Our secret game


Our secret gameIf you want a short story move along. Like all of my stories this is a mixture of truth and fantasy. You as the reader can determine which is which. Enjoy.Our Secret GameI rinsed the remaining shaving cream off my face and pressed it closer to the mirror. Except for a few lines I appeared to be aging rather well. My blue eyes stared back at me as I inspected my shaving job. Shaving had taken longer than the shower, but I wanted a very close shave for I was planning to spend plenty of time between Joy’s thighs.I stepped back from the bathroom mirror and as I did so the towel I had wrapped around my waist fell to the floor. This allowed me to check out my sixty year old body. I had gained a few pounds and there was less hair on my head but time had been kind to me.As a precaution I had taken some Viagra earlier and between the pill and the excitement of what I was about to do I was pleased to see my seven inch cock had swelled up and was now pointing straight out from my body. I took it in my left hand and slowly stroked it as I stared at myself in the mirror as I announced to the world; “If I was ten years younger my cock would be pointed to the ceiling.”I released my grip on my cock and turn to reach for my robe and stopped myself as I was lifting it off the hook. Changing my mind I left it hanging and walked out of the bathroom. Passing through the bedroom I entered the hallway and walked the fifteen steps toward the attached studio apartment, the head of my cock leading the way. The door to the apartment was open and I paused at it. Standing at the doorway the bedroom and bathroom were to the left and as I looked toward them I was excited to see the door leading to them was open and it gave me a clear view of the bed and the person laying on it. I took three steps into the apartment and was now standing at the doorway of the bedroom and I paused to take in the view.The covers had been neatly folded down and the dark blue sheet provided a stark contrast to her milky white skin. Her head and shoulders were being propped up by two large pillows. Her short salt and pepper colored hair was neatly brushed and the aroma of her perfume she was famous for always wearing wisped through the air and had an intoxicating effect on me. Her two breasts lay to the side and her left hand was resting on her left breast with her nipple pinched between two of her fingers. The brown areolas provided a stark contrast to her milky white skin and her pink nipples. Her knees were raised and slightly spread apart, with her feet flat on the bed. Her right hand was down between her legs and her index finger was slowly rubbing up and down the lips of her pussy. The hair of her pussy was sparse but the same color of the hair on her head. Our eyes met and she was the first to speak:“I thought you might have changed your mind.” She said as she brought her right hand up to her right breast and began pulling on the nipple.I took three steps to the foot of the bed as I replied: “Not me. I was afraid you may have second thoughts about this.”My eyes felt the size of saucer plates and I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as I took in the sight that lay before me.“So how do we want to do this?” She asked as she moved her hands down and rested them on her navel.“Well I did tell you yesterday that my goal for today was to eat out.” I answered back as I climbed onto the foot of the bed, between her legs.Without waiting for an answer I plunged my head toward her inviting pussy. There was no sensuous moment, no real foreplay or anything romantic about what I was going to do. I just did it! My mouth made contact with the lips of her pussy and at the same time I drove my tongue past her pussy lip in an attempt to tickle her ass with it. She moaned loudly and placed both her hands on the back of my head to try and pull me deeper into her pussy. I had caught her by surprise and after several moans and gasps for air she said: “I haven’t had a man’s tongue in my pussy for years. God, it feels so good!” I was lost in the moment and no longer really heard anything she was saying. I was only thinking about the fact that I was finally where I had planned to be almost five years ago, even though my plan had not included me fucking my Mother In-Law with my tongue.It all started like I said, about five years ago. The wife was at work and I was wasting some time “surfing the internet” and happened onto one of a billion porn websites. As I was perusing through videos of mature women I came across one of an older man sitting in a recliner in a living room. It was titled “flash cock to wife’s mother”. Across the room sat this old lady and as they carried on a conversation he had his cock out and he was jacking off. I was mesmerized and the idea formed in my brain I’d like to try that with my wife’s mother. Now up to then I really had no strong desire to do anything like that with Joy, my Mother In-Law. The rest of the day the desire grew and I began to formulate a plan to make it happen.I wasn’t sure how she would take it and I knew I had to have an alibi in case it all backfired on me. I started out with subtle changes on how I interacted with my Mother In-Law, Joy. Hugs hello and goodbye lasted a little longer. I began touching her, not inappropriately but more often, whenever the chance arose I complimented her on her looks and what she was wearing. I even began using the phrase “Hey good-looking” and finally our kisses to the cheek changed to kisses on the lips. The reactions I got from her were no help in me determining if I was going too far. The only encouraging thing was I was not hearing about my actions from my wife, Debbie. My plan had been in motion for about three months when fate stepped in and helped me along. My Father In-law had some medical testing that needed to be done and it required him to be hospitalized for overnight and I volunteered to drive them to the city where it was located. The trip over was uneventful but it was the drive back to their place where I entered the next phase of my plan. Up to then I had been playing it safe and with butterflies in my stomach and throwing caution to the wind I proceeded.The drive home took a little over two hours and as luck would have it we left the city in the early afternoon. As my Mother In-Law and I drove along I moved one of my hands from the steering wheel and placed it on my crotch as we carried on our conversation. Minutes later I began grabbing and stroking my cock through my pants. I avoid looking over at my Mother In-Law but rather used my peripheral vision. I guess it was the nervousness but I was only able to get my cock to swell just enough to create an obvious bilecik escort bulge. Keeping most of my attention on the road was my main goal but on several occasions I caught my Mother In-Law glancing down at my crotch and judging from her reaction to me playing with myself I assumed she did not mind. We were about an hour away from her house when I caught not only her looking at my crotch but I noticed her hands were on her thighs. They were not just lying there, she was slowly running them up and down and around over the pants of her thighs. Once I thought I saw a hand dip down between her crotch but using only my peripheral view I was not certain.When we arrived at her home we fix dinner and after I showered I came out to the living room wearing what would become my “go to sweats”. Under them I wore a pair of underwear along with a T-shirt. My Mother In-Law picked up her book and I proceeded to watch television. I positioned my head so that I could view the television and all I had to do was to move my eyes to the right and I was able to observe what my Mother In-Law was doing. I was still very nervous and unsure but with encouragement from my action earlier I once again placed a hand on my crotch and began rubbing and grabbing at my cock. Feigning interest in whatever was on the television I kept my eyes on her most of the time. Once again I caught her looking over at me while I played with the bugle in my sweats. This time I did not have to deal with keeping my eyes on the road and I watched as she moved a hand down onto the thigh of her pants and began rubbing over it. This time there was no doubt as on several occasions her hand dip down between her crotch and remained there for several seconds. We never made eye contact the entire night and at one point she put her book down was watching the television with me. Only now she had both her hands on her thighs as I caught her looking my way. She didn’t stare, but would look over for several seconds then look away.The following day I used the same tactic as we drove back over to the city to pick up my Father In-Law. After driving them home I left for my home, two hours away. On the drive home I was on pins and needles as I waited for the hammer to fall on me. I knew my wife and her mother would be talking over the telephone and even though I assumed my Mother In-Law enjoy my little show I could not be certain but when I arrived home nothing was ever said about my perverted actions. For the next several months I provided these mild porn shows to my Mother In-Law and as time went on I began to think we both enjoyed them. Whenever we managed to spend a weekend at the In-law’s home or them at ours I made sure I sat in a location that allowed me to hide my actions to the wife and her father but gave her mother a clear view of what I was doing. I became even bolder and several times I managed for her to catch me in various stages of dressing, including being naked. My Mother In-Law and I never spoke of our actions but this became our private and secret game. She and I began throwing sexual innuendos out on occasion and our hugs and kisses lasted a few seconds tighter and longer. It came to the point we were now making eye contact which left little doubt the two of us were enjoying the others actions. On one visit to their home I was providing her my little show and in return she made the gesture of her hand wrapped around a cock and moved it up and down. Looking back I think we both had clearly back a decision on whether to stop or continue what we she assumed was harmless, naughty fun. Me, on the other hand had further plans. My ultimate goal was to openly jack off while my Mother In-Law watched me. I still had no intention or desire to form a sexual relation with her. That is until not only fate, but tragedy stepped in.The little game My Mother In-Law and I was playing had been going on for almost nine months when my wife’s father became sick and died. By then the relationship between me and my Mother In-Law had become even stronger because of our little game. All of that was put on hold until the chaos settled down and the decision to move my wife’s mother into our attached apartment happen. Six months or so after my Father In-Law’s death the game resumed. I recall the night as if it happened eight hours ago. The couch is located between two recliner chairs. My wife’s is to the left. In the evenings she’ll sit there and get on her laptop while her mother will sit in the chair on the right. I was positioned on the couch, wearing my famous sweats. The way I was sitting only Joy, my Mother In-Law could see what my hands were doing in my lap. Only this time I had left the button undone on the fly of my sweats. This not only allowed me to reach into my sweats but to show more. Even though the two us at one time or another had manage to provide the other a naked view it was not done that often and most of the time I still wore underwear. But I now sat on the couch and manage to allow my bulge to poke through the opening of my sweats.It had been now almost two and a half years since I had put my plan into motion and the three of us, me, my wife and her mother had fallen into a nightly routine. Whenever my wife went to bed early, her mother would go to the apartment for the night. I stayed up later this allowed me to jackoff after playing the game with my Mother In-Law.A little over three years passed before I was able to actually complete what had been my goal when this all started.The three of us had gone out to dinner and along with dinner my wife and her mother managed to consume almost a bottle of wine. I on the other hand only had three beers but it was enough to lower all of our inhibitions and the talk at the table and on the drive home had turned a little risqué. When we got home Debbie, my wife made the announcement she was drunk and going to bed as her mother made her way to the attached apartment. I came out of the bedroom after changing into my sweats thinking I had the living room to myself. For that reason I had ditched the underwear and was now commando. I was surprise to find Joy, my Mother In-Law sitting her recliner. She clearly had changed into her pajamas but also had a terry cloth robe over them and was trying to reach a book. I knew she was drunk and I assumed her true intention was to have us play our game. As I stepped over to the couch I made the decision to take our game a little bit further. After positioning several cushions on the left arm of the couch I now had a spot where I was able to recline comfortably with entire body on it.By this time in our game we both knew what the other was going to do. Keep in mind up to escort bilecik now the two of us had not made any sexual advances on the other and even then that was not mine or her intention. Other than the occasions where I caught her putting a shirt on or pulling up her pants, I’d not seen much of her body. The times she had seen me were just as few and there was never a time she caught me openly stroking my cock. But that changed that night.I plopped down on the couch and looked over at Joy and said:“Aren’t you a little too drunk to try and read a book?”“Yes I am.” My Mother In-Law replied as she closed the cover of the book and sat it down. “I think I just sit here and watch some TV with you for a while if that’s OK with you?” she added and smiled at me.“Well I was planning to watch the scifi channel and I know how much you dislike scifi.” I said as I turned on the TV. “Well I see how long I can put up with it as long as it’s a good show.” She answered back as she rested her hands on her thighs.At that moment I made the decision to finally reap the rewards of my plan. With one hand holding the remote for the TV I put my left hand onto my crotch and began playing with my cock. As the show on the TV played my cock grew and my head was as if it was on a swivel, going from the TV to looking over at my Mother In-Law. She was ignoring the TV and her entire attention was on the action that was occurring only ten feet away on the couch. I know it was the alcohol that helped me over that final hurtle and for a few seconds our eyes met and we both smiled and that’s when I did it.In one jerky motion I reached inside the fly of my sweats and pulled my hard cock out for her to see. Even though both of us were somewhat drunk I still paused and waiting for her to scream or chastise me for what I had done. I watched her keenly for her reaction I saw her eyes get as big as saucers and a smile appeared. That’s when I began slowly stroking up and down the entire shaft. Both her hands were busy lightly touching and moving around on her thighs and I watched as one hand moved down between her thighs to her crotch and remained there as a droplet of precum form on the tip of my cock. I stopped stroking and dapped at the tip of my cock with an index finger and swirled the precum around on the head of my cock. I then resumed stroking my cock and as I did so I used my right hand to expose my cum laden balls. I heard my Mother In-Law gasp and I watched as she began licking her lips.For those that don’t know, alcohol tends to effect older men differently and not in a good way. So I was completely taken by surprise when I felt the oncoming explosion, for it happened quickly. I don’t think five or six minutes had passed since I pulled my cock from my sweats. The orgasm was as strong as any I can remember. The cum came spurting out and began to gather on the T-shirt I was wearing. In less than fifteen seconds it was over and as soon as it was I made eye contact with Joy, my Mother In-Law. Both of us had smiles on our lips but she abruptly stood up left the room, to her apartment, leaving me there with a mess all over me and wondering and worrying if I had gone too far. It would be close to two years before I would learn she had run off that night to her apartment and finger fucked herself to three orgasms.The barrier had been broken and for the next almost two years this would be our secret game. It never went past that, even though there had been plenty of time when the two of us were alone together for several days at a time. If the opportunity arose I would pull my cock out and she’d watch me jackoff. We never discussed any of it at any time. Several times I asked to see her tits as I stroked my cock for her to see. Her answer was always the same;“I don’t think so, not today.”After I would cum she’d leave and go to her apartment and take care of business.I knew it was wrong and so did my Mother In-Law but the two of us were on a downhill slope and over the next couple of years we just kept going. But it’s funny in one way. The sex life with my wife, Debbie just got better and better and the two of us even seem to grow closer to her mom. Joy’s outlook on life a turn for the better and those dreadful words “I can’t do that or I don’t want to try” that faded away. My Mother In-Law became active with several of the local volunteer groups. Then we hit the ultimate point in our secret game just a few months ago.My wife, Debbie received a hard earned promotion. It came unexpected and she had to travel out of state for training for four days. The day before she was to leave the three of us celebrated by going out for dinner and agreed we would wait for her return to properly celebrate. The following day her mother and I drove her to the airport and saw her off. On our return home Joy suggested we stop at our favorite restaurant and have our own little celebration. Fortunately it was only a few miles from where we lived. After dinner we sat around there and as we talk more as close friends we consumed one to many. Spring was upon us and it wasn’t getting dark until 7pm and after the sun went down we lost track of time. It was only when I received an email from Debbie that I became aware it was going on 8:30pm and her mother and I left to go home. I wasn’t drunk but the drinking did remind me of the first time my Mother In-Law and I truly played our secret game and I had plans to repeat it. Once we were in the house I announced I was going to get comfortable and watch TV. Joy said she would do the same and fifteen minutes later the two of us were sitting in our favorite spots in the living room. I was using several couch cushions to prop myself up facing toward my Mother In-Law. I was wearing my old favorite sweats. Joy was seated in her recliner wear her pajamas and her robe only this time she had left it open. Within minutes my cock was exposed and I was slowly stroking it while she watched. Again I asked:“Will you show me your tits?”Her reply was the same as in the past; “I don’t think so. Not today.”Over the last couple of years I have tried many things to get her to at least show me her tits. I had even asked Joy if she would like to help me jackoff, but the answer was always the same. This night I took a different approach and as she watched me I could clearly see she was rubbing her pussy through her pajama bottoms and as a drop of precum appeared on the tip of my cock I spread it around with my index finger and I asked the question;“Do you want to taste my cum tonight?”I was fairly certain of her reply but that’s not what she said as for the first time one of her hands came up to a breast and she began tugging on the nipple bilecik escort bayan through her pajama top:“That is really tempting, but I don’t think so. Not tonight.”Her reply sent me over the line and as my cum erupted from the tip of my cock I caught a good amount of it in the palm of my right hand. Now I’m sixty years old and in all that time not once have I ever put my own cum into my mouth and for the life of me I still don’t know why I did it but I did.As I held out my hand with my cum on it I asked:“Are you sure you don’t want a taste?”“You really are tempting me tonight, but I don’t think I should.” She replied back at me as one hand was busy rubbing her pussy and the other was tugging on her nipple.Once she had answered, my hand moved to my mouth and I licked the cum from the palm. As I swallowed I stared her in the eyes and said:“Hmm it tastes so good.”“Oh my god, that is so hot!” She stated loudly as she rose out of the chair and disappeared into her apartment leaving me all alone.The following morning I was awaken by pans banging together in the kitchen and I staggered out to see what was going on.My Mother In-Law was still in her pajamas and when she saw me she exclaimed:“I didn’t get any sleep last night and we need to talk.”“Did I go too far last night?” I replied with fear in my voice.“No you didn’t go too far. It’s been years and years since I’ve had a good fucking and I’m afraid what you did and said last night has convinced me we need to fuck.” She replied while gaging me for a reaction.I moved around the counter and pulled her into me. As our eyes locked on each other I leaned down and kissed her. The kiss was not like any in the past. This was a kiss of pure lust and passion. Her lips yielded to my probing tongue and together we both moaned. The kiss seemed to last forever and when we broke it she looked up into my eyes and said:“Give me about half an hour and come to my bedroom. I want to take a shower first.”With that she turned to leave but before she left she reached down and squeezed my cock with her hand.That brings me to where I started this saga. Now here I was eating my Mother In-Law’s pussy.Her moaning was growing louder and her grip on the back of my head was tighter. In-between the moaning and gasping for breath she informed me she was going to cum. At first it was just a trickle but the more she humped my face the wetter her pussy became. For a second I thought she would drown me. Just as quickly as she came she was now pushing my head away and saying:“Give me a chance to catch my breath. I haven’t orgasmed like that for thirty years.”I crawled up further onto the bed and lay down so my head was below her armpit. I turned my head slightly and had a bird’s eye view of her right breast and nipple. As I closed my eyes I took her nipple into my mouth and lightly sucked on it. It was as if I was once again an infant and as I suckled I felt my cock twitch against her bare thigh.With her right arm she cradled my head as I continued to suck and tenderly bite her nipple.“I think today is the day and when you’re ready I’d love to feel your dick in my pussy.” She said as the realization hit me that I was having sex with my seventy seven year old Mother In-Law.I released her nipple from my mouth and quickly maneuvered my body between her spread legs. I let the tip of my cock make contact with the lips of her pussy and as I hovered above her I paused to say:“They call it a cock and I want to hear you say it.”With both her hands she reached down between her legs and took hold of my throbbing cock and replied as she guided it into her pussy:“Well put that cock in slowly. It has been a long time since I’ve been fucked with a cock.”With my hands supporting my upper body I watched as the head of my cock slowly slid past her wet pussy lips. Her orgasm had lubricated the walls of her pussy but as more of my cock disappeared I began to feel just how tight her pussy was from lack of proper use.Once fully embedded I remained still to give her pussy time to adjust. In the meantime I leaned down and took her other nipple between my lips and lightly tugged on it just as I had watched her do with her hand in the past.It was only a minute or two that we remained still. Using a soft but commanding tone she said:”Fuck me slowly with your hard cock.”“God you feel so good.” I said as I began slowly thrusting in and out.I had lost track of time and I didn’t know how long I’d been slowly fucking her but I noticed she was now pushing back at me each time I thrusted forward. My Mother In-Law’s breathing turned to small gasps each time I thrusted into her and she’d groan when I pulled out, leaving just the head in her pussy.“Fuck me faster. Shove that hard dick, I mean cock in my pussy and make me cum.” She was now panting.I increased the tempo of my thrusts and each time I thrusted forward the headboard of the bed would bang against the bedroom wall.“Oh god I’m getting close. Are you ready to fill me with your sperm?” She asked between moans of pleasure.“I can feel my balls tightening up. You let me know when you cum and I’ll fill you up.” I replied between my own groans of pleasure.“Oh sweetie you’ll know when I cum because I’ll start squirting like a faucet under full pressure.” She answered back.A minute or two later I could detect a different tone in her moaning but her orgasm and the squirting still caught me by surprise. Her cum squirted out around my thrusting cock and it triggered my own orgasm. I thrusted deep and hard one last time as my cock splashed cum into her pussy and in return I felt the walls of her pussy contract, gripping my cock in an attempt to get ever last drop out of it.The sheet under us was soaked with her cum as I remained perfectly still with my slowly shrinking cock inside of her pussy. When I felt it slowly slip out I straightened up onto my knees and looked down between her legs. I watched in awe as my cum slowly began to drain from her pussy. I moved further up on the bed and lay down next to her. Not a word was said between us. The both of us just lay there for what seemed like an hour until my Mother In-Law slowly rolled over and somehow managed to get on all four.“I know you’ve been waiting for this.” She said as she slid her lips around my cock.I never said a word and I don’t know how old she was when she started sucking cock but she was definitely a pro at it. Between the use of her hands, lips and tongue I filled her mouth in less than seven minutes and as she swallowed the last of my cum she looked me in the eye and said:“You’re right. It does taste really good.”Now I’d like to tell you we fucked like rabbits for days. The truth is both of us are a few years past our youth. But rather than playing our secret game that night we fucked. For two more days we fucked in the morning and at night. To this day we fuck whenever we get the chance.The two women in my life keep me very busy and in shape.

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