New Friend Chloe Likes Me To Watch Her Masturbate


New Friend Chloe Likes Me To Watch Her MasturbateChloe slipped her top and shorts off next to me on her bed. I felt a tingle in my panties when she kicked the denim off her toes and looked over at me. Without pausing, she slipped her hand inside the front of her panties and caressed herself, her eyes fluttering as she did. Her adorable lips parted slightly and a sigh came out from between them.”I look forward to it every day,” she said. She began to rub herself, the motion pushing the front of her white panties out away from her body with each stroke. I couldn’t see her pussy, but I really wanted to. “I like to play with myself on the outside mostly,” she said. She continued to rub and let her head fall back, eyes closing as her breath became uneven. I wanted to try it too, but felt like masturbating was this thing I wasn’t supposed to. It was so exciting watching her do it though. She pulled one side of her bra down and a pretty aksaray escort bayan pink nipple poked out. She rubbed it between fingertips, then massaged with the flat of her hand.Chloe is my new friend and she is so cute! I love her petite body and glasses. She’s smart and witty and I just want to eat her up! Last week I came to her house after school to study and hang out and we just started doing it every day. Both our moms work. So, we have a couple hours alone in her house. Today we were talking about boys and how far we’d gone and she said she has masturbated for boys before and they really like it. When I told her I’d never tried it she laughed and said liked to touch herself every day. I was naturally curious.”Oh my god, never?” She asked me incredulously. “I usually do it right after school, except since we’ve been chillin. I don’t mind you watching me if you it wouldn’t weird you out.””Ummm, sure I guess,” escort aksaray I said, more into it than I was letting on. “I don’t know how to do it.””You just have to try it and do what feels good.” A minute later she was in only bra and panties next to me on the bed, looking at me while she masturbated. And I was getting wet between the legs, resisting the urge to rub myself along with her.Chloe pulled the other side of her bra down and played with the nipple closest to me. I felt a certain hunger to put my mouth on her body. It was strange because I’m not usually attracted to girls. Something about her sexuality was incredibly magnetic.She rolled towards me and began to rub herself faster. “Ohh, it feels so good,” she whispered. “Do you want me to cum for you?”I really did. She rubbed faster still, a little wet squishy sound coming up from underneath the white fabric where her fingers were stroking her vagina. Her eyes aksaray escort were heavy, but she kept looking at me, connecting with me while she pleasured herself. Her hips bounced slightly, starting to drive into her hand. “Ohhh, god, ohhh fukkk,” she said, her eyes closing tightly. “Almost, I can feel it ahhhhhh…” She rubbed faster and faster, her fingers sounding as if they were plunging into a puddle as she finger banged herself towards an orgasm.”Ohh, oh oh I’m gonna cuhh-cuhh I’m cummminnngggg…” she moaned. Her voice sounded like a plea as spasms racked her body like waves. Her face went down in the comforter as her hips thrust powerfully forward. She moaned openly, her knees closing tightly as she rubbed it all the way out until she was in a fetal-like position, her hair over her face and her mouth open against the bed.Through breathing that sounded like she’d run a foot race, she said, “You should really try that.” She looked up at me, smiling, her chest still rising and falling rapidly. She brought her hand out from inside her panties and put her fingers in her mouth, taking a long taste of herself. She gazed up and down my body and said, “And I want to watch you…”

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