PREDATORS’ HUMAN – 15CHAPTER 15: ALONE – FIRST DAYSI was aware of being in orbit around the planet since yesterday and still there was no word about going down to the surface. Otton would only say that they had a team down there doing recon and making sure the location was secure. He wouldn’t elaborate and I still had goodbyes to make and final lists of supplies to check off. But each time I went to the storage area, my supplies pile was getting smaller until all of it was moved to the shuttle hanger area. I was told that a lot of it was already moved to the surface. Otton found me while I was in the hanger reviewing the supplies that remained and talking to the crew. Otton wanted me in the barracks. It was time to pull my personal stuff together.In the barracks was the rest of the Unit: Sinar, Tobar, and Actab. The five of us stood together in the center as we had so many times before but this apparently would be the last time. Out of the shower area walked b**st. He joined me at my side as I looked into the eyes of each of my Unit mates. My eyes filled with tears and streamed down my cheeks. With a shaky voice I tried to share my feelings, “You guys just won’t know how much you mean to me. You’ve been the warrior brothers I always wanted to be able to share battle with. You let me be who I was and allowed that my fighting style might be a little different because I was weaker, but that style could complement your style instead of interfere with it. I am a better person for having your friendship.”Otton, “We didn’t give you anything. You earned everything as you will recall. We were skeptical and had to be defeated in mock battle to see your skill and quickness and how it could counter our strength and aggression. You showed us how slight and large modifications could improve our weapons.”“I don’t know if I will miss being stuck on a ship all the time, but I know I will miss you four. Thank you.”“Actab, grab her packs and let’s get to the shuttle. It won’t be a good sight to see if we start tearing.”The ship’s Leader met us along the way and joined our group to the hanger. There seemed to be a lot of people in the corridors as we proceeded. The Leader acknowledges that, “Alexa, the people want to see you one last time. The decision for you to leave is not a popular one, but we are a people who are driven by service and command structure. So, they accept the decision but they don’t like it.”As we approached the planet surface, the pilot announced that we were approaching in stealth mode. Although the inhabitants were not advanced enough to be able to detect them by any tracking equipment, visual sighting needed to be avoided to hide my presence until I was ready to be known.Standing outside the open cargo door of the shuttle I was shocked by the number of people hustling around the area. Otton saw my reaction and offered, “We have sent dozens down here in advance of your arrival. Partly to make sure it really was as secure as we thought from the data we received and partly to help transfer of supplies and getting it organized. In a little while I want you to review the supply crates and label them in your language. This is what has been accomplished:•Investigated for possible approaches of attack. These cliffs are your protection.•Secured the mountain tunnel and exists. We needed to widen a few locations to allow b**st to pass. Lighting was installed throughout the tunnel. Also, a secured counterweight door installed on other side with a locking mechanism. We will go over the lock code.•The lighting and mechanism for opening door are power by sunlight charged batteries.•If you look at the edge of the beach, they constructed a simple shelter. It will withstand most storms. We’ve reinforced it with our materials but also used native material for cover and roofing.•The lagoon environment was surveyed and is safe. Nothing was found that would be inherently dangerous. The lagoon itself is very deep but no indication of anything dangerous in it. The ocean outside the breakers is unknown. Use caution just like you would on the other side of these cliffs.•Your supplies are secured in that cave with an entrance 10 feet above with a floor that slightly slopes to the outside. That will protect the inside from storm surges and water accumulation.I went with one of the supply clerks to inspect the supply storage and relabeling the crates. That took over an hour. It was amazing to me how much stuff had been provided to me, crated and neatly organized for my future use. Otton appeared as I was approaching the clothing crates and finishing the relabeling of the crates. “It’s getting to be time, Alexa. We need to go over the mechanism for the lock on the door at the other end of the tunnel. We’re being summoned by Command to another system.” I indicated we had just finished and thanked the clerk for her assistance. She gave me a hug and rushed out of the cave. He continued, “You are a special person, Alexa. Even those who don’t know you as well know they will miss you.”As we walked out of the cave, it occurred to me that I hadn’t even poked my head into the shelter they were just finishing. I walked around to the front which overlooked the beach to the lagoon and entered. They were just finishing. Inside I was shocked to see furniture from the ship: chairs, tables and a bunk with blanket and furnishings. I thanked them and ran off to catch up to Otton. We walked up the path to the entrance which was about 15 feet from the ground level. He showed me a switch on the side that turned lights on down the tunnel. Inside it was fairly smooth and occasionally it could be seen that it had been widened or increased in height. b**st was right behind me and it was comfortable for him. At least the time on the ship got him used to being in confined places. At the other end Otton stopped. “Sequencing is important here. You will never know what is on the other side. I recommend that as you open the door, you turn off the lights. The height above ground level will be some protection and the mechanism is very quiet.” He pushed a button in the wall and hit the switch. The lights went off and the door opened. It was very quiet. The door opened by coming in first and then sliding to the side. When it was open, we stepped out and I saw that we stepped onto a kind of landing with tall rocks in front and to the left acting as visual screens from below. To the right is the trail to the ground level. It was solid, exposed rock. No dirt or vegetation to crumble or be trampled to give away repeated travel.Otton turned us around to face the door that slid into the tunnel and to the side. Closing the door was accomplished by punching the same button on the inside which he did. When it was closed, he asked me, “Do you see how to get the door open? Do you see the door?” And, it was hard. The door didn’t come all the way to the outside. The edges were hidden by other rock. If you looked really close, it could be seen, but you wouldn’t from any distance. It would look like a solid rock face. And, I did not see any handles or levers.He said, “Here.” And pointed at three quartz like rock pieces imbedded in the rock face and a blackish rock imbedded in the rock we were standing on. “Push the rocks from the lower left bornova escort and counterclockwise. Then just step on the black stone.” I did and the door moved inward about a foot and then slid to the side. I look at the edge of the door and saw it was a good eight inches thick. I rapped on it and was satisfied it would not sound or feel different that the rest of the rocks. We hustled back to the other side and turned the lights off as we exited. People were assembling at the shuttle to leave.Standing a little way from the shuttle cargo door were my mates. I walked up to them and hugged and thanked each in turn. When I got to Otton, he said, “Alexa, those of us who know you will always remember you as a Predator Warrior. You will live in our memories and our stories and lore that get passed on through the ages. Always remember, you are a Predator Warrior. Live with that courage and honor.”“Thanks, do you think I will ever see you, again?”“We’ll never know until it happens. We know where you are and we may need you at some point. If so, we’ll come calling.”Looking at my Unit mates, “I want to thank you and give you something before you leave.”Otton responded with a chuckle, “We don’t have the time, Alexa. We have to leave.”“Not me! Them.” Turning, Danna and Martac are standing behind them. “I don’t know what issues might be involved, the six of you can work that out.” I lift Martac’s gown, showing that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. The others smile. She says, “Alexa dared me.”I stood on the beach of my new home with b**st standing beside me as they assembled at the cargo door. The group of over a dozen turned to me and raised their arm in salute. They boarded the shuttle, rose into the air, went stealth and disappeared. b**st and I stood looking at nothing but continued to watch. Many moments later with nothing to watch, I sat down in the sand, took off my boots and wiggled my toes in the fine, white sand. b**st lay down behind me and bumped my back. I leaned back into him and put an arm along his flank. Looking around I thought, ‘This is home, now. Welcome home, b**st.’ He leaned his head to me and licked my face. I put my head back against him and felt at peace. The tension of ‘what’s going to happen’ faded into the reality of ‘this is our new life’. On my private beach, with palm trees on either side, in front of a tranquil, blue lagoon with the endless ocean stretching to the horizon. You could pay a fortune for a vacation spot like this. And, exhausted, I then fell asleep.When I woke, b**st wasn’t there. Above me were some birds flying around, I heard the surf crashing against the breakers and not much else. Then I did hear movement and I spun around to look, rising to one knee. It was b**st coming down the beach. When he arrived, I scratched him behind the ears and he rubbed up against me. I realized I didn’t have a watch. But what need did I have for time. I looked up at the sky and placed the sun relative to straight up and the horizon. I was told the planet was roughly the size of Earth and the sun was roughly the same distance for its size. So, assuming a lot, I estimated that it must be late afternoon. I had skipped the midday meal and was hungry. That’s the best time to eat anyway. Not by time but by what your body says.“I’m hungry. Let’s see what they left for us.” Entering the shelter, I went straight for the kitchen area. The inside was setup much like a studio apartment with everything in a single room. They had installed cabinets with utensils and dried food stuffs. There was also a large container with a latched top. Opening it showed fresh meats and fruit. “I guess they also did some hunting for us. Do you need your meat cooked?” Shake. “Okay.” I reached in and noticed it was cold. I looked and saw a wire running under the floor, went outside and looked around. I hope the sun doesn’t disappear for long periods around here, all this stuff runs on sunlight recharging. I found a large tray with sides and a large bowl for b**st. I reached inside to grab a big chunk of meat for b**st and saw some wrapped pieces. Opening one of those I found some meat that was already cooked. “They’re better than having some old ladies down the street.” I took a plate down for myself, a knife and fork, cut off a piece of meat and cut some fruit as a side. I put b**st’s food down next to the table and I sat at the table. We cleaned up the old wilderness way, sand and water by the lagoon. I left the water bowl on the floor but put the tray, dish and utensils piled on the table.I walked outside still barefoot. I looked out over the lagoon and side to side. I put my arms straight out to the side and breathed in deeply. “Well, you’ve already walked down the beach, want to show me what’s down that way?” He reached for my hand and gently took it in his mouth and pulled. He walked and I followed. He slowed so I caught up to him and we went down our beach side by side. About a quarter mile the beach ended right into the sharp rise of the rock cliff. I walked into the water and rolled up my pant legs and walked back in a foot of water. Memories came rushing back of another time when I did that as a little girl on a vacation to Florida. It kind of felt like this but it had too many people.We got back to our shelter and b**st suddenly bumped me hard and ran off a few steps. He stopped fast and spun around. He walked back to me and repeated it. “Play time, huh? Okay, I’ll try to catch you, but watch out, I might not be very big, but I am quick.” He ran off and looked over his shoulder. I was right behind him and gaining. He ran down the beach and looped around and headed the other way. I noticed the change and turned early and as he tried to run past, I swatted his flank. He started running off again, but I protested, “No, no, no. That’s not how the game is played. I tagged you so now you have to chase me.” Big mistake. I ran off squealing with delight and he came at me hard. I feinted one way and turned the other, I ran in circles, I ran around trees and out into the water and back, I did zigzags and was laughing in delight at staying away from him. But he apparently tired of playing with me and with a burst of speed that shocked me he was on top of me. Literally. Squashing me into the sand.He started licking my face and not letting me up. I was giggling and shrieking with delight. I gave up struggling, trying to catch my breath. He stopped for a minute and looked down at me. I looked at him. I put my hands on either side of his head and pulled. He came to me. I opened my mouth and put out my tongue. ‘Do you remember this?’ He didn’t bother with nodding, he just put his tongue out and we touched, we slid our tongue along each other’s. He put his tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it greedily. I put mine in his mouth and he nipped down on it gently with his teeth. I shivered. Again. Just with kissing him. “My big boy. You are sooooo good for me. You make me feel so good just with this gentle touching, kissing.” He was looking at me intently. I asked, “Are you feeling what I am feeling?” He nodded. I looked down his body from underneath and saw his penis sticking out of the sheath. He took a step back, I got up and hugged him around the neck. I turned around escort bornova and walked up the beach a little to one of the boulders. While walking I started taking off my top. I threw it further up the beach. Then I stripped off my pants and did the same. I stood before him naked. I leaned against the boulder and spread my legs. He went straight for my crotch and licked. Nothing tentative. A long, hard lick, starting at my ass, along the length of my pussy and flicking my clit. Over and over. Then, he pushed his tongue into me. Like he could curl his tongue for the strength to push between my lips. I was wet and he was licking more. I shivered, again. But I wanted him inside me. I pushed his head away and turned over. I braced my hands on the boulder and thrust my ass out to him. He was on me in a flash. His front legs wrapped around me and he pulled himself in. I felt him on my ass, on my cheeks. I reached under me and found him on his next hump and guided him into me. “Ooooooh, yesssssssssss.” Now that he was in, he thrust hard and again. He was deep but thrusting to get deeper. I screamed my approval, to take me deep. This wasn’t like the last time. This time it was with urgency. He pounded into me and I was loving it. The power and the need. I was already shaking and gasping and whimpering in my approach to release. It came crashing over me with multiple thoughts and images. b**st and me. Outside on OUR beach overlooking a view from paradise. Being pounded by a magnificent a****l. I shook stronger with a need to cum … to release … to … “ooooooohhhhhh, my … big … yyyyeeeeeessssssssssss … I … ammmmmm … cummminnnnnggggggggg!!!!” My body was shaking, quivering. I was gasping for air. Never wanting this to stop. Then, I felt it. “What? b**st, what?” I turned from side to side trying to see under us. I pushed up with my legs and hips and looked under me and him. A knot! He has a knot! “b**st, you do have a knot. I didn’t think … oh god, yes, that … feeeeeeelsssssss so … gooooooooooood … didn’t think … had a knot.” I was gasping again as he pushed his knot hard into my crotch, hitting the outside lips. “Yes, of course, you … ooooooooh … didn’t feel … yesssssssss, do that again … feel safe … enough on the ship … to be tied! That’s it … isn’t it?” I don’t know if he nodded or not but he kept pushing that knot at me. I started moving my ass around, trying to work an edge in or something. “b**st, we are safe here. We can be tied for as long as you want, take me, knot with me, please.” And he pushed more and I pushed back in response. It hurt, like crazy it hurt. But it finally went past my pussy lips and that big knot was lodged inside me. I never, ever, felt so full. I loved it!! “Yes, b**st. You want to make me your bitch, don’t you? Yes, make me your bitch. Fuck me. Tie me to you and fill me with your seed. Make me your bitch for ever more.” He started cumming and that sent me over, again. He came and came. So much. Even with the knot it wouldn’t stay in me. When he stopped, I kept on with mine. I shook and quaked. If I wasn’t lying across the boulder, I would have collapsed. He moved.“No. Just stay still. I want you on me. We’re safe here. You don’t need to turn to protect us. Just stay on top of me, let me feel your body while we’re tied.” I moved slightly and his knot hit me inside so deliciously. I pushed back which sent the knot deeper into me. Then I pulled away from him which stretched my lips out. Then pushed back into him again and the knot his that spot. “OOOOOOOhhhhhhh, Yessssssssssssssssssss. Your knot is hitting my g-spot! Just stay there, let me move. Yes, please, yes. Ooooooooooh, b**st. That is … so good. I love your knot. It fills me sooooo much.” I pushed into him and pulled away several more times before, “OOOOOOOOOOOOOO, yes. Just … like that. Yes, just a little … ugh, ugh, ugh, I’m … yes, yes, I’m … cummmminnnngggggggg, again.” I was panting myself, gasping for air, flying with this latest orgasm I was having with my b**st, my beautiful, big b**st. I totally went limp. He licked my shoulder and I reassured him, “I’m okay. Thank you, though. You totally wore me out with that one. Your cock was beautiful and satisfying when we fucked before, on the other planet and on the ship. But your cock and knot, my god, you’re a beautiful lover. And, we’re still tied and I don’t think that will change for a while. You’re so big for my small pussy. I think it might take a few more knottings to get my pussy used to stretching to your size.” I wiggled my ass into him and pushed up into his stomach and chest and rubbed back and forth. “So, you think maybe you could do a girl a favor and show me a good time later and get me adjusted to your knot? Hmmm? Big boy?” I couldn’t see his head so I don’t know if he nodded or not, but I did feel him push his hips into me making his cock and knot go deeper into my pussy sending a new shiver through my body.After quite a few more moments, we were still firmly tied and it didn’t feel like there was any chance of separation anytime soon. It was now dark. The lagoon was like glass and perfectly reflecting the two moons visible. One was large like the Earth’s moon and the other smaller, but both shining in the night sky. I said to b**st, “I am really getting tired, b**st. We have to figure something out because I don’t think you’re coming out soon. I would like you to try something for me. Can you hold me tight with you front legs and sit back?” He did exactly that and I tried to provide a little support with my legs and knees. “Beautiful. You’re so strong. Okay, now still holding me tight to you, can you roll onto your side? Maybe then we can go to sleep while we’re still tied.” He hesitated, started to move and hesitated, again. “It’s okay. Just try. It might hurt me a little but then we can get our position adjusted.” He decisively moved and quickly. It hurt. It felt like his knot might rip right out of my pussy, but it was good and once on the sand he raised his top leg and allowed me to scoot around and get comfortable. It seemed like he was trying to find a place for his legs that wouldn’t bother me. I reached back and pulled his top hind leg over my hips and petted and stroked it so he knew that’s where I wanted it. Then I rose up and snuggled over his lower front leg and got it under my head and pulled the top front leg over my chest and hung onto it. I wiggled my ass again and would have purred if I knew how. I felt in heaven. My big guy wrapped around me and his knot firmly encased in my pussy. I raised my head up to try to look at him but couldn’t quite make the rotation but whispered to him, “b**st, I hope you are happy. I am. I am very, very happy to be here with you. This is perfect. I love you. You made me your bitch tonight. Tomorrow, make sure we both know that I am yours and yours when you want me. We have nothing to do tomorrow but completely establish our new relationship. We are safe in this spot. There will be other days to go outside and explore, find more food, find out more about others that share this land. But not tomorrow. Okay?”I felt his nod that time and then a loud roar that sounded like his declaration to anyone or anything within hearing that he was here, we were here and this was ours. bornova escort bayan And snuggling into him, again, I went to sleep. On the beach. Under the stairs and moons of this new world.The next morning when I woke, b**st was still under and over me. His breathing indicated he wasn’t sleeping. Probably had no way of moving without disturbing me. Thankfully, we were not still tied. I rolled over and hugged into his chest and stomach and rubbed my face into his hide and pressed my crotch into his stomach. I pulled my head up and said, “You are probably dying to get to your feet after me lying on you all night, but just a few more minutes. It feels so good to be against you, to feel your strength, your muscles, your easy breathing and strong, regular heart beat.” I snuggled more and he raised his top front leg to make it easier and put it back down on top of me when I settled. Then I pushed my face into his chest and kissed him. I slid out from under him, turned onto my hands and knees to stand up and felt his big tongue sliding up my pussy and ass. I stopped, enjoying the feeling, and looked over my shoulder at him with a huge smile. I’m tempted to stay right here and just enjoy that, but I have some business to take care of. I stood and stretched. The sun bright but not yet showing over the cliffs. The lagoon beach wouldn’t see direct sun until about 10:00 – 11:00. I walked to the end of the beach and to the cliff where I had established the latrine last night.Half way back I stopped and looked out over the lagoon, walked out into it to my waist and washed off the caked-on cum from last night. Then I dove under the water and swam out 100 feet and treaded water there. The water was salty like I would have expected on Earth. Everything was so clean at this spot. Maybe because no man, of any species, had a chance to ruin it. I resolved right then, treading water and seeing b**st pacing back and forth at the edge of the water, that b**st and I were not going to change more than necessary to live. Seeing anxiety in b**st, I swam back to him and walked out of the water to him. I took his head in my hands and kissed him my way. Then I opened my mouth and put my tongue out to kiss our way.I said, “You know how to swim?” Shake.“You never went out into the water? We’ll have to work on that. It’s fun and I’ll help, but later.”b**st looked past me and growled. I turned quickly to see a large ripple on the water surface. Then another showed. “Fish. Food.” And I smiled at him. “You ever have fish?” Shake. “So much is new for us both.” I lay in the water at its edge and finally got b**st to join me. Just looking up at the blue sky, hearing small sounds from the other side of the cliffs, birds soaring overhead, the water lazily lapping along my naked body. I stood up and said, “Come on. We should check out the showering facilities.” And headed down the beach in the other direction to the waterfall we could hear. We came to it and I surveyed the place. There was a nice sized pool that the water fell into before running down to the lagoon. I stepped into the pool and started cautiously walking further into it. It only came to my waist except where the falls hit the pool where I had to swim. I swam under the falling water and found a ledge where I crawled out. I called to b**st who came running around the edge and appeared from the land. I coaxed him under the water and I rubbed both of us down with the fresh water. It was cool, refreshing, but not cold.Feeling refreshed we headed back along the beach but didn’t get 100 feet when b**st bumped me hard and nudged me with his snout. I looked at him questioningly but caught a look at his crotch and saw his penis peeking out. I smiled and said, “You’re going to hold me to it and finish making me your bitch. Good. I want you to.” I looked around and didn’t see an obvious object to use for support and decided to try it in the open. “You’ll have help with supporting your weight, okay? I don’t have anything to lean on. I think you’re too tall for me to be on my hands and knees.”I bent over with my knees slightly bent and my hands on my knees. He came up behind me and gave me a couple licks along my pussy to my ass. Then he jumped over my back. I immediately collapsed my arms off my knees and folded over. He wasn’t totally on top of me but I wasn’t going to be able to hold the position for long. I needed something to lean on to support my weight, if not his. Before he got into me, I dropped to the sand and rolled out from under him. “That isn’t going to work. Do you want to try me on my hands and knees and you hunched down? Or should we find something for me to lean on?” He took my hand in his mouth and led me to the cliff where there was a natural ledge. Immediately, I went to it and bent over, placed my hands onto the ledge and he again came up to my ass and jumped up right away. His front feet landed on either side of me on the ledge. He came forward and I helped him into me. Once in, he leaned his body weight onto me, wrapped his front legs around me and thrust deep into my pussy. Two strokes and he was in. Shortly after that I felt the knot and together, we worked it in much faster than the last time. Soon I was climaxing and encouraging him. Then, fully embedded inside me, he stopped pumping into me and began spurting his cum into my pussy. God, the amount he sends into me. This was all I needed to join him in orgasm. It took quite a while for us to separate but his knot finally did reduce enough. I immediately collapsed to the ground and looked up at him. He was looking at me, standing over me. I smiled and said, “Is this what a bitch should do for her stud?” I moved down along his body and stopped at his crotch. I sat up and took his cock in my hands and moved my mouth to it. I kissed it, licked it, and sucked it, cleaning it of our combined juices.I stood up and gave him a big hug around the neck. I kissed his snout and walked towards our shelter. I got some water from the bucket and poured some into the bowl for him. Then I went back outside, down to the lagoon and went for another swim. This time a got all the way across the lagoon, climbed out over the rocky barrier and sat on top looking out over the endless horizon. b**st was still anxious when I did this but he was getting better at accepting some separation. I stood on the rocks and looked back across the lagoon at our camp. b**st sat on the sand watching me. Palm type trees, wide white sand beach, our shelter tucked under the trees just off the beach, and the high steep, rock cliffs in the background. This really was a beautiful place. The two days since the Predators had left us at this place, b**st and I spent just getting used to it, being here, with each other and for each other. And, for those same days, I had been naked. And for those same days, b**st made sure we were each other’s. We mated at least four times during each day and frequently during the night. But night time was more me trying to get us joined to fall asleep together.It was idyllic. But we would have to start really learning and understanding our new world. Or at least this part that this island land mass represented. It was a lot of territory to discover and after this little vacation from reality, I was energized to get to it. Tomorrow, I would get dressed again, weapon up, and begin the process of surveying what lay on the other side. I sensed that b**st was also ready to run and hunt again.* * * Part 16 will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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