Real – Amtrak encounter (Part 1)


Real – Amtrak encounter (Part 1)This story is real and is my recollection of an event that happened in 2018. It may be long to read and some elements are not BDSM related or even erotic, but I have such a good memory of this trip that I wanted to write my recollection as a nice, complete description rather than skipping over the more vanilla aspects.Master had to go to St Louis for work and to visit family, and he decided I should go with him and that we would take the train, from San Antonio. I grew up in Europe (Germany, France, Switzerland) and love being on trains and had always been curious being on an overnight journey in the USA.Master had booked us in a Deluxe Bedroom so we would have privacy and be more comfortable during the long trip, but he had warned me that the partitions between bedrooms were very thin, so we would have to be discreet when we played (or had sex). Since it was spring time, I had planned on a cute summer dress and heels, but Master told me to wear flats to get on the train (and off the train) because the stairs were quite narrow and steep. He was not k**ding. Still half asleep that early morning I found myself having to step on a little metal platform and then take a big step onto the train itself, before climbing steep stairs to our room, upstairs. Master showed me the various features of the room and we were lucky we got a recently refurbished one, everything looked new and was extremely clean. We washed our hands in the sink and after the train departed the station we went to the dinner car for breakfast (I learnt that all meals were included with our sleeper ticket).I didn’t know but the Amtrak personnel seats you with other people at tables for 4 people, so you get to meet other people and chat. We were seated with a young woman, mid-20s who must have gotten there just before us because she was still looking at the menu. She was quite beautiful with a gorgeous smile (she told us she travels a lot between San Antonio and Chicago – where her family is). She recommended the omelette and the biscuits (which were delicious).During our chat I noticed she had a beautiful necklace with a dachshund (dog) pendant, and so I asked her about given Master and Mistress had had two (who had passed away the previous year). And she then asked about my necklace, which was nothing like she had ever seen before. Master and I looked at each other, not sure what to say or not say. See, I have been their slave for many years. Not just submissive, but owned slave. And after one year, owned by them, they put a permanent collar/necklace around my neck, made of highly polished stainless steel. Before I could say anything Master lowered his voice and asked her if she knew what D/s and SM were and when she said yes, he explained our relationship. I could see the young lady was fascinated and interested in what Master was saying, and had very little experience, mostly spanking and tying up her ex-boyfriend.Since she was traveling in coach Master invited her to our room to continue chatting (the dinner car was empty by this time).When Marie (not her real name) came back to our room with her bag, I was finishing setting up our room (toiletries, setting up chargers for our phones and Master’s laptop, …) and when she looked around for a place to store her bag Master said “just put it down and have a seat, Kelly will take care of it for you”. When she said thank you, I just replied “You are welcome Miss” since Master had told me to address her as such.Marie and Master sat on the couch, and when I was done I asked for permission to sit on the foldable chair by the window, but Master told me to kneel on the floor and be quiet for the time being, so I grabbed an extra blanket and knelt on the floor, facing them. This is something Master and Mistress have done to be before, when they have kinky guests over and they objectify me. It was hard at first to listen to people talk about you and stay quiet, not react at all, but it was second nature by now.They talked about Master’s life with his wife and me, my training, how I started with them and moved into being a 24/7 slave with very few limits. And they talked about Marie’s limited experience, her thoughts, her curiosity, her questions. And then it came out of Master’s mouth “Would you like for Kelly to submit to you for the duration of our trip?”. It made me very nervous, because I had not obeyed a “stranger” in years and when she said “yes, thank you, but you need to guide me” I remember lowering my eyes. Master told me to prepare the room for submission, which is something we had discussed before getting on the train. So I got up, while they both looked at me, and I locked the sliding door to our room, closed the curtain (it attaches on both sides of the door frame with velcro). I asked Master if he wanted me to lower the curtain over the window (he said no) and then I proceeded to strip off my clothes. I removed my dress to reveal that I was not wearing panties (Marie asked if this was normal because I was a slave and he answered yes, most of the time I was not allowed panties, but when I was it was only g-strings). I removed my bra (while my tits are on the smaller side, I am also 50, not 25) and then my flat shoes, folding and placing my clothes neatly on the foldable seat, my shoes underneath.I afyon escort went back to kneeling and heard Marie say that I was beautiful, and it made me feel more relaxed. Getting older is hard on me and being naked in front of a beautiful young woman, in her 20s makes it even harder. Master invited Miss Marie to stand up and do a full inspection of her new (temporary) submissive, an inspection he would guide.Miss Marie ordered me to stand up (her voice being a bit hesitant, feeling awkward … which to be honest made me feel better) and to place my hands behind my head. At that point I realized that people in their car outside might get a glimpse of me, maybe at railroad crossings (Texas has so many of them) and it turned me on. The age difference also turned me as I felt sexy that Miss Marie would be interested in using me, a woman twice her age. I also felt some humiliation, having to obey someone half my age.At home I have monthly body inspections, either by Master or Mistress, so I knew what to expect. I saw Master handing Miss Marie a small flashlight and telling her to go head to toes and take her time. It is hard to hear comments, even good ones, while you are naked, exposed, vulnerable, in front of someone who is still mostly a stranger, in a moving train. Miss Marie inspected my ears, my nose, my mouth (I had brushed my teeth after breakfast). Her negative comment about my face was that my makeup, while light, seemed to have been rushed. Master asked me to explain how I did my makeup. I started saying that we got up at 2am to drive from Houston to San Antonio, but Master stopped me mid-sentence. “We did not ask about when you woke up but when you put on your makeup. Get to the point slut”. I felt so humiliated. Miss Marie felt a bit awkward. So I answered that I applied my makeup in the San Antonio train station restroom and that I was tired and that I rushed it, regardless of how I felt at the time I should have paid more attention and done a better job, and I said I was sorry. Master simply replied that it would be dealt with at a later time.Miss Marie went down my back, then my upper torso and noticed that my nipples were hard. She commented on it and Master said it was the sign of a good slut. My belly button was checked. Before I knew it, Miss Marie told me to bend over and put my hands over the window and spread my legs. I felt so humiliated. Yes, it does turn me on, but I always feel ashamed being exposed like that. Miss Marie spread open my ass cheeks with her hands and I remember closing my eyes. I also remember wondering if she was bisexual and how this journey would continue.While I felt her touching my ass, the conductor announced we were arriving to a train station (McGregor, TX I believe). Master had me kneel back on the floor so people could not see me from the platform. Miss Marie then had me lay down on the couch, one leg up, the other opened, foot resting on the floor. My waxed cunt was spread open in front of her, while I could her a few people moving in the hallway. She spread open my pussy lips and I gasped, the fresh air on my clitoris turning me on. She commented on the small size of my clitoris, and how wet my pussy was. Master corrected her and said that – unless it was too shocking for her – she should use the word cunt. A vanilla woman, a dominant woman have pussies, vaginas, … but a sub or a slave has a cunt. So Miss Marie rephrased with a smile and said this slut’s cunt is extremely wet, showing me that while she may find this awkward and humiliating, she is also hugely turned on. I felt ashamed. She was right, but I still felt ashamed. As the train started moving she caressed my legs, noticing how white they were in color without any veins popping like you see on a lot of women my age. My feet were smooth. And this concluded my inspection, and I returned on sit on my knees while they both sat back on the couch. Master then asked me to fetch our “play bag” (a small bag we brought into the room, containing some lingerie, some toys and my high heel shoes). I took the bag from the little storage space above the foldable seat and I knelt back down with it. I took a towel and laid it down, so the items could stay clean. I saw Master whispering something in Miss Marie’s ear but I did not catch what he said (he later told me he told her what she could ask me while I presented the toys).I won’t pretend that I remember the order two years later, so this will likely be incorrect, but I am sure of all the items that were in the bag, because we always take the same bag when we travel.I first removed two pairs of high heels (both 6″ platforms). One pair is my black ones (you can see on my photo gallery) and another is brown (I will try to post photos of them soon). “Can you walk in them?”. I answered “Yes Miss” and Master said I was quite good walking in them. “The moving train should make for a good challenge then” Miss Marie said. I placed the heels to the side to reveal a leather harness which I placed against my body and offered to try on (Miss Marie said maybe later, she wanted to see everything first).Next was a black leather bustier. Next was a teddy. Next was a simple g-string, and last but not least was a tack bra. Basically a bra but the inserts have tacks. Master loved having me wear it on car escort afyon rides (because the bumps made the tacks move and it was painful with each bump), so he wanted me to have it on the train, because the constant movement would give me a lot of pain.That was it for the outfits, next was a small bag with the toys inside: a ball gag, a ring bag, 2 pairs of nipple clamps, a waternberg pinwheel, geisha balls, rosebud, dildo (a vibrator would be too loud when the train is quiet), and an inflatable butt plug and a small tube of lube. I handed each of them one at a time to Miss Marie, for her to inspect while answering her questions (when was this toy last used, how do you use it, how often, is it painful, …).Master then asked Miss Marie if she would like a foot rub while we waited to all 3 go to lunch. She said yes and I was allowed to sit on the floor and when I started removing her shoe (flat shoes like mine) Master reminded me of not forgetting protocol. Showing respect, so I kissed the top of her foot, kissed the top of the shoe itself, and then removed each, placing them on the ground, next to Miss Marie. I fetched a wash cloth and wet it with warm water and washed Miss Marie’s feet before massaging them with my hands, something my Mistress loved for me to do after her long days at work. After a while I asked permission to pee, which I was given, but I had to keep the door to the restroom (the room has a private restroom/shower in it) open, even though Miss Marie was not really interested. Peeing while watching cars drive on the roads next to the train is weird lol. I resumed the foot massage. Master later told me he used this time to whisper some things to Miss Marie.Miss Marie turned to Master and said “I would like for her to wear the high heels and the rosebud in her ass to go to lunch”. He just turned to her and said “well don’t tell me, she is your sub, so just deal with her directly”. I so remember those “her” as if I was not there, being ignored during the discussions. Yes it turns me on, but it also makes me feel very humiliated. At this point Miss Marie had a different attitude, behavior than before (probably the words Masters shared with her while I was peeing), with a lot more confidence and much more direct. I won’t recollect her exact words, but when it was time to get ready to head to the dinner car Miss Marie looked at me and said “Up bitch, time to get ready”. I was so startled by her words “Up bitch” that I did not react immediately and I received a hard slap across the face. “When I say something you do it, you don’t make me wait, understood bitch?”. “Yes Miss” and I got up quickly. I was stunned at the transformation from the quiet, almost reserved young woman, to this person in front of me. “Face the window, right leg up on the foldable seat, bend over, arch your back”. I remember feeling things were going in slow motion for me… still stunned but I executed her orders. I turned my head to the left and saw Master smiling at me. I could feel her fingers slowly caressing my ass, going up and down my ass crack. “Breath in and out, slowly, keep doing it”. I then felt the tip of the rosebud against my asshole. “I put a little bit of lube on the tip, but with the blessing of your Master, I am going to push it all in at once, so brace yourself and don’t make a sound”. I kept breathing … not sure for how long, it seemed like minutes and then I felt my asshole opening and the rosebud thrusted all the way in. My mouth opened in pain but I didn’t make a noise”. Miss Marie caressed my ass gently and told me to put on my summer dress (no bra this time). Then I sat down to put on my black high heels and we headed to the dinner car.The walk was not that easy because we were getting close to the big train station of Dallas and it meant that the train was constantly moving left and right. Master was in front of me, Miss Marie behind and we reached our table (just the 3 of us since we were together) and we sat down. Lunch was good, uneventful … we chatted a bit more about our vanilla lives, what we were going to do in St Louis (and in Chicago for Miss Marie).After lunch Master said he needed a little time to check his emails while we had cellular reception but that Miss Marie could take me for a walk on the train and judge on how well I did in my heels. She loved the idea and while it was not too bad walking in the hallways, going from one car to the other was quite a different story. The floor was metallic and more slippery in my heels without really anything I could hold on too. But I did not fall and Miss Marie who has never really worn heels in her life (except low 3″ heels for a friend’s wedding once) was quite impressed. When we returned to the room, Master asked me to bring coffee and offered one to Miss Marie who accepted. In sleeper cars there is coffee at the end of each car, self served. I was also allowed to have one, so after three trips to the coffee machine, I was allowed to sit in the foldable chair and enjoy it. Before I could have the first sip, Miss Marie told me to remove my dress and put on the harness which I did. I sat back down and told me to put the coffee cup against my nipples and alternate between them. The pain was not too bad, but it was still very hot and I was afraid to spill with all the train afyon escort bayan movements.Miss Marie loved the look of the harness and soon she put clamps on my nipples and tugged on them. Miss Marie and Master chatted some more, about her life, how she enjoyed the sex with her ex-boyfriend and dominating him, but then she broke it up with him because he cheated on her. She then asked if she could have sex with me. Instead of Master answering nicely he stared at her and calmly said “If you ask me again something that has to do with YOUR sub, I will send you back to coach, do you understand?”. Marie felt stupid. I wanted to smile (yes it had been hard on me to submit to her) but I did not. Master continued and said “I have told you twice now to do as you wish and that I could stop you if needed”. Again I wanted to smile, enjoying the 25 year old being in “trouble” but I very quickly realized it only made her even more controlling, dominating. She now had something to prove to Master, to her mentor in a way, her guide into this journey. She never raised her voice because we didn’t want to be heard by the people in the bedrooms next to ours, but Miss Marie then said “On your knees bitch. I hope you enjoyed your coffee. I finished mine ten minutes ago and you didn’t even pay attention and offer to get my cup. Your Master is still holding is cup as well. Aren’t you into service?”. The 25 year old young woman just put me in my place and I felt ashamed. I should have known better, I was 100% in the wrong. She sent me to kneel in front of master and apologize and fetch his empty cup, then hers, and trash them. Miss Marie stood up and asked me to undress her, so she could shower and then I would please her sexually.Master was a gentleman and asked if she would prefer to be alone with me, but she said no but thanked him for the offer. I unbutton her blouse one by one. I then removed her black skirt, mid-thighs. She was wearing a bra and panty set. I removed her panties to reveal a shaved or waxed pussy, and then I removed her bra, showing her beautiful young breasts. Master showed her how to use the shower (it is too small for someone like me to help her).While Miss Marie showered Master had me remove his pants and I started giving him a blowjob, which I was still doing when Miss Marie came out. She seemed to enjoy the view and commented that she had not had a nice cock in a while. Master told me to take care and focus on Miss Marie, so I offered to dry her back with the towel and her legs. The shower is quite cramped, so I did that and then laid down a clean towel on the couch for her to sit on. I started kissing her feet to show my submission and respect and Master told her that the clamps should come off, that they should not stay on too long, for safety. Master got up and stood behind me. He told Miss Marie that this would be painful for me, so he would gag my mouth with his hand. He told her to grab the chain and pull with one swift motion. She looked into my eyes and had no hesitation. My body moved forward and my mouth opened, the sound muffled by Master’s hand. It was quite painful. Miss Marie grabbed my tit to look at the marks left, and in doing so she pinched close to my nipples and it made the pain even worse. In my limited experience a lot of people do feel somewhat bad when they have given you such intense pain, but Miss Marie did not. She never hesitated in doing what she wanted. I guess being scolded once by Master was enough. And with my nipples still on fire, Master sat down and I started kissing Miss Marie’s feet again, slowly working my way up to her pussy. As I worked my way up her legs Miss Marie opened them more and more, and Master invited her to put her left leg over his, which she did. Master, always a gentleman, asked her if he could touch her body. I remember looking up at them and watching Miss Marie’s face turn toward Master and say “No only you can touch me, but you can fuck me any way you want. And don’t ask again or I will send you to coach”. They both laughed and I wanted to but knew better. As I was licking Miss Marie’s pussy (it was dripping wet by the time I reached it) I sometimes felt Master’s hand petting my head, knowing he was proud of me made me happy. I know he licked her breast and that when she was close to cumming they were kissing. After a few minutes Miss Marie turned to Master and asked if she could return the favor? I thought it was about me and I could see Master wondering why she asked HIM again after being scolded, but Miss Marie was sliding down the couch and placing herself between Master’s legs and before he could answer, his cock was in her mouth. I was hoping that Master would let me participate but instead he told me to kneel and watch. I was jealous but I didn’t show it. In no time Master’s cock was rock hard and I started wondering if he got harder faster with this young woman than with me (or his wife, my Mistress). At some point Master told me to kiss Miss Marie’s feet while she was sucking him, it was so humiliating. Master started saying something to Miss Marie “Can I c….” when he stopped and rephrased. “I am going to cum in your mouth and I want you to keep the sperm and snowball it to my slave’s mouth”. Before long I could see Master’s feet and legs contracting and I imagined him cumming in Miss Marie’s mouth. A few minutes later she moved and had me tilt my head back, while Master watched her open her mouth and for the sperm to drop into my mouth, which I swallowed and thanked her and Master. Continued in part 2.

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