RIDE-EM COWBOYThis is a silly story line, try not to take me too seriously, old men have twisted minds. And of course, it is NOT TRUE.“I am NOT GAY,” I said for at least the tenth time as I felt Jim slide his hand up the crack of my ass with a handful of Vaseline. “You may not be now, but in a moment you will be and proud of it,” Jim said as I heard him unbuckle his western style belt and drop his pants. I felt him rub the tip of his cock up the crack of my ass and tugged at the ropes that had me tied to the gate.The cool fall air made me shiver and I felt my balls suck up tight against my body. “You can’t do this,” I said, “this is not right.”“And neither was it right for you to take advantage of my daughter,” the 50 something rancher said. “She is just 25 and doesn’t need an old fart like you trying to get in her pants.”“She came onto me,” I said, “besides the moment I found out she was really a guy in drag I stopped.”“Yeah see that is the problem, she may look like a guy to you because she still has her cock, but other than that she is all woman. You had no right getting her all roused up and then just walking away calling her gay and shit like that.” He said, “Now I am going to show you what gay sex really is.”I felt him push the head of his cock past my puckered sphincter and felt like he was going to bust me wide open. “I’ll get you opened up real good and then Stacy can step in and show you how a real cow girl gets her man.”I had met Jim and his daughter on my first hunting trip in northern Wyoming and they seemed like regular folks. Jim was my guide as we hunted elk and his daughter Stacy came along to hunt with us. She was a very pretty young woman and I was instantly attracted to her. She was good with a rifle, loved hunting, sakarya escort and had a perfect body.On this second trip Stacy seemed really anxious to get close to me. Now I am 70 years old and she wasn’t even 30 so I had no idea why she would pursue me but I was flattered. I asked her out to dinner and afterward she invited me to her place for a nightcap. Well one thing led to another and she had me naked on her bed giving me a blow job that was the best I ever had. As I got to that point of no return I pushed her off and started feeling her up. Her tits were nice size and when I had her shirt off it was apparent she had a bit of surgery to enhance her attributes. I didn’t care about that and as the cliché goes, “a hard cock has no conscience,” so topping off the daughter of my hunting guide didn’t seem like a problem.As things got hot between us my hand went between her legs I felt something that didn’t feel right. I know not every woman is plumbed the same but this woman seemed to have a lot more trash down there than normal. I pulled my hand back and she made a pouty faced frown as she rose up on her knees with her legs spread wide apart.She pulled off her skirt and I immediately saw the outline of a cock in her panties. She pulled her panties down and I saw a thick cock but no balls below. She smiled and said, “you had no idea?”“Well uh no,” I said staring at her cock absent the family jewels. “I don’t understand,” I said as I didn’t.“I am transgendered and this is all that is left of Steve. I had an orchiectomy, you know castrated. That means I don’t need to take as many hormones. But without my balls I no longer get hard and of course don’t shoot cum. You are serious you didn’t know?” Stacy asked.“No, I didn’t,” escort sakarya I said honestly, “I don’t want to be unkind but having sex with you would make me feel gay, I’m sorry,” I said with my cock still throbbing and needing a release.When I showed up to go hunting Jim met me and said he wanted to show me something in the barn. Now I was stripped naked, ass greased up, and he was penetrating me. I felt him push into me, his cock felt huge inside of me and I couldn’t straighten up or move to prevent this.Jim grabbed my hips and began banging his cock in and out of me and with each thrust I felt his cock hit my prostate. I was hard and throbbing without any desire to be aroused. “Yup, looks like ol Larry likes a little something up his dirt chute,” Jim said as he continued to fuck me in the ass.The barn smelled of hay and horses and the gate I was tied to had a saddle hanging on it so there was the scent of leather as well. All of these scents would normally have made me think of a rough and tough rancher instead of a gay guy fucking my ass. Jim held nothing back as he plowed deep into my ass with his big cock.I could feel his balls slap against mine with each thrust. “Oh fuck,” Jim said, “you got a perfect ass Larry, better than any cunt would be. You are so fucking tight I am going cum all over you in a minute.”As he got into a steady rhythm I began to feel my cock harden more and was shocked that I actually was enjoying his cock in my ass. Jim humped me hard at first and then started to slow down and make long deliberate thrusts in and out of me. Then I heard a noise and looked over my right shoulder. I turned to see Stacy walk in wearing nothing but a smile and a long hard cock.“Don’t ream him too hard Daddy” she said, sakarya escort bayan “I can’t wait to fuck him blind.”Without missing a thrust he asked, “Did you take that little blue pill?” “I did daddy and that means I can stay hard for well over an hour. He is going to love the fucking I will give him.” Stacy said as she stroked a cock that now looked over 10 inches long and so thick it was spectacular.“I gotta finish,” Jim grunted as he continued fucking me, “You will have a well reamed and lubricated ass when I am done.” And he thrust all the way in me and I felt him shoot his first wad of cum in me. His spurts continued as he humped hard against me as if he wanted to crawl inside my ass. “Damn Stacy, sometimes having no balls would help get in deeper,” he said as he pulled his cock out.Stacy stepped up to me, “Wow daddy you really opened him up,” she said as I felt her rub her cock up and down the crack of my ass and with one swift motion she pushed her cock in my ass. I felt her stretch my ring wider and she went so deep inside of me I could see my belly bulge as she bottomed out in my. “You remember I said I can’t cum?” she asked. I said nothing, “Answer me bitch.” She said and slapped my ass.“Yes,” I said, “I remember.”“Well with a little blue pill I get so fucking hard and it still feels good to be inside an ass. So until I get tired your ass is mine.” Stacy said as she started thrusting in and out of me. It took about five minutes of this and her banging against my prostate for me to shoot a load of cum. I watched as my cock started spurting and thought I would never stop.“Feels great, eh gay boy?” Jim said. I looked over my shoulder and he was setting on a bale of hay with his cock as hard as when he pulled out of me. “I took a little blue pill too, so guess what happens when my little girl gets done with your ass?”I shuddered at the thought of what lay ahead of me. “I told you that you’d be gay when I was done with you, I didn’t mention my little girl would help.”

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