Recruiting Coordinator Ch. 05


Authoress notes: The following story is as much about the current state of college football as much as it is about sexy coeds in bondage. Supposed student-athletes don’t get paid anything, and aren’t allowed any special benefits, while the coaches and administrators make millions. Somehow a lot of poor student-athletes wind up with nice cars, and stuff like that, though. While this story is not part of my Riverside series, it is similar to it. I chose the State University Panthers as my powerhouse football team because I like the colors black and silver, and catsuits are sexier than Bulldog or Eagle costumes.

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Dramatis Personae –

~Vincent Black — Brother of Vic Black, from my Riverside stories. Vincent (Vinnie) has always been a big fan of the powerhouse State University Panthers football team. His mind control abilities aren’t nearly as powerful as his older brother’s. He has used them to land a job with the Panthers as a Recruiting Coordinator where he continues to use them to bring in the best players in the country for the football team, and the school’s other sports teams as well. He also does what he can to keep that blue-chip talent as happy and productive as he can without getting the school into trouble. He is in his mid-forties, and a little overweight, with a thick head of slicked-back black hair.

~Jasmine Park — three-quarters Korean & one-quarter Japanese. Senior at State University, majoring in pre-law. She volunteered to tutor to help get into a top law school. Due to her attractiveness, she was assigned Ty Ross, without knowing the reason. Her parents are well off, but they couldn’t quite afford to get her into an Ivy League school. Jasmine is very smart, but not quite enough to get a scholarship to get into an Ivy League school. She is 5’1″ and 100lbs, with B-cup breasts and mid-back length hair. She is 21, and will graduate a year early, the following spring. Jasmine is the secretary for the Asian Students Association.

~Ty Ross — Five star freshman running back for the State University Panthers. He is reasonably smart, but only interested in football, sex, and partying, in that order. He has never had to try hard in school because of his football ability. He is just going to college to get into the pros. He is 18, black, 5’10”, and 205lbs. He runs the forty in four-point-three seconds.

Recruiting Coordinator

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Chapter 5 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The next day Jasmine went to the booster party with Ty. As usual, she saw him pocket quite a bit of cash. She was a little surprised when Vinnie passed her a couple of twenties, but she just thanked him and tucked them into her bra with a smile. After the party, Ty gave her a couple more. She thanked him with long, sexy kiss. When they got back to her apartment, she thanked him again, with hot, steamy sex.

A couple of days later, Jasmine’s new credit card arrived. Since she was a college student with no income, she only had a thousand dollar limit on it. Since she was a college student with no income, Jasmine wondered why they had given her a thousand dollar credit limit at all.

The credit card helped, but Jasmine knew it wouldn’t be enough to keep spending as much money on clothes and stuff as she had been. She’d have to be careful too, since she didn’t have any money except what Ty and her parents gave her.

Jasmine was still busy most all the time keeping up with her own work, doing quite a bit of Ty’s, and just spending time with him—which mostly meant having sex. Pretty much everyone had gotten used to her sexy clothes, blonde hair, towering heels, and wrists full of bracelets. Jasmine used some of the cash that Vinnie and Ty had given her to buy some more armlets and gloves. Ty liked them, and they hid the handcuff marks on her wrists that were getting more and more common.

The next week the Panthers played a late home game. It was chilly, so Jasmine wore a pair of thick black tights under her denim mini, a Panthers shirt, a pair of black arm socks, and a half-dozen bangles on each wrist. She also had to wear her Panthers jacket.

Even though Jasmine had gotten used to walking around campus in towering stiletto heels, game day was a different story. She knew she would have to walk a long way to the stadium, then a while more to her seat. Jasmine pulled on a pair of comfortable ankle boots with chunky heels several inches high.

Before he left, Ty had asked Jasmine to wear her spiked leather collar to the game. Since she normally went to the game with several of the players’ girlfriends, she agreed.

Once she got to the gate though, the security guards told her that she couldn’t bring the spiked collar in, because it could be used as a weapon. Jasmine was a little disappointed she wouldn’t be able to wear her collar to the game for Ty. She was really Betturkey dejected at having to walk like half-a-mile back to her car, then another half-mile back to the stadium though.

Jasmine joined her friends in the student section several minutes into the game, and cheered the team—and her man—on. The other team was supposed to have a great rush defense. The Panther’s starting running back, Michael Brown, finished with eighty-nine yards rushing. Ty only managed thirty-four. Still, the Panthers won by ten points.

After the game, Jasmine went to the team party with Ty. She wore her spiked Panthers collar, and changed into her glossy black ankle boots with six-inch platform heels. Jasmine explained to Ty what happened at the security gate.

“Well, I guess we’ll have to get you another collar, without spikes,” he suggested with a smile as he tugged on her leash. “Maybe a steel one.”

Jasmine imagined a steel collar locked around her neck. For some reason she was crawling towards Ty in the image. “Cool,” she replied after a moment.

When they went into the house, Ty quickly cuffed Jasmine’s hands in front of her. As they joined the party, Jasmine saw that there were a few sets of handcuffs around, as well as a few more collars than the week before.

Just like the previous week, Jasmine spent the evening with Ty holding her leash. She was handcuffed most of the time as well. Jasmine loved partying with Ty and the Panthers. After awhile, Ty led Jasmine upstairs, to one of the bedrooms that the team used for sex. That surprised her a little, as Ty usually took her to her apartment to have sex.

Ty unlocked one of Jasmine’s wrists long enough for her to strip off her top as they climbed onto the bed. She was still wearing her collar, leash, bangles, and heels. Suddenly Ty took Jasmine’s wrist, and snapped the open cuff to the metal bed post. Jasmine stared at her cuffed wrist in confusion. Then she felt Ty snap another cuff around her free wrist, and pull it towards the opposite bed post.

It took Jasmine a moment to realize what Ty was doing. That was long enough for him to stretch her free arm out, and snap the cuff to the bed post.

Seconds later Jasmine was moaning out in ecstasy as Ty fucked her. She had her spiked heels crossed behind his hips, and was pulling hard against her cuffs with every one of his powerful thrusts. Neither the cuffs nor the bed posts showed any signs of giving.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

A few days later, Jasmine went back to talk to Vinnie again. She had just been to the salon to get a few touch-ups. She had also bought a new baby-doll and pair of heels at the mall that she was sure Ty would like her in.

“What can I do for you, Jasmine?” Vinnie asked her with a friendly smile, eying her breasts in her tiny tank top.

Jasmine stood up and began pacing in front of his desk in her six-inch heels and bouncy mini-dress. “Look Vinnie, I want to keep Ty happy and all, but I’m just spending too much money on clothes and shoes and stuff.” She glanced at her freshly manicured finger nails before continuing. “And I’m barely getting any sleep doing his school work for him on top of my own work.”

When Vinnie didn’t respond immediately, Jasmine glanced over, and saw that he was staring at her legs. She stopped pacing, and put a hand on her hip. Her bracelets clinked against each other as they slid down her wrist. “Vinnie,” she called with a hint of annoyance—and a little amused excitement. She couldn’t really blame him. Men just couldn’t keep their eyes off her these days.

“Oh, sorry,” Vinnie said, quickly looking away from her toned thighs and to her face. “Jasmine, I promise, no one wants you to go broke looking so, um. . . amazing for Ty,” he said, his eyes again trailing down the expanse of exposed skin between the hem of her mini-dress and strappy heels. He finally tore his eyes away, and hit a few keys on his keyboard. “And I’ll talk to Ty for you,” he added, glancing up from the computer screen. “You don’t have to get him an A in every class, Jasmine. That might even draw the wrong sort of attention, if you know what I mean.”

Jasmine found herself lost in Vinnie’s eyes, like she always did. “Oh,” she replied in mild surprise. “I hadn’t thought about that. I’m soooo sorry,” she said apologetically. “I just thought that Ty would want to make A’s in everything,” Jasmine said with a shrug as she sat down in the chair in front of Vinnie’s desk.

“Don’t worry about it,” Vinnie replied with a friendly smile. “You’ve been doing great. I couldn’t be happier with how much you’ve done for Ty.” He paused, and reached into his back pocket. “As matter of fact, here’s sixty bucks to help you out.”

“Thanks,” Jasmine said cheerfully as she tucked the bills underneath her dress’s built-in bra. “My parents would kill me if they knew I’d gotten Betturkey Giriş my hair bleached,” she added absently.

Jasmine wondered what she would do about Christmas break. Luckily she wasn’t expected home for Thanksgiving.

“Well, you look great as a blonde,” Vinnie told her. “By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask you, what’s your major?”

“Pre-law,” Jasmine answered, flipping back her hair. “And I’m graduating a year early, this spring.”

“Good for you,” Vinnie told her, shifting in his seat in obvious discomfort. “I’m sorry to have to cut this short, but I’ve got some, um. . . stuff to do,” he said.

“Oh, no problem,” Jasmine replied cheerfully, climbing to her feet. “Thanks for your help.”

“My pleasure,” Vinnie said as she reached the door. “Hey, can you ask Kelly to step in here for me a minute?”

“Sure,” Jasmine answered with a smile.

Jasmine walked out into Vinnie’s small reception area, leaving the door cracked a little. “Vinnie needs you,” she told Kelly.

Kelly glanced at the open door. “Probably to take some dictation,” she replied with a smile.

Jasmine watched Kelly check her make-up and hair. As Kelly stepped into Vinnie’s office, Jasmine walked out of the reception area. Just before she closed the outer door, she listened, and heard the distinct sound of Vinnie moaning. Jasmine smiled softly to herself, closed the door, and left.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

That night Jasmine wore her new red baby-doll, with a matching g-string, garter belt, stockings, and heels for Ty. Needless to say, he loved it. She was also wearing some red bangle bracelets, matching hoop earrings, and a red leather collar she had gotten. Ty added a pair of handcuffs behind her back, and led her into her bedroom.

Nearly two hours later, Jasmine was still handcuffed behind her back on her bed, and thoroughly fucked. Ty was in her shower. When he came out, he kissed her again, then finally uncuffed her, and left.

The next morning Jasmine wore pair of black and white striped fingerless gloves to cover the marks from Ty’s handcuffs. The gloves stopped a few inches past her wrists. She added a half-dozen bracelets, alternating in black and white to match her gloves.

Just before she left, Jasmine decided to her wear her spiked leather Panthers collar to class. Ty would love it when they met for lunch. Jasmine checked herself out in her mirror. From head-to-toe, she looked dynamite.

By now Jasmine’s classmates were used to her wearing her risque outfits to class. Still, they couldn’t help but notice her two-inch-wide spiked leather collar with PANTHERS written on it in big silver letters. Most of the guys liked it, as they liked all of her outfits the past several weeks.

After her morning class, Jasmine met Ty at the cafeteria. As she had expected, he loved it. Especially that she was wearing her collar for him.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The next Saturday, Jasmine wore her nylon collar to the homecoming game. From the start it was obvious the Panthers were a much stronger team than their opponents. Ty played at the end of the second quarter, and most of the second half. The Panthers were so far ahead that the third string running back actually played the last several minutes of the game. Ty finished with one hundred and twenty-one yards rushing, and two touchdowns.

After the game, Jasmine went to the team party with Ty. She changed to her spiked leather collar, and re-did her make-up and hair. She also changed into her platform ankle boots with six-inch stiletto heels. Just like the previous weeks, Ty kept Jasmine on her leash most of the party.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

When Jasmine got out of class Monday morning, she had like half-a-dozen calls from her dad, and several more from her mom. She called her dad back, to see if anything was wrong. She was greeted by rapid-fire Japanese.

Apparently he had checked her credit, and discovered her credit card. Worse yet, he had found out about Ty’s Camaro that was in her name. He spent a few minutes yelling at her in a mixture of Japanese, Korean, and English, then announced that he and her mom were coming to see her.

Jasmine immediately called Vinnie, and frantically told him what was going on. First he told her to calm down. Then he asked her how her dad had checked her credit. Jasmine explained that he was a bank manager. She also told Vinnie that her mom was a lawyer. Vinnie told her that he’d talk to her parents when they arrived, and get them to understand things.

Jasmine wasn’t quite sure if he could get her parents to chill about the Camaro, but she knew Vinnie could be very persuasive. She called Ty, and told him what was going on. He was worried, but glad she had called Vinnie first. Ty told her to let him know if she needed him to do anything for her.

Jasmine spent the next couple of hours worrying about what her parents were going to do to her. As she cleaned her apartment—another task she had been neglecting lately—she glanced at herself in her mirror, and realized she would have to do something about her bleach blonde hair too.

When Vinnie showed up Jasmine was wearing a pair of comfortable gray Panthers sweat pants and matching hoodie. Her hair was hidden underneath the hood, and a Panthers hat. A while later, Jasmine’s parents arrived.

They were both still obviously upset about the Camaro and her credit card. They were also upset that Jasmine had an older male guest.

Vinnie quickly started trying to calm them down, and explained how Jasmine was tutoring Ty Ross, a star freshman football player. When they demanded to see the Camaro, Vinnie just told them again to relax, and that he would explain everything. To Jasmine’s surprise, they did—at least mostly.

When Vinnie told them that Jasmine was in fact dating Ty, her parents didn’t even get too upset. She wondered if they realized he was black. They had always sort of looked down on African Americans.

In spite of their initial wariness, Jasmine’s parents soon relaxed, and even grew somewhat friendly towards Vinnie. Jasmine noticed he really didn’t explain the Camaro, except to tell them not to worry about it. Jasmine also used the opportunity to pull down her hood, and reveal her blonde hair. Thanks to Vinnie and his captivating eyes, they barely raised an eyebrow.

After chatting with Vinnie a bit, Jasmine’s parents apologized for worrying about her so much. They even told her they were fine with her dating a football player, and dyeing her hair blonde. Finally Jasmine and Vinnie walked them out to their car. Vinnie complimented her parents on their two year old black Lexus, and pointed out his own silver one a few spaces away. Jasmine’s dad and Vinnie talked about how much they loved their cars a couple of minutes, then Jasmine’s parents left.

Once her parents and Vinnie left, Jasmine went back into her apartment and changed. Ty would be coming over soon.

When he arrived, Jasmine greeted him in her spiked collar, some bangles, and glossy black six-inch heels. She was lying on her couch, with her leash between her tits. Vinnie pulled out his handcuffs and took her into her bedroom. The sex was fantastic, as usual.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The next week, the Panthers went on the road, and played their arch-rival. Jasmine did her best to cheer Ty and the Panthers on from her apartment. If the Panthers won, they could still make the National Championship game. In the end however, the Panthers lost by two points.

The Panthers still went to their conference title game, against the team they had lost against earlier in the year. The Panthers lost again. They still made it to the Bayou Bowl though, which they won.

Like most football players, Ty took more classes in the spring than he had in the fall. That meant that Jasmine had to do even more of Ty’s work for him. On Vinnie’s advice, Jasmine postponed graduating a year early. That allowed her to stay and help Ty. Her parents were upset, but Vinnie was able to get them to calm down, and accept her decision.

The following year, Ty was the starting running back, as Michael Brown, the starter the previous year, had gone to the pros. Ty’s back-up this year was a senior. They also shared carries with another highly-recruited freshman running back named Steven Blackmon, who was almost as good as Ty was his freshman year. Thanks to Vinnie, the Panthers had another number-one-ranked recruiting class to help Ty out, including Steven.

With three straight top recruiting classes, and their starting quarterback Chad Rogers returning along with Ty, the Panthers went undefeated, and won the National Championship. Ty finished with thirteen hundred seventy-seven yards rushing, and sixteen touchdowns.

During her senior year, Jasmine decided to postpone law school all together, mostly to stay with Ty. Vinnie got her a job as a secretary in the school’s athletic department. Most of the job consisted of answering the phone and being eye-candy, but they paid her good, and let her do Ty’s schoolwork at her desk.

Ty’s junior year, he finished with over fifteen hundred yards rushing, and twenty-one touchdowns. With another top recruiting class—thanks to Vinnie—the Panthers won back-to-back National Titles. Days after the national championship game, Ty announced he was leaving school early, and going pro. A few months later, he was selected number two in the draft. Jasmine attended the draft with him, and was thrilled when his name was called.

Jasmine never did make it to law school. The summer after the draft, she married Ty. With his massive multimillion dollar contract, she just kept herself looking sexy for her man. They continued to enjoy bondage play, and Jasmine spent many days lounging by the pool wearing a custom made titanium collar with matching wrist and ankle cuffs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The End ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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