OUR FIRST TIME MMFI can remember the night it happened like it was yesterday and I still wish today it would happen over and over again. I was sitting in my hot tub alone and naked like any other night, but this night I got a text from a life long friend Steven, asking what I was doing. I told him I was in the hot tub relaxing and asked what was up? He said that’s not fair, and he asked if he could stop over because his back could use the use of the hot tub. I told him surely and to stop over.I told him I need to put on boxers since he was coming over. He texted LOL and that I didn’t need to do that for him. Steven is Bi-Sexual, but no one knows and you can’t tell. I then texted my wife Addison to let her know that he was coming over to soak in the hot tub. She mentioned she will hang outside with us and talk. Addison doesn’t use the hot tub too often.After 20 minutes Steven pulled in the driveway and come into the house. He got changed and came outside in just boxers and nothing else. Addison came out with Steven and we had small talk for a while and then he made his way into the hot tub to relax. bayraklı escort I could tell that my wife was getting turned on looking at Stevens rock hard abs and muscular arms.After 15 mins of talking to Addison talking to us inside the hot tub my wife decided to get in the hot tub with us, she doesn’t frequent the hot tub often so I was impressed. She just took off her shirt and shorts leaving her black lace front hook bra and black lace thong on and started to make her way slowly into the hot tub with us. As she was joining us, Steven moved over and sat beside me in the seat and my wife sat on the other seat, one on each side of me.We talked and our legs and hands were all gently touching each other with the movement of the water and jets, when I felt a hand rubbing my leg. I didn’t say anything or think of anything until the hand kept stroking my leg and the hand was working its way up my thigh under my boxers toward my cock. Once I realized it was Steven and not my wife, I was unsure what to say or do.I was thinking of my next step and then I felt another hand touching my other leg. escort bayraklı I had both my wife and friend rubbing my leg, moving closer to my cock. A few minutes go by and we are talking like nothing was going on, the hands keep climbing up my boxers until they both went for my hard cock at the same time. They both grabbed each others hand and squeezed my cock and they both looked at me at the same time with arousal.I told them both DON’T STOP!!! Steven said he won’t and my wife agreed. My wife started to kiss me neck and Steven moved in front of me to use both of his hands on my cock and legs. I stopped them and I removed my boxers so I was naked and they both had full access to my body. Steve’s hands were working my body till I only felt one hand of his, the other was now on my wife’s breasts. I was so aroused and fully hard. I wanted to cum. I told them both I needed to cum and they needed to help me.My wife told me to stand up and she started to stroke my cock out of the water and she sucked my cock a few strokes and she told Steve to open his mouth and she pulled my cock with her bayraklı escort bayan hand into his mouth. Steven was in heaven. He sucked my cock like it was his last. Eyes closed with one hand stroking it and the other on my ass pulling me deeper down his throat. My wife was playing with her nipples and touching her wet pussy, yelling at Steven to make her husband cum. She was moaning and biting her lip.A very short time later I felt the cum rushing to tip of my penis. I felt like I was in heaven. I yelled out loud where do you want my cum, in your mouth, are you going to swallow? He said NO I want it all over my FACE. I was surprised, but I didn’t care where I was going to cum at that moment.He started to stroke my cock harder and faster until he knew I was cumming and he pulled my cock out of his mouth and stroked harder and faster until my hot cum was erupting all over his face. My wife watching, smiling and wanting more. She had her one leg on the back of the seat and her one hand playing with her clit when the other was pinching her nipples. She wanted to cum herself.After I calmed down, I sat in my seat and had to just comprehend what just happened. Addison said what are you two doing? It is my turn now, and since one of you just blew your load, I guess you know who’s turn it is to get me off.The Night was FAR from over.To Be Continued…

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