My Stepson’s Cum Rag


My Stepson’s Cum RagThis story is a work of fiction. Jack off and enjoy!My stepson Bobby jacked off a lot. And I mean a lot! Even for a boy his age.I had been married to his mother for about two years and had watched him mature and grow. Of course he was at the horny stage and although he hid it well I knew he never had sex far from his mind. Nobody at that age ever does.And I knew why Bobby was spending so much time in the bathroom and in his bedroom in the afternoons. I knew what was going on. I did the same thing when I was his age.Because his mother worked days and I had afternoons off I was usually home when Bobby returned from school. He almost always went straight to his bedroom and closed the door. It turned me on to think that my stepson was in there playing with himself. It really turned me on.One afternoon I was home alone. Bobby was at baseball practice and his mother, of course, was at work. I knew I was doing the wrong thing, and I felt guilty for it, but I ventured into Bobby’s bedroom. It smelled like an eighteen year old boy’s room: dank, like it needed a deep cleaning, but it also smelled of sex. I looked around and, surprisingly, did not find anything very incriminating. No lube bottles, no porn of any kind. That was a surprise.But then I found it. It was a T-shirt his mother and I had bought him in Carbondale, Illinois with the name of the town emblazoned on it. We both knew he didn’t like it and we hadn’t seen him wear it in months. Maybe the reason he didn’t wear it was because he hated it but maybe the reason was because he was using it for something else.It was laying under the edge of the bed. Not so much hidden there as just a convenient place for it to be out-of-the-way. I held it up to the light. It was crusty and bits of it were stuck together. I realized, to my delight, it was partially covered in dried boy cum.I nearly gasped. My cock started getting hard. I wasn’t sure what to do with this find. Crumple it up and put it back? Throw it in the laundry? Well, that was absolutely not what I was adana escort going to do with it.I started by smelling it. There was a staleness to it, the staleness of a month’s worth of cum. How many times had Bobby shot onto this shirt? Or used it to wipe the remains of a strenuous jack off session off his athletic stomach? I smelled it again. It was irresistible to me. And then I did something I never would’ve imagined I would do. My tongue came out of my mouth and I licked the shirt.The dried cum didn’t have much flavor but the idea of it sparked erotic sensations in my brain that I had never dreamed existed. I kissed the shirt. No, that’s not true. Not the shirt. I kissed the dried cum. I licked the dried cum. And at that moment, to my surprise, I came in my pants.I had never shot a load in my pants before in my life. It was a shock that I could even do it, much less just by tasting my stepson’s dried spunk. It was an uncomfortable feeling, feeling my own jizz sticky in my underwear.But that was not my only uncomfortable feeling. Once I had shot my nut, guilty thoughts flooded my mind. What the fuck was I doing? I quickly wadded the shirt back up and put it back right where Bobby had left it.Over the next couple of months I would secretly visit Bobby’s bedroom once a week or so. I couldn’t stop myself, I couldn’t resist. I would suck on parts of the shirt, I would lick it. And occasionally I would take it to the bedroom I shared with my wife where I put the shirt over my head and face and jack off while deeply inhaling the aroma and sex scent of my stepson’s dried sperm. I contemplated the idea of adding a load of my own to it just for fun but realized that that would spoil the pure essence of it, of Bobby’s spunk. So I never did.Over the next few weeks the shirt became more and more crusted. I’d mourn the fact that I was never there right after Bobby had jacked off. I wanted to taste his fresh cum. Every time I visited the shirt was always crusty and hard. But I was happy to get what I could. My biggest fear was Bobby escort adana would toss it in the laundry and the months of boy juice would be lost. Fortunately, that never happened.One afternoon, while my wife was at work, I was sitting at the kitchen table. It was an unseasonably warm day. Bobby came home unexpectedly, several hours earlier than normal. He was wearing a T-shirt and running shorts. For the first time ever I could make out his dick through his light-weight shorts. It seemed quite prominent and I assumed he had if not a hard-on at least a partial chubby.“Oh, hey. Didn’t know you’d be home.“ Bobby looked somehow guilty. He quickly put a tattered notebook in front of his bulging crotch. “I’m usually home this time of day.“ I smiled at him. He knew that.Bobby seemed lost for a split second but then confidently said, “I just came home to change my clothes. But I’m going over to Jason‘s house. He got a new video game. And I really want to play it.“My stepson usually didn’t offer me that much detail in what his day held in store. “Okay,“ I nodded.“Okay. I’m gonna go change my clothes and take off right away.“ Bobby swiftly left the kitchen and went into his room closing the door.I’d been a horny teenage boy once and I knew sometimes when it was time to jack off, it was just time to jack off. And I knew that that was exactly what he was doing in the bedroom.About seven minutes later he came back out and passed through the kitchen. “I’ll be at Jason’s.” And he was out the back door.I smiled again. Changing his clothes was a good cover story for coming home quickly and unexpectedly except for one little thing. When he came back out of his bedroom he was wearing the same clothes he had come home in, minus the noticeable bulge. I waited two or three minutes to make sure he wasn’t coming back, in case he’d forgotten something. Then I headed to Bobby’s bedroom.The aroma of sex was stronger than usual somehow. It smelled fresh. My cock was already hard as I moved to the side of his bed and reached underneath. I felt the adana escort bayan T-shirt and pulled it up level with my face.There were three large wet spots in the middle of the shirt. I pulled it apart as gently as I could. Bobby had obviously shot right onto the fabric. There were still two large globs of sperm sparkling in the afternoon sun. I knew this was finally my chance.My tongue darted out and I tasted my stepson’s fresh cum for the first time. It was delicious: Tangy and salty and slightly metallic. I licked every bit of it into my mouth, running it around on my tongue, savoring it, celebrating it, ultimately swallowing it.I needed to go further. Right in Bobby’s bedroom I shucked off my pants and laid down on my stepson’s bed, my hairy legs spread wide. I took the shirt covered both in fresh new and crusty old cum and put it over my face. I began stroking my eight inch cock, up and down, pulling on my balls slightly with my left hand. I inhaled deeply. The smell from the shirt was overwhelming and as erotic as anything I had ever encountered.I was getting close to cumming, moaning and grunting as I yanked on my cock harder and faster. Once again I stuffed as much of the shirt into my mouth as I could, tasting the wet spot, tasting the dried sperm, tasting my own spit, the fresh cum still tart on my tongue. With a shirt-stifled grunt I shot my load. I’m sure my cum must have flown very high into the air before it splattered back on my abdomen and stomach. I couldn’t see it of course because the shirt was still covering my face but it was one of the most intense orgasms I had ever had. Then I heard the voice.“Wow,” was all he said at first.I quickly pulled the shirt away from my face. I was stunned to see Bobby standing in the doorway of his bedroom, watching me in my nakedness, my hardness, my abdomen soaked in sperm, his cum rag in my guilty hand. I stammered to say something but nothing came out.Bobby walked to the end of the bed still staring at me and my cum covered cock.“You like that sort of thing too, huh?“ Bobby smiled at me in admiration.I knew my relationship with my stepson had just changed forever.I hope you enjoyed my story. If you got off to it, or just enjoyed it, please leave a comment below. I love hearing your thoughts.

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