Ozark Bitch Part 1


Ozark Bitch Part 1Ozark Bitchby oskarwild©StrandedPatrick let out a stream of obscenities as he kicked the tire of his rental car. The damn thing had stopped running in the midst of a rainstorm the likes of which Patrick had never seen before. It was a veritable deluge and Patrick was soaked to the bone as he tried to figure out why the car had just stopped running. He was on his way from Springfield, Missouri to Memphis and he had been cutting across the northern part of Arkansas. He had left the main highway and taken a state highway that looked like a shortcut. But the state highway had narrowed from four lanes to two narrow black-topped lanes. Now he was stuck in the middle of nowhere with a car that didn’t run and a cell phone that couldn’t pick up a signal.The headlights of the pickup truck approaching from behind were a welcome sight. Patrick waved at the truck and, thankfully, it pulled to a stop in back of the rental car. The driver alighted from the truck and slowly approached. He was a big man, probably about six-one or six-two and he towered over Patrick’s five-seven frame. He was dressed in a plaid shirt, blue jeans, Cowboy boots and a Cowboy hat. He smiled at Patrick and extended his hand.”Hi there, Zeke Taylor’s my name. You look like you could use some help.” The man smiled as Patrick shook his hand.”Thanks for stopping.” Patrick replied. “My rental car just stopped running and I can’t seem to get it started again. Maybe you can give me a jump?””Let’s have a look under the hood first and see what’s up.” Zeke answered.Zeke leaned over the engine and fiddled around with some wiring.”‘Fraid a jump ain’t gonna do no good. Looks like yer alternator is just fried to a crisp.””Oh shit!” Patrick exclaimed. “I hate to impose, but could you give me a ride to a garage?””In this weather?” Zeke answered. “They got tornado warnings out. The bridge about a mile back is already washed out and I ‘spect the bridge about a half-mile up is probably washed out too. I’m headed home to get out of this weather. If you want, you can ride with me and weather the storm at my place. Then we can get you goin’ again when the storm breaks.””I hate to put you out.” Patrick said.”Well, you sure as hell can’t stay out here. It just ain’t safe!” Zeke responded.”Alright, that makes sense.” Patrick conceded.”Good. Get all yer personals outa that car and toss them in the bed of the truck.” Zeke instructed.”I can probably just leave them here till we get back.” Patrick answered.”An’ if a tornado comes and blows this little car away?” Zeke chuckled.”I see your point.” Patrick responded. He got his suitcase and sample case out of the rental and tossed them into the bed of the truck. Zeke opened the passenger door for him and Patrick thanked him and climbed into the pickup.”See, nice and dry and toasty in here.” Zeke smiled as he started the truck.They drove in silence for about a quarter of a mile when Zeke turned onto a gravel side road that began to ascend into the hills.”Where does this lead?” Patrick asked.”My place is up in the hills.” Zeke answered. “Road gets a little bumpy, but it won’t take long to get there.””So, what’s a youngster like you doin’ stranded in the middle of nowhere?” Zeke asked.”I’m hardly a ‘youngster.'” Patrick said a little defensively. “I’m twenty-four and I’m travelling to Memphis on a sales trip.””Shit, you could pass for eighteen!” Zeke exclaimed. “What the hell you sell?””Industrial supplies.” Patrick answered and grabbed onto the overhead strap as they hit a bumpy patch in the road.”Where’s your home base?” Zeke asked.”Chicago.””I been to Chicago.” Zeke chuckled. “Lotsa queers in Chicago.””It’s a big city. It has all kinds of people in it.” Patrick responded, a little defensively.”I went to a section called ‘Old Town.’ Zeke said. “They had all these clubs there that only guys went to. Some of the guys looked normal, but some of them boys were prettier than my wife.””Is your wife at home?” Patrick asked.”Nah. She died a few years back.” Zeke said.”I’m sorry to hear that.” Patrick responded sympathetically.”No call to be sorry. We had over thirty good years together and she went quick; no pain. Aneurism they said it was. Anyway, guy gets horny after awhile. That’s why I went up to the big city. Figured to shoot off some steam and get myself laid.””Why did you go to a gay bar?” Patrick asked.”Stumbled into it by accident. Before I could figure out what was goin’ on in there, this pretty boy sidled up to me and asked if I wanted to buy him a drink. I figured ‘what the hell’ and so I did. Before I knew it, we was kissin’ and he was rubbin’ my cock and lickin’ my ear. Got me all hot and bothered and talked me into goin’ to his place. I told him I didn’t suck no cock or nothin’ and he said that was just fine; I could fuck his ass! You ever fucked ass?””No. I’m not into that.” Patrick answered.”Shit! It was better than fuckin’ pussy. It was a lot tighter. And the pretty boy, he just moaned like a little slut-girl and let me cum inside of him. Shit, I rode him like a buckin’ bronco. What a wild fuck! He got me doin’ things I never thought I’d do.””Like what?” Patrick asked.”He got me playin’ with his little prick. He only had maybe four or five inches; skinny little prick. But it was nice and smooth and got real hard and stiff when I stroked it and slathered his pre-cum juice all over it. That was the first time I ever made a boy cum. You ever played with a prick?””No. I’m not gay.” Patrick said. He was getting concerned about the direction this conversation had taken. “Are we almost to your place?””Got awhile yet.” Zeke answered. “Anyway, so I used to go up to Chicago every coupla months after that. Found out I liked playin’ with the pretty boys a lot. Guess you could say I become a connoisseur of sorts. I tried out all kinds of boys. Decided that I liked girly lookin’ boys the best. I really like a boy who’s short and skinny and ain’t got no hair on his body. You know they got laser things that can take all the hair off just lickety-split? An them girly-boys is mostly real submissive and obedient-like. I fucked one that kept callin’ me ‘Daddy’ all the time. That was really nice; really turned me on. An I like playin’ with their little cocks. There ain’t nothin’ better than holdin’ a boy’s little pecker in your hand and feelin’ it grow hard and stiff and get all moist on the tip.”Patrick was getting really uncomfortable at Zeke’s narrative. He didn’t have much of a sex life; mostly because he was short and skinny and the girls just didn’t seem to go for him. He’d gotten himself laid in college, but hadn’t really had a steady girlfriend, ever. He’d never done anything with another man, but he had wondered about gay sex. He’d visited some gay websites and the movies and pictures there had aroused him. He had been especially aroused by the movies of older men dominating those little boys that they called twinks. There was something about the thought of submitting to an older, masculine man that turned him on. But he had quickly avoided going back to them when he realized how unnatural sex between men was supposed to be. And he had never had the courage to pursue anything beyond the internet porn.But now his cock was actually growing hard listening to the older man’s descriptions of sex with those young boys! That fact had not escaped Zeke’s notice. He kept glancing over at Patrick while he spun his tale and noticed the young man’s cock tenting his pants. That encouraging development caused Zeke’s cock to harden and pulse. Maybe, just maybe, he had himself a real candidate here to be his boy. Zeke decided to press his case with Patrick.”I like boys with small, skinny cocks that still got their foreskin. You got a big cock or a little cock?” Zeke asked the young man.”What does that have to do with anything?” Patrick said.”Just makin’ conversation. So, is it big or little?” Zeke asked again.”Normal, I guess.””How long is it when it gets hard?” Zeke asked.”I don’t know. I don’t measure my cock!” Patrick blurted out.”If you had to guess, how long yalova escort bayan would you say?” Zeke probed.”I guess maybe five, five and a half inches.” Patrick responded.”Nice; just the right length. Is it thick or skinny?” Zeke asked.”It’s not very thick.” Patrick answered. “Look, can we change the subject. This is making me pretty uncomfortable.””My truck, my topic.” Zeke chuckled. “I’d really like to get me a skinny boy to own.””What do you mean ‘to own’?” Patrick asked.”You know; to be like my property, my own personal little sex slave.” Zeke answered.”Good thing slavery is i*****l in this country.” Patrick retorted.”Shit! In this part of Arkansas, anything goes long as there ain’t no one around to find out about it.””Look, maybe going to your place isn’t a good idea.” Patrick said fearfully.”No matter, honey, we just arrived.” Patrick smiled. He stopped the truck before a large gate in the road and pressed a button on a remote to open it. Zeke drove through and the gate closed behind them.”Welcome to Zeke’s place, boy.” He said as he stopped the truck in front of a large country house.They had been climbing higher and higher into the hills all the while that Zeke had been driving and talking. Patrick had not seen a house or farm or another human being during the entire drive up the narrow dirt road that led to Zeke’s house. The house was nestled in the woods and not really visible from any angle. The road had wound up from the entry gate and the house was not visible from that gate either. Patrick was in the middle of nowhere with a sex-obsessed older man!Zeke got Patrick’s bags out of the truck bed and carried them through the front door. Patrick followed him into a spacious, rustic living-room.”I’m starvin’. You hungry, boy?” Zeke asked.”Yes. But shouldn’t we call a garage?” Patrick asked nervously.”Sure. Phone’s over there on that table by the couch. Help yourself while I start some steaks cookin'”Patrick walked over to the phone while Zeke disappeared into the kitchen. He picked up the phone only to find that there was no dial tone. Of course, Zeke had failed to mention that he had not had a land line connected to the house for years. Zeke relied on his cell phone for his rare communications with the outside world. Patrick walked into the kitchen.”Your phone doesn’t seem to work.” Patrick said.”Equipment was probably washed out by the storm.” Zeke replied. “Good thing we’re in here where it’s nice and warm and comfy.”Zeke fried up a couple of steaks for their dinner and probed into Patrick’s background while they ate. He discovered that Patrick was single, had no girl-friend, and lived alone. Patrick’s parents were both deceased and he had no close family. Zeke also discovered that Patrick hated his job; mostly because he wasn’t any good at it. He had taken the sales job because of the potential for high income, but he just wasn’t assertive enough to even make his quotas. Patrick feared that if he didn’t do well on this trip, he would probably get fired. All this was encouraging to Zeke who began to think that Patrick might just be the best candidate for a ‘boy’ that he’d come across. Zeke got them a couple of beers and led Patrick into the living room. Zeke sat in his favorite recliner and Patrick sat on the couch across from him.”So, how do you like my place?” Zeke asked.”It’s really nice.” Patrick answered. “But it’s kind of secluded.””Yeah. I like it like that. I can go for months without ever seein’ anyone. Nobody really has any need to come up here. And if I get lonely, I just drive into town.””How far is town?” Patrick asked.”It’s about twenty-five mile.” Zeke smiled. “But I got almost everythin’ I need right here.””Almost?” Patrick asked, warily.”Yeah, almost.” Zeke smiled. “But I sure could use a boy of my very own to keep me company and warm my bed.”Now Patrick was really getting concerned.”Maybe we should see if the phone is working?” Patrick asked.”A boy like you could really be happy up here.” Zeke said ignoring his question. “Old Zeke would take care of you and you would take care of old Zeke.” He said and began to rub his hand over his crotch.”I told you I’m not gay.” Patrick said as he watched Zeke rub his crotch.”You might say that, but I seen yer prick doin’ push-ups in yer pants while we rode up here. I think yer a suppressed little fairy just bustin’ to get out and become the little slut you should be.””That . . . that’s not true.” Patrick stammered.Zeke unbuckled his jeans and lowered the zipper. He reached his hand into his pants and pulled out his cock. It was about nine inches of thick meat, hard and pulsating, the tip moist with pre-cum. Zeke began to slowly jack himself.”Wha . . . what are you doing?” Patrick gasped.”I’m showin’ you what can be yers.” Zeke smiled. “If you live with Zeke, you can have this nice, thick, piece of meat to suck all the juice out of. You can learn to worship it and serve it. You can let it transform your ass into a boy-pussy. You can become Zeke’s sex slave and obey me and serve me.””No. No. I’m not like that.” Patrick gasped.”Ain’t you, boy?” Zeke asked as he slid his pants down to his ankles and continued to slowly fondle himself.”Just look at your little prick doin’ push-ups in your pants. Put your hand on your crotch and feel the wetness staining your pants.” Zeke said.Patrick put his hand on his crotch. He was wet. His cock was getting hard. It was throbbing!”No.” Patrick moaned.”Yes, baby. You know you want to belong to Zeke. You can’t resist my cock. You need to worship it. Come to Zeke, baby! Come and take little Zeke in your mouth. You know you want to. You know you need to! Get on your knees and crawl to Zeke, baby.”Patrick slid off the couch as if in a trance. This was all so surreal. He wasn’t gay; he couldn’t be gay. He didn’t have sex with men. Why was his cock hard? Why was he crawling on his knees toward this older man’s large, throbbing member? But he felt compelled! He felt helpless before this strong-willed man. And here he was, kneeling between this man’s legs, smelling the strong scent of sex emanating from his crotch.”That’s it, baby. Come to Daddy. Lick Daddy’s hard cock.” Zeke cajoled as he placed his hand on Patrick’s head and guided him to his cock.Patrick stuck his tongue out and began to lick the throbbing cock in front of him. He licked it from the base to the moist head and tasted male pre-cum for the first time in his life.”Oh yes, that’s it, baby.” Zeke moaned with pleasure. “Take it into yer mouth and suck on it, honey.”Patrick did as instructed and sucked the tip of the throbbing organ into his mouth. He teased it with his tongue and drew as much of it into his mouth as he could.”That’s a good, boy!” Zeke gasped as he watched his prick disappear into the boy’s mouth. “Take more of it, slut!” He ordered and pressed Patrick’s head down further.Patrick began to gag, but Zeke’s hand kept him from backing off.”Relax yer throat, boy. Breathe through your nose.” Zeke instructed.Patrick did as ordered and the gagging reflex subsided. He took more of Zeke’s manhood. As Zeke’s throbbing rod slid further down his throat, Patrick could feel his own cock throbbing with desire. He put his hand between his legs and began to fondle himself. Zeke smiled as he noticed what the boy was doing.”Don’t you be playin’ with yerself, slut!” Zeke commanded. “There be plenty of time to take care of you later. Right now you serve Zeke. You is Zeke’s slut now!”Zeke’s words and tone made Patrick even harder. He felt compelled to obey and submit to this man. He moved his hands to Zeke’s thighs as his head bobbed up and down on Zeke’s cock.”Ohhh, yesss!” Zeke moaned as Patrick sucked and licked and deep-throated his pulsating prick.”Yes! Suck Daddy’s cock, you little cock-sucker! Take Daddy’s cum, you little whore!” Zeke shouted as he tensed up and thrust his cock all the way down Patrick’s throat.Patrick was making gurgling noises as he fought to keep from gagging as Zeke’s cock began to spew cum down his throat. Zeke’s copious load was too much for Patrick’s escort yalova throat. His mouth filled with Zeke’s love juice and it began to ooze down the sides of Patrick’s mouth. And Patrick’s whole body shook as his own orgasm took control of him. Patrick’s hard little prick began to spew cum into his shorts.”Good boy! Good boy! Wet yer pants with cum, you little sissy!” Zeke urged as Patrick shook and squirmed.Then it was over. Patrick slumped against Zeke’s thigh. The head of Zeke’s cock was still in his mouth. Patrick sucked slowly on it and caressed it with his tongue. Despite the v******e of Zeke’s orgasm, his cock was still hard and throbbing.”Yes, yes. That’s a good boy.” Zeke said soothingly as he ran his fingers through Patrick’s hair. “Suck on Daddy’s cock like a good little faggot. You belong to Daddy now. You’re Daddy’s good, little boy, aren’t you?””Mmmm, hmmmm.” Patrick muttered while he continued to suck on his new toy.”That’s right, baby. You suck on Daddy’s prick. Daddy is going to keep you and train you to be his slave. You want that, don’t you, baby?””Mmmm, hmmmm.” Patrick mumbled as he hungrily sucked on the tip of Zeke’s cock and stroked the rest of its length with his fingers.Zeke tensed up again and a second load erupted from his throbbing cock into Patrick’s mouth. Patrick sucked like a baby sucking on the nipple of a bottle and swallowed all of this second gift. When Zeke’s cock stopped giving, Patrick slumped against Zeke’s thigh and allowed Zeke’s member to slip out of his mouth.”Ohhhh.” Patrick sighed.”Come, sit on Daddy’s lap.” Zeke urged as he helped the boy up and positioned him.”Are you Daddy’s boy?” Zeke asked.”Mmmm, hmmm.” Patrick mumbled.”Say it, baby.” Zeke commanded.”I’m Daddy’s boy.” Patrick whispered.”Yes, you are, slut.” Zeke smiled.Zeke lifted the boy’s chin and covered his lips with his own. His tongue invaded the boy’s yielding mouth and began to tease and excite the boy’s little tongue. Patrick put his arm around Zeke’s neck as Zeke began to fondle his cock through his wet pants. Zeke quickly stripped the boy’s pants down to his knees and wrapped his hand around the boy’s little uncut prick. Patrick moaned into Zeke’s mouth as Zeke coaxed the forereskin down the head of his cock and rubbed the sensitive, exposed head with his thumb. Zeke squeezed the little cock into hardness and expertly jacked the boy off.Patrick was overwhelmed. Zeke’s tongue in his mouth; Zeke’s hand manipulating his cock; it was driving him mad with lust and hunger. He wrapped his arms around Zeke and held on for dear life as he began to shake uncontrollably. His tongue lapped wildly against Zeke’s tongue. His cock began to shoot streams of cum, depositing them on his chest and stomach.”Aaaaargh!” Patrick moaned incoherently into Zeke’s mouth as his body shook and quivered.Then it was done. Patrick was spent. He slumped against Zeke’s chest and curled up tightly against his body.”That’s a good boy. That’s a good boy.” Zeke soothed him as he ran his fingers across Patrick’s cheek and forehead.”Yer Daddy’s boy now. You belong to Daddy. Rest. Rest.”Patrick sighed and closed his eyes. This was so much better than those internet movies. This was real. In just a few moments, he drifted off into a deep slumber.Training BeginsPatrick slowly floated back into consciousness. He was laying on the couch in Zeke’s living room, curled up in the fetal position and sucking on his thumb. His pants were still down around his knees and a blanket had been thrown over him. He opened his eyes slowly and saw Zeke sitting in the easy chair clothed only in boxer shorts.”Welcome back to the land of the living, baby.” Zeke smiled at him.”How long did I sleep?” Patrick asked, still groggy and slightly disoriented.”It’s ten o’clock. You slep for about two hours. You looked really cute, layin’ there all curled up and suckin’ on your thumb. Bet you was dreamin’ about suckin’ on somethin’ else, wasn’t you?” Zeke smiled.”I . . . I don’t know.” Patrick answered as he sat up. “Shouldn’t we check if the phone works? I need to call a garage.””What you need a garage for, baby doll?” Zeke asked.”I . . . I need to get my car fixed. I . . . I need to get home.” Patrick stammered.”You are home, honey-chile. Yer in yer new home.””I . . . I don’t . . . I . . . what?” Patrick asked confused.”Yer Daddy’s boy now. You live with Daddy. You obey Daddy. Yer Daddy’s little toy.””No. I have to . . . I’ve got to . . . what’s happening?””Yer givin’ yerself to Daddy. Daddy’s gonna train you and make you a happy little slut. And we’re gonna start yer trainin’ now, honey.””But I . . . but . . . what?” Patrick was babbling and frantically looking around the room.”Just relax, baby, and listen to Daddy.” Zeke said soothingly.”Stand up, bitch!” Zeke commanded.Patrick slipped the blanket off and slowly stood up. He had obeyed almost reflexively. Zeke smiled.”You look pretty comical with yer pants down around yer ankles.” Zeke chuckled. “Take off yer pants and yer shoes and socks.Patrick did as instructed. He stood before the couch, naked from the waist down. Patrick looked at Zeke and could not help but notice that the large snake in his boxers was starting to stir again.”I need to inspect all of my new merchandise, boy.” Zeke said. “Take off yer shirt. Do it slowly.”Patrick felt extremely self-conscious as he slowly unbuttoned and removed his shirt. Zeke sat there staring and hungrily licking his lips.”Take off that t-shirt too, slut.” Zeke instructed.Patrick slowly lifted his t-shirt over his head and then dropped it to the floor. He stood naked before Zeke, hands at his sides, eyes downcast.”Oh, baby, you got the body of a sexy little sissy, don’t you!” Zeke said appreciatively.”Jes look at them sexy little titties and the way those nipples stick outa them. And look at that little prick startin’ to grow between yer legs. Turn around and let me see that sexy little ass of yers. Oh yeah, honey, it’s just made fer fuckin’. Come here, sissy. Daddy’s got some things fer you.””But I don’t . . . I have to . . . I don’t know . . .” Patrick rambled.”Come here, sissy, and kneel before Daddy. Now!” Zeke commanded.Patrick glanced around frantically again as if he were contemplating flight. But he was naked and out in the middle of nowhere. Where could he flee to? Then he shrugged in resignation and walked over to the recliner and knelt down in front of Zeke.Zeke opened a cardboard box next to the recliner and reached in and pulled out a pair of objects.”What are those?” Patrick asked.”They’re ankle cuffs. See, they’re nice black leather on the outside, but they got this soft, white fur-like stuff on the inside. This way, I can put ’em on you nice and tight, but they won’t chafe yer skin and make you bleed if you try to get out of ’em. And look at these nice, little loops of steel on the outside. You can hook ’em together like they came outa the box or you can use ’em to restrain yer slave by tyin’ him to somethin’. Here, gimme yer leg and I’ll put this one on you.”Patrick sat back and lifted his leg. Zeke put the cuff on his ankle and tightened it so it was firm, but not hurtful. Patrick offered his other leg for Zeke to do the same.”Why do I need to wear these, Zeke?” Patrick asked.Slap! Zeke’s hand hit his cheek and left a red mark there.”You don’t call me “Zeke” no more! You give me the proper respect and call me Daddy, you slut!””Yes, Daddy.” Patrick sniffled as he rubbed his cheek.Zeke reached into the box and retrieved a smaller pair of cuffs.”Now gimme yer hands, so I can put these handcuffs on you.” Zeke ordered.Patrick held out his hands and watched as Zeke fastened the cuffs to his wrists.”Now don’t that look purty! Matchin’ handcuffs and ankle cuffs. But I got more fer you, honey.”Zeke reached into the box and drew out a large, black collar with a small pink bow attached to it. As he leaned over Patrick to fasten the collar around his neck, Patrick could smell the aroma of sex drifting up from Zeke’s crotch. He saw Zeke’s cock grow hard in the boxers as he heard the click of the yalova escort collar lock around his neck.Zeke sat back to admire his handiwork. Patrick knelt before him on his haunches, eyes downcast and cuffed hands resting in his lap. Zeke noted approvingly that Patrick’s little pecker was now hard and stiff and pointing straight out. The little bitch was turned on by this! Zeke needed to seal the deal now! He needed to make this boy his! Zeke reached into the box and drew out another item – a chain-link leash.”Look at me, boy.” Zeke commanded.Patrick slowly lifted his eyes to Zeke.”We come to what you might call the moment of truth, boy. I aim to make you my slave, my property. But I don’t want no reluctant slave. I want a slave who wants to be my slave. I want a slave who craves my cock inside of him; in his mouth; in his pussy. I want a slave who obeys without thinking; without question. I want a slave who understands that he ain’t nothin’ more than my toy; my plaything. I know that you need trainin’; that some of this ain’t goin’ to come natural to you. And I aim to train you and make you like I want you to be. But first I want you to surrender yerself to me. I want you to give up yer own free will and acknowledge that I am yer Master and you are my slave. I command and you obey. That’s the bargain. So I’m gonna ask you if yer goin’ to give yerself to me. If you say, ‘Yes, Master,’ then I’m goin’ to attach this chain to yer collar. When it clicks into place, that’s the sign that yer mine! All mine! Yer freedom is gone forever and ever!” Zeke stopped to let what he had said sink in. He stood up, towering over the boy.”Look at me, boy!” Zeke commanded.Patrick slowly raised his eyes to Zeke. He knelt there shaking like a scared little puppy.”Do you surrender yer freedom to me, boy?” Zeke said deliberately, emphasizing each word.”Ye . . . Ye . . . Yes, Master.” Patrick stammered.Zeke smiled triumphantly and reached down to place the clasp of the leash onto the ring of Patrick’s collar. As it clicked loudly into place, Patrick’s shoulders slumped with the finality of surrender.”You are now mine, boy!” Zeke said. “You belong to me!”Zeke wrapped the leash around his hand and drew Patrick to his feet. Patrick’s little cock was now hard and throbbing. The head was moist with pre-cum. Zeke wrapped his hand around the boy’s cock and squeezed.”I’m gonna enjoy you, baby.” Zeke said and led Patrick by the leash to his bedroom.First Fuck”Lay down on the bed, whore!” Zeke ordered.Patrick crawled onto the bed. It was a huge four-poster, high off the floor. Zeke quickly shed his boxers and crawled on the bed and lay next to Patrick. He wrapped his arm around the boy drawing him close. Patrick could feel Zeke’s hard cock throbbing against his thigh as Zeke hungrily kissed him, forcing his tongue into the boy’s sweet mouth. Patrick responded hungrily to the kiss as Zeke began to caress and knead his little ass cheeks as if they were lumps of putty. Patrick rubbed his cock against Zeke’s thigh. Saliva was dripping down the side of his mouth as Zeke’s tongue explored him.Then Zeke’s mouth was trailing down his cheek to his neck.”Ahhhh!” Patrick moaned with pleasure as Zeke bit into his neck and sucked his first hickey onto the boy.”Oh, yes, Daddy!” Zeke breathed.Then Zeke sat up and rolled over to the nightstand where he retrieved a jar of lube. He plunged his fuck-finger into the jar and rolled it around, coating the finger with the slimy gel. Then he was back next to Patrick, hungrily kissing the boy as he slowly worked his fuck-finger into Patrick’s tight ass. Patrick’s tongue responded wildly in Zeke’s mouth as Zeke buried his finger fully inside the boy’s ass and then began to slowly fuck it, coating it with gel. Zeke trailed his lips down to Patrick’s chest and he licked the boy’s nipples into hardness and sucked on his little titties.”Do you want to be my bitch?” Zeke taunted.”Yes, Daddy.” Patrick gasped as he writhed on Zeke’s finger.”Do you want to be Daddy’s little girl?””Yes, Daddy. Please, Daddy!” Patrick begged.Zeke retrieved the jar of lube and knelt on the bed. He plunged his fingers into the jar and slathered the jelly all over his huge, throbbing member. He wiped the excess off on a towel, then moved quickly to Patrick.”Spread your legs, slut!” Zeke ordered.Patrick did as ordered and Zeke slid a plump pillow under the boy’s ass to raise him up. Zeke knelt between Patrick’s legs and threw the boy’s legs over his shoulders and placed his cock at the entrance to Patrick’s tight ass.”Now I’m gonna make you my little girl-bitch. You ain’t gonna be a boy no more!”Zeke slowly pushed the head of his cock into Patrick’s ass.”Ahhhhh!” Patrick groaned as Zeke took his cherry.”Oh, Daddy.” Patrick moaned as Zeke pushed his hard rod farther in.”Do you want more, baby?” Zeke whispered to the trembling boy beneath him.”Oh, yes, Daddy. Please, Daddy.” Patrick gasped as his ass swallowed the rest of Zeke’s pud.They lay there, still, for a moment. Patrick could feel Zeke’s hard rod pulsating inside of him. Then Zeke began to move; slowly at first; then picking up speed. He was soon fucking Patrick in earnest. And Patrick was losing all control. He was lost in a sea of pleasure and sensation. All that existed for him was Zeke’s cock moving in and out of him; fucking him; causing sensations his body had never experienced. Patrick hung on to Zeke for dear life.It was a scene of pure passion. The slight boy with his legs and arms wrapped around the large man. The boy shaking and trembling; his hips matching the rhythm of the man’s fucking. The boy mumbling incoherently and the man grunting with pleasure as he wildly fucked his new slave. Then came release! Zeke uttered an a****l cry as his spunk exploded into the writhing body beneath him. Spurt after spurt, filling the boy until it began to leak from his hole. Patrick was really not conscious of being filled. He was barely conscious of anything! All he could do was feel the sensations that overwhelmed him. He did not want the sensations to stop!But all good things do come to an end. Zeke had nothing left in him to shoot into Patrick. He collapsed against the boy, breathing heavily. Patrick was still quivering with passion and Zeke smiled as he felt the boy’s little prick spitting its small load of cum, plastering both of their chests. Zeke held the boy until he stopped quivering and then rolled off of him and lay next to him.”Yer Daddy’s little girl now, ain’t you, baby?””Yes, Daddy.” Patrick said, snuggling close to Zeke.”Patrick is a really stupid name for a pretty little girl. From now on Daddy’s going to call you “Patti.” Do you like that, honey?””Yes, Daddy. Patti likes that.””Good girl!” Zeke exclaimed. “Let’s go clean up.”Zeke led Patti into the master bath. They both relieved themselves. When it was Patti’s turn to piss, Zeke stood behind him and held his cock for him. Then Zeke ran warm water over a wash cloth and cleaned the both of them up. He led Patti back to the bedroom and instructed her to lay down on the right side of the bed. Zeke had a long chain attached to the front leg of the bed with a small padlock on the other end of the chain. Zeke fastened the chain to Patti’s handcuff locking it in place with the padlock. There was enough slack to allow Patti to comfortably roll around in his sleep; but there was no way the boy would be able to get the chain off to escape.”Why do I have to have a chain, Daddy?” Patti asked petulantly.”Because Daddy hasn’t fully broken you yet, baby. I don’t want you getting silly little ideas about escape in that purty little head of yers.'”Yes, Daddy.” Patti sighed.Zeke wrapped his arms around Patti and drew him close, spooning him. As Patti felt Zeke’s cock coming to life again, he knew it was going to be a sleepless night. So, Patti wriggled his little ass against Zeke’s boner just like the good little slut he was becoming.** Please note, I am NOT the author of this story, nor do I claim any credit for writing it. The author is oskarwild and I am a fan of their stories. I simply appreciate the excellent story and thought I would share it with the community. That said, I would love to experience this, so if you are a Master that would enjoy inflicting this upon me, please get in touch. Thank you, Sir **

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