Pissed OFF!


Pissed OFF!I came home from work today around 5pm. As I walked in, I hear moaning coming from my room. So, quietly I walk in with phone in hand ready to record whatever I see. So, there in my room I see my girlfriend and my neighbor. He was fucking her and neither noticed me. I cleared my throat and both jumped like lightning had just hit them. I said well I see why I could not get you o n the phone. I quietly walk over to my drawer and pull out my gun. I warn both of them if you move, I will shoot. I then order both of them to their feet. I make them turn around and hand cuff both of them. I pull them over to the side of the room and cuff them in place next to the wall where they can’t move.I make a phone call to my neighbors wife to come over immediately and bring a camera. About ten minutes later she shows up and I walk her into my room and tell her to photograph her worthless husband and my girlfriend. She is mad as I am and takes photos of him and her and then posts them to his Facebook account. I laugh the whole time.As we both calm down, we ask why they did this and they claim it was a moment of passion. So, I say ok hang on, I pull up my security cam on my phone and turn back the hands of time a little. Turns out they have been doing this for the past ten days. I then turn to his wife and am ready to share the information for her attorney. But first, I want some revenge. I ask if she is game?We, both remove our clothing. I look at her body and say, “damn man you gave up this hot body for that slut over there” I am going to enjoy this for a very long time. She has the perfect soccer mom body, real not fake boobs with no hint of sag. I move in and start to lick her nipples, I run my hand down to her pussy hair and just run my fingers all through it. I then dip my finger into her pussy. She is getting wet. I look over and both of our cheaters are looking away. I yell to both of them to watch. They refuse. I say okay you will learn not to fuck with a Marine the hard way. I turn my attention back to my neighbor. I lay her gently down on the bed. I kiss her ears, then move my tongue to her nipples and grab both of my hands around each globe of those magnificent breasts. Her, perfect breast with very large areolas and eraser sized nipples, I just could not get enough of them. I was making her moan over and over. I then trail my tongue to her belly button where she has this piercing and I lick and nibble around it making her moan. I smell her aroma coming up from her pussy. I just could not wait anymore. I bury my face in her pussy, licking her folds and scooping her juices with my tongue. I latch on her clit and inhale with a sharp suck and she blasts my face with her juices. She arched her back and came very hard, but I was not stopping at just one, I ate her pussy to five more orgasms before she was kicking me off to stop. She was out of breath saying she couldn’t take anymore. I then stood up and was going to mount her but she said she wanted my cock in her mouth. She has been without dick far too long. So, I lay down and she starts to lick the side of my cock and then takes me deep in her mouth. She impressed me how she made my cock happy. To rub things in against my girlfriend I tell my neighbor this is the best my dick has ever been sucked. I yell at my girlfriend you should take lessons. Oh wait, you won’t get this dick again. I am so enjoying this I just could not take any more, I sit up like a bolt of lightning just hit me, grab her and flip her on her back. I slide off the bed and, grabbing my neighbor dragging her to me I plunge my cock deep in her pussy. She just squealed and moaned and said every man’s favorite words oh my Goooood. I then begin to pound her hard and fast. Being on the side of the bed I will not have to worry about cramping. I was making her feel every inch and every pounding I could through into her. I made sure that asshole was never going to get this pussy ever again. After, thirty minutes of pounding and she orgasmed four more times I sprayed her insides full of my cum. I felt like I ran a marathon my whole body froze up and I collapsed down on top of her. Breathing very hard I prop myself up and say anytime you want a repeat to come back. But first these two are going to get every bit of anger I can give.I stand up with wobbly legs and grab two bottles of water. I hand her one and we consume each. I then walk over to my girlfriend. Make her stand and say you are going first. I tell me neighbor to spread her legs. I tell my girlfriend to lick her pussy. She looks at me with an innocent look and I tell her with hell in my eyes saying you want to ruin someone’s lives you are going to make her feel better. She opens her mouth to say something and I push it into my neighbors pussy. And yelled lick. As she began to do so… my neighbor pulled her face up and she spit in her face, and then forced it back into her pussy and said you home wrecker lick me. I then say hang on…I get on the phone and call ten other men I knew. And tell them to bring ten guest each. I then call another man whom I knew to be homosexual and tell him to bring twenty men to take care of my neighbors husband.After I hung up the phone, I ask my neighbor how mean is she feeling right now? She said she was very pissed off and wanted to make these two pays for a very long time. I told her to get dressed and follow me. I make both my girlfriend and my neighbors husband to stand up. I tie a rope to their two handcuffs and drag them outside. I tie their rope to the ball of my truck. My neighbors wife and I get inside. Naked the two runs behind my truck as I tow them down the dirt way to my hunting shed. There I walk them into the bunk room. It is a very large room to where I tie the bitch in my life to one side of the room and her pathetic loser of a man tokat escort to the other side. I tell them both this was the worst decision of their lives now they were going to pay, my way. And I was going to be recording the whole thing and it will be going on the internet. After this is all over, they will have no other options but to leave this area and never return.I turn to my neighbors wife and tell her to look in that closet and use the clothes to look as best as a dominatrix as she can. I tell her there are about forty men on their way over to abuse her body. I want her to enjoy torturing and humiliating my girlfriend. I say if she wants to be a backstabbing whore then I was going to make her famous and get paid doing so. And as for her piece of shit husband, I have a homosexual friend that will be doing the same thing to him. There is about twenty men on their way over to use his body and teach him a lesson of putting his dick into someone else’s woman. I pick his head up by his hair and look into his eyes and tell him with evil in mine I hope she was worth it. You want to stray now it is time you pay for you indiscretion. With more evil in my eyes I say…you fucked with the wrong Marine!!!I look up and see my neighbors wife, and walk over to her, I look at her and say I do not know about the future but after this if you are up to it I would love to be the next man in your life. I mean I know this is going to be a lot to sort through but when your ready I would be grateful and willing. She smiles, then says I have never had a good fucking like you just gave me. So, it is a great possibility. I smile and say that as just a taste of what I could do more than once a day…. anytime you’re willing. We smile and here knocks at the door. I tell her she looks great in that outfit. I tell her enjoy yourself make this a night neither of them will ever forget.I open the door to see this guy I know from a job I did, his name is Greg he is the homosexual. I know this because while doing a job he had a gay orgy. I did know this until I was walking up from the basement and walked into the den full of men sucking and fucking. Talking about a what the fuck moment. Greg looked and saw me and winked and yelled hey the guest of honor has arrived. Now, I am never one to fear anything, but this scared the shit out of me in a heartbeat. I was grabbed from behind by three men. All of the sudden my pants are off and my dick is being sucked. Nothing else was being forced, Greg laughed and said that a blowjob was my reward for saving his house from a major disaster. I laughed and said a beer would have been great but I was so lost in the moment and the feeling of how great this blowjob was going before I lost time, I was blowing my wad into whosoever mouth was on my cock. It was like all of my stress left me and I was a limped noodle. Literally! They left me in the chair and went back to their party. After I was able to recover, I dressed got paid and left. I was given an open invitation to come back for a repeat anytime. The one guy who had given me the blowjob said he loved my cock. I smiled and left.So, as Greg walked in, I explain to him what I walked into when I got home today, and I wanted him and his friends to teach a homewrecker a lesson he will never forget. And for all of his friends to wear masks for this was going over the internet. So, he smiles and said he will call over some of his “bear” friends with very large cocks to show this asshole (pun intended) why to never fuck with a friend of his.After that, my buddy Allen walked in and I tell him that my girlfriend will be used by him and thirty-nine other men for her part in wrecking my neighbors household. And she will be the mistress in charge of what they do. I also inform them to wear masks as this was going on the internet.In walks, Amy my neighbor’s wife. She oh I have to describe her outfit. She was in all fire red. Boots up to her knees, her panties were see-through, (made me drool), she had on a red leather corset. I mean this was a wet dream walking. Both, Allen and I just dropped our jaw, I tell her another day I want my way with her in that outfit.Knocks, at the door in walk men, men and more men. I look to Greg and Allen and ask if everyone is here? They both look at me and shake their heads, yes. I smile and get up on a six-foot-tall ladder. And start my speech. I ask alright everyone here at Greg’s request move to the left where you see the naked man, everyone here at Allen’s request move to the right where you see the naked woman. Everyone I walked in on these two homewreckers fucking in my bedroom. On the left you have my neighbor’s husband of five years with two c***dren and a very faithful wife. On the right you have my girlfriend of three years whom I was planning a marriage with. Come to find out they have been having an affair for over ten days possibly more. So, now to introduce you to Amy, the neighbors wife. Men on the right you will take your direction from her. She will tell you how to discipline my ex-girlfriend. And men on the left you will take your direction from my friend Greg. The rules are simple no names will be said you will wear your masks at all times. One by one you will come by and get your free pill of Viagra. These two wanted to ruin two relationships I am going to make damn sure they remember what they have done. All of the men and laugh and then I ask are there any questions? One by one I hear a question…like if we want can we fuck both of them? Is there a time limit?So, to answer all questions, I say you are here for your enjoyment and my amusement. You are being recorded for this will be put on over the internet and sent to their employers. There is no time limit there is a bathroom, water in the refrigerators. When these two pukes leave, I want escort tokat them to be hard to walk and very ashamed for what they have done and understand the hurt they have put me and Amy through.One by one, they file pass me getting their Viagra and bottle water. I also pass out Gatorade. All of the men disrobe and start to circle my girlfriend and Amy’s husband. One guy starts to pee on Brad (Amy’s husband). The rest start to laugh, on the other side of the room I hear this loud crack of a whip and Amy begins to bark orders. You can hear her say so you miserable little bitch you wanted to break up my happy home when you had such a great fucking man right beside you…now bitch you pay my price. She looks at the dicks surrounding her and tells the men lube your cocks up. This bitch is going to get thoroughly fucked and put in her place. She grabs the first man they lay her out on the table. Crack of the whip Amy says shove your cock deep in her mouth. Then bites on his ear and says fuck her throat…NO MERCY…MAKE HER CHOKE…MAKE HER GAG…MAKE HER PASS OUT…NOW FUCK HER THROAT. She turns to another man and points you put your hard cock in her ass and fuck her raw. Turn her bowels inside out. You two men step up on this ladder and pee on her. You two, grab those clamps over there and put them on her nipples and use the other six on tits. On the other side of the room they have Brad on the other table one man has his dick in his mouth sucking. Greg hears his moan and says oh no this is not for your pleasure and orders this huge man to shove his very large cock in his ass. This dude has a ten fucking inch cock. All we saw was this guy rubbing lube all over his cock and then one thrust up Brad’s ass it went and Brad went to yell out and another man cut his cry off shoving his cock in there. Wow! This was getting good and fast. The guys worked in unison and had a motion going on Brad. It was not long before the man in Brad’s mouth yells out, he is coming and pulls out only for the next man up to shove his cock in. Back on this side of the room my girlfriend (Suzy) is getting pissed on, anal fucked and mouth fucked. I am just laughing. I am watching all of the cameras from all over the shop just enjoying my revenge. Just then another crack of the whip and Amy tells the men on the ladders to get down and move the ladders. She then orders them to help her up on the table. And then says for all eyes to be on her and squats down over Suzy’s face, grabs her by the back of the hair hard and says open your fucking eyes. She tells the two men closest to her to pull down her panties and then she lifts her feet to let them be removed. She squats back down and will evil in her eyes tells Suzy to open her fucking eyes. She looks down and says you fucking whore like ruining homes now eat this and proceeds to pee in her face Suzy’s instinct was to close her eyes, so Amy stops peeing and yells open your fucking eyes and mouth, Suzy refuses so Amy looks at two men standing beside her and says pull on those clamps…the clamps were on her nipples. Suzy cries out and Amy resumes to pee in her mouth making her gargle pee. Amy sees the man fucking Suzy’s ass has pulled out so she tells another man get in there and fuck that bitches pussy hard and fast. Do not let her get any breaks. Amy then returns to peeing in Suzy’s mouth. I just yell make this bitch suffer. After Amy finishes, she has two men help her to the floor. Amy then grabs the whip and cracks three strikes across the chest of Suzy. Suzy cries out in pain, and the crowd of men around her in sadist fashion yell more, more, more!!!! So, Amy being in the heart of the moment unleashes more strikes until Suzy is skin is on fire. Her breasts were turning black and blue. She then tells two more men to pee on her stripes. Meanwhile one man is starting to fuck her mouth again and again. Then there are trade offs on her pussy. Amy stops the one guy and gives him this huge vibrating dildo and says shove this in her ass while you fuck her pussy. And he lubes up the dildo and eases it into Suzy’s ass. She moans in pain and pleasure. He turns on the switch slow at first, she cries out in pleasure, then he turns it on full throttle and Suzy moans again in pleasure. Amy looks at the guy and says now fuck her pussy hard and fast. He jumps into her pussy fucking fast and hard as he can…with the hum in her ass he doesn’t last long. Amy barks at the next guy and says take over fucking her pussy. He jumps in and start fucking hard and fast. And again, he doesn’t last long with the vibrations going on in her as. This goes on and on. I count fifteen men in just forty-five minutes fucking and pounding her pussy.I then turn my attention to Brad; I whistle over to Greg hey use these clamps and pinchers on him. Put this on his cock, it was my wood binding pinch clamp. Which is spring loaded and very, very, very hard to squeeze. I knew it would hurt. So, Greg volunteers to do the cock pinch. I zoom in on Brad’s face and that look of horror was oh so priceless. And then as the clamp is being applied; I showed Greg how to adjust the pressure so he does not cut Brad’s dick off. But as it is being applied, I loved the look of pain that coming over his face. He yells out no more no more! I yell over the loudspeaker you should have thought of that when you fucked my girlfriend the second time. Now suffer like you will. I just sat back as he cries and then Greg tells two men to pee on him. And then one shoves his dick down Brad’s throat. Another man then takes up fucking his ass. They are working Brad over really well.I then hear another crack of the whip as Amy yells fuck her harder and faster. Another man takes aim in her mouth instead of fucking he laughs and begins to pee making her gag.Amy walks over to me with a very sadistic smile and tokat escort bayan says I see you enjoying all of this but you are not getting anything out of all of this. I laugh and say oh but I am, but she smiles and cracks the whip next to me and says on your knees boy! Of course, I am no dummy, I drop quick and she grabs my head and forces it into her pussy and says not eat my fucking pussy like you did before. No worries from me I clamp down on her clit and suck very sharp and very hard and she jumps an squeals in delight. And cums almost instantly on my face, I catch her as she loses her balance and lay her down on the deer skin rug. She spreads her legs and I go for broke licking between the folds of her pussy lips. Amy is moaning and grabbing me ears pulling my face in her pussy. She then starts to squirt her juices all over my face. I almost drown but I love every minute. Amy looks down at me and in between hard breaths says now fuck me…my clothes are gone in seconds and I mount her shoving my cock in all at once. And I start fucking her like a runner sprinting for the finish line. I use very fast thrusts and she is all out of breath screaming at the top of her lungs yes fuck me fuck me fuck me. And just in minutes I explode deep inside her sending her on waves of orgasms. I am so out of breath I collapse on top of her. As I roll of her she looks at me and says yes I think we have a future together. I smile and said let us finish up here and we will talk about our future.I look up and grab the microphone. I ask the crowd how everyone is doing and if they are close to being finished? Several people are coming and going from the bathroom and water coolers, some are seated in the chairs and couches. A lot of the men are saying they are about spent and getting bored. Amy and I look at Suzy, she has been covered in cum and piss and it looks so nasty and matted. I then look over at Brad and he is covered in piss and cum. Both look battered and bruised. I look over to Amy, tell her to tell all of the men to remove the clamps off of the homewreckers. So she rises up and grabs the whip and with a crack says, “ALL MEN STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND LISTEN TO ME!” You could have heard a pin drop between heavy moans and large inhales of breathing going on.Amy begins at this time remove the clamps off these two dirtbag homewreckers! Eight hands move almost at once. Both Suzy and Brad moan and scream in pain but not loud for they are exhausted. Next, I stand up and turn off the cameras. I then take over. Okay I motion to eight men take the restraints off the two dirtbags. I need you to carry these to outside and place them in the back of my truck and follow us. So, we all proceed out into the dark and into the truck everyone please follow us up to my house and someone bring one of the cameras. We all get up to the house. I instruct the men to gather up the two dirtbags and follow me. They carry their lifeless and exhausted bodies behind me. We walk into the pool area where I say toss these two sorry asses in the shallow end. They hit the water and you can here the splash and freezing water hits their nasty bodies. I have four men jump in with them to make sure they don’t drown. I tell them to sit them up in the steps. Amy follows me into the pool. I grab Brads hair and Amy grabs Suzy’s hair and we both look at them with evil in our eyes and ask was it worth it? Was it worth wrecking two homes over? Both could not hold their eyes open. I then look at both of them you will be locked into the meat locker until morning they will then be let out in the morning both will dress and leave the area never to return. Brad you will sign the papers of divorce before you leave and never to contact Amy again, you will use your truck to take Suzy and him where. I look at Suzy and tell he I will close her account and transfer all of the money I gave her. She leaves here with nothing. And will never return. I tell them should either return or try and seek retribution for this they will be planted under the pecan tress never to heard from again. I then have their bodies placed in the meet locker. I thank all of the men there and for their help. They all return the thank you and said they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. And should they or I ever need help like that again just call them.I then look to Amy and take her hand and lead her into my house. Where we retire to my bedroom and sleep for the rest of the night. At sunrise, we fuck again. We then dress and walk out to the meat locker; I have my gun just in case of Brad trying to be stupid. Amy opens the door and both are still sleeping. I yell for them to get their asses up; Amy throws a bucket of water on both of them. They jump from being startled. They stager to their feet. They both can barely walk I ask in mocking so how does it feel? How do you feel this morning? Neither can look at Amy nor I. We both laugh and I remind them to get in that piece of shit’s truck as they are and drive out of town. I tell Brad sign this piece of paper and do not ever return to his old home now my new rental home. Do not try and contact his c***dren ever again. For I will be their new daddy. And as for Amy she will be my wife and treated like the special woman she truly is. Here is one pair of clothes. You five-hundred dollars and that is it. It is up to you how you survive from here on out. With evil in my eyes I tell them both you caused this and I told you both you fucked with the wrong Marine. You are lucky I am letting you off with your life now leave. They stagger to his truck and disappear into the sunset. I grab Amy and lead her to my truck to follow them until they are on the interstate leaving town. We return to Amy’s to gather the c***dren and some of her things. They move in with me.They are on the following week news Suzy and Brad were killed trying to rob a d**g dealer.Amy and I settled into a life of a family. Trying to get the c***dren adjusted to a new home and to welcome triplets that are on the way. Apparently, my sperm was in hyper drive.—teddybear0816

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