Read before you sign


Read before you signNot written by me but hotSam had just got home from losing his retail job. His manager told him that the company had to make massive cuts and unfortunately for Sam, he was one of those people getting cut.Sam was 18 years old. He was five foot six with short black hair and blue eyes. His physical stature wasn’t anything to write home about he was skinny with no muscle on him.”What am I doing to do?” He groaned. “I don’t have that much money.”Sam’s parents died when he was 12 years old and went into foster care. His parents did leave him with some money. But it was enough to get him a small low-quality apartment. When he turned 16, he got his job in retail and left the foster care when he had built enough money to survive.But with no income coming through now. Sam would be on the streets in a few months.”I guess I better start looking for jobs,” he sighed. “I hope I can find something because everywhere is tight right now.”He headed into his bedroom and sat on his bed. He pulled out his phone and began to look at jobs. Nothing caught his interest. Until he saw a post going as a cleaner to clean up this woman’s house, it would 9-5 Monday to Friday, and the wage was decent.He checked the details and realised that this woman’s address was 10 minute from his apartment. He looked at the phone number, then he dialled it on his phone and hit the call button.”Hello?” Said a female voice.”Umm…hello, I saw your post on the job website about needing a cleaner,” Sam said, trying to sound professional.”Oh, yes!” The women said excitedly. “May I ask what your name and age is?””My name is Sam Watson, and I’m 18 years old.””Perfect, well I’m free right now. How about you come to my house, and I will see if you’re up to the task. Please wear something casual and nothing fancy.”Sam’s eyes widened in surprised. He didn’t expect to get an interview straight away. His luck must be on the up already.”Will do Miss?” He asked.”Miss Turner,” she replied.”Thank you, Miss Turner. I will be over in 20 minutes, will that be fine?””Yes, that would be lovely. See you soon, Mr Watson.”The call ended. Sam nearly jumped for joy. Granted, being a cleaner wasn’t the best job out there. But if he could land this job. It would help him out financially in the long run.”I better put on my best jeans and top,” he muttered.20 minutes laterSam arrived at the address, and he couldn’t believe Miss Turner lived in a fancy house. It was big, far bigger than the house he lived in growing up during his c***dhood.He walked up to the door and knocked on it. He waited for a few seconds until the door opened and he saw this woman in her late 20’s wearing jeans and a blue top looking at him. Sam was floored by how stunning she looked.Miss Turner was six foot tall with blonde hair that reached her down to her double d boobs. She had beautiful green eyes, and she was slim.”Do you like what you see?” Miss Turner joked.Sam shook his head. “My apologies Miss Turner, my name is Sam, and I phoned 20 minutes ago.”The older woman smiled at the young adult. “Ah, Mr Watson, please come in.”She opened the door wide enough for Sam to walk in.’Not bad, not bad at all,’ The woman thought. ‘I think he will do nicely.’Miss Turner closed the door. “Please follow me into the kitchen.” She led the way with Sam following her. The inside of the house was massive. But Sam’s eyes were glued to Miss Turner’s perfect round ass.Sam knew if he got the job. He didn’t think 40 hours a week would cut it to keep this house in check.They got to the kitchen. Miss Turner signalled for him to take a seat at the table. Which he did, and she did the same.”Now,” she said. “Do you have any previous work experience in cleaning houses?””No,” Sam said honestly. “I’ve only had one job, and I lost it today.””Oh you poor thing, what was your job?””It was retail, big cuts had to be made, and I was one of them,” he sighed. “Miss Turner, I need this job. I’m willing to learn everything that I can to earn this chance.””Everything, huh?” She smiled.”Yes, miss,” Sam said quickly.”Fine your hired.””What?” Sam said, confused.”You’ve got the job sweetie,” she replied. “If this is your first cleaning job. Then I can mould you into the perfect worker. Which means you get paid, and I have a clean house. I live a hectic life, and I’m too tired to clean up afterwards.”Thank y-you!” Sam replied, stunned. “I promise I won’t let you down.””Oh, I know you won’t,” Miss Turner said, trying not to smirk. “Since I’m your boss, I can give you my first name. It’s Paula, but please call me, Miss Turner.””Yes, of course,” Sam nodded.”Very good, your parents will be chuffed with you finding a job on the same day losing your old job.”Sam looked down. “My parents are gone,” he said bayraklı escort quietly. “They both died a few years back. I live on my own as a single c***d.”‘Perfect he is all alone,’ Paula thought. “My goodness, I’m sorry,” she replied, faking her emotion.”No, it’s fine,” he said, looking up at her putting on a brave face.”That’s ok then,” she blew a sigh of relief. “Right then, I will give you a small tour of the house. Then you can start here tomorrow at nine am.”Paula showed Sam around the house. The latter was blown away with how many rooms Paula had. She had a small training room, filled with weights and other equipment. She also had a massive back garden with a swimming pool.”Wow, Miss Turner, you must be wealthy,” Sam said.”Being a very successful lawyer does have it’s benefits,” she giggled. The pair arrived at the front door. “Right I will see you tomorrow and oh one more thing. Please dress casual and nothing fancy. I wouldn’t want your best clothes to get dirty.””Right I understand, again thank you, Miss Turner, I will see you tomorrow morning,” Sam replied. He opened the door and headed out, closing the door behind him.”Oh my fucking god. He is perfect!” Paula said, jumping for joy. “I will need to be careful and make the right moves at the right time. Then he will be mine with no chance of him escaping!”10 minutes laterSam got home for the second time, and this time around his mood was much better. He couldn’t believe he got the job straight away.He ran into his bedroom and pulled down his jeans and boxers Sam sat on the bed and stroked his cock until it reached six inches. He couldn’t get over how beautiful Paula was. He stood up and pulled his phone out of his pocket with his other hand began to search for porn.But it wasn’t any old porn it was transsexual porn. For the past year, Sam was into chicks with dicks. But he couldn’t remember how he got into like that stuff. But there was something about a woman with a dick that made him hard.He clicked on a video with a woman stroking her eight-inch cock.”Fuck I wish that was Paula!” Sam moaned. He stroked his dick faster and faster until he blew his load all over his hand and jeans as did the woman in the video. “Fuck that was awesome!” He sighed happily.Next morningSam was outside Paula’s house. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt Sam knocked on the door. He didn’t have to wait long as Paula opened the door.”Good morning,” Paula smiled.”Good morning, Miss Turner,” Sam replied.”On time and you remember to call me Miss Turner. I’m pleased that I’ve picked you so far.””I aim to please Miss Turner.””Oh, I bet you will,” she smiled. “Please come in, and I will show you what room I want you to tidy first.”Paula led Sam upstairs to her bedroom. The young man was shocked when he what must have been a full week of dirty thongs, socks and white shirts on the floor.”Ok, I need you to take all those clothes and put them into the washing machine that is in the kitchen, then once you’re done with that. Come back up here and give the room a good dusting,” Paula said.”Are y-you sure?” Sam asked nervously. “Is it not too early for me to be in your room?””Of course I’m sure,” she smiled in a bid to put his mind at ease. “I need to see if you’re trustworthy and what better way is by having you doing my washing. If I catch you sniffy my thongs or even wear them, then I will know you’re a creep, and I will have you in jail quicker than you can say help.””I won’t do that I promise you,” Sam said quickly. “I’m a man of my word.””I will hold you to that Mr Watson,” she smirked. “Right if you need me. I will be in the living room. I need to go over paperwork.”Paula headed downstairs, leaving Sam alone. He walked into Paula’s bedroom and headed over the dirty pile of clothes.Sam picked up a pink thong and the first thing he noticed that there was a damp spot on Paula’s thong.”Huh, what is that?” He said. He brought the thongs to his nose and gave them a good sniff. “It smells like cum…” Sam said, somewhat speechless. “Wow, Miss Turner must be horny all the time.”He picked up the other thongs, and they all had damp spots. Sam shook his head and grabbed the socks and the white shirts and headed downstairs into the kitchen.”Right, I will do a dark colour wash, then do all the light colour later,” he said. Sam put all the dark stuff into the washing machine. He grabbed some washing powder and threw it into the washing machine and pressed the start button.Sam headed back upstairs to start dusting. Meanwhile, Paula was watching him on her laptop. There was a hidden CCTV camera in her room. She had caught him sniffing her thongs.Paula couldn’t help but grin. She had Sam where she wanted him. All she needed to do was trap him so he couldn’t escort bayraklı escape, then she could begin her plan.A few days laterPaula was left very impressed with Sam’s work ethic. The young man took his job very seriously. She had gotten to know Sam that little bit better. She was happy to find out that he didn’t have any friends, which made her life and plan that ever bit easier.It was Friday afternoon. Paula was having some lunch in the living room while Sam was cleaning the dishes in the kitchen.Paula felt it was time to began her plan. “Mr Watson!” She shouted.Sam ran into the living room. “Yes, Miss Turner, how can I help you?””Can you take your lunch break right now. There is something I need your help with later on.””Sure that would be no problem,” he smiled. Sam headed back into the kitchen.Paula was grinning. Sam was unaware that he was living his last hour as a free man.A few minutes later, Sam walked into the living room, holding a plate with a sandwich along with a glass of water. He sat down on the sofa beside Paula. He placed the glass on the wooden table, which had tons of paperwork on it.”Being a lawyer sucks sometimes,” Paula sighed. “It’s nothing but paperwork.””But think of the money and the innocent people you save from wrongly going to jail,” Sam replied.”Yeah, I suppose that is true,” she sighed. “It can be all so stressful.””I don’t suppose you’ve worked in retail then,” he joked.”Was it that bad?” She asked.”Umm working in retail did have its good days and also bad days. But I guess that’s every job in a nutshell.””Very true… Mr Watson, do you mind if I watch some porn?” Paula asked.Sam paused for a few seconds. “Umm sure, it’s your house after all.””Oh sweetie, I was making sure if it was ok with you. I don’t want to put you in a weird place.””No, it’s fine, I may struggle to finish my sandwich,” he joked.Paula began to laugh. She stood up and walked over to her tv unit and pulled the drawer open and pulled out a DVD. Sam couldn’t see what Paula had pulled out.Paula put the disc into the DVD player and headed back over to the sofa and sat back down. She grabbed the remote and pressed a button.Sam watched the screen change, and his eyes widened with what he saw. A woman with a big dick pounding a guy doggy style.”Like what you see?” Paula asked.Sam quickly shook his head. “No, you had caught out by surprise. I was expecting some more vanilla.””Vanilla is boring,” Paula replied. “Plus there is something about a woman with a big cock pounding a man into submission.”Sam didn’t reply as he watched this man now laying on his back, getting fucked hard by this goodness of a woman.”Ah that a tent, I see in your jeans?” Paula giggled.Sam froze in horror. He was rock solid. “Miss Turner, I’m sorry.””It’s fine,” she replied, waving her hand. “You’re a young man. It’s normal. However, I must ask. Do you like girls with something extra? Because you can’t take your eyes off the screen.””I…err…” Sam replied, unsure of how to respond.”Please, Mr Watson, I want us to have an open relationship. It’s ok to like something that others might find disgusting.””Yes, I do,” he sighed. “I don’t know how it came to be. But I suddenly like watching girls stroke their dicks.”‘BINGO!’ Paula screamed in her head. ‘Oh, Sam you will like me…after your done hating me of course.'”Interesting,” she said. “Well, I’m happy that you were able to share that me. Now, I think I should reward you.””Reward m-me”? Sam said, surprised.”Yes,” Paula replied. “You’ve worked hard all week.””It’s my job…””Oh look at your being modest,” she giggled. She got on her knees and took the plate away from Sam’s hands and place it on the wooden table.”So me your dick Mr Watson,” Paula said seductively.Sam froze in horror. He had never done this before he a virgin.”First time, huh?” Paula said calmly.”How could you tell?” Sam asked, shocked.”Woman’s intuition. Plus, your body langue is a big give away. Please, show me your dick, and I will show you a world of pleasure.”Sam undid his button and pulled down the zip.”Lift yourself sweetie, and I pull your jeans down a tad,” Paula said. Sam raised his bum, allowing Paula to pull his jeans down. Then his boxers, Paula, was surprised to see a six-inch cock spring up. “It’s a tad hairy down here. I don’t suppose you groom yourself?””Never,” Sam said, embarrassed it.”It’s fine, it’s your dick that I’m after,” Paula said, licking her lips. ‘I hope you enjoy your first and last blowjob as a man.’Paula wrapped her lips around the head, causing Sam to moan. She moved her tongue around Sam’s dick, causing the young man to cry in pleasure.Paula pulled away. “Mr Watson since this is your first time. You will need to tell me when you’re about to cum. Because bayraklı escort bayan I want to try and make this last as long as possible.””I’m…close,” Sam said, embarrassed. The first time he is doing something sexual with another person, and he won’t last more than two minutes typical.”Oh, wow,” she giggled. “Watching that porn flick has done a number on you. It’s ok. I know a few ways to make you last and give you pleasure you have never felt before. So tell me when you’re close.”Paula took Sam’s cock back into her mouth and began to move her head back and forth.”Shit!” Sam groaned. “Please don’t stop!”‘I will swallow his load to see if he is tasty. Then he will be taking my loads from now on. Down his throat and in his ass,’ Paula thought.”Miss Turner, I’m close!”Paula pulled her mouth away from Sam’s cock, leaving him confused. “It’s called edging sweetie. Trust me after I leave you on the edge of cumming a few times. You will scream in pleasure when I allow you to cum.”A minute passed then Paula got to work again, then pulled away, leaving Sam with a big desire to cum. “Please let me cum! Please, I’m begging you.””A few more times, I’m sure you can wait,” Paula said seductively. She placed her hand on his cock and stroked it very slowly. She leaned over and put her mouth to his ear. “Please hold on for me. Can you do that for your boss?” She whispered.”I’ll try,” he moaned. “But I will be reduced to begging soon.”‘Good, very good,’ Paula thought as she began to smirk. She needed Sam to be in a state where he would do anything to cum. That’s when she will strike.She increased her speed then slowed again. Then went fast for a few second and she released her grip on Sam’s cock.”I was so close!” Sam said with tears in his eyes. “Please let me cum!””I will, but you will need to do something for me,” she whispered.”Anything!” He cried.Paula turned around to face the wooden table and opened the drawer to pull out two contracts. She grabbed a pen that was sitting on the pen and turned around to face Sam.”Could you sign these contracts for me. We forgot to sign them when I hired you,” Paula said. She placed the two contracts on the sofa and handed him the pen. “Please sign on the dotted line.”Sam quickly signed the contracts. He didn’t read what was on them. “There done please let me cum!””As you wish,” she grinned. She lowered her head and began to suck on his cock once more. This time she was going in for the kill.”Shit! I’m cumming!” Sam shouted as he shot load after load into Paula’s wanting mouth.’Mmmm not bad, his cum taste nice. I may need to milk him now and then,’ Paula thought as she swallowed his salty load.Sam’s head fell back on the sofa as he began to catch his breath. He had never felt anything like it before.Paula pulled her head away and quickly took the contracts away and placed them on the table. “So how was that sweetie?””Fucking…amazing!” Sam said, struggling to speak. “I don’t think I can move.””Well good, because if you don’t move and let your cock soften. I will play with it again,” Paula lied.”Deal.”She turned back around and went to the drawer again and pulled out a chastity device. She made sure to keep it out of Sam’s view if he did move his head forward. Paula watched Sam’s dick go soft.”Remember not to move ok. Things might feel weird. But I promise it will be worth it,” she said.Sam didn’t reply as he felt a cold metal going around his dick. The young man wondered what his boss was planing. A few seconds later, he heard a click.”All done,” Paula giggled.Sam was confused and pulled his head forward to see his cock trapped in a chastity cage. “What the fuck?!” He said alarmed. “Please get this off me!””No, can do sweetie. You are my slave now!” She smiled darkly.”Slave?” He replied, confused.”Yes, the contract you signed. You’ve agreed to become my slave.””But…but…””You should always read before you sign.””That’s not fair!” He said in anger. “You tricked me!””You let your dick and desire to cum override your brain. It’s not my fault you’re a typical 18 year old man. Plus, I saw you sniff my thong when I told you not too.”All the anger that Sam had built up was gone and replaced with fear.”Oh, yes, I know what you did. I have a secret camera in my room. I watched you do it. Now, if you don’t fancy going to jail. I suggest you change your tone and accept your new life.”Sam knew he was trapped and was at the mercy of this beautiful but dangerous woman. He hung his head in defeat.”Good, I see you’ve already begun to accept your fate,” Paula giggled. “Now, since I’ve sprung this all on you at once. I will allow you to go home for the weekend and enjoy your remaining freedom. I expect you to be here on Monday morning and we will go over the contract. Please wait here for a minute.”Paula left the living room, leaving Sam broken by what has happened. He didn’t have time to think as Paula walked back in, holding a roll of money.”Take it,” she said. “Consider it payment for this week work.”

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