My wife plus three


My wife plus threeMy wife and I have a cuckold relationship. It developed after I caught her cheating on me, she said at that time she loved me and didn’t want to divorce but she loved strange cock. At first I was hurt that she would have sex outside of our marriage but there was a part of me that was excited about it. One night shortly after finding out about her extra activity I asked her to tell me in detail what happened. After swearing over and over I wouldn’t get mad she told me how Keith had fucked her in our bed one evening while I was at a buddies shop. When she finished she ordered me to stand up and pull my pants down. I did and out sprang my rock hard dick.She said I knew you were kinky and we are going to expand our sex life to include cocks for me to enjoy. How could I deny this excited me, each heartbeat caused my dick to Bob up and down. I asked her if her pussy was wet from telling me that story.. She said maybe , I begged to see it. Right then and there she realized she had complete control over me. She allowed me to eat her wet pussy but then denied me sex. It seemed awkward at first, I didn’t know how much I could get away asking, and she never just offered information. Then one night we were going out for dinner and I asked if I could pick out something for her to wear. She agreed to let me lay out her clothes while she showered. Andrea’s legs are attention getters so I picked a very short skirt. And it was cool enough so I laid out a pair of coffee colored shear to the waist pantyhose. I didn’t lay out a bra or panties. I picked a nice button up blouse and a pair of heels . When she saw what I had laid out she asked if I was trying to get her laid. I grinned and said maybe. Well that evening her legs definitely got a lot of attention. So after we ate I took her to a local hang out were I knew guys cruised looking to get lucky. We sat at the bar so I knew she could be easily seen and a few guys actually came up and asked to to dance. She declined their offers saying she was with her husband. On the ride ödemiş escort home she said what were you trying to do tonight? I played dumb and said what do you mean. She said look at me, you dressed me like a tart and then flaunted me in front of a lot of men were you hoping to get me laid? I felt ashamed and said I don’t know what I was trying to do. She said do you want to watch me have sex? My face got hot and I blurted out yes. She said well all you have to do is ask. I studdered you mean you will let me watch you with another guy? She said yes but there’s something you may not like. I said sweetheart I’ll agree to anything if I can see you being fucked. She said OK I’ll work out the details. One Friday evening when I got home from work I found Andrea wearing her bathrobe, she had nylons on I could see and she was wearing her house shoes. I looked puzzled and asked what’s up. She said you told me you agree to anything to see me sexed. I said yes and I mean it. She smiled big and said good go shower and shave all your pubic hair off. I said all of it? She said I want your dick and balls completely shaved then come see me in the bedroom. I took a hot shower and did as I was told . Then I went to our bedroom.Andrea was standing next to the bed with her hands in the pockets of her robe, come here she said. I walked over to her and stood with my hands behind my back so she could inspect my newly shaved Willy. She knelt down so she could see it better she took my penis in her hand and lifted it so she could tell if I had done a good job. She commented that she was pleased then she reached into her robe pocket and took out something. She said stand still of the deal is off. She said close your eyes too. I felt something cold being placed on my junk and after about a minute she said ok you can look now. As she stood up I looked down at my little guy. He was securely locked in a small chastity cage. I grabbed it and moved it around to get a better look. Andrea said you can’t get out, the man that sold it to me guarantees you escort ödemiş will remain locked up untill I release you Just as I was asking why am I locked up Andrea untied her Rob allowing it to fall to the floor. She stood in front of me wearing only a black garter belt and long tan stockings. The stocking tops nearly touched her smoothly shaved pussy lips. Her nipples were rock hard, I asked if she was cold as I nodded toward them. She looked at her tits and said no not at all. I’m just so excited about tonight, she said you can not join in at all and I have invited Tim, Keith and Mark over to hang bang me in front of you. I said three guys? She said I’ve always wanted to have three guys at once and figured what better time than in front of you. My dick starting trying to get erect but the cage held it back. Andrea noticed how it was causing my balls to pull outward. She grabbed my cage and said seeing you helpless makes my pussy wet. Then she ran a finger between her pussy lips and wiped it on my upper lip. I asked when are the guys coming over. She said any minute now. I said shouldn’t you get dressed. She said I’m greeting them just like this. She said Everytime anyone of them has come over I’ve always greeted them wearing only stockings. I said you have had sex with all three guys? She said yes but not all at once. She said I’m going to try to do a double and give head all at once. I said you and I have never done anal. She said I know but I love having my ass stretched. So you have had anal I asked. She said yes just not with you. We waited in the den for the guys to arrive. I was allowed to wear a pair of boxers while Andrea remained in only the garter belt and stockings. Just after eight the first car came up the driveway, Andrea jumped up and opened the front door. It was Keith and he kissed her as he came in. He looked at me and said you want to watch your sexy little wife get gang banged. I said yes. He said well me and the boys love fucking her tight little pussy. Andrea went and got Keith a beer while they ödemiş escort bayan waited on Mark and Tim. Soon another car came up the driveway, it was Tim and Mark riding together. Once in side Andrea explained the rules to her guest. She said nothing is off limits, you are welcome to all my holes and I want to try an air tight before the night is over. She pointed to me and said hubby will watch but he is locked in a chastity cage and he will not be joining us. Tim said pull off those boxers and let us see your shame I pulled them off and the guys laughed. Andrea walked over and grabbed the cage pulling it upwards then said see why my pussy is so tight. Hubby little pee pee doesn’t get the job done. Mark pulled his pants down and out popped a semi erect cock over twice my length. Andrea let go of me and dropped to her knee immediately taking his cock in her mouth. In a flash she had him totally erect and his cock stood out from his body a good eight inches. Andrea took it like the tongue of a wagon and led him towards our bedroom. The other two guys followed with me in the back. Tim sat on the bed as Andrea bent at the waist to suck his cock. Mark got on his .knees and buried his face in my wife’s ass. For the next four hours I watched each guy plow my wife’s pussy and ass then as she was setting on Mark’s cock she leaned forward and told Keith to shove his cock in her ass. Once he was in her She motioned for Tim to come over so she could suck his cock. I was amazed at how good my bride was at being a whore. When each guy was spent and unable to get it up again Andrea laid on her back and spread her legs wide she told me to eat her pussy and to swallow every drop . The guys watched me smear their combined juices all over my face as I did my best to clean Andrea’s ruined vagina. I sat back on my heels to look at her poor Rosey pussy. The entire area was red and the lips didn’t close all the way. There was a small black hole about the size of a dime where her once tight pussy was. After the guys left she and I both showered and I begged to be released. She said no her pussy was way to sore and I’d have to spend the whole weekend licked. Sunday night she let me out and I poked my hard dick into her. She giggled as I did my best to fuck her relaxed vagina.

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