QVC Julia Roberts: The Affair Part 1


QVC Julia Roberts: The Affair Part 1This one-hour jewellery show was getting too much for me. Sitting so close to Julia Roberts, looking and dressed how she was; it was too much. I must have been the envy to all her male fans young and old. Getting to work with her and present with her, especially whilst she was looking like this. But the truth was; it was too much, I wanted her so badly. As the show was coming to the end, I just couldn’t stop looking at Julia’s cleavage. I had worked with her for years and been on shows with her, she knew what she was up to. Often wearing low cut tops, flicking her hair and flirting provocatively. The cameramen loved her, I’d often overhear them taking about how they zoomed in on her cleavage on her shows in the past, to see if she noticed and give them that ‘knowing’ look. I had seen from a far, how she had flirted with fellow male guests, getting lots of free gifts. Julia was going too far this time. She had on a low-cut black dress for our show, that was probably a size too small and her cleavage looked cavernous. In the last few minutes of the show, a pendent from a necklace just rested on her cleavage. Julia caught me looking and said in her flirty, girly, posh accent, “Oh that almost got lost in there then, hey Dale,” I couldn’t stop imagining what those boobs looked like. I didn’t know what to say, the camera was on me, so I just blushed and said, “Well that dress line certainly shows the pendant off very well.” Julia giggled and continued. I was rock hard. She kept wobbling around to show the necklaces and must have seen me staring at her cleavage. It was ok for the cameramen; I was on air and had to look professional and hope the cameramen didn’t catch me perving. Julia was in her fifties now but looked more like she was in her 40’s, had a curvy body and a pair of big and very alluring boobs. Julia still had the longish dark hair she had when I met her, although it was dyed. She had put a little weight on in that time, but that had certainly mainly gone to her boobs, which still looked so juicy. She had started to age around the face but was still very attractive. She wasn’t popular with her fellow female presenters but was with the male ones and the male guests. She was very flirty and wasn’t married at this point. Julia was very much the Queen of QVC and liked that fact. She also saw herself as the prettiest presenter. Even though she was getting on for 20 years older, than some of the other female presenters, she wouldn’t be out done. If she co presented with them, she would make sure she got to showcase the better or more expensive items and most definitely dressed more provocatively. I often thought what her family thought about her flirty ways. Did they approve? Did her partner approve? If my wife got jealous, he must have. Outside of QVC, you could imagine her getting all the males’ attention. Maybe he didn’t mind, maybe they had an open relationship. But for sure, he was one lucky guy, fucking Julia for all these years. I had all these thoughts in my mind, whilst trying not to stare at her cleavage and embarrass myself live on air.I hoped my wife hadn’t tuned into this show. She was always quizzing me over Julia, she must of knew how much I fancied her over the years and was very jealous of her. She was a fair few year older than me and my wife, maybe 10 years, but looked much younger than my wife and was so much more glamourous and bustier. My wife didn’t like the way she had pet names for me and how she dressed. She often would say how she dressed like a teenager, had too much make-up on and was old enough to be retiring. She was jealous of Julia and her body. She didn’t turn me on like Julia did. I would come home from work, thinking of Julia and feel bad that she was trying to get my attention, with some nice lingerie on, but I was thinking about Julia. Her body was just not the same, it doesn’t have the same curves and not those boobs. I just wanted to fuck Julia over and batman escort over.As the show came to an end. Julia made small talk about the show and flirted as she always did, saying how I was the silver fox of QVC, but this time I couldn’t take it much longer. I felt like she was teasing me, asking me questions like, “Do you think my dress was too low cut for that show?”, “Am I too old for wearing dresses like this?” “Had her cleavage got wrinkly?”. She had been trying the new creams we were selling all around her neck and took it down lower, to keep looking firm. As she asked these questions, she thrusted her cleavage further forward. I just could not help but look. I’m sure she caught me looking, it was what she wanted. Sat next to her doing a show, not trying to wet my pants and getting harder and harder, I wanted her so bad and I was sure she knew it. She brought up some of the fan mails she got, from the older men, to now the Uni students. Not knowing why she was getting so much, whilst pointing out she got more than the other female presenters. Julia always liked to be the Queen of QVC. She giggled saying how she will get some from our show together tonight, as her dress was a little too low. She flirted saying she thought I must get some mail too from fans, but I was coy about it. I had looked on the internet and saw loads of videos and photos, fans had posted about her over the years. It was almost like a cult following. I had even had a wank over some of them too. I got up and walked with her off set. The way she walked with me and then in front of me, through the narrow corridors, teasing me with her womanly body. She was about 5’4” and was probably a size 12-14. Her dressing room was a few doors from my one, so we walked towards them. Julia smiled and flirted with her eyes, as I said goodbye. When I went into my dressing room, I was ready to wank off over my thoughts of Julia, like I had done many times before. I had worked with her for getting on over 10 years and I still couldn’t get her out of my mind. I got this urge to go back and knock on her dressing room door. I don’t know what came over me, but I did just that. I knocked on Julia’s door and she called out, “Who’s that.” I said it was me and she said, “Hang on a minute.” I waited there, so turned on, hoping nobody would spot me waiting. Worse case I got to see her cleavage one more time that day, I had no idea what to say. Julia opened the door, standing behind it with her face peering from behind and asked if everything was ok. She had taken her make up off, but still looked very attractive. I stuttered like a little boy, something on the lines of, I was checking no jewellery pieces went missing. Julia smiled and opened the door to let me in. I couldn’t believe my luck. When I went in and she closed the door behind me, Julia was stood in her dressing gown. It wasn’t over sexy, one of those fluffy comfy ones with a belt tied up. She was covered up, apart from her face and feet.“Well I’ve waited a long time for you to come back to my dressing room Dale, must have been 10 years now.” And giggled.“I wanted to make sure there were no pieces that needed returning. You mentioned a few times on air, some of those pendants could have gone missing.”Julia smiled, “Well I’ve taken my dress off and nothing came loose, although I’ve still got my lingerie on.”She walked over, “I’ve seen you look at me over the years but thought you didn’t maybe like older women. I have big boobs and a big bum; do you think you can handle that? I know you’re a married man, I remember meeting your wife at a party of mine…. Maybe you should sit down.” I sat down and had the biggest hard on, I’ve ever had. She gently undone her dressing gown. As it opened I was drew to her boobs, which were in the same bra from the show. I knew that, as I was staring at her boobs in it for an hour. It held them up quite well and was lacey. Her stomach was a little round and curvy as were her hips. She escort batman had frilly knickers on too. She watched me look at her body and slowly moved her shoulders round to let the dressing gown drop down to the floor. I could tell that her black lingerie was expensive. I’d seen it in the past through her dresses. Her boobs looked so big and were pushed up. She was in her fifties now, but they had the bounce of someone much younger and didn’t have many wrinkles. Her arms were toned, as were her legs from all her Pilates and she had a bit of tummy, probably a bit of middle age spread and she had, had two k**s. As she came towards me, I couldn’t take my eyes of her boobs, as they bounced along. She had a real womanly body She bent down and put her boobs in my face and said,“Well you better undo my bra strap to see if there are any pendants hidden in my cleavage.” I nervously unhooked her bra strap and her boobs literally popped out. Julia had quite dark skin and she had the most beautifully sized nipples, which were a little brown too. Her boobs hung quite low with her bra off, but they were the biggest I had ever seen. So alluring and juicy.“Well have a good look in there,” Julia said and put my face right between her massive boobs hanging there. I immediately started to lick and kiss all her boobs whilst pulling her in from the waist. I reached round and felt her bum, which was a little bigger than I suspected and could feel her bum, as she was wearing French knickers. I got out of my chair and felt Julia’s boobs, they were so heavy. They were more than a handful. I just couldn’t stop squeezing them and sucking her big nipples, as she moaned. She had already got by cock out and was stroking it. I pulled her pants off and felt her wet pussy, she wanted it badly. I pushed her down onto the sofa, she had in her dressing room. I licked her pussy almost dry, it smelt so good. Julia had a little bit of a bush, but it felt so good. Julia seemed to be enjoying it, Julia then put her nails in my back and scratched lightly, as she started to give me a blow job. She sucked quite hard and kept giving me a knowing sexy glance, I tried so hard not to cum in her mouth, as I wanted to fuck her so badly. Her long dyed black hair moved around as she sucked harder and harder. She then moved my hard cock between her boobs and let them rest around it and bounce against it. I thought I was going to shoot my load all over her boobs. She looked at me, knowing how much I was enjoying it. Julia was saying, “So are my boobs as nice as you thought?” I couldn’t talk, I just groaned and nodded my head. Her partner was one lucky man getting her every night.Julia then didn’t hesitate and got on top and rode me. Her chubby belly bounced about, and her boobs just bounced up and down, and up and down: I was almost in a trance. She was a fit lady and kept going and going. Her pussy was quite tight still, maybe it was from Pilates and was so wet, she was clearly turned on. As she pounded me and her boobs swung into my face, I started to think whether others had had this opportunity, she was as horny in her dressing room, as she appeared on air. I felt like I had missed out and wondered whether those cameramen had been to see her too. Maybe that’s how she always got the lighting, just as she wanted it.I looked down at her bra on the floor; I had never seen one as big. As she started to slow down, I had to flip her other and got in the missionary position. Her boobs, seemed to rest upwards still, like a pair of mountains. I fucked her hard and she moaned in her posh accent. I manged to ger legs to go up and lifted her slightly off the bed to really get into her pussy, as she moaned. She was flexible and fit. I was just so turned on. I wanted to turn her over but was struggling not to cum. I was thinking about these silky posh French knickers being against her pussy all day, what they must smell like and how they were a little too tight at the back, where batman escort bayan they rode up into her bum. I could see her flirting with her eyes at me. She started to say, ”harder, harder.” You could tell she liked to be in control. Then she pushed her boobs together, as I was looking at her face. The way they rested there, all pushed up, so big and juicy. Her nipples were quite big and erect, I just stared right at them, as she started to wiggle her hips and tighten her pussy. I came almost within seconds. She knew exactly what she was going.Julia then rested her womanly body next to me for a few minutes and asked when I was next in, claiming I had caught her by surprise, and she wasn’t ready. She looked ready enough for me. In a nice way, she had used and abused me. She rubbed against me, this time with her womanly bum; I felt like a teenager again, I was already getting a hard on. She giggled and said I would have to go because she was back on air in half an hour to do a shapewear hour. She gave me a kiss and went to have a quick shower and said she would see me next time and smiled. As she walked off to her small shower room, I watched her womanly hips swing from side to side and her curvy bum wobble. She knew I was perving on her. I was thinking that the next time I was going to bang her from behind, whilst grabbing her big boobs. I started to think of what her bum would look like in a thong. She obviously wanted it there next time, otherwise she wouldn’t of rubbed her bum against me or walked off to the shower like that. Unfortunately, the shower room was in another room and I didn’t want to push my luck, so when I heard the shower switch on, I started to get changed but I was still so turned on. I imagined her in that shower, rubbing away my cum and rubbing her big boobs with shower gel and how great it would be to be in that shower with her. Fucking her hard again. I knelt and picked up her posh looking French knickers and smelt them. They smelt so flowery, just like her pussy. I then picked up her bra, it was one of those posh ones from Rigby and Pellow. With excitement, I Iooked for the bra size. I had fantasied for over a decade about Julia boobs and what size they were. It was slightly worn but you could make out it said 34G. This confirmed by belief. My wife had small boobs; they were nothing compared to Julia’s heavy mountains. I thought it would be too rude to do this in an expensive bra, not that her French knickers weren’t expensive, but I thought they would be easier to clean. I wrapped their silky material around my hard cock and wanked off inside them whilst looking at that huge bra and the tight leggings and green top she had hung up for her next show. The thought of her being back on air after I’d just fucked her turned me on. I hoped Julia would like the mess I made in her pants and I quickly left, as I heard the shower switch off. If she didn’t have any spare knickers, she would be naked under those leggings in the next show. If I would have wanked off into her bra, or maybe I should have taken it back home to wank off into there, she may have had to go on braless in that show too. As she is getting older, those big boobs would have hung lower and people would have noticed. She probably would have been turned on at the thought of me taking her lingerie and I imagined her nipples poking through her top for the whole hour of that show. I could feel myself getting turned on again.I couldn’t believe I had finally got to shag her, and she was everything I had expected. All that flirting and her posh accent, she was filthy in bed and wore very expensive lingerie. I couldn’t wait to see her again and fuck her. The issue now was I wanted her even more. Nobody had boobs so alluring and had such a sexy manner. My wife was nothing in comparison. Maybe I could buy her some of expensive lingerie and shag her, thinking it was Julia. Even some of the younger presenters like Catherine Huntley and Claire Sutton, they were nice but just didn’t have what Julia did. If my wife found out, I have no idea what she would do to Julia though, she hated her and would want revenge. At the time, I was more concerned about how and when I could fuck Julia again.

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