Part 2! Cuckold Reality Followed by Fantasy:


Part 2! Cuckold Reality Followed by Fantasy:Part 2 to Cuckold Reality Followed by Fantasy:So a few days pass since Derek and I hooked up. My brain has been going absolutely berserk with the thought that I fell into temptation and let Derek fuck me?! The asshole who had the nerve to fuck my wife. What in the world did I do?! What in the world was I thinking?!So I hadn’t been on Xhamster since Derek fucked me. I was bored one day and being tormented by my thoughts I decide to check what was new on Xhamster. Maybe it will help me clear my mind.So when I log in I had 17 messages in my inbox! I check it out and they are all from Derek! I wanted to delete our conversations and block him from my page, but I didn’t have the strength to?! I don’t know why I couldn’t, but I couldn’t. I just sat there for a few minutes trying to figure out why I couldn’t just delete this asshole and put it all behind me! So I finally opened his messages and there it was! Staring me right in the face! His hand wrapped around his thick hard shaft. His cock pointing right into the camera for an excellent POV picture! My little sissy cock was instantly rock hard! So I start to scroll up the page to see what else he sent and if he had anything to say. 16 of the 17 messages he left me were pictures. As I scroll up the page it was picture after picture. All of the messages are pictures of his big hard cock and his delicious balls. I couldn’t believe myself! Why can’t I just delete them and move on?! I couldn’t even help myself from my little cock getting hard?!?! I just couldn’t stop looking at his delicious cock! But as much as I was thinking about him fucking me so hard, I couldn’t stop thinking about him doing the same thing to my wife! The 2 thoughts ran rapidly around in my mind! So as angry as I was, I was equally just as horny. Again I couldn’t believe myself, but I just had to start Jilling off to his pictures. (If you don’t know how a sissy boi Jills off, see my videos for a few references)Within no time I was shooting my sissy load. Then, after resting for a moment I finally made it up past his pictures and read his message. “J. I wanted to tell you that I had a really great time fucking you last night. I really hope that you and I can hook up again in the near future.”So we start to chat back and forth for a few days. Then he sends me a message that would change my marriage forever.“J. What do you think about you, Jennifer and I hooking up sometime?”I can’t begin to tell you how much I did not want to see my wife with another man. Especially a man who has a cock as big as his. So, what should I do?! Should I set it up to see what happens? I mean, my wife and I are doing better now. Do I risk screwing all of that up again?! But again, I just felt helpless. I almost felt like I owed it to Jennifer. Like adapazarı escort she deserved options. I mean, she obviously felt like she needed options a few months ago.So I set up a date with the 3 of us. I don’t tell my wife what’s going on. I just tell her that we are going out on a date. Jennifer and I get to the bar where Derek and I had previously met up at. We were early. So I order us a few drinks each. She is definitely not a big drinker. So after she finished her second drink she’s feeling pretty good. Then, Derek walks in. She got really nervous seeing him there. She tells me that it’s time to go. As she’s standing up Derek reaches our table and sits down. I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head! She looks at me and could tell that I was expecting him. So I get her to calm down enough to sit back down. Eventually we get Jennifer to drink a few more mixed drinks and then I talk her into going over to Derek’s place. The three of us go inside and talk for a while. I could tell that Jennifer was very uncomfortable. But at the same time, I could see that she looked curious. The thoughts running through my head actually started to really turn me on!I look at them and say, “So, someone has to say it. I guess it might as well be me. Come on guys. Let’s go upstairs to your bedroom Derek.”Derek led the way. Jennifer slowly followed and I was behind her. We actually made it to his bedroom. After a few minutes of complete silence I could tell that I had to break the ice again. So I blurt out, “Well, go on sweetie. Have fun. Let loose. It’s ok. Think of all of this as an experimental gift.”The tension was still high so I walked behind Jennifer and pulled her shirt off and kissed her neck a few times. Then I massage her shoulders and then her voluptuous breasts and took her bra off. Derek starts to undress himself. He got down to his boxer briefs and stopped. I slowly walk walk Jennifer towards Derek. When we were close enough to him I took her hand and placed it on the growing bulge in his briefs. Then I walked away. Jennifer has his growing dick in her hand and it was almost like I didn’t even exist anymore. Derek starts rubbing Jennifer’s breasts and ass. Watching was hard to do. Extremely hard. But at the same time, I was soooo turned on by this that I couldn’t help but touch myself. Rubbing my hard little cock over my jeans. I watch them few a few minutes standing there grouping each other. Then I quietly leave the room. I went down to his kitchen and poured a nice glass of the best whiskey that he had. I drink it down quickly and pour another. I take my glass and the bottle back up to his cigar room. I look around for a minute and locate his really nice cigars. I grab one, cut it and then light it. I grab an ashtray and everything else and head back to escort adapazarı his bedroom to watch my beautiful wife work a big cock.I sit back down in the chair. Derek is sitting on the side of his bed. My wife is between his legs sucking on his dick. Her hands are stroking his cock as her head bobs back and forth. After another minute Derek pulls her up on the bed. She is on her belly. He sits between her legs. He takes his cock and pressed it against her willing pussy. Derek eases it inside of her. She moans deeply and arches her back. He takes it easy on her for a minute or two. Letting her tight pussy adjust to his size. After a minute of slow strides going all of the way in and out of her soaking wet pussy Derek lays down on her back and pulls her legs together. So his legs on the outside of her.I’m still rubbing my little cock over my jeans and smoking my cigar. I pour another shot of whiskey then I undo my jeans. I start to rub my little sissy nuts as I continue to watch them work.Derek lifts Jennifer’s ass up putting her on her knees. Her face and chest are still laying on the bed. He smacks her ass and then he starts to fuck! Long steady full strides in and out of her. She starts to moan some more. I can see her big sexxxy ass bouncing off of his fat belly. After a minute I could actually see her thick pussy cream starting to cover his thick shaft. Once I saw that I couldn’t hold back anymore and shot my sissy juice up my belly and chest. I took a drink of my whiskey and a few puffs from the cigar. Then I wipe up my cum and lick my fingers and hand clean. 2 or 3 minutes pass and Derek pulls out. He lays down on his back. When Jennifer climbed on top of him I got a good clear view of her sweet bald gaping pussy! I had never seen her stretched open like that! It was honestly super sexxxy! She puts him back inside of her and starts grinding back and forth on him. Her big ass is facing me. Before long she starts bouncing up and down on his cock! She is moaning as she grabs her big breasts. Derek grabs ahold of her big ass as she’s fucking his long cock. Soon after Jennifer let’s go and let’s out a moan like I have never head before!!! She drops her breasts and grabs the bed sheets then she holds still for a second. Her big ass and beautiful body start to quiver uncontrollably!!! She screams and falls to his chest as she orgasmed!!! Arching her back she slowly moves her ass up and down his soaking wet cock. Her juices and thick cream coated his thick shaft!!! Then she held still for a minute to rest after such a powerful orgasm. I easily got rock hard again while watching her in heat!!! I take the bottle of whiskey and drink straight from it. Then I start to Jill off again. Rubbing my little nuts hard! Another few minutes passed and Derek tells her to get on her adapazarı escort bayan back. He lays between her legs and she puts his cock inside of her. He starts having his way with her sweet body! He is really going to town on her!!! Fucking her nonstop!!! Another few minutes pass and she wraps her arms around his shoulders and her legs around his fat body! She squeezed him with her legs forcing him to go deep inside of her! Jennifer let’s out another scream as she orgasms again!!! As her body starts to shake uncontrollably Derek pushes his big cock as deep as he could inside of her making her scream even louder!!! Derek continues to push in deep and Jennifer continues to scream as her orgasm just won’t stop!!! She starts to dig her nails into his shoulders. Derek sits up with her waist on his lap and just starts pounding away at her!!! Her legs still wrapped around his body Derek starts to grunt as he cums hard and deep inside of my wife!!! Derek collapses back on top of Jennifer. They both just lay there for a minute.I’m still Jilling my little sissy nuts and looking at them laying there together. Both completely worn out. Derek rolls off of Jennifer and she look my direction. As soon as we make eye contact I shoot my sissy juice clear up to my face!!! As it rolled down my face and body I scoop it all up and lick my hand clean. I drink some more and then relax with a few more big puffs from my cigar. Jennifer had never seen me eat my own cum before. Then she tells me that it was pretty hot. Then she asked me if I wanted some more?! “Yes mam. Anything to make you happy dear.” So she tells Derek to move his fat ass over and tells me to come to the bed and lay down. When I do she straddles my face and then she sits her cum drenched gaping pussy right on my mouth! I couldn’t believe it!!! I also couldn’t help myself. So I start licking and sucking away at her! For a good solid 5 minutes she is just grinding away on my mouth letting my tongue work it’s magic. Her juices are delicious and just flowing out of her with some of Derek’s cum mixed in. Jennifer’s weak body starts to quiver uncontrollably again as she had yet another orgasm! Her sweet sweet juices came with a powerful squirt!! My face is soaking wet! I look up at her and could see deep inside of her pussy! As I am gazing at how open she still is Derek’s load of cum starts to flow out of her! I think she could feel it because she grabs my head and puts my mouth back on her gaping hole!!! I didn’t miss a drop of his seed!!! After a minute or so she let’s go of my head and then she held my jaw shut! Now I knew that she knew that Derek’s nut was in my mouth! And she wanted me to swallow it! How in the world could I say no to that?!?! The three of us talk some more. Derek jokes with me and says, I see that you found my bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label and Pappy Van Winkle cigars. “Yeah. I figured that you had my top shelf, so I was going to try your top shelf as well.” Derek and I drink a few more shots of the whiskey as I finish up the cigar.Then, Jennifer and I leave.

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