Nyasia, She looked so pretty in just the socks.


Nyasia, She looked so pretty in just the socks.Nyasia knelt peacefully in the corner of the sparsely furnished punishment room. Her chain and locked steel collar keeping her relegated to this small space as she obediently faced the wall, waiting for her Owner’s arrival.She was naked, like he always kept her, except for a pair of white thigh high socks. Her smooth mocha skin erotically juxtaposed against the white, and ready for his commanding touch and the firm wrap of some rope or leather.She heard the lock to the door click open and his feet padding against the wood floor. She flinched when she felt the fibers of a bundle of rope cascade down over her left shoulder. The threads making her skin tingle and her sex begin to moisten, just at the threat of her Owner and Master tying her up.She moaned a little when he stood so close behind her that his erect cock, jutting from his open jeans, slid thru her hair and his balls pushed into the back of her head. His hand stroked the side of her face as he bent down over her. His hushed simple declaration making her entire body shiver.“You ready to be fucked silly Princess? Too have these cheeks drenched in tears as I make you feel helpless agony and out of control pleasure?”“Oh yes sir…Oh fucking yesss.” She whispered back with closed eyes and a small nod of her head. What else could she say.She felt the rope being dragged off her shoulder. Her Master now down on one knee behind her, stating only,” Hands behind you slave.”Nyasia felt him wrap the rope multiple times around her small wrists. Then he grasped both her hands in one of his large ones, as he cinched the rope extremely tight and completed the tying with a wrap of rope up between her delicate wrists. She could feel herself growing wet, just from this prelude of tying.“Hmmmm, now should I tie your elbows too?” he wondered aloud.Nyasia gulped and bit her bottom lip in an anxious little manner. Tied elbows meant true helplessness and that he had something brutal planned. She visibly shuddered and a small whimper escaped her mouth, when she felt him begin entrapping her elbows with a multitude of thick cords.His muscular arms flexed as he pulled at the wrappings, squeezing her elbows together and drawing back her shoulders. She groaned as he gave one last yank and a grunt himself, her elbows now painfully touching, as he completed the last knots.Her back was arched and her spectacular perky tits were now even more on display. Thrust out like two chocolate cones, the nipples hard and elongated and just asking to be clipped or clamped. Her chest began to heave, as he ran his hands around her proud breasts and then teased at her puckered nipples.Grasping both of those dark brown buds at the same time, he began to pull up on them. A small yelp of discomfort caught in Nyasia’s throat. “Come on girl…get up. Time for Daddy to fuck you up.” He growled.She rose up with his unrelenting tugging of her delicate buds, wincing and keeping her eyes downcast. It was an awkward rise up, having no arms to balance with. But she made it, sighing a tiny bit when he released his crushing grip on her nipples and he began unlocking her collar.She stood there as he went to the wall and ran bilecik escort his hands over the canes, whips and belts. Internally she sighed in relief, when he took the riding crop of the wall. ‘No cane, thank god.’ She thought.But then she bit her lip again in anxious dread, his other hand picked out a couple chrome hook shaped devices. Ones that he loved to embed in her ass and yank around at her painful expense. He tossed them to the bed and then began grabbing some dildos, vibrators and her most feared vibration device of all.A huge thick bulging dildo with a large vibrator taped to it. The huge bulge in the dildo always made her scream in agony as he drove it into her poor pussy. And once in, it stayed put, letting the vibrator torturously buzz away at her sensitive clit.Nyasia’s knees actually began to physically tremble as her Master assembled the items and then with startling quickness he disrobed of his jeans and t-shirt. His muscular 6’ 2” frame towering over Nyasia’s small shapely body.“God you are a cute looking little cunt. I am so glad I bought your lovely pert ass.” He declared, making Nyasia actually blush a bit. Yes she was owned and kept as a slave by this man, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t be proud of her looks. She actually pushed her chest out a bit more as he chuckled.“Nice slave, nice…Keep up that attitude and one day I may let you out for a bit. But not now…Now I am going to tie your ass to the bed and fuck your cunt and mouth senseless. Get across the bed..NOW.” He ordered.“Yes Sir.” Nyasia quipped. Quickly kneeling on the mattress and then collapsing across it. With no arms to aid her, she just flopped down. She then felt him jerk her legs apart and begin wrapping each ankle in thick rope. Tying them off to rings mounted on the sturdy bed frame.“Gawd what a hot fucking view. Those white socks, your perfect round rump and the dark skin of your pussy, ggrrrrr.” He growled, stroking his cock and pondering which end to fuck first after he finished tying her up.Nyasia felt him loop more rope around her bound wrists. She knew what was coming and whimpered out loud as he wrenched up on the rope and tied it off to hook hanging from the ceiling. Her shoulders burned, the discomfort growing by the second. Panic setting in as she fought to move her body and anticipating his brutal assault to come.“Oh god..it hurts sir. It hurtsss…pleeassse.” She begged. Some tears starting to trickle from the corner of her anxious and pained eyes.“Excuse me! You silly little cunt, did I say you could talk? Fuck that..” he said, grabbing a ring gag from the wall and then forcing it into to a pleading Nyasia’s mouth.“NO..AAGHGH.” she half screamed, as he forced in the gag, past her lips and behind her teeth. He strapped it tight around her head, making sure the leather dug uncomfortably into her cheeks. She was still gurgling out words, which became higher in pitch as he attached very strong nipple clamps to her tits. Her nipples well placed at the edge of the bed so that he could hang weights or various objects off them.Which is what he did today. Taking great delight in seeing the look of anguish on her tear streaked face, as he hung some sex toys from each escort bilecik nipple clamp. “Too bad about your nipples slave. Remember always keep your mouth shut.” He said looking down into her scrunched up face, drool spilling from her forced open mouth as she tried to choke out some more pleading sounds.His sadistic smile suddenly disappeared from her view and she felt the dirty old mattress sag behind her. The first intrusion of thick solid rubber entering her damp pussy making her shudder in distress. Then she felt the thickest part of the dildo begin to painfully spread its way thru her entrance. Its three inch girth making her scream non stop and flail about, as he pushed it in thru her tender opening. Her vagina feeling like it was on fire as the dildo stuffed her up.There was a brief moment of relief when the bulbous middle of the dildo had been fully stuffed in past her entrance. But that moment was quickly replaced by a moaning and eye rolling inducing feeling of utter over stimulation. The buzzing of the vibrator strapped to the dildo and now firmly wedged into the folds of her sex, forcibly stimulating her clit in the most agonizing manner.Nyasia groaned and then let out a renewed set of gagged open mouth screams. Her owner was inserting the hook in her ass and there was not a thing she could do about it. Her whole body shook, her head bobbed up and down as she screamed and her ass felt like it was being ripped apart. With a sudden last tug on the hook’s handle she felt her Master sink the anal hook in fully.Her head hung over the bed and tears flowed from the throbbing discomforting fullness she felt in her most private places. She sobbed huge big gulping sobs as she felt him tie the hook snuggly up to her bound wrists. His favourite method of torment, so that as she flailed about, she wrenched away on her own delicate ass.“AAGG…AAKK AGGG.” She screamed out, as he started taking broad swings at her captive bum cheeks with the riding crop. Nyasia could feel him marking his way around the anal hook pulling in her rectum. Sometimes he even made direct hard contact on the chrome embedded in her tight little hole. A whole new experience of discomfort for her, that reverberated all thru her behind.And all this was going on as the vibrator ran, full blast. Torturously grinding away at her clit and making her hips involuntarily move up and down. Even thru the pain of the crop thrashing at her stuffed pussy and ass and not to mention her stretched and throbbing tits, she knew he would make her cum. He would make her climax as she suffered immensely. It was their way.…….Nyasia wanted to scream, she wanted to hear her mournful voice echo around the room. But barely a sound was getting out around the long piece of velvety steel flesh lodged in her throat. Her owner was making the most of the ring gag. His cock now jammed deep in her mouth, her tongue hanging out and actually lapping unwillingly at his balls. His dick’s thick head was well past the back of her mouth and causing her to gag and choke around the foreign object, which essentially was strangling her.“Come on my little slave slut, use them throat muscles. Massage Daddy’s cock like your life depends bilecik escort bayan on it…Cause maybe it does.” He laughed, gripping her nose with one hand and sealing it shut.Her eyes began to bulge open and her tongue fought against the base of the cock that was pinning it down. Her hands clawed at the air and her severely roped arms tried vainly to flail about. Which only aggravated the discomfort in her ass, as the anal hook tugged and pulled.The fight for air along with the vibrator grating away at her pussy was too much, and she began to lose it, physically and mentally. A huge guttural scream of panic and hopelessness tried to fight its way out of her aching chest. But was stopped by the cock impaled in her throat.“Oh Fuckkk girl…Fuck ..Fuck…Fuck!” Her owner shouted as he felt her throat muscles fighting against his shaft. He was getting ready to explode as she struggled for life giving breath around his cock.His strong hands then found her hair and her bound elbows. And pulling on them hard, to begin one of the most furious rounds of face fucking Nyasia had ever endured. While it was only a minute or so, to her it felt like agonizing hours.Especially as he began to shoot copious spurts of hot cum into her trapped mouth. Her captive body shuddering uncontrollably and every muscle in her lower torso spasmed, and she was hit by wave after wave of forced orgasm. Even as he wrenched her head, rapidly back and forth on his cock, a nonstop “UGHG.UCK..UCCK..UCCK” noise wringing in her ears, as he savagely pumped a stream of hot tangy semen into her mouth, she came and came………Nyasia lay there across the bed, her bound arms aching like crazy from being tied so excruciatingly high for so long. Her pried open jaws hurt and her nipples screamed for relief. But at least her Master had pulled the dildo and vibrator out. He was sitting across from her, smoking a joint and having a beer, she could see that even thru her tear clouded eyes.“Another forced orgasm, eh my little slave slut. You really are a good little pain slut.” He said after taking a long sip of beer. “Which is why I think you may not like my next use for you.” He added with a chuckle.Nyasia gasped thru her ring gag, gurgling out a wet choking sound that made him laugh more.“Can’t swallow all my cum cunt?” he asked. “Well you best get better at that, for what I have planned for you!””Nyasia just lay there trembling, a mix of spittle and semen dripping from her lower lip. Her eyes starting to cloud with fear at his words and then following him as he rose up and he disappeared behind her. Again, she felt the old mattress sag between her legs. Then his coarse haired thighs straddling her upper thighs and almost her ass, his hands grabbing the ropes binding her arms.She felt his hot breath on her neck as he bent over beside her and whispered. “I am going to fuck your lovely pussy and then pound into your tight young ass. Then I am going to leave you here, tied up like this for the next day or so. While I make some calls and send some emails. Inviting a select group of men over to enjoy your body…for a nice fat rental fee of course!”“You’re going to make Daddy …Richhhh.” He ended with a heavy grunt, his hips slamming forward into her bare ass and his cock ramming into her ravaged pussy on that last word. Making Nyasia’s full body shudder in shock. Shock from his sudden brutal entrance and shock from his brutal declaration of renting her out.

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