Rest area


Rest areaNot my story but can relate;)I love ’em! Maybe it’s the risk of a public place; maybe it’s just the fact that they can provide “a quickie” with no posturing and chit-chat to move to the sex. Whatever it is about them, they are the one thing that can make a long, boring highway drive more interesting and exciting. Of course, some are much better than others. Many of the newer modernized places on the interstates are no fun at all — stainless steel dividers between the stalls that don’t have any holes in them to provide any opportunity for a peek. The best ones are the old places with plenty of holes in them to see your neighbor. And the position of the holes can be everything! Even if they don’t always lead to sex, just being able to look can provide enough erotic stimulation to get my dick raging hard.My favorite rest stops are the old ones with two stalls next to the two urinals. If it’s been an active place, there are usually holes between the stalls, as well as in the divider between the stall and the pissers. The first stall is the one I always take. That way, even if no one comes in to sit in the other stall, there’s always the chance to watch a nice dick taking a piss. Driving along and bored to death, I see the familiar blue sign — “Rest Stop – 1 Mile”. I can feel a stirring in my groin already. I pull off the road into the parking area. Only one other car. So I park where I have a good view of the parking lot and sit for a few minutes. A man comes out of the men’s room and gets in the car and sits, but then a woman comes out of the women’s room and joins him in the car. They drive off. Now’s the time to get settled inside. I go into the men’s room. It’s got two doors to get inside. Great, the first door squeaks a bit when it’s opened. At least that provides a few seconds warning before someone can come in — just in case some action gets started. I check out the room. Just what I like — three small aliağa escort holes in the divider next to the urinal. I walk to the first shitter and get even more excited — there’s a hole about the size of a fist in the divider between the two toilets. I unbutton my jeans, drop them to my ankles, and sit down. Then I spend the next few minutes checking the angles of the holes, both left and right, and position myself for a good view. I don’t have to wait long.The outside door creaks, then I hear the second door open. I hear footsteps approach the urinal and, under the divider, I can see a heavy work boot position itself in front of the urinal. Looking through the upper hole on my left, I can see a hand open the zipper on his jeans and pull out his dick. It’s not a huge cock, but it’s a nice size and uncut. He keeps his left hand out of the way and I have a great view as he pulls back his foreskin to expose his dick head. I feel my own cock beginning to stir. It takes him a few seconds to start pissing, but when he does, it’s a strong steady stream. He finishes his piss and pulls the foreskin up and down over the dick head. I know it feels good, because he strokes his dick about ten times. Does he know I’m watching and is this a show for me?The last drop of piss falls from his dick and he shoves it back into his pants. He zips, flushes, and then I hear footsteps moving to the door. He goes out.What a nice show that was! My own cock is half hard now, and I give it a few strokes. It gets even harder. As I sit remembering the piss-streaming dick I just watched, I hear the door again, so I settle back into good viewing position. This time, however, the footsteps don’t go towards the urinals. I look up and see a fantastic hunk of man walking past me towards the second toilet. He looks at me as he passes. He is tall and very well built–obviously someone who lifts weights regularly–and is good looking, too. As he looks at escort aliağa me, I notice his eyes drop down to get a look at my crotch. Did I notice a slight nod at me as he checked me out? He enters the next stall and turns around, beginning to unbuckle his belt and open his pants. Before he sits, he lifts his balls and his magnificent cock flops up and down. His dick is soft, but is at least five inches long. I can feel myself getting even more excited as he sits down on the toilet.I remove my right hand from my dick so he can get a look if he wants. His right hand rubs his dick a little and I can see it beginning to lengthen. I use my left hand to rub my balls and show him as much of my hardening cock as I can. In response, he grabs his cock and slowly strokes it. It hardens quickly and he lets it rise up into full view — a full nine inches of thick, throbbing dick. My own dick is now fully erect and a drop of pre-cum shines at the tip as I stroke its full seven-inch length. He reaches over to the divider and puts two fingers through the hole. I know this is my cue, so I stand up and face him. I move over and stick my raging hard cock through the hole. With his other hand, he pulls my balls through too. My groin is flat against the divider as he strokes my cock and squeezes my balls. Then I feel a wet tongue licking the head of my cock.His tongue laps at the tip of my stiff cock, probing the piss-slit. He squeezes my balls tightly and I feel his tongue sliding up and down my dick — along each side, the top and bottom. He gets my dick completely wet with spit. I reach up and grab the top of the partition so I have a solid footing. As I do, I feel my entire dick being swallowed. The head pounds against the back of his throat as he slides his mouth up and down over my cock. Again and again, he strokes my dick with his mouth, rubbing his tongue on the sensitive underside and sucking at the same time.I groan with aliağa escort bayan pleasure as this hot faceless mouth sucks my cock and the warm hand tugs at my sensitive nuts.Soon, it’s too much. I feel my balls tighten in their sack and I start shooting hot, thick cum down his throat. He swallows and continues to suck as I shoot what seems to be gallons of cum from my rock-hard cock. When I’m finally done shooting, he lets my dick slip from his mouth and I step back and sit down on the toilet. Now it’s my turn. He gets up and, because of the jeans at his ankles, walks awkwardly out of his stall and stands in front of me. I reach up and grab his raging hard-on and pull him towards me. He is even more magnificent up close. I open my lips and suck the head of his dick into my mouth. I can tell that the sucking he gave my dick has gotten him very excited and he is close to cumming. I can taste the salty pre-cum now oozing from the tip of his dick. I take a deep breath and pull him towards me, shoving his dick head deep into my throat. With my left hand, I reach around his ass and begin fingering his tight hole.We can’t spread his legs very wide because of the jeans at his ankles, but I manage to slip one finger past his tight sphincter muscle. A low moan escapes his lip and I can taste an even greater flow of pre-cum. I continue to suck his dick all the way down my throat, then pull back until just the tip is between my lips. Several more good strokes like that and his dick erupts, shooting his cum forcefully down my throat.It’s too much for me to swallow, andsome of his cum runs out of my mouth and drips on to my bare leg, but I manage to swallow most of his juice. Finally he’s completely dry. He pulls his dick from my mouth and smiles. I smile back.”Thanks. That was pretty fantastic.””It was great for me too. Hope to see you here again soon.”With that, he pulls up his jeans and shoves his shiny dick backin, zips and buckles his belt and walks out the door. I can only sit and smile, licking the last of his cum off my lips. Then I’m ready to leave. I know there’s another rest stop just forty mile down the road. I wonder if it has holes between the stalls!

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