs. She smiled inwardly. Scott was definitely looking, and this time he wasn’t making any real serious attempt to look away.

“I will you know,” he said finding his voice, still staring towards the quarter, but she knew damn well that wasn’t really what he was looking at.

“Yeah right,” she challenged him further, then spread herself a little more, not real obvious about it, but just escort bursa enough to up the anti in this little game of cards they were now playing.

As though seeing it for exactly that, Scott answered. “I’ll call your bluff,” he said actually beginning to move his hand forward as though to retrieve the errant coin. His motion however was hesitant as though he was fully expecting her to either grab it herself, or close her legs fully hiding it entirely. She did neither.

“Never said I was bluffing…chicken,” she added teasingly.

Scott looked up directly into her eyes, and she his. His hand moved, she felt and followed the moment, surprised by it to some degree, but more surprised at herself as his fingers actually located the coin, touching her simultaneously. She closed her legs entrapping his hand against her. He stood, still looking into her eyes. His hand though motionless, pressed against her. There was no hiding it, his fingertips just barely touching the fine lacy material of her panties for as she had closed her legs, she had timed his reach towards the coin perfectly so that his hand had actually slipped up inside the leg of her shorts.

They stood there like that for several long awkward moments, neither moving, nor saying anything either.

It now became an unspoken game of words and will. Would he be the first to move and withdraw his hand? Or would she be the first to cave and open her legs so that he could?

Patti felt the sudden increased excitement coursing through her as she honestly wondered.

Perhaps it was really more of a flinch than anything else, but it became the first move in the sudden ‘cat and mouse’ game they were now playing. Scott’s fingers twitching, the almost too light caress against her sex, but never-the-less, felt and known by them both. Patti tightened her hold, pressing her thighs together, Scott’s fingers forced to retreat now, or press even more obviously against her aroused flesh. He groaned instead, the subtle movement now much more defined, clear and obvious to his intent. As was hers. She lowered her hand, spreading herself as she did, placing her hand upon his, keeping him where his was as she scooted forward ever so slightly, the tips of his fingers now directed, gently guided as they slipped between the hem of her panties and the soft silken passage of her lips.

“Oh fuck,” Patti actually moaned aloud, and then felt Scott’s fingers begin to move expertly, purposefully in and out of her tender sensitive flesh.

She removed her hand from his, but rather than taking it away, she instead pulled on the hem of her panties, lifting, then urging them off to one side. She knew what she was doing. She knew she was fully exposing herself to his gaze, surprised at her own sudden boldness, ‘that’ feeling she’d had earlier that morning suddenly returning with a vengeance. He looked up towards her, and as he did, she saw the very same look of lustful joy and desire she’d imagined seeing, her fantasy suddenly becoming real.

“Wider,” he told her lustfully. Chills now racing up and down her entire being as he spoke the very words she’d imagined he might say. “I want to see that gorgeous pussy before I eat it,” he stated.

Patti spread her legs as far a part as it was possible for her to do, now lifting her legs, bent at the knee, forced to lie back on the counter top. Scott repositioned himself before her, his tongue gently ascending down into the wet glistening folds of her flesh where he began to lap at her with the flick of tongue, the still tender yet insistent probe of his fingers that now buried themselves deeply, wantonly inside her hot quivering cunt.

Scott brought her to the brink of climax when she forcibly had to stop him as well as herself. “Fuck me…now!” she demanded urgently.

“Here?” he asked grinning.

“No! In the dressing room!” she stated easily. She had always wanted to do that. The few times that Craig had actually come to pick her up from work when she had been there all alone, he had never once taken her request seriously. Twice she had asked, and twice he had laughed it off as silliness, once even saying that the thought of even fooling around inside the store gave him the creeps.

By the time they had even reached the room they were both naked, a trail of strewn clothing following their laughter all the way there. Now she stood in the middle of the room, her reflection in three mirrors surrounding them as they stood, Scott behind her, his hands cupping, caressing her breasts as she reached back, her hand embracing his neck as he leaned into her, sucking, nipping then gently biting her neck.

He began to leave a trail of soft wet kisses down her back as he slowly lowered. As he did, he placed his hand in the small of her back pushing her forward. She had no choice but to lean, resting the palms of her hands against the mirror, spreading her legs for balance, but giving him the access he was obviously after. She felt his hands now cupping the twin cheeks of her ass, felt it as he spread her, his tongue once again slipping between the folds of her pussy tickling her clit, slithering up the now slick folds of her nether lips as he sucked them into this mouth, gently chewing, licking, and then sucking them in once again.

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