QuarantineSo my hometown is still social distancing from COVID. I’m at my kitchen table working from home. I go out to the stores occasionally, but for the most part, i haven’t left the house. Needless to say, i don’t get a lot of human interaction these days.The lady across the street is putting the trash out for trash day. She’s stock with a big butt and even bigger tits, curly dark-brown hair and a tattoo on her arm. I think her name is Vicky. I look over as she pulls the trash bin behind her while her husband goes to work in the house. Her sizable G-cups jiggle and bounce with each step. She has on a tank top and shorts and there is no way she’s wearing a bra. I crane my head and watch for a minute. My cock is getting hard in my pajama pants. I walk into the other room and go to the door. I peek bartın escort bayan through the small glass window with a decorative lattice. She can’t see me. She bends over and grabs a box. Yum, ass. She stands up and does a quarter turn before bending over again to put it in the recycle bin. I can see right down her shirt. Yum, boobs. She turns and picks up something else, the fabric of her shorts pulling itself into the shape of her butt. Then, into the bin, her tits hanging like massive pendulums. On her next set, i put my hand in my pants and start touching myself.I stand there jerking for 3-4 minutes before I decide I want a better view. I go to the bay window and I can see clear as day. But if she looks up, she can see me too. And fuzzy jammies don’t hide my bulging rod. I escort bartın pull one side of the curtains and stand directly behind them. Then I move just and inch open so i can peep out. She bends over longer, gathering more things. As her booty can’t help but sway a little, I realize i don’t have to reach in my pants behind the curtain. I drop my pants down past my ass, freeing my raging cock. As she turns around, she leans down further, revealing more of her lovely mammaries than ever before. I’m full on jacking it now. I stroke harder and faster. I want to go butt-fuck her right on the side of the road and suck and fuck her tits. A couple dabs of pre-cum are on the curtain now as she wraps up her ass-and-tit show. I though she went back inside.Just to see, I move back to the door. Nope, bartın escort she just went to the other side of her house. i’m a little softer when i go over there, but now she’s laying out a tarp so she is full on bent over, the shorts skintight on her ass for like 6 minutes. Now I’m harder than ever and stroke harder than ever. I’m starring at her rear and day-dreaming about ass-fucking her badonkadonk. Her ass is built like a tank, and i just know it can take a big pounding. I wonder if i should go grab a sock or at least a napkin, but i don’t want to miss it. Still bent over, she spins around. When she stops, her tits don’t. Her left boob pops out of the shirt. Her small pink nipples are quite a surprise for her build. She quickly adjusts, putting her breast away. She doesn’t seem to be too concerned though, and she still leaning over with 80% of her jugs exposed. I burst, cumming right on the door, imagining it’s her face and hair. Almost as if she knew somehow, she stood up and made her way into the house. God, I need to get out of here.

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