Real Friends, Indeed

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Real Friends, Indeed


Noor Georgas thought hundreds of time. How did it happen to him but still, sometimes Noor thought, he was dreaming. No, this was not possible; he always thought.

Well over 10 years ago, they were school mates for about 2 years. They knew each other and said hello in the basketball team but the relationship did not develop and NG had to leave because his father got transferred once again to another country and that is how he got separated from Rahul Sharma after only knowing each other as the members of their school team. Good 8 years and at least couple of thousand miles away, they met again. Town Library was the place. Strange that 10 years ago, they both were to finish high School in 2 years and now they met after 8 years of graduation but they both recognized each other. A lot of time had passed, many an important life events had happened but they did remember each other’s face and although library was not crowded but they met in the line. One was to return a book and the other was taking out a video. What an incidence, they could have missed each other easily but now they were together.

Sitting at the coffee shop they refreshed every memory and renewed all they could muster back. RS [Rahul Sharma] was a salesman for a huge investments and savings fund company while Noor Georgas [NG] was working for a car dealer as their purchase manager. The car dealership and the investment company office was not far from each other on Route 72 East. They did not live very close by as they found out but they were both very glad to find each other. They had taken each other’s phone number and promised, never to get lost again. As they were to depart from the coffee shop, Rahul told Noor about this outing his office had arranged and invited Noor as his guest. Just making sure, it would be no hassle for Rahul, Noor very kindly accepted the invitation because he had nothing else planned for the coming Saturday and he thought, that he had enough days in between to be ready for the party.

Early Saturday morning, he was very upbeat to be spending the day with his old friend. Noor took a shower, changed into his favorite shirt and jeans. While buttoning the shirt, he glanced in the mirror on the bathroom wall, ran a comb in his hair, smiled looking at the youthful beauty of the man in the mirror and came out to the bedroom whistling. He stuffed his wallet in the jeans pocket and ran down to the kitchen where his coffee mug was waiting for him. He knew Rahul shall be coming very soon to pick him up and he did not want to be late. He knew, it was going to be a great day, it was a going to be sunny, warm day but not uncomfortable hot and a few games of basketball with Rahul would be very nice.

As he finished his coffee mug, the door-bell rang. Expecting no one other than Rahul, he yelled that it was open and Rahul pushed the door and walked in with a smile on his young face. His baggy t-shirt and shorts were unable to hide his fit physique. Rahul said, he would drive and Rahul walked out of the home after Noor. Again, recalling and reminiscing the old times, they reached the park. Soon they saw couple of Rahul’s colleagues from the office and parked the car. Rahul introduced Noor to several of his office friends, gathered around the drinks. Noor was impressed to find out that Rahul had mentioned about him to most of his office colleagues and the time they spent in school together. As some of the Rahul’s office friends started talking with Noor about their old school days, it was announced that there was plenty of food waiting and then everybody got in line. Rahul came and he told Noor that he had put his name and Noor’s name for a few basketball games. They sat eating couple of plates of pasta and consuming beer before going out to play the basketball games.

There were some really enthusiastic guys playing the game, making it very fast and competitive. Noor enjoyed the pace of the game as his team won. polatlı escort During the game he realized that Rahul bumped against him little more often than necessary but then, that was the way the game of basketball was played. He did not think much about it. The duo came back and sat down with some more food and tall glasses of whisky with coke. Once again they filled their plates more than once and the glasses too. After they were done, Rahul asked if Noor would like to go for a walk to burn off some food they over stuffed and Noor agreed that a walk was almost a must to feel a bit more comfortable in the stomach and they left. He told Noor that he had asked a guy and had an idea where were the hiking trails and soon they found one. As they walked, Noor was more aware of Rahul touching him in the back, shoulders etc. but being with a friend, Noor did not want to think much and they kept walking.

Seeing a small patch of green grass under the big tangle of tree branches, Noor wanted to rest a while and they started talking. Rahul asked Noor that he remembered, Noor having a girlfriend in school years and he even remembered her name, Irma. With a sad tone Noor answered that she left him after being 9 years with him. After a while Noor asked Rahul, if he found a good girl to keep or was he still looking? Rahul chuckled a little and answered that he did find a girl but like Noor’s girl, she left Rahul but much quicker, only after 3 years. Rahul was not sad and he added that he had a chance to learn new things about himself and hopefully it turned out to be better for both of them. Noor also kind of agreed that he had not been able to find anyone like Irma, but he was not at all desperate or fraught.

Rahul noticed that Noor was moving his head from side to side with repetitions and asked him if everything was fine. Noor sighed a little and said, he seemed to have pulled a muscle during the game and now it felt a bit painful. Rahul told him that he knew something that might help and asked Noor to relax a bit, moving himself behind Noor. Rahul started to rub Noor’s neck muscles. He did feel the knot, where Noor said, he felt pain. Noor was a bit shocked when he felt Rahul’s fingers moving down to his shoulder but Rahul kind of knew, what he was doing and Noor was also feeling the easing of pain. Noor wanted to say something but then kept shut and gave himself to Rahul’s ministrations. Rahul could easily see some movement and stirring in Noor’s pants and he quickly started unbuttoning Noor’s shirt and pull it off. Noor held his shirt but Rahul came very straight, “Dude! I can only do so much with your shirt on” and Noor relaxed his grip.

Now Rahul’s fingers were all over Noor’s back, shoulders and neck, even admiring all of his strong body especially the very hairy chest. Noor’s muscles were solid but still soft but different than the female muscles. Rahul took a split second and his shirt was also off as quickly as it possibly could and he was kneading Noor’s neck and shoulder muscles. Noor was now commenting that Rahul knew, what he was doing! He admitted that he was feeling much better and the pain was gone.

Encouraged, Rahul’s hands slipped down and started caressing the hairy chest of Noor plus with slightly bending over he could reach Noor’s lips with his lips and stamped a kiss in hurry. Noor shuddered and tried to move away but Rahul showed a lots of empathy telling Noor that he would not do a thing, Noor did not like.

Noor was tongue tied, “But Rahul, it is you and me. What do? Rahul kept bringing his tongue down, sucking and nipping on his shoulder skin while they both moaned. Now Rahul’s hands were sinking far lower, reaching the waistband of Noor’s pants. Next he was rubbing Noor’s bulge in the front of his pants, knowing well that it was Noor’s cock there breathing and growing.

Noor’s mind was racing. He knew, it was wrong, it was sin. He was not gay at all but he was still allowing Rahul to pursaklar escort do all that to him. Noor’s mind was screaming to enjoy and cherish the pleasure received. He suddenly raised his arms and began rubbing Rahul’s forearms, so muscular and hairy. Soon with his head turned up, they were kissing, wet, forcing the other to open his mouth for mouth probing and tongue dancing inside. Noor appreciated the soft inside feeling of Rahul’s buccal cavity as he eagerly sucked his tongue.

Now Rahul came in front as they broke the kiss and they smiled warmly for each other. Noor realized that he was needing all this touching, kissing and caring from Rahul and he closed his eyes under pressure of lust. Now Rahul reached and slowly unzipped the pants, Noor was wearing, pushing them over his hips and Noor wiggled his hips until the pants were down to his ankles. Rahul looked at his friend’s thick Arabian cock pulsing before his eyes. There were many huge veins on the bobbing, swaying cock with desire. Rahul held the cock and closed his fist around it for slow stroking, pulling the leather like foreskin back and revealing a big plum sized cockhead on top. Noor had also started rocking his hips back and forth fucking Rahul’s fist. His own desires were rising now.

Rahul kind of feeling a full permission quickened the strokes, while his other hand went to Noor’s balls squeezing and pulling on them. He was kind of amazed that all the naked body area of Noor was white or maybe fairly white but his cock and balls were much darker and close to being black if not black. He wanted to ask Noor, why so but then stopped and concentrated on enjoying the male sex muscle of an Arab. He bent over and gently almost hesitantly licked the tip of the big cock. The pre cum was sticky, sweet and clear, making him to start sucking eagerly for more. Noor above had started feeling the pleasure of getting sucked by an expert. Now Rahul had started caressing Noor’s sac while his groans of pleasure increased and Noor was seen trying to control his thrusts in Rahul’s mouth. As a matter of fact, he had closed his eyes tight and even with deep thoughts he could not compare Irma, ever sucking him this nice. He was able to differentiate, how he always had to guide Irma to certain parts of his cock but with his eyes closed and his hands constantly combing the hair in the back of Rahul’s head, Rahul was sucking him very vigilantly, paying special attention and causing excessive pressure to the underside area of Noor’s cock. He was doing a far better job than Irma, Noor was thinking. The women mostly did not like to suck the men’s cocks and if at all they did, they performed a very inferior job, Noor concluded. Rahul’s tongue was roaming along the tip while his lips pressed and applied pressure against the huge Arab cock tip. Noor decided to join in.

He extended his hand to reach Rahul’s frontal bulge. A big smile escaped his lips seeing Rahul’s cock jump and jerk to the touch. Rahul was trying to do every justice and had begun to suck much more vehemently. With his hollow cheeks, his tongue was tracing every vein on Noor’s cock as he groaned louder and thrusted in Rahul’s mouth. A bit inexperienced, Noor was getting overzealous. He began sucking Rahul much harder. They had almost dropped in 69 position, Noor’s head was moving back and forth with vengeance and Rahul was unable to hold back. He pumped his hips in Noor’s mouth and Noor tightly gripped his ass, feeling his muscles tighten and Rahul moaned as he pumped evermore furiously and Noor encouraging him. “Oh Noor, I am Cumming, oh here, yeses”! Noor felt Rahul spurting on his tongue. Salty bitter semen quickly glided down into Noor’s belly. The thought of his friend orgasming in his mouth, made Noor’s cock overly stiff and hard as a rock making him worried that it may break if there was any careless blow but he did not show any dereliction and kept sucking for every drop from his friend’s cock. Rahul cried ankara escort out to the trees as spurt after spurt his seed exploded in Noor’s mouth and he saw Noor swallow it like it was nothing new and he was a pro. Finally Rahul pulled himself out.

“Noor, you may have never done this but I want to feel you in my ass and my body. I want you to fuck me and stretch me open”! Rahul was heard loud and clear as Noor opened his eyes and found his friend on the ground on his knees and shoulders, with his ass raised high in the air. Giving each other a blowjob was something else but now actually fucking Rahul in his ass? The moment passed quickly, as Noor stroked his furious, angry looking cock. For a split second, Noor saw himself in his brain. His cock was sinking in the Rahul’s tight ass, his cock was squeezed by the strong ass muscles wrapped around it. He was slamming in Rahul’s tight hole. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! No! He realized, he was already riding on Rahul’s ass and his cockhead was leaking his lube all over his ass split searching for the tight entrance. Noor was a bit surprised at how quickly his cock was taken by Rahul’s ass.

“I am sorry”, Rahul was saying, “I forgot to put the KY gel tube in this short’s pocket, I bought new yesterday. Please use some spit, you are too thick and I am over stretched”. Noor once again was lost in his thoughts, with his eyes closed, he could not tell the difference between the tight hole of Irma’s pussy or Rahul’s tight ass. To him this hole was as fuck-worthy as any other. He opened his eyes and began pulling Rahul’s cheeks apart while Rahul pushed out, trying to accept the voluptuous Arabian cock as Noor pushed in evenly to sink in to the hilt. Rahul’s groans were becoming more and more exciting. He was repeatedly asking Noor to fuck him. Noor could feel the same softness, smoothness, warmth and wetness, he had felt many times in Irma’s cunt while fucking his friend Rahul right here. Steadying himself Noor moved inside Rahul, slowly at first, pulling his cock almost completely out and then pushing it back into him.

The forceful fucking by Noor was causing Rahul to grunt to the trees making Noor to quicken his moves as Rahul called his name again and again. Sharply reaching under, Noor grabbed Rahul’s cock and was shocked to feel him solid as steel. He felt his desire awakening but on some second thought, Noor began stroking Rahul with his hand and his fucking rhythm in Rahul’s ass shot up severely. “Oh yes, yes Noor. Exactly as I needed”. Cried Rahul while Noor ripped his ass with continuous thrusts with his hard cock. Now without pulling his cock from Rahul’s ass, Noor came off his ass to his knees and was amazed to see Rahul lowering his ass at perfect angle for fucking by Noor’s cock. Noor grabbed Rahul’s hips for thrusting his cock back and forth inside his asshole until Rahul felt Noor’s balls tighten up in a knot and his cock swell further inside his hole destroying its natural shape and size. “Rahuuuu, I am Cumming, fuck you Rahul, please cum with meeeeeeeee”. Noor could only muster enough of his strength. “Yes, yes, Noor, fill me up now”. Rahul enticed Noor and felt his cock explode in his ass. His semen rising from his balls to jump into Rahul’s guts and with that a very deep growling, grunting was heard and Rahul’s balls got spewing his load on the grass under him while he repeated for Noor to fill him up. Rahul’s ass clenched tight around Noor’s phat Arabian cock for milking Noor’s last drop of juice and make him spent totally.

Both men were frozen in time as their pleasure was filled and their balls were emptied. Slowly Noor pulled out of Rahul’s ass and Rahul tried to catch his breath.

“That was awesome Noor”! I cannot remember, how long I waited for this to happen, my friend”. Rahul thanked Noor and Noor smiled with a tipping of his head, seriously thinking to pay back Rahul in kind. “We better get back to party quick before they miss us and start out looking for us”. Noor whispered to Rahul and they walked out of the trees, Noor promising Rahul that he would call him soon over for a dinner at his place.

The End. Please vote and comment as well. AWC May 6, 2021. Remember, May is the Masturbation Celebration month.

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