Nude beach Tenerife


Nude beach TenerifeI was born and raised in nudist family,so being nude is a totaly natural thing to me.wherever i go,i try to find a nude beach,or a quiet ,nice spot to be naked,and just dive into my minds,and feel winter of 2018,i ended up in the small island of Tenerife,known as a nice place to be in winter,because,its quite warm and pleasant.its a beach weather almost all year around.before i went,i googled the nude beach in the south of the island,and the most interesting one seemed to be the one called playa la tejita,next to a small town called el medano.the next i read,was that there are lot of gays in dunes,that surround the whole beach.i dont mind that,at all….:-)so,i rented a car,studied the map,and drove to the was a nice,warm day,which is always nice in febaruary.parked the car,in one of two parkings,and took my bag out,and headed to soak some sun.i figured,its gonna just be one of those lazy days,when i dont have to work,nor care what the time is.playa la tejita is a long beach,and the nudist part is separated with one kinda high rock,that you basicly have to walk on.climbed on,and saw lot of naked people laying in the sand,on towels,and sun beds.i tought,YES,this is what i was looking for,while all my friends were freezing in the rest of the europe…as i was approaching to my selected spot,i was noticing that there are way more men there then girls,and the few girls were with another girls quite afyon escort intimate,and i have to say to my surprise,very hairy…which i heard about spanish girls,but,there was a proof,right,i put down my bag,take me towel out,and just lay down,turnin my brain off.every now and then,i opened my eyes,to see,if maybe there is a nice german girl around,because,even tho,i was in relationship,i would like to have an affair.what happens in tenerife,stays in tenerife…if you,dear reader,see my profile,you will see,that every now and then i like to wear stockings,heels and whatever i could find,or steal from my ex girlfriends,friends,or neighbours.i have never been with man in bed,but there was always a slight of curiosity,what would be,if would be…as the time passed,people were passing,coming and going…..for some reason,as i was concentrated on girl,i didnt realised this one guy,really,just few steps away from me,sun tanning naked.afterwards,i found out,he was from Germany.he was fit,blonde guy,nicely depilated upper body,and completelly shaved genitals,just like me.he had some sun oil on him,and he looked really cool,just laying there,doin his thing,in his own little world.and if im interested in men,thats my ideal guy.not hairy at all,blonde,fit,not a sporty guy,but not one of them beer drinkin,bratwurst eating,socks and sandals wearing,mustache guys…and,well,something was triggered in my brain…he was alone,like escort afyon me,didnt know,if he is gay,straight,bi,with or without girlfriend,boyfriend,family…he was just alone,and naked.every now and then,he got up,walked a bit and came back to his towel.last two times he smiled at me,and i smiled back,and said HI.he said hi back…as i was readin some gossip magazine,i noticed that he stood up,and was coming toward me.i didnt know whats gonna happen.he came,and in fluid english,but with german accent started talkin to me.-HI,IM ALONE HERE,AND I SEE YOU ARE ALONE TOO.WOULD YOU LIKE TO JOIN ME?I HAVE SOME BEER IN MY BAG,AND FEEL STUPID TO DRINK any other case,i would say “get lost,dude,im not interested”,but this time,i just said-SURE,WHY NOT,IM ALONE TOO,AND I LIKE BEER ON BEACH.i moved my towel next to his,which was really just 2 meters away,and he gave me a can of german beer,really cold one.we started talkin,and we talked about everything,mainly about tenerife,nudism experiences and unimportant stuff like that.finally,it just came out of me,unexpected-YOU KNOW,IM NOT GAY,BUT YOU HAVE AN AMAZING COCK.i tought he wouldl kick my ass right my surprise,he smiled and said-THANK YOU,GLAD YOU LIKE IT,BECAUSE,I LIKE YOURS TOO,AND EVEN MORE,YOU HAVE AN AMAZING ASS.right there,i knew,or at least i was hoping,that for the first time in my life,i will try sex with a man,and he will be just like i was expecting afyon escort bayan him to be.from then,we talked about sex,and i told him,im a man virgin,never had sex with guy,never had sex in my bum,and i have a steady girlfrind for years.he said,that he is the same,except,that he has sex with guys before.for some reason,i said -ID LIKE TO TRY SEX WITH GUYdidnt take him too long.he offerd to show me some things,that i was only curious about.told me,he doesnt insist,but he is willin to spend some time in private.thats when i decided,i will play all in.i said-LOOK,IM WILLIN TO TRY,BUT I DONT PREFER MY FIRST GAY SEX TO BE ON BEACH,WITH BUNCH OF PEOPLE PASSING BY,AND SAND IN MY ASS.I PREFER HOTEL ROOM OR APARTMENT.he said,no problem,he liked comfort aswell,and he offered his room in hotel in el medano,just next to playa la tejita.he also had a car,and told me to follow him in my rented car,and i did.while driving,i was thinkin million toughts in a i crazy?what was a doin???and then i said to my self,loud in the car-FUCK IT,I WANT TO TRY ITwe parked,he invited me in hotel room,and opened another beer for both.i was a bit confused,and said,im gonna hit the shower,and wash all the sand.he nodded,and said he will do the same,after im done.shower was quick,sand was off,and tried to use my finger,to wash my hole as much as i can.i really wanted to be as clean inside as possible,the first time was suppose to be perfect.i came out,he was naked by then,and he took a shower after.i was waitin in his big hotel bed.he came out,wet and naked,great,clean body,and half hard cock.took his condoms and lube out of his the bag,and told me not to worry,he will be gentle……

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