Our LIngerie Experience.


Our LIngerie Experience.Jack and myself (my gay flat sharer) decided to try the Gay Lingerie Evening at our local club, anything for a laugh, fortunately or unfortunately as the case may be, we are both top/bottom and are endowed with fairly heft cocks and balls, we play in the local Gay Rugby each Saturday and are pretty fit.What to wear, difficult having hefty thighs and legs, so we decided on tights (pantihose) as we could get American Tan in XXXL, and would wear lace stretch panties over them, we found the tights were a great fit loads of stretch and room for our equipment, slipped the panties on, although lace were fairly opaque, BUT fucking hell out cocks and balls stuck out like a sore thumb, I went onto E bay and spotted latex flesh coloured vagina panties for men the ad stated these are MAGIC PUSSY PANTIES” and make you look just like a women’s vagina.Apparently you slipped your cock and balls into the hollow tube and case inside and as they are a TIGHT fit, they hide or nearly hide your gear and show a camel toe shape. I sent for them, ok they were £60 a pair.. paid for next day delivery and they duly arrived the following morning.We went to try them on, talced ourselves put cck rings on as instructed, and pulled them up, VERY TIGHT, we slipped our large cock into the tube and pushed our balls into the bag, To our surprise they looked BRILLIANT, though strong and tight, they fitted flush with our flesh, our cock and balls made the camel toe bulge, like real pussy lips.Jack said “Hey Alex I need a piss come and watch” He walked into the toilet ad straddled it and let go, piss poured in a jet from the camel toe which opened up like a vagina, looked super. He finished and said “Alex put your finger at the entrance to the fake pussy,” I did and gasped as my finger went inside, “Come here” said Jack and he pushed two fingers inside my pussy they went all the way in to the knuckle, and yet I could still feel my cock and balls.We went into the bedroom, pulled on our tights and panties and a white T shirt each, white trainers and slipped on jogging bottoms over them and went to the club. It was quite full, guys in stockings and suspenders, and nothing else just rock hard cocks. Guys in hold up stockings and and thong. Hey batman escort this is great. We took off our jogging bottoms and came back into the lounge. Found a couple of mates and immediately it was “Hey love the pussy look ca we try it out?)I let Paul touch my pussy entrance and suddenly he was pushing his very large cocks inside, I must have looked incredulous, I looked at Alex, a guy was fucking him well and truly. Don,t know why this can happen, enjoy it anyway, as I was getting fucked from the from the front, a Guy comes behind me and before I knew it he had pushed my panties aside, ripped a hole in my tights and was pushing his cocked up my butt hole, shit , never been fucked front and back before AMAZING.Just a VERY LARGE niggle how is this happening???????Jack and I decided to leave for home, to be honest we were fucking soaked in cum, slipped on our joggers and T shirts, jumped in car and went back home.We went into the bathroom and stripped, the room is plenty big enough for two and we have a double shower room.Jack looked at me and me him “Alex” he asked “we are dripping with cum, from our anal holes and from the fake pussy as well, still looks good though, where is the waist band to pull these fucking pants off??”I was too busy looking for the jin on mine too, “Alex” I whispered “I cannot find the waist or any seams where the leg should be, I have felt all around my butt hole but its simply just my flesh, and still got hair there now, there was none when we went out, just the rubber pants”I felt around where my cock and balls should have been, but there was no lump there any more, just the now fleshy red lipped pussy, I picked up my large dildo and gently pushed it up my pussy, it went all the way in all 12” of it still I could not feel the end… By now we were both very worried, looks as though we have them for life, then I remembered the MAGIC bit n the ad, the box they arrived in was till on the bed, went and got it and we sat and read the leaflet inside, which we had missed.In Large letters it stated only to be worn if you wish to feel how a vagina works, if left on more than 2 hours, the rubber automatically presumes you wish to transform your cock and balls permanently and will start to dissolve escort batman your equipment and complete your vagina transformation process, which is by the way, IRREVERSIBLE….We looked at each other and burst into tears. We now have pussies for the rest of our lives.We showered and dried off, went to put on our shorts but they bit into our pussy lips, fuck, we will have to wear a pair of panties. Slipped them on and felt comfortable.Two hours later, it’s now early hours of the morning, I felt wet and Jack stood up with me, our panties were wet with what looked like sticky cum, “Oh fuck , we are self lubing here, we need to get some protection, like tenor ladies or tampons.”I pushed some tissue inside my gash and drove to the nearest all night garage and bought a load of tampons. Got back opened them read instructions and gently inserted one inside both our gashes, hey they felt great and as they swelled up with the juices, we got turned on too.“Hey Jack?” I said “What the heck do we do for work tomorrow and worse still, it’s Rugby practice this afternoon, we can’t wear shorts as they cut into out pussies, only got a couple pair panties so need to go and buy some new ones, also could save wearing them by buy black tights (Pantyhose) and wear them instead of panties and socks”“Good idea Alex, while we are at it we could send to Ebay or similar and buy a load, as we will probably ladder loads, we can buy 20 denier as loads of men wear sheer socks now, suggest we tell the guys ate the club what happened and get it over with, or let them see it for themselves, I think we might have another problem as well, my nips are wet look at my T shirt!!”I looked at his and then mine, fucking hell, we are leaking a thick milky goo, I gently squeezed my nips and thick cummy jelly oozed out, and it tasted fucking gorgeous, I leaned across and sucked Alex’s, his oozed too. It only lasted a few minutes and we realised that when were getting turned on we milked as well. Could be fun later on today…..Lunchtime arrived and we are stocked on necessary gear, I couldn’t believe Jack, he bought abouty 12 pairs of lace topped black and white sets of ra ther neat lace suspender belts and loads of lace topped black and white 20 denier stockings, batman escort bayan “if we have to cope with a pussy, might as well make it look neat,also bought 12 loads of the flattest bras I could find while you were in the panty dept, they will flat under our shirts, we will have to wer white T shirts all the time to hide the shadow, but they will stop any leakages through”We off to the rugby training and just wore our white rugby shorts and shirts and went srtaight into the training.It would fucking well rain and we ended up covered in all kind of shit off the field which mean we needed to shower. I went into the shower first and one of the guys was looking at me as I walked into the shower, “Shit Alex, what’s with the fake pussy look, looks good enough to be real” and promptly put his fingers inside which disappeared, “Fuck me “ he yelled “Its real”Told him what had happened and he wouldn’t believe me, he was stood in front of me, his thick cut cock stuck out in front of him, God I wanted that inside me, to my horror I felt a drip oozed from my tit, he looked at it, said nothing and leaned over and sucked me dry, then the other one, at the same time, he was gently pushing his cock inside my gash. He held me tightly and fucked me ell and truly. He pulled back, we were still in the shower, cum dripping down my legs, and then another guy fucked me, one of the others went around the back and rammed his cock up my back hole, I was in ecstasy, I could hear Jack getting fucked as well.30 mins later we stood getting dried off, the guys all coming and looking at our pussies. A cuple were straight and wanted to fuck us again, but we had already shoved tampons inside for the ride home. We are a right pair of bastards and our of our kit bags Jack pulled stockings and matching lace suspenders with lace panties. Carefully rolled on the stockings and fastened the clips on the suspender belt and then pulled up our panties, four of the men ran over and pulled our panties down, pulled out the tampons and rammed their cocks back inside us again. Another hour later we dried off, made them pay 30 quid to replace our ripped stockings and left for home, with the promise of 6 of them coming around to our house later that day for a repeat performance, providing we would wear tights, or stockings and suspenders etc……. We decided that evening feeling very exhausted, we work from home in future and went to bed and played with some dildos before dropping off to sleep…….

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