Out Of Afrika, Chapter 41

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Out Of Afrika, Chapter 41
Out of Afrika, Chapter 41

A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van, Satinlvr_mwf andWunderboi


Chapter 41 – Family History (with acknowledgement to John Cleland and Fanny Hill)


Our story thus far:
Hawksville, a small town on the Eastern Seaboard had become the center of excellence for the application of Rhino’s mind-controlling systems and understanding and acceptance of the superiority of the Black Man and woman over the White.

The many inhabitants of Hawksville bear testament to the success of this philosophy and all have stories to tell that supports their acceptance of the new way of living.

To continue:

Janice Baldwin had been given leave of absence from her job as Zaire’s personnel assistant due to more personal reasons of her own. Her widowed father had died and as the only surviving family member she needed to travel to her old family home to arrange the funeral and once the old man had been laid to rest to clear the house and close up and dispose of his estate.

She had informed him of her loss during their daily early morning meeting when they reviewed the day’s schedule and Zaire had been very sympathetic to her situation and told her to take as much time as she needed. Indeed, he told her that if she needed his more intimate involvement to cope with her loss and if there were any legal aspects requiring asssitance that he would be happy to provide. She thanked him profusely for his understanding but words were difficult for as soon as she told him of her need she found herself on her knees and had his big black cock in her mouth. (It was the usual manner of concluding their early morning business meeting.)

Janice had not returned ‘home’ for many years. She hadn’t been particularly close to her father and after her mother had died some years earlier there was never any great compulsion to visit. Nonetheless, she did her duty and with the help of Herb, her wimpy drippy husband, they gave her dad a dignified send-off, entertained his few old friends and neighbors (when she continually heard ‘what a lovely man’ he was which was quite contrary to her own memories) and then, when the last one had left the house clutching whatever memento she could off-load, she set to and began the onerous task of clearing the house.

She was surprised how easy the chore became. There was a couple of small items of furniture she wanted for herself together with some ornaments and photographs but for the rest it was a case of contacting a house-clearance firm who came and within a day had emptied the two-story clapboard house, given her a check leaving her only with an old leather trunk that contained a collection of documents and what looked like old ledgers. She told Herb to load the box into the car along with the other pieces she wanted to keep before taking a final tour of the house. Satisfied that all had been cleared and the last link had been broken she made her final act and called the local Realtor to confirm that the house was now on the market and for them to do what was required.

On returning home Herb was told to unload the car, place the furniture and treasured items ‘just so’ and then to take the trunk into Janice’s home office where she would later examine the contents in greater detail. She then called Zaire to confirm that she had returned home and he, in turn, told her he would come by later that day to give her a proper welcome home. She purred at the suggestion and told Herb he needed to either make himself scarce that evening or if he intended to stay at home that he needed to find something suitable to wear in order to properly entertain their guest.

With the rest of the day accounted for and with Herb busying himself with household chores Janice retreated to the office and settled down to examine the documents in the trunk. She worked steadily and methodically extracting each piece of paper or book in turn; reading and identifying; retaining or discarding according to importance until finally she reached the bottom of the trunk to find a finely bound journal. She opened the cover and her heart gave a jump when she read inside the front cover the first words of fine cursive script:

” Janice Beauregard and this is my story – 1824″

She caught her breath and muttered an ‘Oh my God’ recognising that the person who had written those words must be none other than the ancestor whom she had vaguely heard spoken of by her parents; had a certain reputation and, the only fact that she was certain of, it was her name that she had been given. Yes, it must be the fabled Janice about whom there had been so much rumor which had become family lore. She cleared a space on the desktop, set the book down and opened it to the first page.


“Of my c***dhood, I remember little, it was a time of innocence and naivety with a total ignorance of vice, and the shy timidity general to our sex when matters alarm or frighten more by their novelty than anything else.

My innocent life was bought to a cruel end when both my parents were struck down by the small pox when I was but in the sixteenth year of my birth. In her dying days my mother had reached out to her sister, a lady who had some years before my birth married into a family of noble pedigree, and pleaded with her that should the good Lord see it fit to call her to glory that I would be welcomed into her family and cared for as if one of her own.

So it proved, Mama died a hideous death to join my father in the grave he so recently claimed and I was sent with my few belongings to begin a new life with people of whom I hardly knew.

My Aunt was outwardly strict in manner and temperament but she recognized the torment I was suffering and made every effort to be kind toward me. I was to share the bedchamber of my cousin who I had never before met. Indeed our first acquaintance was to be further delayed for Katherine, the cousin, was away at a Boarding School for young ladies and would not be returning home for a few weeks when holidays from education began.

On arrival at the great house I was introduced first to my Aunt and then to Phoebe, the head maid , who was to become my mentor in all things of which I was at that time ignorant. Phoebe was directed to care for me and in my innocence I did as I was told not knowing any better and in awe of the fine trappings in which now surrounded my circumstances.
On that first night after supper I did as Phoebe directed and prepared myself for bed. I knew no better when she came up to me, and beginning with unpinning my handkerchief and gown, soon encouraged me to go on with undressing myself. I remember my blushing at now seeing myself naked to her gaze.

Phoebe laughed to see my display of shame and came to my side and embraced and kissed me with great eagerness. This was new, this was odd; but imputing it to be nothing but pure kindness, which, I assumed to be the way of the nobility to express in that manner, I determined not to be behind hand with her and I returned her the kiss and embrace, with all the fervour that perfect innocence knew.

Phoebe was encouraged by this and she laid me on the bed where her hands became extremely free, and wandered over my whole body, with touches, squeezes, pressures, that rather warmed and surprised me with their novelty. The flattering praises she intermingled with these invasions, contributed to me feeling no ill and I lay then all tame and passive as I began to feel hitherto unknown emotions and, till then, unfelt pleasure. Every part of me was open and exposed to the licentious courses of her hands, which, like a lambent fire, ran over my whole body, and thawed all coldness as they went.

My breasts, if it is not too bold a figure to call so two hard, firm, rising hillocks, that just began to shew themselves, amused her hands a-while, till, slipping down lower, over a smooth track, she could just feel the soft silky down that had but a few months before put forth and garnished the mount-pleasant of those parts promising to spread a grateful shelter over the seat of the most exquisite sensation and which had been, till that instant, the seat of the most insensible innocence. Her fingers played and strove to twine in the young tendrils of that moss, which nature has contrived at once for use and ornament.

Not contented with these outer parts she began to attempt a invasion of the main spot and force an introduction of a finger into the cleft itself. I was inflamed beyond the power of modesty to oppose its resistance to her progress and her lascivious touches had lighted up a new fire that warmed through all my veins. Her fingers busied in feeling, squeezing, compressing the lips, then opening them again but the narrowness of the unbroken passage refused it entrance to any depth.

All the while to the accompaniment of my languid stretching, sighs, kaçak iddaa short heavings that conspired to assure her that I was more pleased than offended at her proceedings she seasoned her attentions by exclamations, such as “Oh! what a charming creature thou art! . . . What a happy man will he be that first makes a woman of you! . . . Oh! that I were a man for your sake!” interrupted by kisses as fierce and fervent as I had ever before received.

For my part, I was transported, confused, and out of myself; feelings so new were too much for me. My heated and alarmed senses were in a tumult that robbed me of all liberty of thought; tears of pleasure gushed from my eyes, and somewhat assuaged the fire that raged all over me. I attempted to pull the bedcovers over me but Phoebe, the thorough-bred Phoebe, to whom all modes and devices of pleasure were known and familiar prevented me and I had no power or sense to oppose it. Even my glowing blushes expressed more desire than modesty, whilst the candle, left burning, threw a full light on my whole body.

“No!” says Phoebe, “you must not, my sweet girl, think to hide all these treasures from me. My sight must be feasted as well as my touch . . . I must devour with my eyes this springing bosom . . . Suffer me to kiss it . . . I have not seen it enough . . . Let me kiss it once more . . . What firm, smooth, white flesh is here! . . . How delicately shaped! . . . Then this delicious down! Oh! let me view the small, dear, tender cleft! . . . This is too much, I cannot bear it! . . . I must . . . I must . . .” Here she took my hand and carried it to her own cavity and guided my hand to easily received it. What a difference in the state of the same thing, a spreading thicket of bushy curls marking the full-grown, complete woman.
As soon as she felt my hand within her, she moved herself to and fro, with so rapid a friction until she gave a muffled sigh that denoted much pleasure. I presently withdrew it, wet and clammy, when instantly Phoebe grew more composed and after two or three sighs, gave me a kiss that seemed to exhale her soul through her lips. What pleasure she had found I will not say; but this I know, that the first sparks of kindling nature, the first ideas of pollution, were caught by me that night.

When Phoebe was restored to calm she rose from the bed and pulled the covers over me and bid me goodnight. She made play with how I may gain further enjoyment for myself, artfully sounded me on all the points necessary to bring about such pleasures. After a sufficient length of dialogue, my bedfellow left me to my rest, and I fell asleep, thinking of the new and strange world to which I had been so violently introduced.”

Janice slumped back in her chair. She had never before read such an account that so graphically depicted the beginning of the end of innocence. Indeed, the pictures that the archaic language had formed in her mind had made her feel distinctly warm and damp between her thighs. She riffled the leaves of the book gauging the number of pages that all appeared to be covered in the fine copperplate script to the very end before checking her watch to estimate the amount of time she had available to continue reading. She turned to the next page.


“The weeks before my cousin returned home for the holidays were spent mainly in the company of Phoebe who continued to act upon the instruction of my Aunt to teach me in the ways of the gentry. My days would be spent being taught the art of gentile conversation and the importance of polite behavior as befitted my new station. There were days after we had partaken of our breakfast that I would be introduced to the ways and means of dressing in fine clothes so that I could then be admitted into high society. Other times I would be taken on tours of the estate when I was discretely instructed by Phoebe to observe and how to conduct myself whenever interacting with the peasant farm workers and other lower class employees of my Aunt. It was a most fruitful experience and I soon learned that as a person of high status that anything I was desirous of could be attained with little protest from those upon whom I made my demands. However, no matter how the daylight hours were spent, always at the end after we had taken of our evening repast the education would continue in my bedroom when dear Phoebe would take it upon herself to see me safely into my bed and with her industrious fingers and soft kisses introduce me to new pleasures before releasing me to a blameless sleep.

I had been resident in my new station for some weeks when my cousin Katherine returned home from her place of learning. I had no recollection of her appearance for it had been many years since I had last made her acquaintance but I was pleased to meet with her countenance as she was similar in form as myself, a petite fair maiden with blond hair to her shoulders, mine a little longer, with the only discernable difference that she had blue eyes whilst mine are of hazel. I flattered myself to believe we could be regarded as twins. She was genuinely pleased to find me as her new companion and bedfellow as usually her living at home was spent with only servants for company and her pleasures were limited. To have someone of her own station with whom she could share intimacies appealed to her temperament greatly. It was clear that from the first moment of our meeting that we were destined to be more than just companions for Katherine after she had dismissed Phoebe from our company insisted that I as her new confident should use her preferred name and that thenceforth we would be known as ‘Janice and Kathy’.

So it was that this strong-willed girl at the direction of my Aunt took over my education in the ways of the society in which I was to become a part. There was much that I didn’t know and Kathy was well-versed in all aspects of what an unwed female should be aware. She quizzed me incessantly on my appreciation of matters of both the heart and body and was much amused by my ignorance which she then set forth to correct. She smiled when I told her of Phoebe’s attentions to me and teased from me that I was no longer ashamed to be in the servant girl’s company when she had introduced me to pleasures of which I was previously unaware. She laughed out heartily when I confessed that I had no idea that the cleft from which I passed my water was meant for any other purpose and that one could gain such exquisite feelings of delight from manipulating ones hands around those parts. She taught me words I had never before heard that described my maiden parts.

She quizzed me further and discovered that as a naive young girl I had no idea that there was an even greater pleasure to be had from the attentions of the opposite sex. I was intrigued at her insinuations for my mother had never spoken of such things and I had been kept in complete ignorance during my c***dhood. Indeed, up until that point I had never given much thought that there were differences in the way that men and women differed in appearance other than women developed a bosom as they passed from maidenhood into their mature life. I had never seen a man in a state of undress to know otherwise. Much less know of the ways and means of the sexes coming together and the purposes of their differences.

Kathy was highly amused at my display of ignorance and promised that she would find a means of having all these intriguing matters to which she constantly referred demonstrated to my innocent understanding. She furthered my confusions by adding that whilst the application of gaining the ultimate pleasure from the couplings at which she hinted, that ladies of our station must be forever on our guard against the possible consequences of the male being allowed to gain his pleasure unprotected. I had no idea to what she was referring and told her so. She countered by saying that she had a fine idea of how my ignorance could be corrected.

It was but a few days later after Kathy had truly settled back into her position as the second lady of the house that she announced we were to pay a visit to the stables where she said a mare was due to be served by a stallion. Again her words meant little to me for I was also badly informed in matters of a****l husbandry as with so many things.
That day was to be one of countless discoveries and marked a watershed in my education. A Chaise and two with Thomas the coachman took us to the stables and after alighting we took care to ensure that our dresses were not soiled by the muddy ground and we repaired to a small paddock where a docile looking horse was tied to the rail. Kathy touched my arm and said that this was the mare who was soon to be served. Still I remained in ignorance as to her meaning.

We turned at the sound of hooves clattering on the cobbles of the inner stable and I was kaçak bahis taken aback at the sight of a large black horse being led by young fellow who was equally dark, a Blackamoor. He struggled to contain his charge’s enthusiasm but with judicious use of a crop and harsh words the snorting b**st was maneuvered to enter the paddock. Immediately the handsome b**st’s attention turned to the other horse who though tethered became vexed at its presence. The Blackamoor led the stallion to the rear of the nervous mare and with no hesitation it reared on its hind legs and made to clamber upon the back of the poor creature. It was then that I noticed the a****l appeared to be possessed of an extra appendage, a fifth leg it appeared to me. I gasped to see the sight of this aberration and pointed out to Kathy the cause of my confusion. She laughed when she saw to what I was referring and told me that I was a silly goose that, “this was the whole reason for us to be paying this visit”; that what I was observing was what was most desirous to all female creatures, the male peggo in an aroused state ready to provide the ultimate pleasure to the one chosen to receive it. She called to the groomsman and told him to hold the appendage so that I might witness more closely the form and size of this strange object.

To my innocent eyes it appeared to be made of dark flesh and was the size and length of my slender arm down to having a fingerless fist at its furthest extremity. The fist was dripping a liquid I knew not what but I had little time to examine further for the Blackamoor positioned the fearsome looking object at the rear of the whimpering mare, a movement which caused much approval from all present as with one thrust of stallion’s flank the ‘peggo’ slid inside the gaping cleft which was revealed to me when the swishing tail of the mare was moved aside.

I was much concerned to view such a violation to the poor creature who was held so fast but my distress was not matched by the others who murmured approval at the sight. Indeed, my companions all seemed to be possessed of some kind of fever as they encouraged the stallion to perform with more gusto and I must admit to be feeling an equal feeling of disorder as the performance continued. After a few moments of this fearful thrusting the stallion with a final snort seemingly fell back to standing on its four proper legs and I could see that from its fifth ‘leg’, which was now all glistening with an overall wetness, a dripping of some kind of white fluid. The mare was docile once more and the groomsman pulled her tail to one side and expressed satisfaction when he observed a similar kind of white liquid, like froth, hanging about the outward lips of that recently opened wound, which now glowed with a deeper red.
Kathy asked if my ignorance had been served to have been made witness to that most perfect example of love between the sexes. I responded that I found it most exhilarating to behold but said I still could not see its relevance to ourselves. Surely such mechanisms between humankind was not possible.

My responses bought forth much laughter from not only Kathy but also from Emmanuel, the Blackamoor, and Thomas who had been privy to my comments. I was much embarrassed to be expressing my ignorance. However, Kathy was not amused to have her servants to be laughing at my expense and she made to punish them by making them further my education and understanding. I was shocked when she ordered both of them to lower their breeches and to expose their lower parts which hitherto had been hidden.

They both did so without any hesitation and Kathy then commanded them to take out their affairs from their undergarments and it was then that for the first time in my life I was made aware of the differences between men and women. Thomas had no hesitation in drawing out his peggo and stood shamelessly with his white rude looking affair in his hand. I could see that beneath the smooth looking object were two hanging appendages which amused me to think they looked just like the baubles one would decorate a house at festive times. Emmanuel likewise drew out his contrivance but in size it compared more to the stallion which he had so recently presented. I could not comprehend how such a fearsome tool could be contained unseen beneath his clothing, this grand movement, which seemed to rise out of a thicket of curling hair that spread from the root all round thighs and belly up to the navel, standing stiff and upright. When at last I comprehended the purpose of such a weapon I was much afraid.

Kathy gained even more amusement at my consternation when I expressed my doubts. She gave me a gentle jog and asked a whispered question: whether I thought my little maidenhead would ever be able to receive such a intrusion. I became giddy at the thought when at last I realized to what she was referring. Indeed, how could such a thing be possible?

She sensed my fear and sought to assure me that such violations were achieved to everyone’s’ satisfaction by a variety of ways that assured the easy entrance of a man’s peggo into a maiden’s small tender parts including that of the production of natural lubrications. She reminded me of the sweet nectars that we enjoyed when we lay abed before sleep and she told me that a man was similarly equipped to produce such slickness. With that she commanded Thomas to attend to Emmanuel who willing presented himself to the outstretched hand of the coachmen. I gained an impression that this was an act with which they were familiar for Thomas had no hesitation in grasping the stiff black tool and using his fist in the manner of an enveloping glove began to stroke back and forth.

Kathy instructed me to pay attention, an instruction which was not required for I was much intrigued. Thomas continued with his diligence and as he did so I observed that the small hole in the plum that was the end of Emmanuel’s affair began to exude a clear liquid quite unlike that which I might have expected to see. It began to dribble down and Thomas caught the dribblings with his thumb and deliberately spread the fluid over the bulbous end of the purple plum. Emmanuel expressed much contentment as he felt his companion apply himself so. All the while Thomas kept hold of his own and I blushed to see that he was producing the same kind of syrup. The more that Thomas applied his attentions the more excited and vexed Emmanuel became and I feared that something was amiss with his countenance. Kathy recognized it too but she was not concerned that something was wrong, to the contrary she seemed keen to be involved with the titillations. She whispered to me that, “soon you will see something wondrous, something that we desire to bring about but something of which you should beware.”

She returned her attention to our two paramours and sharply told them to release their hold upon each other. She instructed them, ” frig yourselves so that we might see you cum”. These were new words to my ears but I chose not to express my ignorance instead I watched as they both took their stiff affairs in hand and began to stroke themselves in the manner to which I had just been introduced. I was in thrall at the sight for never had I thought that such pleasures could come from such a presentation. Both peggos were dripping their essence and I thought that this was the aim of this exercise until Kathy exclaimed that she was tired of waiting to see their ‘cum’.

It was Thomas who confessed that he found it difficult to do so under the circumstances which she had imposed upon them and he pleaded for some stimulation that might cause him to achieve what she demanded. Kathy considered his request and then with a mischievous glint in her eye told me to follow her lead. With that she pulled up the hem of her dress and the petticoats beneath and lifted them high above her waist. She turned to me and bid me to do likewise and I complied so that we were each exposing our cunnies (another newly learned word) to the frigging males a few steps away. The sight of our downy covered slits must have been the stimulation that Thomas sought for within a few strokes more of his rampant member he began to spurt and spout a white cream that spilt onto the ground before our feet. Emmanuel followed his example a few moments later and it seemed to my shocked eyes that he was even more prodigious than his companion. I have no idea what emotions they were feeling but the sight of this issue caused that familiar fire to burn in the depths of my soul and I believed I was observing the solution to the discomforts that I had been increasingly feeling whenever I had been in the intimate company of Phoebe and latterly Kathy.

As if reading my thoughts Kathy turned to me and jested as to whether I had seen the monstrous solution to my discomforts. I nodded my head, almost in güvenilir bahis shame at the admission, but she assured me that my reaction was completely acceptable and that she had more opportunities ahead to expand my education and satisfy my curiosities.
She turned back to the two males who now had appendages that appeared to be much less formidable than when they had been held by their hands. She instructed them, almost contemptuously, to cover themselves up and for them to resume their duties telling Thomas to bring the Chaise so that we might return to the house.

On the ride home I assailed my wicked mentor with questions, there was so much of which I had seen and what was done that made me even more inquisitive.

I asked from where the black fellow had originated as I had never before seen such fine example of manhood. She told me he was a native from ‘the Indies’ and had been an employee of her uncle who owned estates there and had been sent at the request of her mother to become a stable hand and to provide other services of which he had shown himself competent.

I enquired if the ‘friggin’ we had witnessed was normal behavior and she assured me that men did this thing frequently but usually in the privacy of their abode.

I enquired as to the sizes of their peggos for it was evident that the Blackamoor was so much larger endowed than the white man.

Thomas who was seated before us driving the horses must have overheard my question for I observed his neck showed he was blushing in a display of embarrassment. Kathy smiled at my query and said it was well known amongst ladies of refinement that the black members of the species were so much better equipped and this was one reason they were much sought after to provide their talents in houses of society.

Then just before we entered the driveway leading toward the house I asked if the white cream that they had both expelled was a cause for alarm for both men had seemed to be in some distress and discomfort at the point when their grasping hands had bought about the issue. That enquiry bought about the loudest laugh from my sweet companion. She paused to gain her breath before telling me the greatest revelation, that what I had seen was the very essence of what caused the procreation of mankind, that when this valuable nectar was welcomed into a woman’s cunnie that with God’s blessing that the creation of a new life would begin.

She saw the expression on my countenance as if dark ignorance had suddenly been illuminated by the bright light of reason. In an instant so much became clear to me and that all the things that I had been recently exposed were part of a greater plan. Now I knew how ladies became with c***d and the reason and the ways of their swollen bellies. I was both excited to believe that I could be part of this plan but at the same time a little frightened for even at my tender years I had already calculated there were consequences to one’s life if a male peggo was allowed entry into my most private parts.

Kathy’s laughter continued but she assured me that such an outcome was never guaranteed, that there were many conditions to prevent such a conclusion and that much pleasure could be gained in the application of making a male ejaculate without having the inconvenience of becoming with c***d.

As we drew up outside the house she assured me that my education had only just begun and that there was to be many other lessons to be learned under the guidance of her and my Aunt. Thomas took my hand as I alighted the carriage and I was certain I caught the semblance of a wink in his eye when I thanked him for his attention.
From that day onward it seemed that my life was given over to the pursuit of pleasure and many nights were spent in the intimate company of Kathy and our shared bedroom when she confided in me as to what her and the other girls at the school from where she recently had taken leave did during the hours when they were not receiving instruction in the arts of becoming ladies of society. She told me that they fashioned contrivances that made for substitute peggos and gained great delight by their application. She confided that the school matron had a large Mastiff dog that as a special treat she would bring into the dormitory at night and encouraged to use its long wet tongue judiciously amongst the excited girls.

I confessed that hearing such things made me both sad that I had not been given the opportunity during my youth of attending such an establishment of learning and at the same time it made me determined that I would in some way or another indulge myself in similar practices. Kathy consoled me and assured me that all and more would be attended to.

My life since coming to the great hall became one of leisured pleasure. I was ignorant of how this life of privilege was sustained up until the time when my education was furthered when my Aunt bid to sit me down for her to explain how the estate was managed. There were no crude references to money as such talk was not the substances of gentile society but rather it was intimated that the wealth of the family came from the plantations of sugar that they owned in the islands that were known as the West Indies. The main plantation was on the isle of Hispaniola and was worked by slaves that had been purchased in Western Africa. She told me that her brother Cecil owned the estate and was very successful in its management which accounted for us not having to want for anything given the profits that ensued from his careful and strict administration.

I was much intrigued by her account and expressed a desire to learn more of what sounded to be an exotic way of life. Aunt smiled to hear of my enthusiasm and told me enigmatically that I would learn more soon enough as she had plans for both Kathy and I to become more involved with the running of family affairs. She said that as Kathy and me were the sole heirs to the family estate that it was right and proper that we should so do.

I left her company much excited as to the prospects……”


There was a light tapping on the office door. Janice closed the journal and called, “Yes, what do you want?”
Herb opened the door and almost apologetically asked, “You said that we might be entertaining this evening. Do you want me to prepare some supper?”

Janice looked at him standing there in his now familiar garb of wearing a cotton housecoat with the added protection of an apron tied around his waist. She sighed as she viewed this pathetic excuse for a husband but at the time she felt a sense of satisfaction to see once again that he was proving to be forever at her beck and call and would do anything to please her.

“Ah, yes, that’s not a bad idea. I think something with pasta would be good and find a decent bottle of red to go with it. We know just how much Zaire appreciates being pampered, don’t we?” she said with a knowing smile.

Herb nodded his acceptance of her order and made to return to his only domain, the kitchen. Before he could take a step she asked, “What did you say you were up to this evening?”

Herb replied that he thought that after having served supper that he might go and visit his friend Ian; there was a ball game on TV that they wished to see and Ian had advised him that the teams both had the support of troupes of cheerleaders which promised to provide just the kind of show that they both enjoyed.

Janice shook her head, “Hmm, I don’t think so. I need you here to help me and I know that Zaire would appreciate your company.

Herb felt a little crestfallen to be told that he would be missing an opportunity of an evening of mutual masturbation with his special friend but he knew better than to make any protest to his domineering wife. He just nodded lamely in acceptance.

He might have been a little more gracious if he had known exactly what was really on his wife’s mind for since reading the particular passage in the journal Janice could not shake the vision of two men, one black, one white, standing alongside each other jerking their stiff pricks until they ejaculated their thick white spunk. In so many ways it seemed to her to present a demonstration of the superiority of Black over White.

She knew that Zaire would be agreeable to the suggestion of re-enacting the scene and that Herb, well, Herb would do just as he was told. Yes, already the after-supper entertainment she envisaged that evening was something to be relished.

She sat back in her chair closed her eyes and imagined the scene that was to be played out. Zaire with his massive stiff black cock and Herb, once she had unlocked his cock cage, standing alongside with his stubby little dickie poking out from his chubby fat body. However, she had to admit that despite his diminutive size he could certainly produce a prodigious amount of cum. Oh yes, what a sight that was going be for her to behold.
Her anticipation was almost as great as her looking forward to tomorrow when she could get back to the dusty journal of her ancestor who clearly had much more to reveal of her fate and her increasingly debauched life.


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